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Hey everyone... New guy from Florida

Ya.. You dont want to show a link to you unless you need too

@Punisher .. sorry didn't someone had Punisher already

@Deleted User sorry for the pain that you went through

@BryceB-ND I reported Nile Morris as a fake account. He is bad news guy could be trouble guy we need to watch.

Should be add a web address on everything we give out?

Trump is getting pressured hard to stop breaking up the illegal alien families and an article just dropped that Patrick retweeted saying he might cuck on it. Call the White House (202)456-1414 and leave a RESPECTABLE comment for him to maintain his tough stance on immigration

email- [email protected]

To voice your disgust or try to make the meeting @ 5pm in St. Augustine. St. Augustine City Commission meets at 5 p.m. the second and fourth Monday in The Alcazar Room on the first floor of City Hall, located at 75 King Street.

Check your email from yesterday for details. Also, please call COmmissioner Horvath todan at 904-825-1266 and tell her to LEAVE THE MONUMENT ALONE! - NO CONTEXTUALIZTION!

NAZI's hurt us at charolteville

Act professional and you will be treated like a professional

is the group growing?

How are we doing?

How is the group doing? how is recruiting going?

@Reinhard Wolff
How is the group doing? how is recruiting going?

@Reinhard Wolff I agree with staying away from the Hitler salutes. Optics are very important

We conservatives have to adopt a new approach in public debate, in written pieces, in private conversation โ€“ all this will be difficult, as any conservative knows โ€“ of saying in your opinion. For instance, suppose we change the SPLC characterization of New York as follows: "In the opinion of the SPLC, New York City is filled with hate. We have not yet seen the reasons why the SPLC thinks that." Do you see how dramatically that changes the statement?

The left โ€“ liberalism โ€“ is a historic movement that has been gaining momentum for the last hundred years. Its adepts are not going to put the backs of their hands to their foreheads and fade away when they incur opposition. But we are in a war for the future of freedom, for the future of America, for the future we the people governing ourselves. We need and we want all the firepower we can get on our side in this war.

This polemical approach is a great unit of firepower. It will only penetrate the public debate slowly. But if we support it, if we promote it, it will penetrate.

The way to use it is jiu-jitsu.

Suppose we confront the new/old Democratic talking point that "Republicans have brought a culture of corruption to Washington."

Our response: "It's really terrible that in your opinion the Republicans have brought a culture of corruption. Why do you think that?"

Suppose Nancy Pelosi says, "Trump is morally unqualified to be president."
Our response: (What we want, and I realize this is not going to happen anytime soon, but is still very useful to know where we want to go.)
"Madam Speaker, you said that in your opinion Trump is morally unqualified to be president. Why is that?"

What do ya'll think about PRAGER U video's and website?

What do ya'll think about this book? They trying to ban it from Amazon.

@Reinhard Wolff ... any comment on Antifa in portlanda and their attacks?

@Reinhard Wolff where is National going to be?

@Reinhard Wolff when are we going to slack? what happened with Mercury?

@Reinhard Wolff Thanks for all that you do!

Confederate Flag day in Raleigh NC on the capital grounds if any wants to go. Starts this Saturday March 2nd at 5pm but be there about 4pm. BLM / Communist will be there but they don't have a permit but we do. I need people there.

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