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2018-08-22 19:50:45 UTC  


2018-08-22 19:51:22 UTC  

I want my language back! NOW

2018-08-22 19:54:44 UTC  

>vagina is no longer gender inclusive

2018-08-22 19:54:48 UTC  

>no longer

2018-08-22 19:54:52 UTC  

>it ever was

2018-08-22 20:05:15 UTC  

The Sweden Democrats are seen slipping in various polls with only two weeks until the next election. Sweden is irreversibly doomed. In other news, the ocean is salty and water is wet.

2018-08-22 20:05:45 UTC  

SD are the Sweden Democrats.

2018-08-22 20:06:26 UTC  

Sweden yes!

2018-08-22 20:06:54 UTC  

What were they polling at around the last election?

2018-08-22 20:08:46 UTC  

@Jacob They were polling between 10-12%. The actual result was 12.9% in 2014.

2018-08-22 20:09:16 UTC  

They're the third biggest party

2018-08-22 20:09:27 UTC  

Okay so they're not doing too bad

2018-08-22 20:09:27 UTC  

They could pull an AFD this election

2018-08-22 20:09:36 UTC  

@StrawberryArmada They were last time too.

2018-08-22 20:09:38 UTC  

They were polling at like 23

2018-08-22 20:09:52 UTC  

They're certainly on the up and up

2018-08-22 20:09:54 UTC  

They've dropped.

2018-08-22 20:10:06 UTC  

It's still a huge gain?

2018-08-22 20:10:12 UTC  

With the past week or two.

2018-08-22 20:10:14 UTC  

Any gain is a gain

2018-08-22 20:10:23 UTC  

I agree.

2018-08-22 20:10:32 UTC  

Think about how wrong our poles were?

2018-08-22 20:10:43 UTC  

Now imagine that on steroids

2018-08-22 20:11:01 UTC  

The media in Sweden makes ours look like the word of god

2018-08-22 20:11:18 UTC  

so the SD are the gud guys?

2018-08-22 20:11:19 UTC  

The Social Democrats, Moderates, and Greens will all lose seats though. So that's somewhat redeeming.

2018-08-22 20:11:39 UTC  

@Goose The best among those that have the chance.

2018-08-22 20:12:31 UTC  

Social Democrats are the ones mostly responsible for the mess

2018-08-22 20:12:36 UTC  

If they lose seats

2018-08-22 20:12:46 UTC  

The opposition will have more

2018-08-22 20:13:05 UTC  

It's neck and neck. The Alliance will surely overtake them

2018-08-22 20:13:11 UTC  

@StrawberryArmada I'd like to think they perform better than the polls say, especially considering the stigma faced by nationalists in Sweden.

2018-08-22 20:13:39 UTC  

@StrawberryArmada The Alliance includes the Liberals and the Center Party.

2018-08-22 20:14:12 UTC  

Still better than the red-green-red alliance.

2018-08-22 20:14:21 UTC  

Yea the Greens and Socialist run the gov but

2018-08-22 20:14:29 UTC  

The numbers are already close

2018-08-22 20:14:40 UTC  

anything would be better tbh

2018-08-22 20:15:10 UTC  

If anything the Sweden Democrats will make it harder for the rest of the parties to get away with their criminality.

2018-08-22 20:15:34 UTC  

Maybe even make the country ungovernable.

2018-08-22 20:18:25 UTC  

They'll be a really strong opposition but also

2018-08-22 20:18:37 UTC  

Despite other parties claiming to never work with them