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Yo yo, Ciro interviewed me Tuesday, paid my dues yesterday and sent an email with a screenshot of my Zelle payment. Should I be notified that my payment has been acknowledged?

2018-03-28 20:57:01 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Thanks for sending out the discord for lifting. Haven't been to the gym in a few months but decided today was the day to get back into it. Much work needed but one day at a time.

2018-03-28 21:27:59 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

It helps that I'm a thinner guy so I don't have any fat to work off, but the "skinny lil bitch" look isn't what I want to see in the mirror anymore haha

2018-03-29 00:17:51 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I eat really clean and only drink water other than milk with my fingers so I'm gonna have to mix it up. I'm gonna gain it's just gonna take a lot of prepping and dedication. Let me know how it's going for you, maybe we can brainstorm and find a good ratio.

2018-03-29 00:18:09 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Milk with my dinners hahaha

What a guy! #MAGA

2018-05-09 00:42:06 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Remind yourself that you have something to offer they will never understand.... 401k

This is Andrew Dodson


Drinking = revealing too much power

I think we went over this at the Airbnb hahaha

Ghetto surroundings = whitey senses tingling

Thanks for joining us goys in cinci


We have a priest in training actually

He's a Michigan guy, real stand up guy

Night friends, sweet unmelinated dreams to you all

Holy shit he said white!


CNN is drinking far too much (((koolaid)))

Wow great!

Prestige worldwide

What's the date on the trip?

Awesome. 128 round trip

We would be grasping straws at that point

Someone messed up


Guidelines โœŠ guidelines โœŠ

Shut it down

Come one, back to the guidelines โœŠ

So dating advice now guidelines

I think patrick thinks we are freaks lol

Snitch โœŠโœŠโœŠ

Morning lads

Wow, there's alot more guys in the chat it seems.

You got that!?!?!

They terkel jeerrrbbss

Get the kids!

We are sticks


no no to the po po

2018-09-26 21:15:17 UTC [Fitness #general]  

This is pretty good, I usually just listen to the /pol/ anthem on repeat or mr. Bond. Both are really good.

2018-09-26 21:19:12 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Here you go buddy.

2018-09-26 21:22:42 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Also check out Power Level by Mr. Bond

I feel so bad for kavanaugh. But did anyone cat h who advised Ford to use the Katz firm?

Of course it was. Feinstein. And ohh yeah, they pulled that guy straight outta synagogue

So the probability that this whole thing originating from the tribe is off the charts.

If this doesnt bring him to our side (or possibly farther) I'll be shocked

I'd say chances are he will.

There's just too much against the narrative. He has a calendar for that exact time for Christ's sake.

@mikef141 hey friend, looks like we're in the same area, glad to have you aboard, we'll have to get together sometime this week if you're free

Morning to you sir


OSU Columbus

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Erik striker quotes are perfect for any occasion

Realizing that they are indoctrinated to believe we are not even human leads me to believe their subversive is completely deliberate.

I'm not saying all jews, some actually understand that its mumbo jumbo, but the ones in power, say they ones with financial pull, will use their power, i.e. capital to pull the string and keep the culture in just enough turmoil to make the ends justify the means. If that makes sense.

@Deleted User with us Its actually the truth, the jews have subverted our culture. Look at the feminist movement, look at the NAACP. Our arguments actually hold water, where are blacks have actually gained from us, i.e. slaves who were brought up with christianity and formed healthy family units.

Europeans have a history of Jewish subversion, regardless of the blacks added to American demographics. Jews have always used their in group preference to destroy what we create and to indebt us to them. Always.

Marrying out does not change indoctrination.

It just adds new Gene's to the pool. Which makes them that much more versatile @Ald

They financed the wars, which gave them stake in the game. Hardly makes them American or for American interests. @Nemets

I'm sure we a gonna get an upsurge of new members thanks to our fearless leader so I would like to volunteer to start interviewing @Reinhard Wolff

I agree, excellent presentation of "identityarians" @Reinhard Wolff

Up to 19k views on twitter


100k views on the today show twitter

The setting will be inside a gym


First things first, dont ask about Koba

Koba is trans?

We are all NPCs to pat now

Look who decided to show up......

We got stood up by the cool kid

THE GAIN!!!!!!!

Mooooooon man

That's a dude

If you have a leftist tears mug we got issues @Asatru Artist - MD

@Asatru Artist - MD<:chad:359013583469805568>

Listen to dr dukes last podcast with mark collett, they go over how to approach 9/11 with direct and accountable info on the subject

Ohio IE best region hands down @Reinhard Wolff

@<@&358417583847899140> This is what we need to keep in mind with new members and also with recruiting. Kind of lengthy but definitely on point and a necessity to growing and strengthening our group and the broader movement.

@Deleted User this with curt Doolittle really make the case for converting normie and also making strong cases with a sort of a/b testing on people who might already hold some of our views. A really motivating and educational listen.

@Deleted User someone's been listening to our man Joachim

@Gumbo - AZ Doolittle is far from it

Libertarianism without the NAP

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