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Next , "We own the night!"

The real crime here is that they assumed your gender.

His rate my professor is:

general admin contact info:
Stockton University
101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway, NJ 08205-9441
(609) 652-1776

The literature department posted a chucked message about recent hate speech and asks impacted students to contact several numbers including the ADL so imo calling the main line is best.

I'm up for it but I think we have a meeting in 5. So after?

Those area map shots though ๐Ÿ”ฅ

I will mocked her lack of agency displayed by needing help to get off campus.

Black Student Union protests identity politics of IE.

cold blooded.

im in but I need to know the timing. Also i posted his rate my prof and the admin phone number above.

Did you post?

I shared on twitter as well. Also started getting in The school, alumni, and cops twitter TL about domestic terrorist prof.

Prestor John similar avatar but colorized.

@PicBoy well done. Now put a baby in that shiksa.

Huge over performance. Unheard of for such a new party.

Is that recent?

^^^^ this a rule you need to apply throughout your life.

Not sure if this counts as cyberstrike but i found it on twitter. Anheiser Busch is worried about #Boycott NFL and are taking customer feed back. 800.342.5283 ext 1 for NFL comments.

Either one if those work. I said that i am going to stop sell their products at my businesses as well as not buying them for personal use. @Deleted User

We love the pallet planters at my house. Be sure to use pallets that are not chemically treated. They have stamps on them with different designations.

Skirt steak, tomato, borate salad with roasted Brussel sprouts.

Yeah I just started lifting. Eating high protien is a bonus!

is there any official statement about this? I saw a similar tweet from late August.

If its a black tie you need black suite, black shoes and black tie with white shirt preferably french cuffs. If it is black tie optional go with what you got fam.

Congrats! There us nothing better than being a father.

This guy is going to learn the hard way when the SPLC reads his article.

one of us needs to get that job

is the scope a vision test?

oh my glaaases.

@Perihelion - CA just teasing. Great list thanks for putting it together.

thanks for posting

There is a buzz feed reporter who called this ^^^ a WN talking point.

is it worh putting in cyberstrike?

Its only going to get worse for the former bread basket of Africa.

I plan on showing Murdoch Murdoch's D- Day Episode to my T-Day guests. Thankful for the red pills.

Brined and rubbed

whats up

I hope ther is more video coming

partial list of Local Atlanta News Twitter handles: @wsbtv
@cbs46 @11Alive

I think it is a different kind of banner but INAP

I neverknew how woke Nehlen is. we need to get this guy in.

Ryan is still going to get pinch in the immigration fight. Repeal and replace is another crudgil

If I am not mistaken Trump visited Nehlen last go round. Nehlen also has way more name recognition this time around. It will be a race.

Does TRS count as media?

I red "replies" as "redpills" and thought you had some sort of fashy analytic app.

2017-12-10 22:19:25 UTC [Fitness #hema]  

What is the sport/league that is more like fencing but with medieval swords?

Has to be a troll, no?

I can't give it a thumbs down because I smashed my computer 30 seconds into this trash.

Trump signing the most implicitly white directive to date.

I have been using "The whole world is laughing at you" narrative on my German friends. It is working. I figured it worked on our liberals.

Im in to do a german hour on discord once a month or so. I know a few guys speak it and others are learning.

Im fluent.

Alle Sprache order nur die beste Sprache?

@this_that5553 @Rick hat ihr bock ein monatlich sprach Abend?

Du must รผben.

ะฏ ะณะพะฒะพั€ัŽ ะผะพะถะฝะพ ะฟะพ ั€ัƒััะบะธะน

Ryan is scared of Nehlen. We need guys phone banking, volunteering and donating to him.

@Rick erste Dienstag im Januar?

Now we need to get the one from upenn that wont call on white males.

Rep Ted Luie wants to go back to the immigration policies that allowed Trumpโ€™s Grandfather to come here. He obviously wants to go back to the national origins act and repeal Hart Celler right?

And Patrick in Tucker!

70 years of CIA psyop

I hate it.

Stick to the mantra!

Did they retrieve it from the drop location or was it given to them by authorities? If drop location the same trespassing claims would apply to them.

Sad that they can only destroy.

The comments are already going well. Can we flyer near high schools? ๐Ÿ˜‚

The saddest thing is that the SJW squad seems to be 2/3 goy.

Did they try searching "Europa?" I could see a poosible typo being the issue here.

@Deleted User is this beaner saying thatAmerica was nothing before he got there?

I'm looking for some people to help with a specific long term cyber strike project. Tasks include some data collection local media markets and normie presenting posting. Please DM if you are interested.

Does it make sense to give these guys with scarves the opportunity to tell the media that they are not afraid to show their faces but afraid if winter in Chicago.

Reddit has finally discover the genocide in South Africa and the comments are white pilling. Lets get in and push people I. The right direction. The reddit link The actual story:

Whose idea was that? Its awesome!

South African Genocide on R/Conservative.

@Deleted User I like this idea.


@Jean-Baptiste its good. Last two paragraphs were a little awkward. As far as the concept, it is moral and if it works to gain support for Identarianism then power to you.

Change IP address to England maybe?

It might not be any of IE guys but there are a few TRS goys in there. Agree and amplify!

OK to be White

Get me some low quality pics and cyber strike we will snitch to all the local media. @Jacob

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