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Hi everyone, I'm Alex from NY. Looking forward to watching birds with like-minded people

(upstate NY, not NYC)

Done. Added a note about focusing on likely GOP or undecided voters, rather than trying to win over people who will never vote GOP.

how is AfD doing in Germany, btw? are they getting any traction or did they burn out?

I have a liberal-leaning friend irl who has mentioned watching him, so I think he's useful for exposing people to very watered-down versions of our ideas

but he also takes 30 minutes to say something that could take 5 lol

I can't believe "liberalist" is the best he could come up with

I mean, that's not entirely wrong because the AR was two different things to different people back then

but still kind of a hot take

I mean like the "lol pepe memes" type of people who said they were part of the alt right

and true... although Sargon was never the same after that marathon debate with RS

that label just got horribly misused and wasted

I have a normie right-leaning friend who got woke by accidentally discovering synthwave

can someone give me a quick rundown on PF? are they more the 1.0 type, or what?

I assume weโ€™re talking about Patriot Front

gotta keep the kosher sandwich together nnnguy

I feel like the broader alternative right (lowercase A, lowercase R) could benefit from every group finding its lane and doing good there

the real fringe will fade away and the responsible people wonโ€™t fight each other by accident

pick a location thatโ€™s mostly our crowd?

Iโ€™d be more concerned that homeless people often donโ€™t have proper ID even if theyโ€™re good people and citizens

or a citizenship test with our preferred criteria lol

is it the normal churches or the rainbow flag churches that do it more?

I would guess the former

ehhh.. go to wealthy suburban areas and youโ€™ll see a good number of them

thatโ€™s trhe

good point. also if the intent is to help the homeless, handing stuff out could be good too

blankets, water, survival essentials

with tasteful dragon eye logos of course

a bit different. โ€œthe left owns the mediaโ€ implies we can take it back from the left

when in fact youโ€™d have to win it back from the *powers that be*

somewhat related: we need an identitarian version of PragerU and all those conservative talking point generators

also, just like the left can take one freak and amplify them, they can take one normal person who speaks up and destroy them. so for our side, it would take a large number of influential people to present a unified front

and thatโ€™s difficult

itโ€™s a shame because itโ€™s a good model (the 3-5 minute policy clip) but itโ€™s being wasted on muh taxes and muh Israel

Tucker Carlson would be awesome for right-wing info clips

theyโ€™re right to be concerned lol... Iโ€™m probably not the only one who started out as a normie Republican

if IE buys out the energy drink industry, all gamers will swear eternal allegiance to us

he who controls the spice controls the universe

โ€œblack restaurateur Dr. Baruch Ben-Yehudahโ€

please tell me I wasnโ€™t the only one who did a double-take

itโ€™s that or get one of those mobility scooters lol (likely invented by a white guy)

Evening folks. I wanted to put a little white pill out there for people who feel discouraged about our ideas winning.

I recently got into an immigration debate with someone at my college (an international student from Libya, no less.) She took the โ€œrefugees/illegals welcomeโ€ side, and I took a *very* soft identitarian angle. I got her to admit that Americans are justified in resisting displacement and that thereโ€˜s a historical American people, not just muh nation of immigrants. And we were somehow still on good terms.

This isnโ€™t a โ€œand then the whole library clappedโ€ story, and Iโ€™m not saying long debates with randos are productive. But *it can be done.*

we need a nice teal gemstone that doesnโ€™t come from an African warzone

apatite is a nice teal color

reactionary wedding rings when

doves r best birbs

because theyโ€™re huhwite

actually, what if we came out with posters featuring the historical figure whose statue was torn down?

and then put them up in the town where it happened

sort of like the posters with Roman statues

but itโ€™s Silent Sam

or whoever

so letโ€™s say the mob in city X tears down a statue

a week later, posters with that historical figure appear everywhere

o p t i c s

case in point: my gf is woke on race and likes the idea of IE, but won't join because she thinks there are NS types in IE

that's why I like "European"

you can have a wicked tan and still be European

Russians are European now yesss

Duginists eternally BTFO

Patrick needs to marry that QT Italian right wing journalist

Alessandra Bocchi

alliance c o n f i r m e d

broke: fracturing along ideological lines

W O K E : fracturing over failure to poast physique

no he said that's transgressive enough

I think..

"we won't be wearing anything" - PC

IE ranger panties/silkies when?

occult nationalism when?

can we get owen cyclops to do our posters

"sort yourself out" - Patrick B. Peterson

Jordan B. Patrickson?

JBP is a gateway drug


IE Games when?

we gotta meme the winter olympics into being a huhwhite thing

"hold my beers"

we all know that the real /sipp/ is white monster

>not going for her sister

it makes you productively depressed

Russian lit

read Bulgakov

The White Guard is excellent. WWI vibes

classical nude statues are ok though

also compare who made the statues vs who made the porn

just put my headphones back on and whaaaat are we talking about

oh nice

we gotta fund a legion of shitposters

it's like Amazon Essentials but everything is teal and white

and made in the USA

and not made by the illuminati

mfw doxxed for having an IE toothbrush

@Singleton Mosby WV old school white nationalists

like, super self indulgent extremism

btw women pulled through in Italy.. they voted for the League/M5S more than the men if I recall correctly

Cthulus aren't white

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