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hello. i was interviewed by @William Russell

Had a great time.

seems like its going to be quite the event.

having brothers with us would make me feel safer.

@Distracted thanks for the proof of payment. welcome aboard! you should see the full server

ok this is epic.

@Suomi Stronk the chad snatch vs the virgin bench.

powerful, based, and redpilled.

didn't she date a black guy lol

once you go black..

i agree.

naw it was some other guy.

a half irish

so based?

ezra levant the new face of the alt right.

they can have the term.

@Ben Rainsford - OH make that eggplant black

i remember that wave of civnats who were hype about a gay jew being """"based""""

@EverlastingTuck thanks for the proof of payment. welcome aboard! you should see the full server now.

@NITRODUBS Thanks for the proof of payment. you should see the full server now.

@Grayson dude that's a heavy redpill when your homeland becomes unrecognizable

i live on a small kansas farm. the only people i interact with are white boomers. πŸ‘΄

they're the maga hat isreal first type. while bad. it could be worse. @Bjorn - MD

@NITRODUBS detroit is like a warzone at this point.

@Bjorn - MD my theory is that when you reach a certain age. you cant really change your mind anymore. i mean if you do, youve been wrong your entire life and thats a hard pill to swallow.

@Whitelash naw dude. the chinese communists put it there.😎

AZ is in for a wild ride. I can't imagine the talent that is going to replace him.

Kinda strange to think that cali was Reagan red 40 Ish years ago.

True. Alot of these alt lighters tend to forget that. <:really:453005408064241674>

> greentexting in the IE discord

NOW this epic.


its time to take the soprano pill boys.

@Virgil based

ok now this is epic.

i thought the first season was great. they dropped the ball hard on s2

gonna have to watch the wire again lads.

the Wire is a toss up with the sopranos for my favorite show.

that feel when you watch the sopranos and copy tony's mannerisms.

i go back and watch sopranos and everytime i find something new.

any tv worth watching in the current year?

my tv/film vice is strong.

is taxi driver based and redpilled?

Yikes man.... cucking your friend is pretty messed up.


@EverlastingTuck actually picked that book up last week. Haven't gotten the chance to read it yet.

Gave culture of critique another read. Really good stuff and I recommend anyone who hasn't read it give it a try.

Don't. Play. Any. Games. Besides. Quake.

Where are my dues ex gamers at?

I'm talking the original. @fgtveassassin check it out my dude.

@Freiheit - CA naw bro. I only mess with the original

@Asatru Artist - MD#839 super Mario sunshine.

Diablo 2 is based powerful and redpilled

@Piet Dietzel Woah a black man who's BASED?

Ok. This is epic.

@Deleted User sm sunshine needs a remaster. I'd be willing to buy a Nintendo soy switch for it.

@Deleted User deadman me bro.

Now we gotta admit. Sopranos is better than any Vidya ever made.


We talking sips here?

@mattyb - OK thanks for the proof of payment. @Conway - OK is you coordinator and is gonna get you set up locally. welcome aboard!

@Nutter Butter thanks for the proof of payment. @Louis Loire - NY is your coordinator and is going to get you set up soon. Welcome aboard!

Working on the farm this mornin. Gonna be playing some civ 5 with the lads tonight. 😎

who /garden/ here?

too many cherry tomatoes to count.

@Freiheit - CA @Ben Rainsford - OH what you guys growing this season?

carrots brother. set em and forget em. also yams.

id reccomend that. nothing compares to a fresh carrot right from the ground.

@MrDefault thats a really good idea. what kind of stuff do you grow in AZ?

Seeing manlets get better gains at the gym than me hurts my soul.

They can just pack on muscle no problem

beep gang

who /french/ here?

<:teehee:381917632359563264> beep beep <:teehee:381917632359563264>

@budjiman welcome aboard!!! you should see the whole server now!

bring up the bell curve and how racist it is.

Based, Powerful and dare I say Redpilled.

the virgin slouch vs the chad stand

Looking for someone to practice French with.

Helping me get my accent to a understandable level would be greatly appreciated

@Deleted User welcome aboard! make sure to set a profile pic. ill go ahead and give you the pledge rank.

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