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I am Andreas Pescator (Loaf Warden), was interviewed by Erika

From Cinci

@Erika i e-mailed it using the same e-mail we used before the interview

I got two 8th graders studying vikings and Germanic culture on their own today.

I redpilled one of them on the dangers of weeabooism and animΓ©/cosplay culture

Are rubles worth enough to sue RT for?

How scared were you when I called you rightwing scum at the grocery store?

@@Reinhard Wolff Why doesn't every single member have a compost bin? Green nationalism now

We should have done some cardio at the Renfaire

@MrDefault Thanks brother you helped get the ball rolling.

@everyone Do everything you can to support your coordinator, @Mr. Default, @Virgil and @Lucas Anglocius made Ohio what it is under me.

Cincinnati best aesthetics!!!

Its why you're moving here @Virgil

Seems like his plan for taking back power relies partly on the white male suicide rate since that's what one of the figures depicts

I don't think they know what 13% of the population means

Traditionalist Western Art? I liked that page on facebook a while ago

Hey josh nice to meet you

Is wearing body paint and dancing under a full moon with hippies degenerate if it washes off?

@everyone the best way to thank me is do your homework!

1) get preapproved at your bank in the next couple months

2) download the Homesnap app (even if your still in school) and see whats in your area

@Reinhard Wolff remember the homework

There's other foreign subcultures in Europe to talk about like gypsies

Or Avars in Russia

If you're gonna get into bread, grow your own mother

Pasta is better if whole wheat

Mother = pre-ferment

Dammit wrong link

In my new house I'm gonna make Auntie Annes pretzels

Closing date on my new house is officially December 20th

Thank you @Logan I hope to see more of the same realty activitiy occur in the Great Lakes area

I got a date Wednesday night. I should totally start playing the fireside chat in my car

Yeah I'm normie larping at Rusty Bucket with her

Her and her friends got creeped out for like an hour because everyone they know uses an iphone and they couldn't understand why my text bubbles were a different color than theirs

And they couldn't fathom that facebook is the only social media platform I use regularly to the point that her friend videochatted me just now to make sure I was a real person

I didn't drop the spaghetti at all we were texting back and forth all day like machine gun fire its as soon as they found out that my twitter and instas don't have any activity since 2013 that she was "literally terrified rn"

Is there that much of a bridge between 21 and 26 year olds?

Her friends are from Chicago maybe they're trendy over there

I have a lot of conversations where I'll talk to Chad, Brads and rednecks and say "I like playing sports and watching high school and college sports is cool because the players represent their community but the NFL and MLB and NBA are a little commercialized these days don't you wish players stuck around on the same team and grew up near the city they play for?" I don't denounce, I keep relatable and I don't sound much different than normies complaining about how new penalty rules are stupid or how crazy it is that players make billions, etc.

Yeah my "redpills" are always relevant

I never bring stuff up on my own

Conversation is easy. I even tell minorities what I believe because there's nothing hateful that I believe. But only when the conversation leads toward certain subjects.

Fields was non-discriminate in his ramming. His attorneys seemed to argue entirely mentally, that what he did was spontaneous rather than premeditated. They should have focused on objective threats to his immediate safety, which I suppose were lacking. I guess trying to reduce 1st degree was all they could do

@CarletonJ have you considered throwing a bbq before which the Great Lakes people do a bunch of work on your house?

Happy Kwanzaa famalams

Ankh, crescent and six-pointed star rap medallions make me laugh

Probably. Back last decade when I used to listen to him his whole clique was flexin their proud Illuminatic middle eastern origins

23andme got rid of my 0.1% sub saharan so I stopped asking for my money back

Closing on my house Friday then signing up for conference and getting on the rest of my chapter from there

Bryden is selling the location on Tumblr

My TRS friend who was struggling with alcoholism in October is now off the bottle, going to German mass with me every Sunday, reconciling with his wife, his son is meeting all my friends kids, and he is now an apprentice plumber, and lives with me.

Blacksmithing tutorial in Ohio

@Alec - OH Welcome to Ohio, I am your state coordinator. Let's set up a secondary interview ASAP

When is the next pledge orientation?

Salutations Anastatios

Hey Ketty great to have you here, I am your Ohio state chapter coordinator. I will get you set up with a secondary in-person interview ASAP.

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