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Hello @unclefesterr I mailed my dues in about ten days ago with a note saying that they were for me.

Logan out in SoCal

Hi I'm new here, but has anyone considered the possibility of a libel or defamation lawsuit against the ADL/SPLC? I know Maajid Nawaz and several other groups and individuals are pursuing it.

Thanks for your feedback guys, hopefully we can take the fight to them in the courts one day!

@Nemets and I took these in Anaheim CA

Emily makes me regret what my Teutonic ancestors did to Lithuania #nomorebrotherwars

The incident was reminiscent of the Monty Python scene where the French soldiers hurl insults and livestock at the English

Polo shirts and basic fitness can apparently make you stand out in certain areas...

targeted harassment

@Sam Anderson Patton looked a lot like Hannibal, and Rommel a lot like Scipio Africanus

Theros trygos polemos

House Borgia and Medici, restore the Roman Empire

Yall would be amazed at how easy it is to get a congressional district office internship too, they want help. It's a great way to get somewhat close to power.

Germany during the 30 Years War

Santa Claus got a lot of heat for punching that heretic

Cargo shorts are implicit and hearken back to a better age

Cappuccino was won by right of conquest from the siege of vienna (1st or 2nd) when some guy from Cappuccia added sugar and milk to the bitter unaltered Turkish coffee

Classical Latin is the only correct pronunciation of Latin, everything else is wrong

wae wictus

Warhammer40K needs it's own TV show and or movie, none of this SJW junk

I want Crime Scene Inquisition: Segmentum Obscuris

History is decided by the clash of wills not by statistics. Besides even normie cons are getting tired of it all.

The Romans lost 8 legions at Cannae and instead of crying in their safe space they resolved to carry on. Valley Forge decided who was a man and who was a sunshine patriot.

Caesar may have had... a thing with the king of Bithynia but he got married and had a nice daughter who unfortunately died young

He even convinced pirates to let him go and then executed the,


He managed the invasion of the Germanic tribes extremely well which was no small feat due to my ancestors vigor

MVRVM EDIFICATE: Build a/the Wall

We Germans wuz become Kangs of Rome according to the doctrine of translatio imperii

Crassus could have kept the triumvirate together. Interestingly he was a real estate man like Trump who tried to represent the middle class equestrian order

The Spartans were Doric

@Virgil didn't you write some silly book you almost burned about how the Julii wuz Trojanz n stuff?

The proliferation of various mystery cults, specifically that of Cthulhu, were a cause of great anxiety to Rome, particularly around the time of the cluster f of the third century- Gibbons

The Senate was full of pretentious optimates who gobbled up farmland from the hard working plebians and replaced them with slaves, which is analogous to modern white workers losing their jobs and having lower wages due to immigration. They got exactly what they deserved.

From Saddleback Community College, Mission Viejo, CA. With @Nemets and @Aetlius


Thanks! There's even more from a 2nd college incoming

From Palomar Community College, San Marcos, CA with @Logan @missliterallywho @Nemets @Aetlius @Sean and @DairyMaxx


I would be willing to forgive Spencer for having tried to undermine us if he would just find a project, stick to it and carry it through to completion. As far as I can tell he doesn't produce anything these days. The best part of AltRight.com was Interregnum and Greg Conte, not even him.

Spencer brought me in but I've found far better irl activism in IE and better intellectual podcasts in Counter Currents, both of which lack his condescending attitude.

I like Greg Johnson

@Virgil lol same wavelength

Affecting the airs of a pretentious aristocrat doesn't make Spencer 'the leading intellectual'. He needs to ease up on the drinking and start intellectualizing.

They will always be fierce Illyrians to me

He needs to learn to just deal with ups and downs. Ive seen more growth in the last 2 years than the last 20.

Acceleration is continuing too

West Coast ๐Ÿ„

Anoint the ethernet cable with the holy unguents. Recite the litany of repair while burning incense, and press ye the green rune of reset. Wait thee 30 seconds and then press the rune again.

Aly Hype needs to forget math and read Herodotus instead. One of the main points is that when powers over extend in history, the laws of nature correct their arrogance.

Strategy games are harder to cuck

Rise up men of the Empire, for are we not heirs of Sigmar?

I tried to return Battletech after I got it but steam said no ):

I'm not paying anything now until after its out and reviewed

I want to see the whole industry crash and burn. They made better games years ago with less tech.

All I want is an RTS that isn't a piece of trash like Dawn of War 3 was

@NITRODUBS ARPGs are implicit too

Pikmin 1

Dark Souls is a metaphor for the Spenglerian cycle of culture and civilization

DS3 has more bonfire points so its not 'easier' but it is a nice QoL thing

One day we will have reconquest of SoCal

I started reading Guillame Faye and they insist reconquest is necessary for ideology on their side of the pond

Reconquest might take several generations but it gives us a long term goal to fight for

Keep in mind that our enemies have acquired our lands with ease, and when people acquire things easily their maintenance is difficult, while he who acquires with great trouble finds that what he attained is easy to keep, for all difficulty was dealt with in the ascent

Step 6: use water as leverage against Mexico like OPEC used oil against us until they take every single invader back

We will alter the deal, pray that we do not alter it further

The Hellenes and Romans liked shorts and they let me show off the leg muscles I earned from cardio

Allegedly we Californians have an accent but it sounds normal to me

ASICS because it stands for anima sana in corpore sano, which means sound mind in a sound body

If you can read Evola your IQ is sufficient for my purposes

fliering is fun and fairly easy

Dealerships etc that service your car could be a way too even though the system should flag them

I love the current name and logo

European invokes a sense that we're heirs of something ancient

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