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2017-06-26 22:23:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

give it to me government! yes! tell me what to grow oh yeah!

2017-07-16 02:25:29 UTC [Anticom #general]

My name is Jonathan; I was interviewed by Christian

buy the Facebook dip

move over JNUG

@Al_Bi Christ didn't come to give us a Bible and leave, He came to found a church in the ordination of his Apostles and the Holy Spirit inspired the Scripture outlining it

@DCS Will never, ever be as good as the Dominicans

a black conservative spokeswoman replaced "white" with "jewish" in sarah jeong's tweets and got banned

Yes, they were funded by the USSR for decades. When that dried up they started selling drugs

The daily liturgy of the tridentine mass

he is the Kaiser of the Holy Identity Evropan Empire

Defeat the thalmor multiculturalists

It's Trump's party now. I can only imagine the fallout of an impeachment trial over these fringe issues nobody knows nor cares about, like Michael Cohen or Stormy Daniels lol

I have to wonder how a self professed communist podcast, hosted by a bunch of white males, can make over $100,000 a month from patreon and still command a loyal following

@Karl Maybe but if I were a fan I'd still not like them for being richer than me

there is a good divide between the classical marxists and the intersectional feminists who care more about transgender rights than redistribution of wealth

but obviously the second group has corporate support

I heard keto was pretty good

Iota Epsilon frat is the best on campus. Yee yee identitee.

Hello Lincoln I respect your profile pic.


He wore the undercut before it was cool

Trend setter


I think we need a dedicated IE House somewhere probably in Virginia.

Kinda like they have in Italy.

That's awesome

I hope Texas still considers itself Dixieland.

Many in Texas do not

I do

They seceded right?

That makes the fit

Arizona is also spiritually southern. Founded by southrons

Cowboy culture

Yes there were some war of northern aggression battles fought in the western territories

Cool stuff

Our history is under siege

Southerners have been experiencing siege mentality about our own ancestors in a scale that white people elsewhere are only starting to go through

It's not practical to expect over 50% of the country's citizenry to maintain an active, exhausting, daily defense of their common virtues that used to simply go without question

Trump's presidency is legislatively finished if the Democrats take the House in the midterms, and there will be multiple high-profile investigations they will begin with their voting majority and all will receive large amounts of cable airtime, giving them everything they need to promote their presidential favorites to a national stage

@Rabbidsith is correct

I don't know why they would impeach Trump when they get 2 years to twist the GOP any way they want to

Good. You're going to need a lot of big pockets to hold all of your IE stickers.

I could turn this discussion into something very long very quickly

Unprecedented mass immigration defining the new permanent direction of our nation? I sleep
libruls attackin' mah burgers? Serious business

iota epsilon yee yee

"drink responsibility", These guidelines are literally unreadable

That's a cover up. I bet whoever wrote them wasn't drinking responsibility enough

The extraordinary rite of the Boomer Guitar Mass will be conducted only with the approval of the respective bishop

5'11 is the King of Manlets, 6'0 are the dwarves of tall people

Pick your side, whitey

That's a good deal

SEC charging elon musk with fraud, seeking removal as chairman and CEO

GRRM doesn't have to work for a living anymore, he's been writing short novels and going to conventions. He hates the main storyline now. Best case scenario is like LOTR where he gives his unedited work to someone competent when he dies to give us a good ending

"If economic globalisation is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations."

What kind of loaded question is this?

I could be a full commie and I'd still do a double take reading this as the first entry on the quiz

Want to own the means of production as a member of the proletariat? Start investing

Many companies will even help you do this with their stock

What exactly is "exploiter scum" to you, in an economic sense

Anyone who lends money and expects interest in return?

@Gibson Define usury here

The bluepilled take here is thinking sorcery isn't real

It does exist and it affects us, usually not positively

This ^

Neckbeards playing with weegee boards are like the reptilian theorists, giving all conspiracies, even valid ones, laughable reputations

But with the supernatural

Is he an engineering student?

Is it a good liberal art like philosophy/history? "OK, this is epic" was briefly at the top of the comment reply chain

@Jean-Baptiste Confederate flags should be allowed, shorts beneath the knees shouldn't

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN You know what they say. Sky's out thighs out

We're doing great on Twitter but I feel like there's an untapped tech-savvy base on Tik Tok we could pull some great numbers with. It's the future of Western youth culture

Did they remove the rule about ligma?

@Sam Anderson if a College Republican isn't a wannabe Frank Underwood sociopath, he's probably a naive man baby

Sure there are exceptions but that's the general two groups

Any morals that aren't objectively held aren't real morals, and objectivity can't exist without God

Are they monarchists or republicans

when the left attacks a bunch of promiscuous drug abusing clowns because theyre white men Can any baseball fans tell me how hot this take is?

@VinceChaos Appreciated, I bet the Dodgers are owned by a raving liberal

The med lobby forms ranks, shields fronted, rule 13 complaint javelins fly over the horizon, into the unorganized banter below them

@Kingfish Caesar stands triumphantly over the field

I had no idea he knew so much about Fortnite

A Chug Jug! A Chug Jug! My kingdom for a chug jug!

Once again @ChippedStones is attacked for presenting new ideas



Esoteric green Virginia Northam centrism

Good evening, dipper nation

IE supports the Cigs Inside movement, the Iota Epsilon house is tobacco friendly

Together we can make a difference in society

LOTR is a big sham, written by self serving tree mole footmen and a spin doctor wizard explaining away how Sauron was actually a positive force of liberal international industrialization and change, and the orcs flocked to his banner after centuries of abject poverty and revile

All the good guys are aristocrats and they feel no shame in subjecting their peasants to slavery for some defunct throne nobody had even heard of!

Everyone's talking about Congress and how easy the Senate map is for the GOP, it's the opposite with gubernatorial races and they're going to lose a lot of them

Get ready for sanctuary states

The House of Representatives was a mistake

owo whats this

The absolute state of the GOP

running 2 candidates in mississippi

double the chance of winning

he looks so out of place

Scott Walker is dead even with 97% reporting

@Kingfish What's Ligma?

funny how this woman did so much better than jon ossoff

respect to the Florida GOP for consistently pulling these 1% margin victories in a doomed state

Idk how they do it

They'll have to do it again in 2020 with 1.4 million felons added to the register

but nobody would dare oppose senator skeletor

chapo fell into the trap of covering daily mainstream news stories/commentary

they're just the new daily show now

They're very angry too, I don't know how anyone can listen to a podcast where it feels like you're getting condescended and yelled at for an hour and a half. Bad vibes

It would be very petty to say he "called for violence"

He was very drunk and halfway told people to kill themselves and everyone around them as he fell over on the table, sloshed

It counts in the same way it would in a call of duty lobby

I want Tulsi Gabbard to run in 2020

tulsi gabbard would definitely have the best shot against trump out of any of the current democratic candidates

rumor Spencer begged for her hand when she was in the military but she said she didnt date nerds and married a right wing hindu instead

@Sam Southern - TN it is real indo hours, Hawaiian nationalism is unfortunately dead, maybe we can bring it back and she can be a restored client queen of her state

Environmentalism isn't going to win elections

It's not that important of an issue outside academic liberal groups

To you, maybe

Not to most of America

It's red meat for a left wing base that we don't have

America has the cleanest air in the world, and we can keep it without stupid planks like gas taxes that hurt the working class so suburbanites can virtue signal about their "carbon footprint"

Environmentalism is green on the outside, and red when you open it up and look at the specifics

You're not going to win people over promising to hike their heating bills, gas per gallon, electricity. The "green" position is almost exclusively the position of academics or people who aren't actually heavily affected by the stranglehold they vote to put on huge sectors of American output and innovation that we're leading the rest of the world on and retaking our sovereignty with. Shale oil is a big example here, it's big and beautiful and Trump has done nothing wrong in freeing it up to expand

Talk about it with people who you know are receptive to it without getting yourself kicked out of polite society

wtf I love left wing anarchism now

It's less being afraid and more not being ignored trying to sell white identity politics to working people who agree with 90% of what you do but think you're trying to turn them against their neighbors

It makes me think of the concerted campaign waged in the 1960s to unionize southern workforces

he must replace rosenstein

@Nerv - VA excellent

Return to strong man politics

Whittaker and acosta in a cage match

It's Sunday, I hope nobody reading this is a state of mortal sin!

No sane person is using cryptocurrency to dodge banks though. The argument is that bitcoin's mainstream practical use is buying drugs off of the internet, and beyond that it's purely speculation. It gains value when more people find out about it and buy it. My mom was talking to me about it before it peaked last year, which told me that there's going to be depreciating returns now that it's a household name

Aside from a slim minority nobody is using crypto to plan for retirement, and as less people learn about it and buy it it'll die down in the long-term and become more stable

@Jacob You're not going to use it to buy anything you could* with USD because it's too volatile. Why would you buy a pizza with something that could be worth a car in a year? That happened to people in 2013

So it's not a "currency" in that sense but an asset

Because the USD only slowly, marginally and predictably changes in value, you will use it as a currency over the BTC that has none of these traits. 20 dollars in bitcoin changes rapidly to where it's useless as a method of exchange for anything you can buy with USD, and so it's not a crypto"currency" that'll end the Fed like the true believers want it to be

Because you're hungry and it's Friday night

You're not going to use bitcoin to pay for it though

I wouldn't use it if it's anything close to as volatile as every cryptocurrency is today, because I would be losing out on everything that cryptocurrency could be worth in the future

Comparing this to USD, where I know it'll be only ever so slightly worse in the same amount of time gone by

He looks inspiring and driven in this picture

The light focuses on him, instead of away from, like what they did to Bannon in his 60 minutes interview to cast shadow on his eyes

Make your own denomination

IE Mega church

Moe's > Qdoba > Chipotle (liberal rich white people food)

Libertarianism is astrology for white dudes

It's not my take I got it off commie twitter

boomer facebook bait

they love this stuff because it makes them think they're in house of cards

Not really any more than he already would be

The same people will get angry about it, the same people will ignore or deflect it

A few RINOs might "express sincere concerns"

I personally don't believe anything Roger Stone says, he is a professional BS artist and self promoter who claims he was poisoned, he's a very funny guy but everything from guccifer 2.0 until now is him just trying to get himself back into notoriety

He probably desperately wants Mueller to indict him

Who would trust this dude with nationally sensitive info lol

Most people lack the willpower to get up without a phone alarm, it must be a pretty crappy god to worship

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