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Next , "We own the night!"

The real crime here is that they assumed your gender.

His rate my professor is:

general admin contact info:
Stockton University
101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway, NJ 08205-9441
(609) 652-1776

The literature department posted a chucked message about recent hate speech and asks impacted students to contact several numbers including the ADL so imo calling the main line is best.

I'm up for it but I think we have a meeting in 5. So after?

Those area map shots though 🔥

I will mocked her lack of agency displayed by needing help to get off campus.

Black Student Union protests identity politics of IE.

cold blooded.

im in but I need to know the timing. Also i posted his rate my prof and the admin phone number above.

Did you post?

I shared on twitter as well. Also started getting in The school, alumni, and cops twitter TL about domestic terrorist prof.

Prestor John similar avatar but colorized.

@PicBoy well done. Now put a baby in that shiksa.

Huge over performance. Unheard of for such a new party.

Is that recent?

^^^^ this a rule you need to apply throughout your life.

Not sure if this counts as cyberstrike but i found it on twitter. Anheiser Busch is worried about #Boycott NFL and are taking customer feed back. 800.342.5283 ext 1 for NFL comments.

Either one if those work. I said that i am going to stop sell their products at my businesses as well as not buying them for personal use. @Deleted User

We love the pallet planters at my house. Be sure to use pallets that are not chemically treated. They have stamps on them with different designations.

Skirt steak, tomato, borate salad with roasted Brussel sprouts.

Yeah I just started lifting. Eating high protien is a bonus!

is there any official statement about this? I saw a similar tweet from late August.

If its a black tie you need black suite, black shoes and black tie with white shirt preferably french cuffs. If it is black tie optional go with what you got fam.

Congrats! There us nothing better than being a father.

This guy is going to learn the hard way when the SPLC reads his article.

one of us needs to get that job

is the scope a vision test?

oh my glaaases.

@Perihelion - CA just teasing. Great list thanks for putting it together.

thanks for posting

There is a buzz feed reporter who called this ^^^ a WN talking point.

is it worh putting in cyberstrike?

Its only going to get worse for the former bread basket of Africa.

I plan on showing Murdoch Murdoch's D- Day Episode to my T-Day guests. Thankful for the red pills.

Brined and rubbed

whats up

I hope ther is more video coming

partial list of Local Atlanta News Twitter handles: @wsbtv
@cbs46 @11Alive

I think it is a different kind of banner but INAP

I neverknew how woke Nehlen is. we need to get this guy in.

Ryan is still going to get pinch in the immigration fight. Repeal and replace is another crudgil

If I am not mistaken Trump visited Nehlen last go round. Nehlen also has way more name recognition this time around. It will be a race.

Does TRS count as media?

I red "replies" as "redpills" and thought you had some sort of fashy analytic app.

2017-12-10 22:19:25 UTC [Fitness #hema]  

What is the sport/league that is more like fencing but with medieval swords?

Has to be a troll, no?

I can't give it a thumbs down because I smashed my computer 30 seconds into this trash.

Trump signing the most implicitly white directive to date.

I have been using "The whole world is laughing at you" narrative on my German friends. It is working. I figured it worked on our liberals.

Im in to do a german hour on discord once a month or so. I know a few guys speak it and others are learning.

Im fluent.

Alle Sprache order nur die beste Sprache?

@this_that5553 @Rick hat ihr bock ein monatlich sprach Abend?

Du must üben.

Я говорю можно по русский

Ryan is scared of Nehlen. We need guys phone banking, volunteering and donating to him.

@Rick erste Dienstag im Januar?

Now we need to get the one from upenn that wont call on white males.

Rep Ted Luie wants to go back to the immigration policies that allowed Trump’s Grandfather to come here. He obviously wants to go back to the national origins act and repeal Hart Celler right?

And Patrick in Tucker!

70 years of CIA psyop

I hate it.

Stick to the mantra!

Did they retrieve it from the drop location or was it given to them by authorities? If drop location the same trespassing claims would apply to them.

Sad that they can only destroy.

The saddest thing is that the SJW squad seems to be 2/3 goy.

Did they try searching "Europa?" I could see a poosible typo being the issue here.

@Deleted User is this beaner saying thatAmerica was nothing before he got there?

I'm looking for some people to help with a specific long term cyber strike project. Tasks include some data collection local media markets and normie presenting posting. Please DM if you are interested.

Does it make sense to give these guys with scarves the opportunity to tell the media that they are not afraid to show their faces but afraid if winter in Chicago.

Reddit has finally discover the genocide in South Africa and the comments are white pilling. Lets get in and push people I. The right direction. The reddit link The actual story:

Whose idea was that? Its awesome!

South African Genocide on R/Conservative.

@Deleted User I like this idea.


@Jean-Baptiste its good. Last two paragraphs were a little awkward. As far as the concept, it is moral and if it works to gain support for Identarianism then power to you.

Change IP address to England maybe?

It might not be any of IE guys but there are a few TRS goys in there. Agree and amplify!

OK to be White

Get me some low quality pics and cyber strike we will snitch to all the local media. @Jacob

Do you have a round about location or near by landmark?

No problem. It just helps if we can say, “i was walking from the Dildo Studies building on my way Liebowitz hall and saw this flyer omg”

If you are posting the caravan flyer please take a normie pic, like not stylized for IE Twitter. DM me the pic, General location, and nearby landmark so we can submit it to local media tip lines.

Also can you get me locations and distance to land mark, like a Starbucks or welfare office.

@Jacob do you know the names of the builds you posted in?

Leader of the Storm Riders.

Up vote the CharlesDukerman comment

@Jacob check out @Deleted User 's its good.

Why is it hiding you vote total?


I reposted asking why it was taken down.

I got banned for asking why your post was deleted.

I would rather keep accounts active as opposed to all getting banned in some sort of protest.

break up the peices of @Deleted User post and seed them in the reply threads.

We can get banned from reddit if mods say we are brigading... I think. Regardles R/Conservative is a good sub to have active accounts in.

I am regretting not having the patients to do that myself. Now I am banned and am useless.

@Chillbro Swaggins-CA @Deleted User do you have any pics that are straight on that we can use for cyber strike?

Great job btw!

@everyone reminder to take then DM me a couple sloppy head on pics of your flyers. The kind if pics a regular student would take to show the flyer to their friends. 3 -5 unique pics will get you more press coverage and give your flyering more reach. Also a general location and landmark helps ie Thompson Hall by the Panda Express.

“We will fool them once then fool them again then shame them some too” - IE Cyber Strike Dubya

@Aeyannic_Order do you have street locations for the top two?

I'm going to wait a couple weeks then drop the greatest generation murdoch murdoch video. Thoughts?

@Conway - OK great we will report!

Perfect. @Sam Southern - TN you want the top one? @Deleted User you want the bottom?

@everyone who is submitting pics from flyering or banner drops for the Cyber Strike Team please follow this format and style.

City, State
Street, intersection or building

Good idea!

9,000 dislikes / 23,000 views 😂

It’s describing the two separate topics covered in that episode of the podcast.

@Patient Zero what town? Name of library?

@Johnboy @Patient Zero your action made the news. Want to follow up with a panel discussion? Also @Anthony Sealy - MO

One of you should get on the panel discussion. We are trying to get the library in the news too. Topeka under attack by nice gentlemen with a powerful message.

Never deny the Nei nazi claim or try to explain it away. Brush past it with a laugh or “absurd.” Other wise the headline is “Patient zero claims he is not a ‘Neo-Nazi’” I learned that in an awesome seminar recently.

@Patient Zero are any of your guys doxxed / openly IE?

If so what is the risk? You didn’t do anything illegal.

In that case I wouldn’t attend unless you just want the drops.

Propose it in activism server.

No you would need to propose it in the activism server. I will see about getting you and invite if you are serious.

Seems to be pointing out the hypocrisy of the Left only caring about certain genocides. It’s awkward but I up boated

@everyone 30 minutes ago your socks just saw a banner draped over the route 66 over pass where New Hampshire and Virgiana meet in front of the Watergate hotel Washington DC. It read “No Sanctuary Build the Wall” You May have been driving toward Alexandria, staying at The Watergate, a GWU student walking around. Use the twitter handles above and the following and email addresses to report to local media.

No Sanctuary Build the Wall

It was pretty cool. The best optics on the field.

@Jacob was looking to get in touch with him.

@Freiheit - CA are you leaving the books there?

Or are they selling the bell curve at B&N?

@Niko - WA send me pics for cyber Strike. We will complain to the libraries directly and report to news. Doing that at B&N gin up public outcry.

If the books are already sold there I’m not going to false flag. If we were planting them it makes sense.

And ultimately the cyber strike whining is an amplifier for the irl activists. If the activists does not want it for their thing that’s cool.

@Deleted User false flag is the wrong way to describe it. We are talking about the cyberstrike server reporting activism to news outlets.

We have been doing it with socks.

@Freiheit - CA that’s a bit of a straw man. We report activism to media to get more stories written about IE. They would never use our Press releases so it’s the next best thing.

CVille 2 I think.

@björn nice job. We just want more people to see it ; )

That pic reminds me of the movie Enemy Mine.

European Identitarians do not have to compete with rugged individualism, massive geography, and they have not had their identities deconstructed like our people. All Austrian GI members know what an Austrian is and can get to any place in their country in a days drive.

True that.

@Matthias do you want us to stop reporting?

This guy in particular I mean.

@MercurysCell912-GA good catch. Thanks for reporting and for getting him to take it down.

@Brunswick can I get any more?

We are the foundation for their identity. They want to feel powerful as they look down at their feet nervously.

Too much agency required.

Already there I’m getting clobbered in the comments.

@everyone ^^^ remember you are commenting for the benefit of the thousands of readers. Keep comments smart and clean and up boat everything that looks good.

Huge opportunity for a group with the infrastructure to create small local groups centered around tradition.

@TradWesternMan nice avatar on your FB page.

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola what is the name, Park, city, state of the monument?

There are some really good shots there.

I think a Twitter “take over” would be more suited due to the private aspect @Joseph McCarthy - NJ

Great. You guys just had an article mentioning your banner drop and flyering.

This will be great!


As you all know, the post CVille legal defense is a drag on our financial resources. Many of you have stepped up and donated money already, but there is more work to be done. We need a comprehensive list of Tweets threatening violence or harm to of the United The Right attendees or speakers, made by Antifa, BLM, and any other hostile groups or individuals. Please use the following format to report such Tweets in this channel: | Twitter Handle | Date | exact quote | of Tweet | Offenders IRL Name (only if it’s on their Twitter Bio NO Doxxing) | Organization. The IRL name and organization are not mandatory and should only be given if they are available in the bio. Our enemies have piles of cash to throw against us but we have high agency and the power of autism. Respond with a ✅ if you can be counted on to contribute to this effort. @everyone

@Deleted User do you have info on how to donate to the legal fund? Some of the guys would rather pay up than be cyber bullies 😂

My simple comment. “These guys are doing something about it here in the states.

He was just on the Shoah. He is a Big brain podcaster

We would like some too if possible @Brunswick

That no go zone action posted in there today was solid.

Where’s the lie though?

@Brunswick May we also have the white sticker that’s a bit bubbled?

@everyone we have an opportunity to get a couple of our guys in as mods on r/Identitarians. I’m not sure what the requirements / time commitments are but having our own de facto sub reddit where we can have controlled, positive interaction with the public and draw from Donald, Conservative, JordanPeterson, etc. could be big. If you are interested please DM.

Tbhf I’m a bit disappointed. Anglin doesnt have a point of contact here that he speaks to before running a story? That’s an issue for both sides imo.

I’m not a regular reader but that makes sense. We should be pressuring him to a higher standard when he speaks about us.

After redpilling I was filled with energy to push back. Not to give up. So much made sense that didn’t before. Honest political / cultural Argument’s didn’t end with an admission of some level of hypocrisy.

Just put it our r/Identitarians

@_AltRight_Anew -AZ Xpost for reddit. ^^^^^^

Those pics!

R/TD will love it right up until the neocon mods delete it. It won’t stop us from posting it though 😉

^^^^^Perfect for r/Identitarian posting @_AltRight_Anew -AZ

@Chillbro Swaggins-CA yes post to reddit every time. let us know here before you post so we can get upboats right away.

@Deleted User are you posing as a Chapo guy?

@ThisIsChris that is awesome. When the SPLC and ADL put pressure on companies it is not with a massive amount of people. Less than 1,000 souls calling and emailing repeatedly is terrifying to a company.

CathyMcMorrisRodgers Congress Person from Washington’s 5th is attacking IE Member James Allsup. Her district is over 80% White but she feels the need to attack someone standing up for those people. Respectfully and politely Let her know that you are disappointed in her and will not be voting for her ever again unless she public ally apologizes for her remarks. Bonus she sits down with Mr Allsup to discuss their differences face to face in order to find common ground on representing the constituents of the 5th district.

Do not be afraid to contact multiple times over multiple forms of communication. Phone calls are ranked high. Remember you are a Washington State 5th district voter so have your city and zip ready (see below)

Contact info

WASHINGTON, D.C.: 202-225-2006 | SPOKANE: 509-353-2374 | COLVILLE: 509-684-3481 | WALLA WALLA: 509-529-9358 | FAX: 202-225-3392


The following URL has a contact form use one of these zip codes
99026, 99201, 99202, 99203, 99204, 99205, 99207, 99208, 99212, 99217, 99218, 99223, 99224 for Spokane
Or for Walla Walla

Set your VPN to an appropriate location if applicable. It’s not mandatory.

Contact her website here.


@everyone give a check mark ✅ 📱 📲 ☎️ or similar emoji under the general announcement for every communication you send this woman. I will buy the member with the highest tally and IE pin.

Send the report and see what happens. @everyone with an FB do the same. Targeted harassment is agains FBs TOS. Screen cap responses from FB.

@Deleted User is that nation wide or only in some states? We should determine if the offender has assets to go after first.

@commonplebe - IN assets are important if we want to continue fighting. Lawyers are not free.

@Fox I think in Pa you need to experience physical damage to sue for emotional distress.

So what do we need? A person who was damaged, a lawyer and how much money? @Deleted User could we sue for Dodson? Also let’s move this to general.

Art Swannack has also disavowed IE and says he is looking to remove Allsup from his position. his personal FB Whiteman GOP


Express only Respectful concern

@everyone to be absolutely clear with this campaign and every other “respectful” is not tongue in cheek. Wether you are calling an office or writing someone’s personal FB conduct yourselves like White men and women. These are often good people caught inside the Oberton window.

@everyone I need 5 guys who can make a couple highly sensitive phone calls tonight. You must have a burner or a number you are ok with being linked to you. Preferably Washington State residents, but all are welcome to apply.

@FlyingDutchmann please scroll up and see the relevant posts with contact info for those who are disavowing him. If you want to go deeper than emails and calls to GOP offices Lmk.

@Stan - PA three good ones for you.

@Nerv - VA good idea. The numbers for her offices are posted above and in the dedicated cyber strike channel. When I make my calls tomorrow and Monday I’m going to use this.

@everyone if you know this ^^^^^ let @Rick know asap.

Murdoch Murdoch give us a shout out in their very long AMA at 1:20:00 ish.

Redpilledit posted. Upboat and comment.

@CarletonJ can you please dm we the location of the pics I tagged with “!” And the location of the memorial?

@everyone we have two very important cyber strike missions. Correct IE’s Wikipedia page and finding evidence of calls to violence against us and other attendees of UTR on Twitter. Please dm @Steve - NJ if you want to help with Wikipedia and me if you want to help Twitter Search.

Also spam Queen Ann with our memorial to Justin as per @Jawa

She needs to know.

We need to make this a reality. Comment about this being a great idea.

@Bennie that is a great response. Post it everywhere UE is mentioned.

Basques not included.

Great point especially for those working on Wikipedia @Steve - NJ

Always One step ahead. Good man

@everyone big shout out to @_AltRight_Anew -AZ and the other mods on our Reddit team who ran a successful AMA with a Tore Rassmusen of GI on r/Identitarian

If you are interested in getting involved with our efforts on Reddit and r/Identitarian join the Cyberstrike Server and or DM @_AltRight_Anew -AZ

4 stories about IE in 4 separate regions! Big news day!

@TMatthews @WilderBeast if you are interested in helping out or have an idea dm me and I will send you invites to the server.

@TylerHess nawaz is going to break even financially and get an apology. It is a huge capitol Risk for a moral victory.

@everyone we will have our first cyber side chat next Monday around this time. We will be discussing cyber strike operations that the cyber team has been engaging in and how you can contribute. Please join us in our efforts to amplify IE activism and take control of the narrative.

@everyone please get in this Facebook page over the next few days.

Some cool looking flyers will be popping up around the rally site next week.

@everyone with a sock FB. Get in this virgin comment territory and chad it up a bit.

Also here there seem to be very few comments in this Video about one if our members who is an elected official.

@Steve - NJ great work getting the Embassy Action up on the Wikipedia page.

@Asatru Artist - MD if you want to put a spread sheet together with numbers of the different orgs listed, we can organize a phone bank one evening.

Or email list or both.

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