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I may not be able to attend and would be willing to help fund someone within reason.

Relevant video from earlier discussions

My sides

It looks like they're having fun and that's all that matters

Dépêche Mode is the best official altright band we could have hoped for.

Drugs expand your mind, man.

Shameless self promotion

I did a count and so far about 130+ people are confirmed to be going

Just this server

Hey compatriots let's save the night of long knives for the ethnostate

We're just organizing a tiki torch rally

I'm sure we all have different ideals about how we should present ourselves and I'm sure they each have some pitfalls. We should focus on the reason we're doing this, unity.

We're only strong when we're working as one force

That black and white fasces flag is really well designed.

@Goldstein Riots I can finally be the villain from the music video for Take On Me by A-ha

Just released a new track

If you need another drummer I used to march

I have a super 8 film camera from the 80s if that will work?

I'm just messing mate. I don't think a super 8 would look to great in a documentary with a bunch of DLSR

I have an 8mm camera too

I have multiple still and video film cameras if you're ever interested. I just collect them mostly

Hey guys, I wanted to gauge here if there's any interest or talent pool for starting a fairly explicit pro-European musical project. I'm thinking of starting what would essentially be an identitarian post-rock/baroque band. This would of course be very different from the RAC/Black metal style usually associated with pro white music. My goal is to blur the line between implicitly white music and an openly pro-European image and message in a musical style that is know for being beautiful and grandiose.
I'd like to incorporate classical elements so any one with experience in classical music would be a boon. If you play any instrument you are welcome to try your hand at this and I'm open to people coming and going and having anywhere from 3 to 20 people involved at a time. If you aren't musically inclined but think you're a wonderful poet you are welcome to try your hand at lyrics. If you know someone outside IE or another major organization you are welcome to invite them as well.
Post here or message me if interested

More shilling if you aren't on the music server

I'd love to learn some swing dance

I really want to go to that but i don't know how i feel about the 4 and a half hour drive

Hey guys let's try and keep this focused on gear and attire. We can plan our aid trip to zanawandababa in general

Speaking of boots it seems like there are some good advantages to wearing boots over tennis shoes or sneakers but I still can't decide which to wear?

Why not both?

No compromise

Honestly my Docs are pretty easy to move in

In addition to the foot/ankle protection

I know that feeling. God forbid the stores have shoes for anyone other than Babyfeet McGee

If you drive up through West NC I recommend eating at a restaurant called the Park Vista and asking for a side of white power with your food

Maybe we should set up a chat specifically to talk about women?

I mean for the men to discuss women

Every time I get on here there's a huge convo about it. Often in a server where it doesn't belong

It'd be more organized if there was an official discussion.

I've never in my life seen antifa engage in a fair fight or behave like they had any sense of decency

And I've seen them a lot

They single people out and try to separate them

Throw stuff that could cause serious injury. But that's pretty well known now

Worst thing you could do at Cville is get separated

If you're in a group you're pretty much safe.

At least from getting a beat down

If this doesn't awaken people's Saxon I don't know what will (feminist will probably just blame all men)

Sellner fended off 4 antifa with one pepper spray gun. If you've ever been pepper sprayed you know how debilitating it is.

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