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2017-12-31 05:19:51 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Which channel is most relevant to welding?
I make skateboards, but the floor manager of the company I share shop space with has offered to teach me to weld.
Feel like welding could open up more opportunities for me as the skateboarding industry is terrible and mostly employs people who plan on dying young and childless.

I find it hard to hate on the Zucc too much, he just wants to smoke brisket and ribs with the guys.

@The Soy Goy great posts today my white brother ✊

Thought their market was basketball Americans?

>running in a shirt

If you’re an Iranian and aren’t awaiting the return of the intergalactic aryans wtf are you doing


tfw no eceleb to sacrifice my future to <:sad:366743316475281408>

Identity Caesar

@Deleted User very based

@Deleted User It sure is, keep it up bro.

beat me to it

How tf is obesity real? Just stop eating till you have abs, nibba just put the fork down

Keto is a way to teach your body to burn fat. Fasting is how you actually burn significant amounts of fat. Nobody got time to lose 1-2 lbs a week. You can lose 1-2 lbs per day depending on activity level, while boosting HGH by fasting

The benefits to a gluten free, high cholesterol diet go way beyond fat loss.

A pound of fat is about 3500 calories. You can burn around 2000 just by sitting on your butt all day. Actually do something with your day and losing a pound in 24hr is easy


b but your brain burns glucose before anything else! That means it's the preferred fuel source

These Amerindians seem to be winning, let's all eat like them

Civilization big ghey

We gotta bring back the north american mega fauna and return to a nomadic culture

tfw no giant nightmare predators to worry about

Spending my whole life engaged in surrogate activities makes me very uncomfortable

It would be nice to be engaged in a fight as concrete as getting mauled by a some paleolithic monster. It's tough to get modern whites to accept there's even a threat, let alone e to convince them to act.

Lol I was just about to buy some teal shorts

Trump bragging about good economy makes me nervous. I feel like it's mostly out of his hands.

They failed to mention how we "purify our blood" through fitness this time @Logan

Judo is potentially more useful if you're concerned with being attacked on the street. Bjj is a better sport and better for ingroup bonding

Not exploiting an enemies weakness is a dishonor to your own people

Try not to make your martial arts training all about eventually getting in a street fight. Bonding your own group together and knowing what your lads are made of is more important

Powerlifting and ultra running have been getting it lately. REI has been promoting a big fat black woman who barely finishes 50k's with messages like "this is what an ultra-runner looks like

When we gonna do a banner demanding disclosure of the solar ayys?

Currently getting hammered by WiFi signals, mobile data and radio waves. Taking a stance against "aggressive music" is the least of my concern

Mostly it's just not funny

Finna boutta become an uncle


Chicken is the least nutritious meat

I sometimes wish I'd done americorps

Everyone thank @missliterallywho for her service.

She just delivered the baby.

"Jewtainment" wow now that's FASHY

That's an ebic meme!

Yeah his ideas are off limits now


You can't be right about anything if you do gross stuff. I assume his book is garbage. No need to read it


I'd like to give black people more benefits because it would be entertaining

Why y'all so worried about blacks when Mexicans are consciously recolonizing our space.

The black population is not growing, they speak our language, they flush their tp. Meanwhile millions of Mexicans are setting up functioning communities in what used to be our neighborhoods


I hope Deborah Ramirez' claims are true. A guy like that is sure to be good for the right.
(not endorsing teabagging college girls)

I wouldn't be surprised if a three letter could contact everyone you ever trolled with a sock FB.

Invest in butter. It lasts forever and will be a rarity as the vegan agenda progresses


I unironically believe these old *rich people* are being pumped full of infant blood.

@Nemets I bet you think the earth is a ball

And then everyone clapped

πŸ”» πŸ’Š <:chad:359013583469805568>

Levels of r selection that shouldn't be possible


One race the American race

The key ingredient is being in Philly

Superbowl rioting was based and redpilled

>viewing yourself as a collection of "genes" and not a manifestation of spirit

Broads have told me I'm "the strong silent type" maybe cause I'm nord
Or maybe its the autism

Accelerationism gay. Calexit would become a world war

I could see the Jefferson thing happening. A full Calexit would be a catastrophe for everyone.

There's no way the Federal Government would allow full secession and right wing Californians would have a fit. Other governments would get involved, private armys, a mess

Any loss of territory would likely cause a global conflict.

I'd die for Trump Kahn tbh

Everyone knows who Donald Trump is, most conservatives could barely explain the concept of "The Republic"

Go with what you know

Monarchy does not need to mean peasant farmer economy

Some monarchs sucked

Some republics sucked

@Freiheit - CA SoCal
Recently changed my @

>having corporations

Capitalisms most brilliant feature is having never been tried

The only goods transferred should be military issue. Economics itself is a vice

Growth is over rated. We need stability

@Jacob Mongolian Bolshevism, everyone gets a share of the loot

Based alt right

Your secrets safe with us le fashy goy

"The light clicked on" quite awhile before he started explicitly pushing our ideas. Vince took his time moving his audience rightward @Asatru Artist - MD

Yeah he's doing g great work

@Nemets What'd Putin say?


@Nemets I think you'd be the guy to ask

@Sherlock that's actually a wolf girl

I thought the bread meme was over

I liked Gamer Gate HQ



This fireside has been classic and ethnic AF

Meditation can refer to so many things the term is almost useless

@ThisIsChris because I spent a long time looking into different meditation techniques and they all do different things.

Not really

I don't mind decentralized wignats stirring the pot on twitter; but for an organization to last and actually accomplish something good we need to distance ourselves from dudes like that.

If she has social media...

Careful some of the fair evropan maidens might be addicted to the vice were denouncing

I don’t defend opiate addicts, but calling all men who use it junkies is unfair to the men of IE who may or may not use it

A lot of normal things that *everybody's doing* are terrible for us

Social media is especially dangerous for a woman's sensitive dopamine system. The girls who don't mess with it do in fact exist, just not online

I don’t defend cigar snobs, but calling all men who smoke them snobs is unfair to the gentlemen gamers of IE who may or may not smoke a nice stoagie

>eating plants

>Asian food market

I spend about $130 per month on Half&Half

Half gallon

I eat a plant maybe every two weeks. People spending money on rice or pasta astonishes me.

Maybe our Half&Halfs are different but mine is 2500ish calories. I usually eat a pound of beef for dinner and lately some fat trimmings from the butcher. @Rick

Most "BPA free" plastic has other compounds that disrupt the endocrine system

If I was broke I'd eat nothing but beef fat trimmings.

Most vitamins are fat soluble and the cow eats up a lot of them. You can get 3500 calories of cow fat for a buck 50

@Selma you eat it frozen?

I too have always identified with the Trojan Horse

I don’t defend invaders, but calling all immigrants "invader" is unfair to the members of IE who may or may not be immigrants.

Look at me.
I'm the native now.

Only the urban ones are liberals

It'd be nice if we could encourage remigration through new policies rather than importing more white people to try to "catch up" demographically

Gangs are based, just not criminal gangs

@Jacob begum carnivore :DDDd

Yeah, low population density is ideal


NAP is a fun game

It would be sick to be Brazilian right now

Southern Brazil is whiter than where I currently live

Anti-torches is codeword for anti-white

Torches looked bad ass to the people we want to appeal to. Would have looked even better without roman saluting autists and that one shirtless guy holding a beer the whole time

The energy that night was far from mournful

@missliterallywho miss you guys

She treats me how I imagine a fundy christian might treat a "witch". Avoids me like I'm gonna cast a racist spell on her.

This politically dissident radio show seems like its trying to radicalize its listeners πŸ€”

Why would these political extremists who've sacrificed all their social capital want to radicalize their listeners πŸ€”
Maybe they don't realize how extreme they sound πŸ€”

I've been saying extreme often contradictory revolutionary things I don't necessarily believe to friends and family for years. Can't exactly play le NPC meme, can pull irony card I guess

Lefties ate generally more racially aware

Wurllstar needs to be mandatory viewing for those types @ophiuchus

A lot of civnat talking points are implicitly pro white. My boss is very civnat and he was recently talking about restricting citizenship to land owning men with children. That'd be great for whites.

The civnats want to be able to say they gave the blacks a chance to succeed while creating circumstances where 90% of them clearly won't.

@Jacob eh I know civnat guys who would say most blacks are too lazy to seize their equal opportunities

They seem to want an almost eugenic system where most blacks will not succeed, and over time only the talented tenth will be left

They wouldn't phrase it quite like that though

@Asatru Artist - MD they are explicitly against paying for the lazy "thugs"

@Asatru Artist - MD what do you mean?

@Jacob civic nationalism and miscegenation aren't necessarily a package deal to a lot of these guys

College republicans are going to be spergs. Average Trumpian Joe isn't consuming hours of Ben Shapiro and TPUSA

A meritocratic system would be implicitly anti race mixing as the families with stronger sense of identity would be better at controlling and passing down territory and capital


I hate it when movies.

>watching a movie
>not listening to the Chieftain tell a folk tale around the long fire

Hardly a more imagination destroying format

Oh wait... Vidya

Is she the one married to her brother?

@Goose she's just bulking, bro.

I believe everything my doctor tells me

I like Bibi tbh

I like him, trust is another thing. @Josh M. -OH

The split?


>their yoga

Indians would be more interesting in their own countries

@Jacob turkey products are pretty common year round. Most of them processed. And yes chicken is not worth much nutritionally

The most nutritious food available is the cheapest. Beef fat trimmings can be scored for free if you know the best time to visit the butcher. Otherwise like a buck 50 per pound, 3500 calories per pound @Jacob

Lol imagine actually wanting to live with electricity

Sounds like you totally owned her bro

Theistic Satanists are the most oppressed race

>not making your own dresses

Nudism is the true greenpill

The Chinese are a manifestation of the Archons.

Spandex is a power move

I always see mestizos in Captain America shirts at the gym

James weeks was a visionary. All political candidates should be judged on their phiseek

@Nemets you read books bro?

National Eco action should be maintaining topsoil, opposing Big Ag, and reducing population density. Global Eco action would be war with China

Reminder that there are microplastic particles floating around in your testes

I'm trying to get my dues paid and sign in to the members site to figure out how much I owe and have no idea what sock email I used to sign up with. Is there someone I can dm to figure that out?


But how else will all the fashy goys and wheat field maidens know we're hip to the memes? @Papa Pizzagate

I sincerely believe that IE members should drink more alcohol together. I think it's justified if it's social, and especially so if it's good for IE

lmao, thing is that you don't need a very active chapter to get drunk together. Good way to develop social bonds and get people to go to national events to meet one another

Y'all need to go outside

>letting another mans thoughts into your head

Ukraine is epic

China is going to turn us all gay.

Happy Birthday to a real one.

Capitalists hate him! This Finnish ornithologist is saving the forest with one simple trick and basically you are an enemy of Life.

@Rabbidsith you are a great person thank you

Muh talking points

@Flint is right. Talk like a real person

I'd be fine if the organization didn't do anything about fields. It would be cool if y'all had a less gay attitude about it though.

I talk to a handful of guys that day who came alone. They were all kind of weirdos. If your in a racist 'fraternity' you are a bit of a weirdo. If any of you autists ended up in jail I would lament and not be a f*g about it


Speak up son

Reginald Denny?

@Virgil that sounds well and good but I'd still bet 1/2 this organization would plow through that crowd.


Dog Bless

Gone but not forgotten

Pour some motor oil out for a real one

Koba spoke truth to power.

@Alex Kolchak - NY we can not be dicks about it at the very leasy

My gf left?

I can't believe Stephanie would break up with me like this

@Kingfish she was totally into me bro

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I fenced Sabre for a few years and wouldn't have an issue competing with Arabs.

Gm gamer

Idk sports are for competing. They'd be the last place I'd want to see segregation.


Homogeneous teams would be cool though.

Or teams made up of only dudes born and raised in the region they are representing.

Blacks dominate football. It might not be 100% the fault of Cultural Marxism

Word, sports are all about hbd

Spongebob is proud to be Albanian.

We gotta use crisper to bring back all of white peoples extinct instruments.

@greg_p - TX I listened to the Adjustment Day audio book. Pretty good I thought.

Yeah. You can tell he did some research into the alt right and probably has an anonymous Gab account. @greg_p - TX

Its mostly just funny though, wouldn't want to get to deep

He kind of makes the point that homos are non racial people

The first half of the book is kind of serious and will hit close to home. The second half is all flying pyramids

Every black supremacist fantasy comes true and black people are basically revealed to be playing a massive inside joke on whitey. Acting like fools to see how much whitey will believe. When they get their ethnostate they start flying around and shucking\jiving things into reality. Meanwhile the white man bans technological progress and devolves into fuedal fertility cults, while the gays effectively enslave themselves


I thought it was especially funny that the black state had to be an unrealistic fantasy. He could not get away with writing an honest critique of black Americans the way he could about whites and his own "race"

He lost his publisher and got kicked out of his writing group over the book

No just gay

Yeah. I like the guy tbh. The point he makes about the "gay community" is not the kosher party line either. Its a kind of Donovanesque stay in the closet/fringes message.

Bro you seen these Jews lately?

We gotta *name them* brother

Remember that meme from 2 months ago? It's old now.

I enjoy "V.Balboas's" posts

@Ryan - IN the biggest threat to the environment is not your cars exhaust, but the microscopic plastic particles that can be found in any place on earth killing the sea algae/plants that produce most of the oxygen on the planet and disrupt the endocrine system of pretty much all living things. Still a result of petroleum, we have basically created a global oil spill.

WiFi is frying your testes

Resolution is to get gf a ring and a babby, also stop eating plants.

also get out of this gay state

Crock. Pot.

I put in a 3lb Chuck Roast before bed last night, been picking at it all day. Too easy

Ask butcher for "Beef fat trimming"
3500 calories for around $1.20

Chicken is garbage calories


Low nutrient density @fgtveassassin

Most nutrients in meat are dissolved into the fat

Beef has literally every nutrient you need in solution in its fat

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