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2017-06-08 03:40:58 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

@Goldstein Riots Peace to you, brother. This isn't your fight.

2017-06-08 03:45:45 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

@Gavius Corvus Alright, brother. You too. Come to peace with things. This isn't our fight.

2017-07-10 21:49:59 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

@Cacoethes - MI What's the informants name?

2017-07-10 21:50:03 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

Doesn't say here

@Deleted User A couple that I met in my travels have recently joined IE. They are both knowledgeable in gardening. How do I get them an invite ?

2017-08-06 21:26:18 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #tx_ok]  

@everyone Anyone driving from outside of or in Dallas?

2017-08-06 22:08:18 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #tx_ok]  

Story of my life. A day late and a dollar short. @Chef Goyardee

I would like to hang out in this section. I'll be back.

My background is in social work and public service.

Unfortunately and fortunately.

@ThisIsChris Gotta a topic of discussion this afternoon?

Yes. I do believe this issue you speak of mostly consists, not solely, within a particular age group. What age range would do find this self-serving validation in? @ThisIsChris

I do believe a particular level of confirmation is needed. It is healthy. I suppose we need more background on the social setting that you have experienced. Age group and platform.

2018-01-23 05:17:58 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-01-23 05:30:22 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@CarletonJ Thank you, kind sir.

2018-01-25 16:26:22 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@Deleted User Did you read The Wise Man's Fear? I'm interested in that one.

@Deleted User I'm not sure that I understand the question entirely. May you explain a bit? I'm assuming that being red-pilled is ideal? Are you specifically asking me how do I, specifically, NOT get red pilled or how do people refrain from being red pilled in their vocation ?

@Deleted User Oh! I'm looking at the conversations prior which were a few months ago. It was my career in social work that I was red-pilled about IQ among the races and many other topics. Fortunately, I was raised with some red pilled truth, but it was my first 3 years in social work and working within the court system that brought on my experience with race realism.

@Thomas Morrow did female versions for these exist? 🙃

Well, I've worked in a few fields. I'll speak on working for Child Protective Services . . .
At my county office white caseworkers were pushed away and run down by a massive caseload that was systematically placed on them. I've noticed there are three ways that whites in this field can go. They either become red pilled and seek out other whites to survive the system, or they are liberal idiots who agree with the current system, or they become so beaten down systematically that they just push paper and become numb. @Deleted User

The 2 ways, non-liberal whites excluded, are hard. Being red pilled comes with a responsibility and a code of conduct when working in the system. You have to walk a thin line in order to survive.

It becomes similar to prison. Everyone figures out what side they are on--- quick.

This is wonderful !! Good job guys !! 👏👏👏👏👏

@NITRODUBS I'll message the link!

If there are any ladies in here who are NOT in the IE women's server - please message me and I'll send you a link. We are starting a simple activism project that I want all of you ladies in on.

Or if you guys know a lady who needs a link- please let me know.

I got her as soon as she arrived! 😊 @Argument of Perigee

Yes. We've had it for about a year and a half. @Sherlock

Want Patrick's speeches? Go to national events ! 😃 🔥

It's a louder and more adventurous atmosphere. 😃

Yes, our children are up against a mighty war.

@MrBland - VA cant have children without women 😊

Repopulate has to be a priority sooner or later @MrBland - VA

"IE only allows women through marriage". . Sounds cultish yeah? Women need help and support standing strong with our views. IE is that place. Want better wives? They need support from IE to revolt the modern brainwashing @MrBland - VA

IE stays focused. We da best! @MrBland - VA


Dont hurt Joseph

@Asatru Artist - MD I appreciate his passion when he does this.

It's not funny! Remove the potato react now! Haha

The irish joke is dead. As of . . A year ago.

Replace your black sun tattoo with a dragons eye. @Asatru Artist - MD

Does anyone here study architecture or know someone that does?

@Wotan Reborn @Kenneth - NV @Deleted User

Okay, the question is . . .

"I am trying to calculate whether the fluting on a Corinthian Column taper relative to the entasis of the column, or if the fluting remains constant but the spacing of the flutes tighten up near the top."

A model is being created. @Deleted User

Nilsson has done a phenomenal job at reporting the details of the issue in SA. By far- his reporting is the most detailed that I've seen. @Bjorn - MD

He gets into the geopolitical involvement in the documentary that he did. I met him the day he was coming into South Africa to do that. It was the day of my departure. He came in as Lauren was still there. It was the best time to get it done. @Bjorn - MD

I think there's footage of him interviewing her as well.

The most interesting part, I found, was when he interviews Swedish government and the admittance of their involvement with the ANC is astounding. @Bjorn - MD

Sweden had a heavy hand of involvement.

I didn't see that! Ah!

We should be in the service or providing replicas for all the statues that are knocked down or taken away.

The "important" statues that is ...

In case you are interested. @Deleted User
This is the best I've found but how to "flute" the columns is still in question. Waiting for the said architecture person to respond.

@Deleted User We are creating a model via 3D printing. So the fluting part has to be figured first or else it changes the approach entirely. Google isn't being helpful. And to find a YouTube video specifically for fluting the columns is taking a very long time. If there is even one out there. 😕

I THINK... think, that entasis does not affect the profile of the flutes.
Entasis is the way that a Column tapers as it reaches the top. It is a mathematical formula based on the Fibonacci sequence which makes the taper "ideal" and aesthetically pleasing.

I know how to calculate the size and ratio of the Column and even have some good ideas how to make the mold boxes...

But the question how to flute it remains.

@Deleted User

IF they are consistent and do not shrink as the column shrinks... then the easy way is to buy half-round molding in the appropriate size, and use them to create the flutes in the mold box.
@Deleted User

So this is all in vain if the entasies does not affect the profile of the flutes. It's just best to know before doing the 3D printing which one column can take up to 6 hours. @Deleted User

@Deleted User A model of THE EMPIRE. hehe

No really. I cannot say just yet! Too soon. @Deleted User

Haha we are taking inspiration from the amazing ancestors before us. Creating to leave something of worth behind. @Deleted User

Yes. I agree. My interest started with sculpting with clay. Creating replicas of some of my favorite pieces. So I fell in love with the idea of making replicas . . And then stone sculpting is next in my mind. I've signed up for seminars on it. While I'll be surrounded by (((artistic))) leftists. . I'll gain the knowledge and do my thing. @Deleted User

What!! Yay!! @Deleted User
You MUST keep at it! What are you sculpting?

I really like using this. It is tough and not as easy to mold the structure. But I just use an armature to keep the shape. Once you get to carving the details. . I think the firm clay is best because it hardly changes shape when carving out details. @Deleted User

So it doesn't shift when you carve? I'm obsessive about the details and always changing it around. @Asatru Artist - MD

@Deleted User Ah. Wonderful ! It is those that DO that make the difference. It's a good way to stay focused.

@lonewolf19d Oh! All the sculptors coming out!

We will have our own museum one day ! We must ! @Deleted User

Its easy to do actually . . . I've looked into it. @Deleted User

Esoteric sculpting powers ! @Salo Saloson

We USED to have an art section . . . . SOMEBODY took it away and wont let me have art posting fun anymore.

Ah. But I get it. Discord stuff had to change.

@Deleted User Do you use armatures for support? Or foil?

I'll use aluminium wire for my larger structures.

Yes. The technique. Have you used terra cota? I've been watching videos on it and want to try it next. @Deleted User

Also. Inspiring ☝ @Deleted User

Yes. It does cost money. I think if it is a genuine interest . . Then it should be sought after. . Within reason. Starving artist thing? No.

Yeah, that hat makes it !
@Deleted User

Throw the cargo pants away @ThisIsChris 😃


Morning! It's been a productive morning over here! 🌧 Much rain, but good. @Deleted User

I wish it would slow down a little. Definitely looks cool. @micbwilli


@missliterallywho Most definitely. The real sign that you've lost it is when you sing it more than the kids do and they beg you to stop.

Some of the IE ladies have been working hard on this new idea of activism. IE rocks painted and left in parks, hiking trails and places alike. These were done by the lovely @Courtney Sunshine

Support those babies! 😊

Congrats? I am not pregnant haha @celticflame




Anybody in need or want this 10x14 old school Quonset tent with a coal stove in it?☝

Yeah hahaha
So we can call it vintage. It is in style!

A military junkie might want it too. I guess we dont have many of those here. Hah

Or preppers.

Take it! It's yours if you want it ! @Deleted User

Hah, this goes in the backyard, year round. Hehe @Deleted User


Message me if you're serious and keep contact,please. Would prefer not to use craigslist. Safer with IE folks. @Deleted User

@Mikolas Are you interested in it? I posted it if you want to message me on it, I can send more info.

@⚡Clark⚡ message me if you're interested ! This is not new by far but go for about 2k brand new. So it's obviously not new but still useable.

No problem! I've got a hiking tent that I use for backapacking. It fits nicely on my pack and literally take 3 minutes to set up. @⚡Clark⚡

What's the concesus on the Patriot Front guys? Just curious.

@NateDahl76 Well, we came up with a creative idea for activism that some women have participated in. The ideal way to keep momentum for the ladies is engagement. There was once upon a time prior to Cville that we seem to be at our highest with female engagement. We lost a few very active ladies and things have ebbed and flowed.

I think the best approach is getting ladies to meet at the national actions. The bigger events to keep focus and inspiration.

Often times, I show up being the only one or one of the very few. Encouraging ladies can come from both males and females. Encourage all the ladies in IE to show up despite the uneven numbers. Let them know how important it is to show up.

The bonding and relationships among the IE ladies is important. It is hardly done online, but only in person. Once the collective of the IE ladies are communicating and creating bonds with each other then things will grow.

We have a good leader too! 👏

Ahh, thanks! I've been here for the long haul. Everything seems to ebb and flow in life. It seems to be all about remaining constant and not faltering when participation seems low. @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL

I think the "issue" or desire for more female participates is no different than what you men in IE are doing. We have to meet up in person to gather and spark the flames onward.

Yay! That's the spirit! Every lady can take the opportunity in their area. I think that's the best approach and such a HUGE help. I'm so glad to hear it! @Volkmom

Oh? An IE member? May you ask them to contact me? I'll need to put them on the IE baby registry list if they so desire! @NateDahl76

Yeah! Me too! @unclefesterr

Not sure the mainstream is ready for that though. @unclefesterr

I like the idea! Let's flesh it out and present it to the IE All- Father @Reinhard Wolff 😂

I meet a boomer today who lectured me about how worried she was about my support for the Republican party. She had so much fear of Trump due to mainstream influence. I felt more sorry for her than she did for me I think.

It's based on feelings for the boomer women.

Worry and fear

I'm just a normie Republican to them. But I am shocked at how very rude people are. So aggressive.

Well, I'm not shocked.

Based moms rule!

Oh, hello. I'm not here or anything. Just chopped liver. @Deleted User


The lovely @Rayne dropped this nice IE stone in Ravencliff falls in Helen, Ga.☝

@Selma best place to share outfits would be with the other ladies of IE. Would you like to join us there?

Good deal.

@Selma message me of the issue please. I'm not sure whom you might be arguing with, but I'm not sure that's going to be productive.
Please, let's not post outfits for approval here.

I love irish people. Irish people are amazing. 🍀

😃 😍 🍀

Are those rune stones ? Haha


Just tell us how much you love the Irish and all will be forgiven @Deleted User

We have the best redpilled ladies !

Yeah, you love the Irish. I recall now. 🍀

If we kept to the idea of women being locked away from men . . Then you wouldn't be here speaking so freely. We don't necessarily take on that perspective here.
The mainstream of women, yes, may make poor decisions. However, you have joined a organization where the women here of quality. Many mothers and women with proper direction here. @Selma

@John O - what is that?

Yes, women have had a supportive role in politics. Off the top of my head. . I think of the ambassadors of Germany during a particular time that I shouldn't say. However, they were sent around to spread a message.

Traditional roles within the home. This is surely a time to strengthen it.

Not so much changing men I would think . . But supporting.

@Kingfish This is very true.

Oh. . NPR. . The feminism on that station is thick! Whew! I also listen to the opposing side to study and learn. @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

Yes. It is healthy to do so. It can also be very frustrating if done too much. I have also had to find the balance. @Kingfish

Personally, I don't really have a desire to integrate outside of those that are like me. It's demonstrating in group preference. I think if someone feels isolated, then it is good to talk it out with your IE fam and see just what the source is.

But aren't we capable of doing what every "normie" does? I dont feel we are THAT different from any other group. The mainstream wants us to feel isolated and I revolt that. @Kingfish

Yes, I agree that we shouldn't isolate others necessarily. There's no room to gain others like us if we assume them to always be outsiders. @Kingfish

I understand.

Short people are awesome and you know it @Argument of Perigee

So what. Admit my awesomeness @Argument of Perigee

I'm healthy af @NateDahl76

@Argument of Perigee you're awesome too. 😃 🔥

@Sherlock For good reasons, my friend. All in good order.

@sigruna14 where are yooouuuuuu

@Freiheit - CA Those are very nice !!

Moderators working hard tonight

Koba has been typing for a long time. . .

I don't know what he's going to say, but I'm gonna wait and see. I'm not even interested in the convos.

Koba . . I'm only waiting to see what this is all about. It better be good.

Hahahaha I have invested so much time waiting for this ! Hurry up Koba !

Koba is going to unlock all the answers in this response. I just know it.

Wow! Those are nice! @FACINEMA Good photography!

Now Koba. . .

10 hours later ...

I see you ! @sigruna14


He just need to spit it out already !

Koba, do I have enough time to make a sandwich and not miss this epic post?


Please be more mindful. @Selma

I'm wondering if that's the case. @Selma

Calm down just a little. @Selma

Koba. . I dont want to give up but I really want to go make my sandwich. This has become an investment.

I'm going to make my sandwich. . I'll check back in momentarily.

I want to know the answer to religion and war by the time I return, Koba. I'm expecting it.

@Selma let's talk about that in the women's server if you want. Not a good topic for you and the guys.

The topic can get out of hand is all. @Selma

Koba was typing for over 6 hours straight. That's about it. @Bjorn - MD

I think the guy was FBI posting on Twitter for a long time. @Bjorn - MD

I think perhaps Koba wrote his manifesto and now has transcended into space and is still typing. @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL

@Deleted User sculpted lately?

Hey guys . . I have an idea . . What if we eventually moved AWAY from the dependency of the internet and had on-the-ground connections so strong that we worried less and less about our platforms being broken? @Bjorn - MD @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL

Bro. A lot of the activism that I've done was done in a car . . Traveling and meeting people face to face. It was small few that created a massive. . Even international web of connections. @Trashboat

Oh. Hahahaha

Ok. Pepe makes it all better.

Thanks pepe.

I think a nice idea for our members would be to focus on their personal "IE travel savings" . . .

Save a few bucks every paycheck

Saving money is how I've survived everything. You can do it. I promise. @Selma

I just wonder if people would make an "IE travel savings" an actual priority. . . How nice that would be? It would lead to something far more than just a plane ticket.

How very peaceful of him. He's not violent at all.


@Deleted User Whatcha painting? Using oils, acrylics, watercolors?

Sorry to interupt the so very important conversation going on here.

Art calls.

Occultist golden tone haha

I think styx claims paganism now. I guess satanism didn't work out too well

Ohhh, look at you. Looks good! Do you see yourself staying with it? Or so-so in the interest? @Deleted User

I'm trying to balance music and clay sculpting ... both are pulling me into each direction .. I get it @Deleted User

Are you working with lyrics? @Deleted User

I just cut up 15lbs of steak with my biggest knife @Gumbo - AZ

I hear Wales is Celtic af
Druid dwelling and all @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

Do you like the atmospheric black metal sound? Or just atmospheric in general ? @Deleted User

A little electronic sound is nice

@Deleted User ohhhhh yaaaayyyyyyyyy

I'm pleased to hear

And he appears

He heard me say black metal

That's my goal

I see. A progressive metal sound .. would you call it that? . . And lyrically? What's the theme/focus ? @Deleted User

@Deleted User we need to find you a vocalist then

What do you think of this sound ?

I found it the other day and really liked it.

Yeah, it's great with a nice pair of headphones. I've been sculpting to this album. Good for focus. @Deleted User

Haha $$$

Poor Patrick. All these questions. We need an IE bulletin board.

What's going on in chat?



Oh, I see. So. . Autism

Film noir hour?

Oh nerds.

Is @Deleted User going to make the soundtrack ?

Ohhh... good for you .... arts and art and more art. @Deleted User

Oh my.

It's a word but is it actually "a thing"

So.... you just dont like ugly people? That's natural. No one does.


But ... studies prove that young children are better behaved with pretty teachers

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