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Thanks, Apollo

The best whitepill is not the article, but the comments. There is one comment calling the other commenters racist, and it has 21 likes vs 1064 dislikes.

2018-01-21 04:53:48 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Or you could say that they are using a different number of terms in each series in order to get the result that did. Which means that they didn't acttually double s, since s and 2s should have the same number of terms. If both series have the same number of terms, they end up with 2s-s = 2^N - 1, where N is the number of terms.

200 factors mean they don't want to admit that they are pushing the narrative with their search algorithms.


On the topic of Lauren Southern, I would say that she has done more for our cause than most of those who criticize her.

Those people are so delusional. We put up those posters to get our message out and to recruit. We don't do it to trigger them. That is just an amusing bonus.

The best part of that TRS thread was the hard disavow!

@Deleted User I thought that first building looked pretty nice. But yeah, the rest of it is ugly.

Stop! It's too much winning. I can't take it anymore.

Well, it is about him being invited to speak.

The rain adds a nice touch to the pictures.

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