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Is this where all the Russians hang out?

Science must fall, but not due to gravity. That would be racist.

White people don't exist.

TV told me.

@SARGSIG That was sarcasm. Doesn't carry well on the webs.

"racist crossroad" the intersection of dindu and nuthin' streets



Shut that down.

It's like diversity's end product staring into my soul.

Upon this rock I will wear my trench coat. - Jesus C.

I can't hear you through this rock

Hot new game goys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@diversity_is_racism Fixed that for you my black king.

20% from greatness

20% matters

send them home in their pyramids

perfect range for criminality

and pyramid space travel apparently

asians have higher iq, and way more autism

i.e. modern japan

bring back the emporer

everyone who scores below 85 gets pile drived


Island and Anus sound kind of alike

least to greatest


@Slav Merry Christmas



am real science of memeboardwritingz


sausage baordz lulsz

no, not a real scientist

but it's the internet, facts don't matter



thinking hurts, feelings gives feelz

I play a scientist on webs.

@Jossi Good luck!

anything else > wino > intellectual

craft beer is not philosophy

Blessed are the asian nazis. - word of me

Power to the People!

@diversity_is_racism Greatest album evar!!!

H3O for life!

It's getting heavy in here.

Now I'm thirsty.



this chat needs more heavy water

goat water


power water

enter the saxon

no answers only saxons

dayglo saxons

manglo saxons












i;m on aids


alread started it

goat is antiantimemetic

now theres two i used hyphen

@MrGoat get busy spreading the hash tag




very slow, no caps

WFT MAN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

the webs is wrong, so - so wrong...

yeah, I did.




isn't @MrGoat the king?"

aka goat

That was crazy, what senator do I write to about this?

There is no flame hot enough, no oven large enough, to make this right.

Damn you furries.

Diapers for everyone!

Our son pretends he's a dog, our genes have failed.

Gay marriage - cool
Affirmative action - cool
Child Prostitution - cool



Kids are for raising, not riding.

Muh Pedo-State



For extra spice you can edit it to add the name/website of your favorite local sjw group at the bottom.


Thanks for the tip! @ratoj9

Boomer removal squad.

@queenarchitect Goldstein goat gets around.

Me irl, all of you BTFO'd!

F my phone.

That's not human, might not even be jewish.

@Americana - MD Learn a trade, get in a union. If you go public the union will protect you from getting fired.

The union part is crucial.

We all do.

That's why the union, secures his employment.

Stick with college then and keep the fascism on the dl.

I imagine it is.

@queenarchitect go to your NEET cave young lady, no tendies for you.

Kim Jong Nanners

Nuke them all.

Only oven posts for that thot.

Nanners = Jew boobs

They look like they are trying to escape.

@Convo goodluck

To whomever sees this: At 11:30 PM eastern time tonight, start vandalizing as many Wikipedia pages as you can, preferably controversial ones.
The reason why is not to be made public, but believe me, if this works as planned, we will all have many keks.

Girls can't work cameras.

Look at that black guy in the pope hat. Fucking BASED! Catholic church 2030

The only way to get Twitter to sanction a shitlibs is to get them to call you a 'faggot'

1/32 of you is a raging alcoholic

I accept said blame.

Convo is the altright's id.

No math post enlightenment.

@Convo Did you just assume my mom's gender?

You got some items you need to work on Ma in the coming year.

witch hazel bush

got my mom one years ago, still loves it.


It's what they make witch hazel out of.

Clears acne and other stuff

real hazel posting hours


Mozart and after = degenerate

> not only listening to the cries of your vanquished foes

metric = jew

You want every to go to 100 goyim?

I say 100 centimeters = 1 holocaust

I'm snug as a poo in the loo.

nanners confirmed for shia rapist

heard she slapped him in the face with her milkers

>implying shia is a man

haplogroup - science - jew

Not unless your mexican

I sign convo up to spam emails 3 times a day

laziest male prostitue in pittsburgh

nobody need to by ethiopian

Dude if your at home stay there until you pay off you debt.

no poontang for goys in boxes

asian connection

like I said, this only works if he mexican

and they suck. @Koba pls don't suck

it's good to want to clear it, but don't wreck yourself to do it.

Trust me, I have a mortgage

I know about debt over ones head

ovens are for niggers

comfy is for whites

Invade germany

try a mortgage dude, little more than 20

wew that's some debt

women for the win


@Koba Are we to take financial advice from a guy who wants to live in a box with a space heater?

That's like getting mail ettiquette from Ted Kaczynski

He was always such a thoughtful lad...

Eh, I sold all my stocks last year to pay for a bathroom remodel. Kinda like not have to deal with any extra tax forms.

Evening white folk.

Goldstein for IE

We should suck it up for the opportunity to Redpill the alright.

I see the links as Gavin-baked-alright.

Baked had people reciting the 14 words on Sunday.

Multiple times, real whitepilling to see.

No. This is wrong.

I did hear on leftist boards there was discussion of using super soakers with gasoline and spraying into the crowd if we had torches. Something to consider.

They are desperate enough to do it.

Just need to have a solid ring of security if we do. And I do think we should do it again.

@MadDimension No tiki torch bar crawl?

It was the first thing I saw when I opened the channel. Damn near converted to communism. @ManWithTheHand

@Bjorn_Sigheim - GA did somebody say rainbow?


Check your Twitter kids it out there.

@Erika we are taking back the nationalist pride flag from the gays!

Tupac got a statue in atlanta

Freddie Grey has a building named after him in Baltimore.

@Erika @Skull no mask,va law is very clear about it.

How can the press see your facist smirk if you are wearing a mask?

@@sigruna14 it's public he got the permit tonight.

And the public face book page and the twéets announcing it. I'd say we're public now.

Just get an asp with a holster.

It is a gray area like most of the country.

Depends on the circumstance.

For those of you who aren't afraid to use your fist, I recommend these, good protection for your hands without the legal snafus that could come with hard armor.

They are just renaming the parks.

Tans are Jewish, fyi.

Why don't they go all in and rename them Homo-Hollar?

@Havamal I bet wes bellamy can't.

Mccarthy wanted to bring bull whips like a sperg and got pissed when I called him out on it.

Look, all erika did was point out rules that everyone else already knows, if you don't like it tough. Jason said no open carry, don't get your panties in a bunch because a girl pointed that out to you.

994 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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