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2018-09-06 01:31:41 UTC

We aren't going to be normalize if it remains 90% men 10% women.

2018-09-06 01:31:49 UTC

@FACINEMA elevator music

2018-09-06 01:31:50 UTC


2018-09-06 01:31:56 UTC

Who here drinking apple cider vinegar water on that keto meme, er, life?

2018-09-06 01:31:57 UTC

"We need more diversity so we can be accepted"

2018-09-06 01:31:59 UTC

It is supposed to be to some degree a mass movement for all of our people that we are building.

2018-09-06 01:32:04 UTC

Not racial, lol.

2018-09-06 01:32:04 UTC

@Matthias we should remove 80% of the men

2018-09-06 01:32:09 UTC

There we go

2018-09-06 01:32:12 UTC

theres plenty of all male organizations/clubs and what not that are normalized

2018-09-06 01:32:15 UTC

I have yet to meet any women outside of the organization with relatively close views to ours

2018-09-06 01:32:16 UTC

Ok well I was able to get time off to go to Denver. Where can I get some info on the air b and b?

2018-09-06 01:32:20 UTC

Im glad to be apart of IE

Mom's gone NO RULES

2018-09-06 01:32:25 UTC

Many women follow other women as well. Once we hit a certain mass it will snowball.

2018-09-06 01:32:33 UTC

Exactly Cam

2018-09-06 01:32:37 UTC
2018-09-06 01:32:38 UTC

Women should only have to pay $73 a year to make us a truly equal organization

2018-09-06 01:32:44 UTC


2018-09-06 01:32:55 UTC

Recruit Lauren Rose since JF spooked her off.

2018-09-06 01:33:01 UTC

@fgtveassassin you’re on to something

2018-09-06 01:33:15 UTC

The anglo solution to the jf question

2018-09-06 01:33:18 UTC

Momiji break


2018-09-06 01:33:18 UTC

We need Tara McCarthy and Mike Enoch’s ex wife

2018-09-06 01:33:21 UTC

I mean,, my wife isn't in IE but she comes to the events same as most our guys wives

2018-09-06 01:33:39 UTC

Women paying $73 a year is a seriously good idea. Imagine the lulz and the shortcircuiting when the left tries to attack us.

2018-09-06 01:33:42 UTC

@Valaska thanks

2018-09-06 01:33:44 UTC

Off topic but the move to Slack kind of sucks

2018-09-06 01:33:58 UTC

My old phone can't handle it

2018-09-06 01:34:06 UTC

Ladies free before 11

2018-09-06 01:34:12 UTC

<-- Greg is here if you have any questions

2018-09-06 01:34:24 UTC


2018-09-06 01:34:27 UTC

"My old phone can't handle it."

-MrBland, coming out as a boomer

2018-09-06 01:34:27 UTC

No tears... Only awwwoooooo now...

2018-09-06 01:34:28 UTC

No, me

2018-09-06 01:34:37 UTC

.... Ouch

2018-09-06 01:34:45 UTC


2018-09-06 01:34:54 UTC

It's hard to find phone with big buttons

2018-09-06 01:35:03 UTC


2018-09-06 01:35:06 UTC


2018-09-06 01:35:08 UTC

Just kidding MrBland, Baywatch will always be how I remember Southern California 😢

2018-09-06 01:35:17 UTC

UGH I want to meet my baby already!

2018-09-06 01:35:19 UTC

spiritually boomer

2018-09-06 01:35:21 UTC


2018-09-06 01:35:33 UTC

You’re having a baby?

2018-09-06 01:35:34 UTC

IE Families 👪

2018-09-06 01:35:35 UTC

Those were the days *wistful look

2018-09-06 01:35:39 UTC

If you haven't bought them something, are you even white?

2018-09-06 01:35:53 UTC


2018-09-06 01:35:58 UTC

It's a louder and more adventurous atmosphere. 😃

2018-09-06 01:36:12 UTC

@greg_p - TX tag him so he sees it

2018-09-06 01:36:21 UTC

>tfw you just want to contribute soldiers to the legions but no qtIII.I IV gf

2018-09-06 01:36:22 UTC

We should buy IE babies stocks. We are the Jews now.

2018-09-06 01:36:29 UTC


2018-09-06 01:36:30 UTC

Yes, our children are up against a mighty war.

2018-09-06 01:36:59 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Here if you have any questions if there is something you want to share but aren't sure of

2018-09-06 01:37:00 UTC


2018-09-06 01:37:01 UTC

WDL when?

2018-09-06 01:37:04 UTC

I want to fight so my children can have peace

2018-09-06 01:37:06 UTC

"We should be the white ADL. People should be afraid of us."

-Patrick, picking up steam

2018-09-06 01:37:07 UTC


2018-09-06 01:37:08 UTC


2018-09-06 01:37:19 UTC

Our enemies shall legally fear us.

2018-09-06 01:37:54 UTC


2018-09-06 01:38:00 UTC

Optics = Good Behavior

2018-09-06 01:38:02 UTC

Tell em about the member you saved from drowning!

2018-09-06 01:38:15 UTC

Optics is a cover term for V I R T U E. There will never be a replacement for E X C E L L E N C E

2018-09-06 01:38:23 UTC

@MrBland - VA cant have children without women 😊

2018-09-06 01:38:28 UTC


2018-09-06 01:38:31 UTC

If you want to be stupid join proud boys

2018-09-06 01:38:38 UTC


2018-09-06 01:38:39 UTC

Sure you can, Michael Jackson did it

2018-09-06 01:38:45 UTC


2018-09-06 01:38:50 UTC

CPS would be at their door.

2018-09-06 01:38:57 UTC

Roman salute is not American

2018-09-06 01:38:57 UTC

Hey all for women, it is all about priorities

2018-09-06 01:39:10 UTC

The only fun part about kids is making them

2018-09-06 01:39:16 UTC

@Droek I resent that comment

2018-09-06 01:39:21 UTC

I don't think there should be a focus recruiting them

2018-09-06 01:39:25 UTC

Murdoch chan isn't real.

2018-09-06 01:39:27 UTC

Esoteric autism

2018-09-06 01:39:28 UTC

Repopulate has to be a priority sooner or later @MrBland - VA

2018-09-06 01:39:42 UTC

Murdoch chan is the platonic ideal of tfw gf

2018-09-06 01:39:55 UTC

These are very solid points

2018-09-06 01:40:05 UTC

@Conway - OK he was fine. Just being dramatic lol

2018-09-06 01:40:07 UTC

This is OUR time and OUR movement

2018-09-06 01:40:21 UTC


2018-09-06 01:40:22 UTC

"You can go find another organization that won't go anywhere."

-Patrick Casey, laying it on thick

2018-09-06 01:40:26 UTC

Ok, recruit women through marriage, every IE member get a women and have some kids. Best way to recruit women.

2018-09-06 01:40:39 UTC

Our mods are the best mods.

2018-09-06 01:40:58 UTC

Everybody says we have the best

2018-09-06 01:41:03 UTC

This is a Christian server no swearing

2018-09-06 01:41:04 UTC

Get out mods a coat!

2018-09-06 01:41:04 UTC

The very best

2018-09-06 01:41:06 UTC

No one is perfect but the mods do a great job.

2018-09-06 01:41:11 UTC

I don’t know if I would tell my future wife that I was in IE until after she was pregnant

2018-09-06 01:41:12 UTC

A single coat

2018-09-06 01:41:16 UTC

Woah, Patrick having to reference a rule; building some real organizational bureaucracy here.

2018-09-06 01:41:16 UTC

Believe me, they are yuge

2018-09-06 01:41:16 UTC

Patrick bringing the fire and brimstone tonight.

His new roommate must be a good influence.

2018-09-06 01:41:24 UTC

If you're getting older, get an over weight woman and work out with her. She'll never leave you.

2018-09-06 01:41:35 UTC

Didn't know Ian moved in with Patrick

2018-09-06 01:41:45 UTC

haha not me.

2018-09-06 01:41:56 UTC

We should take advice from the blacks and just have baby mamas. Those people breed like rabbits

2018-09-06 01:41:59 UTC

1 2 3 good optics goys

2018-09-06 01:41:59 UTC

I was doing it in minecraft

2018-09-06 01:42:04 UTC

The FBI does not get irony.

2018-09-06 01:42:08 UTC

They get booted from IE "ironically"

2018-09-06 01:42:13 UTC


2018-09-06 01:42:18 UTC

Lol great idea

2018-09-06 01:42:27 UTC

We should keep a blacklist...as a joke

2018-09-06 01:42:50 UTC

Vulgarity during the vulgarity lecture

2018-09-06 01:42:50 UTC

@Kane press x to doubt

2018-09-06 01:42:57 UTC

I made a dumb "yo momma" joke the other day and deleted it. I felt bad afterwards.

2018-09-06 01:43:02 UTC

"IE only allows women through marriage". . Sounds cultish yeah? Women need help and support standing strong with our views. IE is that place. Want better wives? They need support from IE to revolt the modern brainwashing @MrBland - VA

2018-09-06 01:43:22 UTC

"I don't think I've ever violated a rule on the server."

-Patrick Casey, speaking in his capacity as identitarian high priest

2018-09-06 01:43:32 UTC

@Conway - OK "Kayaak!"

2018-09-06 01:43:34 UTC

"Down boy down boy" JT

2018-09-06 01:43:38 UTC

Someone messed up

2018-09-06 01:43:48 UTC

So no more Hail Caesars?

2018-09-06 01:43:54 UTC

Gotta leave. Night guys.

2018-09-06 01:43:55 UTC

@The Morríganwell said hon

2018-09-06 01:43:57 UTC

certain ie members rn: <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-09-06 01:43:57 UTC

Hail Little Caesars

2018-09-06 01:43:59 UTC

Alright the woman issue isn't a hill for me to die on. As long as our people are the focus my views can be flexible.

2018-09-06 01:44:19 UTC

"If you LARP, I will find you. And I will ban you."

-Patrick Neeson

2018-09-06 01:44:30 UTC

IE stays focused. We da best! @MrBland - VA

2018-09-06 01:45:19 UTC

It's just common sense

2018-09-06 01:45:25 UTC

👏🏻 👏🏻

2018-09-06 01:45:39 UTC


2018-09-06 01:45:42 UTC


2018-09-06 01:45:48 UTC

The burden of rehabilitating the Roman salute will fall on a future generation. Our burden is to ensure that generation exists.

2018-09-06 01:45:55 UTC

LARPing is b!g gh3y

2018-09-06 01:46:21 UTC

NAZI's hurt us at charolteville

2018-09-06 01:46:29 UTC

^ * Feds with a (brand new) Nazi flag

2018-09-06 01:46:29 UTC

"The road to hell is paved with LARPers."


2018-09-06 01:46:32 UTC

You are all my brothers

2018-09-06 01:46:44 UTC


2018-09-06 01:46:51 UTC

Dont hurt Joseph

2018-09-06 01:47:01 UTC


2018-09-06 01:47:01 UTC

I didn't understand that. Try 'help' for more info.

2018-09-06 01:47:07 UTC

wow, I can't believe that Patrick won't let me wear my favorite "S" shirt anymore :^(


2018-09-06 01:47:10 UTC

Server rule broke!

2018-09-06 01:47:12 UTC

Patrick cursing after telling us not to curse. 😂

2018-09-06 01:47:19 UTC

@John O - lol, I'm still coming for ya. one day...

2018-09-06 01:47:54 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I appreciate his passion when he does this.

2018-09-06 01:48:10 UTC

case in point: my gf is woke on race and likes the idea of IE, but won't join because she thinks there are NS types in IE

2018-09-06 01:48:26 UTC

Today is a glorious day in IE history

2018-09-06 01:48:33 UTC


2018-09-06 01:48:37 UTC

Does anybody take the, is x white, joke seriously?

2018-09-06 01:48:38 UTC

Act professional and you will be treated like a professional

2018-09-06 01:49:03 UTC

Act white, follow the rules.

2018-09-06 01:49:05 UTC

Its our word

2018-09-06 01:49:13 UTC

Germans are the definition of white 😉

2018-09-06 01:49:13 UTC

White mans burden

2018-09-06 01:49:13 UTC

@Virgil new people always do

2018-09-06 01:49:15 UTC

Lol Russians excempt

2018-09-06 01:49:21 UTC

The Interviewing Dept and the Advisory Council make the determination on who is white enough for IE, not brand new shitposters.

2018-09-06 01:49:24 UTC

@Virgil We have bumped into at least one scenario where a guy who was relatively new thought we were being serious.

2018-09-06 01:49:33 UTC

“It’s a white thing, you wouldn’t understand!”

2018-09-06 01:50:01 UTC

Europeans are white

2018-09-06 01:50:08 UTC

I grew up around a lot of Itialns and Irish mix's

2018-09-06 01:50:13 UTC

Yikes, didn't know that, I thought it was just obvious s***posting

2018-09-06 01:50:16 UTC
2018-09-06 01:50:16 UTC

"Conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit"

Saw this on twitter - such good framing.

2018-09-06 01:50:33 UTC


2018-09-06 01:50:37 UTC

that's why I like "European"

you can have a wicked tan and still be European

2018-09-06 01:50:39 UTC

@Deleted User very based

2018-09-06 01:50:45 UTC

"I don't see myself as Irish. I joke about it, because it's funny."

-Patrick Casey, distancing himself from his potato brethren

2018-09-06 01:50:53 UTC

"bloody hell you are" ~ Patrick Casey
Cultural appropriation? 🤔

2018-09-06 01:50:58 UTC

@DairyMaxx yes, but is it redpilled as well?

2018-09-06 01:51:02 UTC

Making “x group isn’t white” jokes? That’s a paddlin’

2018-09-06 01:51:16 UTC

and more importantly - should he keep it up, bro? @DairyMaxx

2018-09-06 01:51:17 UTC

How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman? NONE

2018-09-06 01:51:19 UTC

@Deleted User It sure is, keep it up bro.

2018-09-06 01:51:27 UTC

beat me to it

2018-09-06 01:51:48 UTC

Russians are European now yesss

Duginists eternally BTFO

2018-09-06 01:52:06 UTC

Being offended in 2018 <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-06 01:52:06 UTC

Blackpill- Irish consider black guy who lives in Ireland as Irish and Irish blood in America is not irish.

2018-09-06 01:52:12 UTC

It's not funny! Remove the potato react now! Haha

2018-09-06 01:52:13 UTC

"If I were to go to Ireland and claim to be Irish, I'd be met with, "The bloody hell you are."

Well, considering they have a gay, immigrant, Indian PM, you're on the right side of that impasse lol

2018-09-06 01:52:33 UTC

The Irish saved classical civilization during the dark ages by copying ancient texts

2018-09-06 01:52:49 UTC


2018-09-06 01:52:52 UTC

Can we still say "lad" though? 😧

2018-09-06 01:52:53 UTC

The irish joke is dead. As of . . A year ago.

2018-09-06 01:52:53 UTC

"X group isn't white" is bizarre sub-cultural humor that normal people that don't frequent /pol/ don't understand. We should get away from this kind of cringy stuff. Even I, who have been in this thing for a long time, thought it was weird and not funny when I first encountered it.

2018-09-06 01:52:56 UTC

I like Guinness beer and gingers so can I be Irish

2018-09-06 01:52:57 UTC

Anglos gonna revise

2018-09-06 01:52:59 UTC


2018-09-06 01:53:03 UTC

They was kangz

2018-09-06 01:53:05 UTC

"If I don't laugh at your really creative Irish joke, then [redacted]."


2018-09-06 01:53:11 UTC

Patrick Casey, the ramblin' man.

2018-09-06 01:53:15 UTC

(Irish-built) Pyramids... from China to Peru...

2018-09-06 01:53:27 UTC

Hey pal

2018-09-06 01:53:28 UTC

I love real accents from others

2018-09-06 01:53:35 UTC

The Irish also built the titanic and look at what happened to that

2018-09-06 01:53:40 UTC

He's not watching! Do your bad optics now!

2018-09-06 01:53:52 UTC

Quick, be serious, Patrick is actually reading.

2018-09-06 01:53:58 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Can we make fun of other races? Or should we just talk about Pro-European things?

2018-09-06 01:54:04 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff what’s with that cheeseburger picture you always post on twitter?

2018-09-06 01:54:19 UTC

When is the joining of the Casey & Pettibone houses? StarChild?

2018-09-06 01:54:28 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff **Love for your own people should NOT mean hatred of others.**

2018-09-06 01:54:32 UTC

If we can’t laugh at each other than we are truly zombies

2018-09-06 01:54:32 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent u dont have fortnite burger?

2018-09-06 01:54:37 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff can we flyer private universities if we're with a student who goes there

2018-09-06 01:54:45 UTC

Patrick needs to marry that QT Italian right wing journalist

2018-09-06 01:54:52 UTC

Alessandra Bocchi

2018-09-06 01:54:57 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Are Golden Dawn shirts acceptable or considered bad optics?

2018-09-06 01:55:07 UTC

I have never played fortnite and never will

2018-09-06 01:55:08 UTC

@Alex Kolchak - NY i think shes mad at him

2018-09-06 01:55:10 UTC

alliance c o n f i r m e d

2018-09-06 01:55:13 UTC


2018-09-06 01:55:16 UTC

@Alex Kolchak - NY she's an odd bird

2018-09-06 01:55:18 UTC


2018-09-06 01:55:23 UTC

In general, non-Europeans are perceived as less fortunate than white people, and making fun of people less fortunate that you is thought of as mean and in bad taste.

2018-09-06 01:55:33 UTC

@Deleted User The child will complete the system of German idealism...

2018-09-06 01:55:33 UTC

@Alex Kolchak - NY they got in a bit of an argument about IQ

2018-09-06 01:55:34 UTC

Italian girls are crazy believe me I dated one for 3 years

2018-09-06 01:55:36 UTC

Don't punch down guys

2018-09-06 01:55:36 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Any plans for a coordinated simultaneous nationwide action?

2018-09-06 01:55:41 UTC

on twitter

2018-09-06 01:55:58 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Eli Mosley was fat, I like to think that's why I didn't join sooner. What was the goal with optics there? We're optics a thing then?

2018-09-06 01:55:59 UTC
2018-09-06 01:56:01 UTC

3 times

2018-09-06 01:56:02 UTC

@greg_p - TXyes it is in bad taste

2018-09-06 01:56:26 UTC

Eli Mosley was bad optics

2018-09-06 01:56:31 UTC

Must... Not... Make... Joke... About... Irish... Profanity... <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-09-06 01:56:31 UTC

@Freiheit - CA I think a big part of it is that he supposedly had military experience and people respect that

2018-09-06 01:56:32 UTC

Greg stated it perfectly

2018-09-06 01:56:35 UTC

@Caboose Don't be hatin' on my sisters, fam

2018-09-06 01:56:39 UTC

Patrick= good optics

2018-09-06 01:56:52 UTC

Asians <:awoo:359012181611642890>

2018-09-06 01:57:04 UTC

Lol I love Italian women don’t get it twisted

2018-09-06 01:57:09 UTC

Keep all shallowness within private personal listenings of "Love Street"

2018-09-06 01:57:13 UTC


2018-09-06 01:57:32 UTC

@Gimlet there's one active atm. I believe I posted the pdf in the state server

2018-09-06 01:57:36 UTC

Ok now I have to look up Fortnite burger

2018-09-06 01:57:36 UTC

oh god

2018-09-06 01:57:41 UTC

Sicilian* women are crazy

2018-09-06 01:57:46 UTC

What is Fortnite?

2018-09-06 01:57:52 UTC


2018-09-06 01:57:57 UTC

Video games are degenerate

2018-09-06 01:58:02 UTC


2018-09-06 01:58:03 UTC

Thanks, @Valaska.

2018-09-06 01:58:03 UTC

Oh man, guess what!

2018-09-06 01:58:09 UTC

Chicken butt

2018-09-06 01:58:14 UTC


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