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Hey Everyone Smitty from Boston just joining awaiting second interview. IE has breathed life into me and inspired me. Thank you all who are involved amazing work!!

Hey Everyone Smitty from Boston just joining awaiting second interview. IE has breathed life into me and inspired me. Thank you all who are involved amazing work!!

Just saw you on red Ice. Loved the South American Embassy demonstration! Wow amazing work Brother

Thank you

Thanks Eternal Anglo!

Unfortunately the media portray blacks cool/desirable. Whites not cool

Way of the World is the Man


>when taking care of your children isnt cool

I have had to lay off keeping up with current events for periods because I would feel so overwhelmed, helpless and with no one to talk to. It was painful. Im surrounded by normies and opposition. I have needed an outlet. IE is a life changer. Cheers to finally connecting!

What a relief. Looking forward to it, cant wait. I will check out white pill now, thanks EA

What is โ€œfiresideโ€ at 8:30? Or how do I listen?

Ah got it thanks goyitzkrieg

Rather hit the gym then go the bar. Its a better high

Beautiful job! Thank you!!

I have two beautiful blue eye blond haired girls. They motivate me to do whatever I can for their future. In Boston they are always a minority in daycare/school

My second interview is tonight. Is there more server access after that? Or do I have access to everything? Heard theres a meetup this weekend

I have a few. Baby daddys do nothing or locked up

Is there a fireside chat soon?

Great thanks will do!

I was giving people straight razor shaves for over a year, then thought why not use one myself? It is a lot harder to shave yourself then someone else. Just have to start slow, one stroke at a time. I cut myself up good lol. Prol because I thought I could just do it. But there is a learning curve.

@V.Balboa - PA Is there some kind of starter kit? I picked up a few old straight razors. Then ran into what grains to use before using the leather strap to maintain the edge. Or maybe id I buy a brand new one, I wont need those different grain stones?

Barber in Boston !

My Barber Shop is all white Men

Can we take it still?


Lol I cut white people all day. Most Nazi cuts

Love it

Good stuff ๐Ÿ‘

Lol. Wish I was there!

Hey Ray, alive and well in Boston

Captain Crunch ๐Ÿ‘

Patron Life! ๐Ÿ‘

@SuperTomPerry -RI I was very suprised lol Never knew what a Fascist was. Its like a slir word

@SuperTomPerry -RI ๐Ÿ‘ Its like a whole new world. Our people first beautiful. Love IE

@Bjorn - MD What is a windmill flag?

Hey Everyone. I am desperate right now when it comes to my 15 month daughters health. Long story short she had an adverse reaction to her vaccinations at about 6 months old. 2 day near coma. Stopped looking me in the eyes while feeding her week after week month after month, weakness, 0-10 frustration. Development very slow, constantly sick. Started walking about a year but usually sick unable to even crawl, roll over or sustain any energy she has very long. Turns out the GI thinks she has Celiacs Disease which makes sense has all the symptoms. I am just at the end of my rope. All tests came back negative so they need to do an endoscopy. The next appointment isnt for a few weeks. We are at the doctors/ER a few times a weak for 3 months. . She is male nourished lost 3lbs down to 19lbs. Vomiting and diarrhea are a regular thing even on a strict diet. Doctors want us to continue gluten to make sure they can confirm Celiacs in a few weeks or month. Ive been pursuing eastern medicine as well. I am just desperate trying to find any help I can get, thanks. @everyone


Anyone else have Patrick cutting out a lot?


@Rick Flair I skipped the Heb B vaccine with both of my kids because my wife and I dont have it and there is no reason to give it to my new born baby. I was repeatedly asked and even pressured on that vaccine alone. Unfortunately called โ€œanti-vaxxerโ€ it can be a subject that triggers people. I delayed and skipped vaccines to the best of my ability after a ton of research. My second daughter had an โ€œadverse reactionโ€ to a round of vaccinations. She was in a near coma for 2 days. The doctor said it was normal. She stopped making eye contact and responding to her name. Unfortunately it was my wife that considered me a conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxer. But she wont give her any more vaccines. It has taken almost a year for my girl to come to life. I mean just smile, laugh look me in the eyes. Im convinced she was set back neurologically. She is allergic to everything. I am afraid she is another casualty of this mainstream so called scientific dogma. Follow the money. The lack of informed consent... ONLY VACCINES, not one other medical intervention/medication. Congress gave Big Pharma immunity with vaccines. But they still have a pay out program for โ€œadverse reactionsโ€ including seizures death so on. Sorry for the long response. I went through somewhat of a nightmare and want others to at least do their homework, not shame people who question mainstream narratives.

I think we need an IDEAL. Maybe like โ€œHONORING OUR ANCESTORS โ€.... our history. Our blood and soil.


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