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Hi everyone, I'm Alex from NY. Looking forward to watching birds with like-minded people

(upstate NY, not NYC)

Done. Added a note about focusing on likely GOP or undecided voters, rather than trying to win over people who will never vote GOP.

how is AfD doing in Germany, btw? are they getting any traction or did they burn out?

I have a liberal-leaning friend irl who has mentioned watching him, so I think he's useful for exposing people to very watered-down versions of our ideas

but he also takes 30 minutes to say something that could take 5 lol

I can't believe "liberalist" is the best he could come up with

I mean, that's not entirely wrong because the AR was two different things to different people back then

but still kind of a hot take

I mean like the "lol pepe memes" type of people who said they were part of the alt right

and true... although Sargon was never the same after that marathon debate with RS

that label just got horribly misused and wasted

I have a normie right-leaning friend who got woke by accidentally discovering synthwave

can someone give me a quick rundown on PF? are they more the 1.0 type, or what?

I assume we’re talking about Patriot Front

gotta keep the kosher sandwich together nnnguy

I feel like the broader alternative right (lowercase A, lowercase R) could benefit from every group finding its lane and doing good there

the real fringe will fade away and the responsible people won’t fight each other by accident

pick a location that’s mostly our crowd?

I’d be more concerned that homeless people often don’t have proper ID even if they’re good people and citizens

or a citizenship test with our preferred criteria lol

is it the normal churches or the rainbow flag churches that do it more?

I would guess the former

ehhh.. go to wealthy suburban areas and you’ll see a good number of them

that’s trhe

good point. also if the intent is to help the homeless, handing stuff out could be good too

blankets, water, survival essentials

with tasteful dragon eye logos of course

a bit different. “the left owns the media” implies we can take it back from the left

when in fact you’d have to win it back from the *powers that be*

somewhat related: we need an identitarian version of PragerU and all those conservative talking point generators

also, just like the left can take one freak and amplify them, they can take one normal person who speaks up and destroy them. so for our side, it would take a large number of influential people to present a unified front

and that’s difficult

it’s a shame because it’s a good model (the 3-5 minute policy clip) but it’s being wasted on muh taxes and muh Israel

Tucker Carlson would be awesome for right-wing info clips

they’re right to be concerned lol... I’m probably not the only one who started out as a normie Republican

if IE buys out the energy drink industry, all gamers will swear eternal allegiance to us

he who controls the spice controls the universe

“black restaurateur Dr. Baruch Ben-Yehudah”

please tell me I wasn’t the only one who did a double-take

it’s that or get one of those mobility scooters lol (likely invented by a white guy)

Evening folks. I wanted to put a little white pill out there for people who feel discouraged about our ideas winning.

I recently got into an immigration debate with someone at my college (an international student from Libya, no less.) She took the “refugees/illegals welcome” side, and I took a *very* soft identitarian angle. I got her to admit that Americans are justified in resisting displacement and that there‘s a historical American people, not just muh nation of immigrants. And we were somehow still on good terms.

This isn’t a “and then the whole library clapped” story, and I’m not saying long debates with randos are productive. But *it can be done.*

we need a nice teal gemstone that doesn’t come from an African warzone

apatite is a nice teal color

reactionary wedding rings when

doves r best birbs

because they’re huhwite

actually, what if we came out with posters featuring the historical figure whose statue was torn down?

and then put them up in the town where it happened

sort of like the posters with Roman statues

but it’s Silent Sam

or whoever

so let’s say the mob in city X tears down a statue

a week later, posters with that historical figure appear everywhere

o p t i c s

case in point: my gf is woke on race and likes the idea of IE, but won't join because she thinks there are NS types in IE

that's why I like "European"

you can have a wicked tan and still be European

Russians are European now yesss

Duginists eternally BTFO

Patrick needs to marry that QT Italian right wing journalist

Alessandra Bocchi

alliance c o n f i r m e d

broke: fracturing along ideological lines

W O K E : fracturing over failure to poast physique

no he said that's transgressive enough

I think..

"we won't be wearing anything" - PC

IE ranger panties/silkies when?

occult nationalism when?

can we get owen cyclops to do our posters

"sort yourself out" - Patrick B. Peterson

Jordan B. Patrickson?

JBP is a gateway drug


IE Games when?

we gotta meme the winter olympics into being a huhwhite thing

"hold my beers"

we all know that the real /sipp/ is white monster

>not going for her sister

it makes you productively depressed

Russian lit

read Bulgakov

The White Guard is excellent. WWI vibes

classical nude statues are ok though

also compare who made the statues vs who made the porn

just put my headphones back on and whaaaat are we talking about

oh nice

we gotta fund a legion of shitposters

it's like Amazon Essentials but everything is teal and white

and made in the USA

and not made by the illuminati

mfw doxxed for having an IE toothbrush

@Singleton Mosby WV old school white nationalists

like, super self indulgent extremism

btw women pulled through in Italy.. they voted for the League/M5S more than the men if I recall correctly

Cthulus aren't white

*gets banned*

he was more of a paleocon though

quick maths

aww yes concert coming up

Byron de la Vandal has good woke acoustic music

paleocons get race but it's not their main focus

damn it. I thought the new Austrian government was OK

I think if you’re in charge somewhere, you get to participate in the events there

I’ll be here all evening, folks

oh god my eyes

not sure how to feel. An Irish guy who’s somehow Mexican just beat a Russian guy at boxing

going on a road trip and postering along the way tomorrow

@folks in charge - if I have some pics for activism_photos, do I just post them there or should I go through somebody?


part of the NY anti-Cuomo/pro-ICE campaign

someone suggested that I send them up

yesss someone gets it

real Russian Empire hours who up

btw if anyone speaks or is learning Russian, “The Admiral” is a good series to watch

it has battleships and monarchism

sounds good, thanks

Pittsford, NY

Pittsford, NY

Binghamton, NY

check out the Myth of the 20th Century episode on the Holodomor

and you see that it (and other policies) were deliberate

even Ta-Nehisi Coates (!) in the Atlantic (!) wrote about how about a third of the NKVD was of a *certain background*


oh, you’re new? welcome!

inb4 fun patrol shows up and shuts down the anime girls

quick everyone, act normal

but back to the topic: while you can’t deny that there were issues with the Russian regime by the early 1900s, the Bolsheviks were the worst possible outcome of the revolution

there were good reformers and bad reformers, but they were generally still pro-Russian people

not so with the Bolsheviks

true. but even they were subverted or forced out of power

there were anti-Red social democrats and constitutional democrats

disclaimer: the revolution was still a bad thing

if you account for other events that happened as a result, absolutely yes

@Jacob without getting into a debate over which political system is best, Russia isn’t very culturally suited for non-authoritarian government

one counterexample: Lichtenstein

has a monarchy with real powers

is also the closest thing to a true libertarian state out there

that’s absolutely true

I don’t mean dudeweed libertarianism

there ya go

basically the bottom line for both libertarianism and socialism, and a lot of other relatively radical systems, is that you need a high-trust society

I think we can all agree on the high-trust society aspect. Bringing that back is enough of a struggle

btw Myth20c had another good episode on Lithuania, guest starring a Lithuanian nationalist

very cool little country

that’s understandable, though

the Russian Empire wasn’t kind to Poland and the Baltics

and historically, that region is its own thing. The P-L Commonwealth went from the Baltics to the Balkans at one point

the term is “intermarium” - “between the seas.” It wasn’t meant to be a Russian territory

democracy, when not restrained by voter qualifications, can absolutely ruin a country

Ukraine, possibly

I mean, it was literally Kievan Rus

but the Baltics and Poland are concerned that they’re next

oh, it does, believe me. People in Central/Eastern Europe *really* know their history

my gf is Polish and she’ll tell you the whole story going back to uhh 900 AD or so

it’s like genetic memory

yes, half Russian

go for it

I’m not sensitive

ohhhh that one

@YourFundamentalTheorum the joke is “X aren’t white.” We don’t use it because while some people think it’s funny, others (quite understandably) don’t

and we’re all European anyway

which is *much* cooler

ok here’s how Europe should be:

Western: an alliance but not an unholy mess like the EU
Central: the Visegrad bloc countries recreate the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Eastern: Russia but with its historical territories

there’s your nightly hot take

Russia is concerned about China encroaching on its territory in the far east

true, but I think it’s a matter of necessity for Russia

I think China will happily screw them over when it becomes convenient

they’ll still eat us for lunch if we don’t get our act together..

I don’t mean in terms of muh military spending, I mean in terms of being a serious country

I’m sure there’s a tweet from NATO public affairs celebrating pride month or whatever

so you are literally right


that reminds me, I need to get something to liven my place up. I travel a lot so I never really felt the need, but it feels too Spartan

maybe some owen cyclops art

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL I’m burning my SpaceX rocket

haha of all people to get my money, Elon Musk isn’t the worst

I’m semi-convinced he’s one of the crypto-NRx people in Silicon Valley (like Peter Thiel)

ok maybe not so crypto lol

maybe @Reinhard Wolff could give us the low down on famous people with 🐸 or 🌲 alt twitter accounts

quick question: i was told that there are IE servers for people of different faiths, how does one access one if one is interested?

(not meant to be controversial - I’m cool with all European faiths, just have one I’m interested in bc of my own background)

hmmm, ok. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll think about it

@Jacob Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak

renaissance man, navy officer, anti-bolshevik fighter

how will Japan ever recover

yesss witness us Patrick

shiny and chrome

protip for people on the fence about flyering: do it once in a safe location to get a taste for it

that was me and now I want to go wallpaper every town in the area

s p a g h e t t t

that's how the fasces was created

what if we do the password recovery on Mercury and don't get an email

we thought that was the plan all along

vacation in the Bahamas

build Hyperborea in the Bahamas

suddenly, *ping ping ping ping ping ping ping*

we don't "pop" around here

we'll have actual frat houses but cooler

we can be the first Roman letter fraternity

what do we do if our profile says we haven't paid dues but we paid recently?

see if Owen Cyclops can design some IE merch

everyone send Patrick shirt pics


that's Bronze Age Pervert levels of aesthetic

Quasimodo kicked the Gypsies out...

да, наполовину

from the young pope: "he has your eyes"

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN don't write off glasses
the Delta guy from Sicario is peak aesthetic

true. I have both

sorry sorry

not meant in that way

daily reminder

Patrick leads an ASMR session

it's soothing

better than mindless hookups on an app made by lizard people lol

Ghost Producer Division made an IE-themed track

3 most popular politicians in Italy, in order: the identitarian, the economic populist, and the conservative nationalist. Now that's a white pill.

I thought Berlusconi was one of the people who got Italy into the mess they were in until recently

is it “muh russia” or “muh nawtsees?”

like clockwork

oh, it’s not god keeping him alive..

it’s the anti-Faustian bargain: sell your soul in order to achieve the lowest form of existence

what about a shoulder piece of some sort so your birb can sit on your shoulder like a hunting falcon?


*several people are typing*

doesn’t “how we poster” say to poster during the day? 🤔

not to be that guy again, but I think there’s something about not shitposting excessively in # general

that reminds me of this, very wholesome:

good. Learned my first bit of R today, so I can basically hack elections now

I made a chart 😊

wouldn't BME require some coding though?

can we have a gang weed react

*Alex is removed from IE*

because usually it's just one or a few people talking about news and updates

an open voice chat could be useful for people to hop on if they need to coordinate something real quick

but that might be more useful for regional servers

actually I have a question if you don't mind, I'll dm you

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