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I'm beautiful now

Lol i tried to do an edit about the jaffa evacuation. Writing how Spain and Sweden went there saying Jews got preferential treatment. Then how the accusation about there being genocide was written by Zionist in British intelligence to gain sympathy for jews in the west.

An hour later an idf special force soldier deleted it.

Yeah idf is real

But it was an actual Israeli special forces

Nvm he was just police corps but still in the Israeli army

That's what islamists do if you try to get them to disavow extremists sects

I remember there was this video where some Muslim kept repeating for someone to disavow West boro, they did like 8 times. Then reflected onto them and they'd just avoid it.

You can still look at it

Oh I can watch it on my phone

Professional grade reupload

Late stage multiculturalism

It's real easy to fight back. MLS Soccer is getting more popular right now and it's pretty implicitly white

Then when the blacks come along again to be with white people we switch to rugby

we can't let a few beans take it away

in my city its all hwite people that go to games

I went to a game in my city thats only like 40% white. Only white people showed up.

Reposting articles from a satire website <:brainlet:385713689539641344>

the true thing they don't recognize. If you know there is a good chance of a country kicking you out and taking your kids. Aren't you a bad parent for putting them in that situation?

Oh no a country is doing exactly what they said they would do! how could this happen?

it is. It's for low iq liberals to get ratings.

Hungarians, finns and basques*

Catholicism is evolved paganism, europe adopted christianity and made it into its own thing.

Also calling those that lived in the levant pre saudi and ethiopian invasions brown isnt really accurate.

It won't take long for Europe to get mongeralized.

A good portion have already picked up the belief that a country is nothing more than a place of occupance.

They are even closer to nonwhite hordes and there's better means of travel. They could go to a white minority in 30 years.

Shoeonhead stopped talking to her because she isn't civnat

I dont think marching around with 15 different larp flags helps anything. It's better to be United under one banner along with the national flag. Having a singular name would help with that.

I was saying more that having random group of people isn't productive. If you are going to do matches there can't be multiple factions.

@NITRODUBS what part of Ohio are you

Under 4 is already white minority

The last one on weinstein made me laugh: Women hooks up with rich elite, hits the wall, claims rape to get money. Many such cases. SAD!

Its only going to be used against men. It's just going to turn in slut shaming if you try to use it against a woman.

The democrats are in to good with the media for them to play it up

So does she exist?

she said the N word

Ginsburg dying with trump in office and a republican senate would cause all kinds of chaos

JUST nate silver has it at a 2/3rds chance republicans keep control

Its always been republicans in the senate they're guarding less seats than the dems are

The house is supposed to go dem

its the aborted fetus face cream

I'm sure there will be base black maga women nominee that will come along

Abortion is a constitutional right

I mean if a court case happens they can define the legality of the election

Yeah after the way hes been treated hes going to be vindictive


Was it here it was posted of most passionate against?

No it's not the same chart the jewish category were the most passionately against. Seems like theres a large portion of indifference

I never got what the problem with 5 star was. Other than salvini being influential and getting things done.

Debt doesnt really matter

Gdp is big tent too

I mean I'm lefty economically. But socially hardline right

I thought 5 star was who the media were crying about the most and salvini kind of blind sided everyone

I get they were scared of lega but it seems like 5 star was who they focused on

This is when the election was going on

Bill Clinton was a lot better politician than Hillary ever was. It was funny how they all shamed him for getting mad that Hillary ignored his advice.

If we directly lie to people, they will want to race mix more

Damn Anglo Italians

They wont ever get Bruce Willis or mel it's ok

To get hired to p and g you have to take one

Its real big in my city to get hired there. They will decline students if they cant pass their test.

@Ald they dont di "iq tests" they do "aptitude" tests where theyll ask you questions that requires logic skills.

The progressives are mostly submissive dogs and roll over for people that cry the most

They should have just said in official documentation we are only going to refer to birth sex

that would really rustle some soylent bottles

@Bjorn - MD you're right they are changing the verbiage to birth sex

Ok, this is an epic idea

> "It was always told to meย that you needed a constitutional amendment. Guess what? You don't," Trump said, declaring he can do it by executive order.


It's really not the best method to go about out it or to announce it right before midterms

Little black girls wearing Victorian dresses for halloween is cancelled

History is hate speech

(And that's a good thing)

You don't need to talk about Jews you only need to reference the global elite and the banking cartel.

Jews have a political shield and its not worth engaging with that dialectic.

@Mr. Huxley - OH the point is to attack certain specific entities not say a small group are puppet masters of all the worlds problems.

They've always had disproportionate social power. This isn't new or a recent development.

@Jacob the talmud is encyclopedia length there's like 80 books.

There is an app that has a good portion though.

Why would you ever not use the .biz domain?

Why are they clinging onto the James Field thing?

It's better to move forward. Even if he's found innocent; Peoples opinion of that whole shitshow won't change.

The media already won on that one.

lol i just watched that vid.

Lets go outside and i'll show you a sir

I forgot to add my name for my zelle payment for national who should I message

Cant tell

Its usually ignored

Might be a bigger issue in the Uk

They leave "unfairness" kind of vague and challenge divorcing over infidelity.

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