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2018-03-17 00:27:41 UTC

I just know the vast majority of the FL Gators were Stormers, and many of them were an absolute nightmare to be around in public. Witnessed many Stormers in Charlottesville who only cared for self-indulgent extremism. There are guys who love the Stormer and follow it religiously who can keep the LARPing under control, but that's not my experience with that crowd.

2018-03-17 00:27:52 UTC


2018-03-17 00:28:27 UTC

They gave me ulcers at Cville2.

2018-03-17 00:28:42 UTC

"Dear God these guys are gonna get us arrested."

2018-03-17 00:28:46 UTC

@Deleted User a swastika tattoo and saying the K and N words on podcasts, among other things, is being on the optics train?

2018-03-17 00:29:10 UTC

Tattoos are forever, even after you change your mind...

2018-03-17 00:31:09 UTC

Ramzpaul did nothing wrong. I've realized this now. Even if he reported weev, weev has now come to agree with Ramzpaul's original premise to begin with haha

2018-03-17 00:31:38 UTC

Again, you are failing to differentiate between "web" identity and "meatspace" identity. Weev understands that his personality as seen on the web will not appeal in real life, as he has said numerous times on his Youtube channel. The Stormer serves one central purpose: appealing to the angst of young boys doused daily with PC classes and amphetamines.

2018-03-17 00:31:43 UTC

The spergs are very real and problematic, but DS has how many millions of unique page views per month? All of those people are not out marching in the streets with swazi flags. Overall Anglin's work is a net gain for white consciousness. The spergs irl are the minority of readers.

2018-03-17 00:32:39 UTC

Just as the rules of warfare vary from place to place and time to time, so propaganda tactics vary between the real world and the internet.

2018-03-17 00:33:16 UTC

@Deleted User who are you talking to?

2018-03-17 00:33:43 UTC

@this_that5553 scroll up

2018-03-17 00:34:43 UTC

Well, it's true that stormers are proud boys now. So very tame compared to c-ville i would imagine

2018-03-17 00:34:48 UTC

Mostly Erika, but really anyone in this server who cares to read. It is possible Anglin, as Courtney implied, has realized he was not clear enough on this distinction, and therefore post-Cville has spent a greater deal of energy clarifying his position, but it does not negate the fact that there is a distinction.

2018-03-17 00:37:13 UTC

Everybody that doesn't adapt to what has now been proven to work will eventually fail or fall out of favor. I see DS adapting, TRS has said they're adapting, TWP refused to adapt and died. I hope those who can be useful will adapt and the rest will get out of the way.

2018-03-17 00:37:54 UTC

In a way, I feel blessed that I never listened to any of the podcast alt-right celebs or w/e before finding my path to IE. I didn't, and still don't, listen or watch any of that stuff because I have you all to guide me and teach me what's important for us.

2018-03-17 00:38:49 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL I would only recommend listening to Fash the Nation

2018-03-17 00:40:08 UTC

Weev was one of the first voices I recall who was onto the Spencer question. Back on the TRS forum and MPC.

2018-03-17 01:04:05 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL you make a good point. I listen to a lot and it might not always be good... but Fash The Nation is amazing. You should consider listening to it.

2018-03-17 01:08:48 UTC

The Third Rail is pretty good as well.

2018-03-17 02:07:03 UTC

aight. This is meant to be <#359019439116648458> so let's move this convo to general, fellas. Also listen to Myth of the 20th Century or your mom gay

2018-03-17 04:08:50 UTC

@Sean @Francisco Nuñez - CA please delet and keep chatter off this channel. Ok dog bless.

2018-03-18 04:54:56 UTC


2018-03-18 04:55:52 UTC

So gay

2018-03-18 04:57:29 UTC

This channel is reserved for news stories about IE

2018-03-18 04:57:50 UTC

You can post your selfies elsewhere

2018-03-18 05:52:12 UTC

http://archive.is/AWTR8 Our Irvine Christmas banner drop made it into this story.

2018-03-18 14:48:24 UTC

Man good thing that photo is too crappy to dox us

2018-03-19 04:02:36 UTC
2018-03-19 05:15:17 UTC

Those people are so delusional. We put up those posters to get our message out and to recruit. We don't do it to trigger them. That is just an amusing bonus.

2018-03-19 05:35:32 UTC

They aren't delusional, they are liars looking to manipulate low IQ people.

2018-03-19 06:14:55 UTC

I caused another protest!

2018-03-19 06:16:19 UTC

This one was caused in cooperation with @Temujen

2018-03-19 06:16:35 UTC

Link won't archive, please forgove me.

2018-03-19 14:16:55 UTC

>3 Stickers

2018-03-19 18:59:38 UTC

"Identity Evropa, a neo-Nazi and white supremacists group according to the Anti-Defamation League, distributed flyers and stickers on campus in October in an attempt to recruit students"

2018-03-19 20:01:05 UTC


2018-03-19 20:01:21 UTC

>Implying it isn't working. <:coolpepe:366743374105018368>

2018-03-19 21:22:36 UTC

Lots of support in the comments section. Good stuff.

2018-03-19 21:39:30 UTC

Really enjoyed watching,seeing again! Sent to a few folks too😉

2018-03-19 21:51:02 UTC
2018-03-19 21:51:12 UTC

Washington is killing it!

2018-03-19 21:52:21 UTC

"The tactics have surged ever since the rise of Trump as a presidential candidate, according to the ADL. This January, the ADL counted at least 346 incidents of explicit white supremacist propaganda on college campus, and that isn't even counting the WSU fliers with the trolling slogan, "It's okay to be white."

Eleven were in the state of Washington."

2018-03-19 21:55:18 UTC
2018-03-19 22:06:51 UTC

trolling slogan, "It's okay to be white." LOL

2018-03-19 22:29:54 UTC

"I don't really have any tolerance for intolerance.." 😆

2018-03-19 22:31:14 UTC

(From the inlander article)

2018-03-19 22:32:54 UTC

@Niko - WA Good catch!

2018-03-19 22:33:15 UTC

We got a quick response

2018-03-20 05:06:54 UTC


2018-03-20 15:55:33 UTC

"They oppose multiculturalism and that's just not right."

2018-03-20 15:56:04 UTC

Great argument sir.

2018-03-20 17:20:26 UTC

That guy is a total douche. Let’s take it back to general.

2018-03-22 12:11:04 UTC

IE gets a mention in this article abuot Mohamed Noor being arrested. TBH, I think our action up there played a large role in the decision to charge him. Most people were unaware of the case before we placed the monument there, and the fact that we are identitarians is what lead to national media coverage.

2018-03-22 18:06:32 UTC

This is an interesting video from Aydin Paladin about identity and conservatism and she specifically mentions IE at CPAC. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWduFubZFII

2018-03-23 03:11:58 UTC

^Remarkably well researched video on social identity theory

2018-03-24 05:02:24 UTC


Endorsement from a Twitter with a large following.

2018-03-27 20:20:09 UTC


2018-03-27 20:20:13 UTC

front page news!

2018-03-28 01:22:40 UTC


2018-03-28 01:24:27 UTC


2018-03-28 01:24:37 UTC


2018-03-28 01:27:09 UTC

Nice work, @Brunswick !

2018-03-28 01:57:27 UTC

hahahaha I love it

2018-03-28 01:59:38 UTC

Hilarious stuff, indeed.

2018-03-28 02:57:13 UTC

a surprisng number of sympathetic comments

2018-03-28 02:57:24 UTC

idk if they are real or our cyberstrike guys hard at work.

2018-03-28 05:22:51 UTC

@Brunswick none of those on Conway's page are our guys

2018-03-28 05:28:58 UTC

Just normies seeing through the baloney.

2018-03-28 10:41:02 UTC

It might not be any of IE guys but there are a few TRS goys in there. Agree and amplify!

2018-03-28 16:25:21 UTC

The liberal screeching is spreading like wildfire in New Jersey.

2018-03-29 03:09:01 UTC

Ah I remember calling those people last year. Really fun journos. <:tucker:378724715679711233>

2018-03-29 12:51:33 UTC

Against my better judgement, I'm posting this article.

2018-03-29 12:51:49 UTC

Regarding IE:

2018-03-29 12:51:53 UTC


2018-03-29 12:54:11 UTC

Keep in mind what I said in a fireside chat a couple months ago: this shit is written for two purposes only - to delegitimize our cause and to demoralize you.

Don't let it.

2018-03-30 03:12:48 UTC

@Conway - OK from the SPLC site so it doesn't bother me at all

2018-03-30 06:36:07 UTC

a post and an angle we often take on our cyberstrike server:

*My research on Identity Europa lists them as a hate group according to the ADL + SPLC. Considering both the ADL and the SPLC have put peaceful pro-palestine student groups, anti-abortion lobbyists, sitting US Senators and Representatives as well as an Anti-Abortion African-American physician who almost became president (Ben Carson), The American Association of Pediatricians, The Remembrance Foundation and many others on hate lists , I would say that their claims don't hold much water.*

Citing the SPLC/ADL's overreach on "hate" especially when it concerns CAIR or Palestinian orgs (something the left cares about) or Anti-Abortion, Remembrance foundation (org honoring those killed by illegal immigrants, or Ben Carson (something conservatives & Christians care about) is a great way to crack consensus and delegitimize these absurd groups

2018-03-30 11:22:54 UTC

@Deleted User Completely agree. What "chaps my hide" the most is their support for "Students for Justice in Palestine" student orgs at universities, which numerous colleges recognize as official student orgs on their campuses. They are a VERY anti-Jew and anti-Israel student org, and do not hide it...

2018-03-30 11:23:50 UTC

...yet because they are pro-Palestinian, they're apparently *not a hate group*

2018-03-30 14:10:59 UTC

Not to mention that it fails to name similar ethno nationalist groups (Black Lives Matter) who have actually advocated and committed violence as hate groups.

2018-03-30 14:11:15 UTC

As well as Antifa and other explicitly revolutionary groups.

2018-04-01 05:51:54 UTC
2018-04-01 15:40:24 UTC

" does diversity in its broadest sense include white supremacists?

On the campus of Eastern Washington University in February this year, racist flyers appeared. A white supremacist group took credit. The university responded and students protested. Flyers from the same group now are appearing in the streets of Spokane and being put back up as fast as citizens can tear them down.

The group that posts these flyers, Identity Evropa, has propagandized Gonzaga University and University of Washington as well. It is making inroads in our campuses and towns. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies Identity Evropa as a hate group. Washington is not the only state on the receiving end of such hateful attentions, and it’s not the only state where white nationalist groups are working to scatter seeds.

These groups operate from the shadows to perpetuate hate. They draw people in by deceitful means. Identity Evropa tries to make white supremacy an intellectual choice. The group pushes the bogus notion that white supremacy merits a space in civic discourse."

2018-04-01 15:57:09 UTC

@Niko - WA what’s that from?

2018-04-01 16:00:08 UTC

sorry, it's the article right above that Jacob posted.

2018-04-01 23:00:59 UTC

What a clumsy title.

2018-04-01 23:01:29 UTC

"Free speech has no room for espousing hatred." Yup. They were educated in America.

2018-04-02 04:39:22 UTC

@Evan Thomas the writer is an award winning author and English professor too.

2018-04-03 07:45:35 UTC
2018-04-03 07:46:56 UTC

Looks like we missed this. An entire series of letters to the editor about our posters. It's worth a read, though they start to repeat themselves after a while. This school really freaked out, I think we need to hit back with something creative.

2018-04-03 07:47:21 UTC

Credit to @Temujen for helping me with this particular school.

2018-04-03 07:51:24 UTC
2018-04-03 07:51:27 UTC

This is new

2018-04-03 07:54:22 UTC
2018-04-03 07:54:42 UTC

We made Polish news last month. They called us "nationalists". Not bad.

2018-04-03 14:26:21 UTC

haha. Is that an Abo playing the digeree doo at her memorial?

2018-04-03 14:27:36 UTC

@Jacob we need to banner drop at Gonzaga now, it's our only option.

2018-04-03 16:14:42 UTC


2018-04-03 18:52:01 UTC

Is this a haiku

2018-04-03 19:49:19 UTC

*A sticker is found,
Fervid hatred glows crimson,
Oy vey, oy gevalt*

2018-04-07 16:54:26 UTC

IE mentioned

2018-04-07 17:29:51 UTC

we're on the stormer again

2018-04-07 17:32:40 UTC

"Hats off to IE btw.

They went out to a place where many people would be sympathetic to their views. They didn’t sperg out. Instead, they simply gave a friendly a chance to push forward a pro-White talking point."

2018-04-07 17:32:58 UTC

"This is really good stuff, fam. Simple and effective. Well done."

2018-04-07 17:57:32 UTC

@Brunswick with the post cuck of @Logan

2018-04-07 17:58:11 UTC

@Logan noice.

2018-04-07 18:01:31 UTC

wew I didn't notice that

2018-04-10 05:09:57 UTC
2018-04-10 05:10:16 UTC

University of Washington article on our recent postering^

2018-04-10 05:12:30 UTC

Nice job, guys

2018-04-10 18:17:16 UTC

Very nice.

2018-04-11 09:00:42 UTC

"These folks don't deserve our attention," says the increasingly nervous man

2018-04-11 09:01:30 UTC

That's actually a great article, relies totally on the "wow just wow" effect

2018-04-11 23:38:52 UTC

"These folks don't deserve our attention" they said, in an article giving attention to these folks

2018-04-12 05:44:09 UTC


2018-04-12 05:44:47 UTC

Just over a month old, but I found it now

2018-04-12 05:44:56 UTC

"invading our campus" lmao

2018-04-12 14:10:53 UTC

"Rally for Welcome Not Hate"

2018-04-12 14:11:08 UTC

Ingenious naming skills right here

2018-04-13 02:12:03 UTC

Nice little shoutout for IE from Jayoh for our member who asked Queen Ann about the genocide of whites in SA in the last five minutes of TDS.

2018-04-13 04:34:05 UTC
2018-04-15 07:27:13 UTC

Probably the most blatant guilt by association ever

2018-04-15 07:27:27 UTC

They just shoved us into the same headline while being entirely unrelated

2018-04-15 07:27:47 UTC
2018-04-15 11:33:06 UTC

It’s describing the two separate topics covered in that episode of the podcast.

2018-04-18 15:59:12 UTC


2018-04-18 17:13:32 UTC

It was actually generation identitys lambda

2018-04-18 18:12:55 UTC

Well fuck

2018-04-18 18:17:24 UTC

For the record, Chesny was never a member of Identity Evropa. @everyone

2018-04-18 18:17:30 UTC


2018-04-18 18:17:55 UTC

Thats a GI banner. Nothing like IEs logo lol

2018-04-18 18:19:19 UTC

@Deleted User could this count as defamation? If the banner didn't have our info on it, RT is falsely linking us to an unscrupulous character.

2018-04-18 18:19:26 UTC

They probably said IE on purpose as a means of slander tbh

2018-04-18 18:19:28 UTC

Lol. >journalism

2018-04-18 18:19:59 UTC

Only if they knew it to be false and did it on purpose to harm us. @Reinhard Wolff

2018-04-18 18:20:15 UTC

Which they probably did - but would never admit.

2018-04-18 18:20:27 UTC

Yep. It's almost like journalists are lazy, disengenous, and fairly stupid.

2018-04-18 18:20:28 UTC

Chances are that they are just that stupid and didn't know it was false information.

2018-04-18 18:21:35 UTC

Journalist: *sees something that looks like a triangle*

2018-04-18 18:21:40 UTC

You could easily combine those incorrect ties with the "neo Nazi" title to substantiate an argument that it was meant to tarnish the organizations reputation

2018-04-18 18:22:16 UTC

Journalist: I’ve seen this before! It’s that Identify Europe group again!

2018-04-18 18:26:25 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff It's certainly a basis to demand a correction (we should), but it's probably not enough for a defamation suit. Especially given the nature of our org's activities

2018-04-18 18:26:59 UTC

At least demand a correction and public apology

2018-04-18 18:27:30 UTC

"RT apologizes to white nationalists!"

2018-04-18 18:33:17 UTC


2018-04-18 18:35:41 UTC

How would we contact them?

2018-04-18 18:44:13 UTC

Fake news a real marine would have drawn the banner in crayon

2018-04-18 18:48:05 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff there should be an editor mailbox or number for the publication.

2018-04-18 18:48:50 UTC

Are rubles worth enough to sue RT for?

2018-04-18 18:49:52 UTC

I don't foresee many rubles here.

2018-04-18 18:54:29 UTC

There is law on retractions though in some jurisdictions I think

2018-04-18 18:58:55 UTC

@Mark Vandal accurate

2018-04-18 18:59:26 UTC

RT needs to report the truth on radicalized gamers


2018-04-18 19:05:55 UTC

Why do you think we use triangles? Give us half life 3.

2018-04-18 19:47:50 UTC

Not even our slogan, it's "The Party"'s

2018-04-18 20:12:31 UTC

From 1984

2018-04-18 23:55:25 UTC

This bodes well and seems like a recent development.


2018-04-18 23:55:56 UTC

Oh wow. That's pretty cool.

2018-04-18 23:56:30 UTC

Would be nice if they dropped the "white nationism" label, but it's progress.

2018-04-18 23:58:54 UTC

dude based

2018-04-19 00:13:09 UTC

At least it doesn’t say neonazi

2018-04-19 00:33:24 UTC


2018-04-19 00:39:31 UTC

@Deleted User The wikipedia page labes us as a neo-nazi group. Not good, we should do something about that.

2018-04-19 00:40:16 UTC

@Marty ScorchedEarthse very difficult to do so. Wikipedia has mega sjw moderators. The best way is to make an account and integrate yourself as an editor for the next 3 years.

2018-04-19 00:40:30 UTC

before trying to change anything on IE's page.

2018-04-19 00:41:01 UTC

Idk if it's bc it's tailored to me but thankfully the wiki page is not the first thing. Looks like we have a good SEO!

2018-04-19 00:49:03 UTC

We do.

2018-04-19 01:39:44 UTC

Just a reminder, if anyone is interested in joining the Metapedia team, please send me a DM.

2018-04-19 02:27:30 UTC

Lol i tried to do an edit about the jaffa evacuation. Writing how Spain and Sweden went there saying Jews got preferential treatment. Then how the accusation about there being genocide was written by Zionist in British intelligence to gain sympathy for jews in the west.

An hour later an idf special force soldier deleted it.

2018-04-19 14:13:44 UTC

Is the Jewish/Israel internet defense force an actual thing?

2018-04-19 14:39:18 UTC

Yeah idf is real

2018-04-19 14:39:32 UTC

But it was an actual Israeli special forces

2018-04-19 16:21:36 UTC

How do you know this?

2018-04-19 18:23:43 UTC

Nvm he was just police corps but still in the Israeli army

2018-04-19 18:24:02 UTC



2018-04-19 20:48:36 UTC

Oh wow lol

2018-04-20 20:30:36 UTC

Someone should go sit in in that panel

2018-04-20 20:46:55 UTC

That would be awesome.

2018-04-20 22:24:19 UTC


2018-04-20 23:10:36 UTC

@Johnboy @Patient Zero your action made the news. Want to follow up with a panel discussion? Also @Anthony Sealy - MO

2018-04-20 23:11:21 UTC

Do tell.

2018-04-20 23:15:46 UTC

Also, what was the news source?

2018-04-20 23:17:11 UTC

@DCViking too ^^^^

2018-04-20 23:17:31 UTC


2018-04-20 23:26:49 UTC

Unless we are talking about Lawrence.

2018-04-20 23:31:30 UTC

@Prestor John @Patient Zero I’d like to see this...

2018-04-20 23:31:45 UTC

me as well

2018-04-20 23:50:29 UTC


2018-04-20 23:50:30 UTC


2018-04-20 23:50:42 UTC

Thats amazing

2018-04-20 23:53:04 UTC

One of you should get on the panel discussion. We are trying to get the library in the news too. Topeka under attack by nice gentlemen with a powerful message.

2018-04-20 23:53:19 UTC

My home town thinks I'm evil.

2018-04-20 23:53:50 UTC

That's so weird to think about.

2018-04-20 23:53:58 UTC


2018-04-20 23:54:32 UTC


2018-04-20 23:56:47 UTC

Never deny the Nei nazi claim or try to explain it away. Brush past it with a laugh or “absurd.” Other wise the headline is “Patient zero claims he is not a ‘Neo-Nazi’” I learned that in an awesome seminar recently.

2018-04-20 23:57:56 UTC

Laugh and speak some Russian

2018-04-20 23:58:59 UTC

I listened to that seminar. it was very insightful.

2018-04-21 00:09:27 UTC

That's what islamists do if you try to get them to disavow extremists sects

2018-04-21 00:11:45 UTC

I remember there was this video where some Muslim kept repeating for someone to disavow West boro, they did like 8 times. Then reflected onto them and they'd just avoid it.

2018-04-21 00:18:20 UTC

Should we go to the panel discussion? We could film it for our podcast channel. It's a lot of risk on our part though...

2018-04-21 00:46:56 UTC

seems like its going to be quite the event.

2018-04-21 01:09:12 UTC

@Patient Zero are any of your guys doxxed / openly IE?

2018-04-21 01:09:41 UTC

If so what is the risk? You didn’t do anything illegal.

2018-04-21 01:10:09 UTC

Not yet. We are planning on being very active and open in this movement.

2018-04-21 01:10:54 UTC

@Johnboy and I are willing to show our faces and even get footage. We just don't know if we are ready.

2018-04-21 01:11:11 UTC

In that case I wouldn’t attend unless you just want the drops.

2018-04-21 01:11:39 UTC

What is this neo nazi code you speak of? drops?

2018-04-21 01:11:39 UTC

Maybe you could leave IE materials outside the panel?

2018-04-21 01:11:48 UTC


2018-04-21 01:12:19 UTC

We are considering going there with poster boards saying we are the goys who put up the flyers and recording it

2018-04-21 01:12:23 UTC

No joke

2018-04-21 01:12:39 UTC

Even inviting people to ask us questions

2018-04-21 01:12:53 UTC

Propose it in activism server.

2018-04-21 01:13:10 UTC

activism photos or?

2018-04-21 01:13:27 UTC

Just be careful with that, these people are irrational. If they are an angry mob they will be even less rational

2018-04-21 01:13:48 UTC

And the more views the video would get

2018-04-21 01:14:18 UTC

Would make great promo material

2018-04-21 01:14:30 UTC

having brothers with us would make me feel safer.

2018-04-21 01:14:34 UTC

No you would need to propose it in the activism server. I will see about getting you and invite if you are serious.

2018-04-21 01:14:35 UTC


2018-04-21 01:14:44 UTC

We are.

2018-04-21 01:15:56 UTC


2018-04-21 11:50:51 UTC

"The alt-right “is on a downward spiral, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to disappear and that they’re not going to regroup,” said Marilyn Mayo, who studies hate groups for the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. She said one large group called Identity Evropa — which targets college-age men, is less extreme in rhetoric and has turned away from the alt-right label — has grown recently."

2018-04-21 12:06:03 UTC

They know 😳

2018-04-22 10:37:13 UTC

Anglin name dropped us


2018-04-22 13:56:25 UTC

He mostly means announced rallies

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