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Hello all; new member just checking in and making sure everything works.

They are creating what they fear. As the attacks on white identity heat up, more wake up.

Act like you belong and no one raises an eyebrow. Act suspicious and hellfire will rain down on you.

Is it worthwhile to do employer level background checks on new members to help prevent infiltration, or is that beyond the pale?

Gotta be honest, I think that was a great recruitment message. Obviously biased, but anyone looking and getting red pilled can hear the message they are looking for and get pointed the right way.


I need to get some fliers myself, you guys are inspiring πŸ˜‰

Have recruited 8 more associates that have signed πŸ‘πŸ»

Good morning IE! Time to get out redpilling! Happy fishing πŸ˜‰

In a way South Africa is one of the best things that could have happened to America.

So many people around me that are self blinded to the concept of white identity and shocked and appalled by what is happening in South Africa.

The stark racial lines and hatred are impossible even for the most cucked to ignore.

@Grayson I connect so much with your grandmother, with all of us here. My church, my community, my work place, nothing is like what I was blessed with growing up and none of this is what I want for the future of my children.

My wife and I were reading over the board members if the school our children are at, not one name was pronounceable for a full blooded American. There is a Pilipino, an several Indians (India), a Mexican and several Brazilians. I didn't see one white male.

It is no wonder our schools teach a hatred of our history

Our people need to find their backbone

I'm guilty too

Fear keeps people hushed

Kids to feed, bills to pay. Mundane life. Fear of not being able to provide for your family shuts many a would be warrior up.

What is good about what has been happening, what has helped me, fear for the future becomes greater than fear of the present.

I am a part of several local police groups that have group discussions on Facebook, all of them are talking about South Africa.

And these are normie boomer types. The campaign people who got Dave Brat elected.

It is an evolution that has been escalating

Corey's campaign people, the local Tea Party, even the fairly libertarian Virginia Freedom Caucus...

All are having these conversations about South Africa. I used the interest to share Jared Taylor's video on the topic.

Was pleasantly surprised to see the video shared rather than me banned lol

Good morning IE! I almost feel guilty, the world is falling apart but I had a fantastic weekend! Let's hope the week gets better for the world and stays on track for me!

The way they spoon feed... Degrees are worthless except as barriers to entry, and even that value is going away.

I've been fighting the diversity gustapo at work. I don't attack diversity directly, the brainwashing is too deep and just causes knee jerk reactions. Every time diversity is brought up I drive home that it is what we hold in common that strengthens the organization (in my case patient care)

I then incorporate buzz words in a negative context.

And our terminology in a positive one.

So "we need a homogeneous culture of patient care"

and "diverse approaches will increase confusion and lead to an increase in mistakes"

"One culture of care, don't let our diversity tear us down"

Actual quotes lol

I suspect all the admins hate me, but using the right approach everyone is forced to be on board.

It may be small, but it is therapeutic for me and I hope it plants seeds for later. I take every opportunity I can to frame the language of "the narrative" in a negative context and ours in a positive.


This reminds me of a YouTube post my wife was listening too with JF

Hmm was just looking for it but don't see it. Any way on The Public Space he was debating the ethnostate with a libertarian I believe.

But multiple times in the back and forth the stark comparison between white and mixed communities was brought up

What a disgusting phrase

Funny autocorrect tried to change disgusting to disfiguring... More appropriate really

Can literally be said for every group of people on earth

He bench presses the truck...

I bench press the chair, hey ya gotta start somewhere!

10 hrs a day, wow! Very impressive. Before kids I works out a lot, maybe as the family matures I'll pick it up again. Some manage to balance the gym with family life. @Gwaihyr I am truly impressed.

So I am looking to get some electrical work done; I thought I would check here first to see if there are any electrician IE members, or family/identitarian friends of IE members who are electricians in the Richmond Virginia area.

Good point, thanks

So I was reading up on the meaning of the Dragon's Eye symbology, does IE's color choices have any meaning or is it purely aesthetic?

I was reading earlier in this thread talk about "why fascism". I'm not a big intellectual but when I look at Chili, Germany, Italy, where I see the US going, I see fascism as a tool used by those that love their country to "save the sinking boat". When dissidents have worked there way deep into the body of a once healthy nation it takes drastic authoritarian action to heal the nation.

I like the unique coloration, but I'm not satisfied with the level of symbology in the coloration.

I need to do some digging

Attach the same level of meaning to teal as there is for the coloration of the flag

I disagree about changing anything

Just fleshing it out, growing it, would be good

I read what you posted on it

Dragons eye is perfect

But I did feel left wanting on the meaning behind teal

I don't know, maybe it is my black pilling, but "America" as an identity doesn't work

are blacks American?

I mean the slave population that has been here 500 years, where else us home for them

I don't know, distinguishing those of European heritage is important

We have watered down the meaning of American too much

Even if we know what we mean by "American", we want everyone else to note the same distinctiveness.

Here is a thought for growing the symbology: teal is a combo of green and blue, green often used to symbolize renewal and blue used for heaven, or truth. Renewal, and truth. I think I like those.

Well I have to thank Mr. McCain. The media focus on McCain and the controversy surrounding him opened up opportunities for me to share AmRen's latest video with friends family and co-workers.

It was universally well accepted.

Has has opened up more fields ripe for redpilling.

Yes, Jared discussed the McCain controversy in a very eloquent fashion that puts it in a perspective even the cucked normies around me understood and agreed with.

The part showing his campaign ad and then contrasted with what he did after winning is priceless.

I had to google that, interesting

So I'm curious, in my brief googling I saw an article that said it was the American Bolsheviks that brought Lincoln to power, that seemed to conflict with the confed-bol. An I just too ignorant?

And yah, black girls are just not even slightly attractive to me

Now I have seen mostly white black girls that I thought were pretty, but even them I never felt the desire to date one.

Ahh lol

I hear you, I was googling confederate Bolshevik and American Bolshevik and reading headlines. So not an informed statement

You can still join me as a regular contributor πŸ˜‰

I hear you on the oversimplification, but I see too often people go the other way seeing complexity when it is simple human emotion unconstrained by intellect.

Intellect is not the word I was looking for...

Logic maybe?

Basically way to much of the "feminine side" is in our culture and politics.

I see authoritarianism as masculine, and egalitarianism as feminine.

I don't see that. Though I know what you mean.

I see Antifa as pushing for a distraction of hierarchy, order

That break down of hierarchy is egalitarianism.

I guess I strongly associate order and hierarchy with authoritarian ideology.

The state of our military saddens me

I remember my dad always talking about the fall of Rome

He always pointed to the diverse military, diverse culture, and breakdown of families

Everything we see now

"The reckoning is just barely over the horizon"
I hope your right.

I find Rome analogies useful, but like any analogy it isn't a perfect parallel.

History is a parable, if we will learn from it.

We could use a good ass kicking. It may drive all those who shouldn't be in the military out.

Military is way too cushy right now.

Just a way to pay for school and retire early for most ...

And pay for your sex change of course.

Those are who I run into

A huge portion of the medical people I work with are puggy military

In it just for the payout.

But like the Jews, I'm sure it's "not all".


Perhaps I wouldn't have a grudge against the GI bill seekers if I respected them

In my work place it is minority imports and girls that have no fight in them that join.

The merchant class was looked down on by most western societies until relatively recently right?

I always had the impression that class structure was something like: officials, artisans/scholars, merchants, peasants.

Couldn't tell you why I thought that, movies probably lol

Hmm RPGs?

Where our generation ran when society began to suck lol

Well their "rigid mindset" may have saved them from our multicultural destruction

We need more ancestor worship

In a manner of speaking...

I see value in that.

Though I like descending from conquerers

We need to conquer and conquest again

Just to get a place in the world again.

Ok I confess I use drudge a lot. I tried using infogalatic but well it sucks. That and Vox is well, not a good source in my opinion. Is there a better daily news one stop shop?

Very similar...

Hmm I never pay attention to Daily Caller, I'll start paying attention to that.

I had the false perception that daily caller was a Ben Shapiro site.

Ah got it.

When it comes to e-celeb your connection to Redice is on point.

No, Richmond va

I'm just... Bland lol

Fires idea are perfect

F off haters

Everyone says he has the best rambles

Just the best


Casey is married to the organization


Though some good books came out about "his" rambles...

I like meet ups, I need to up my game on meet ups

Females are not essential.

Men lead

Not that I am against them, but I don't feel a need to recruit.

Men failing at leadership is the problem

Not lack of sexual diversity


Um no

"We need more diversity so we can be accepted"

Off topic but the move to Slack kind of sucks

My old phone can't handle it

.... Ouch

It's hard to find phone with big buttons

Those were the days *wistful look

I want to fight so my children can have peace

If you want to be stupid join proud boys

Hey all for women, it is all about priorities

I don't think there should be a focus recruiting them

Ok, recruit women through marriage, every IE member get a women and have some kids. Best way to recruit women.

Everybody says we have the best

The very best

Believe me, they are yuge

They get booted from IE "ironically"

Alright the woman issue isn't a hill for me to die on. As long as our people are the focus my views can be flexible.

You are all my brothers

Server rule broke!

Germans are the definition of white πŸ˜‰

They was kangz

Greg stated it perfectly

Ok now I have to look up Fortnite burger

What is Fortnite?


I need to get some posters, stickers, etc

Gotta set some money aside...

Will do

You talking about me!?!

It looks good

I first saw it at Charlottesville

Honestly didn't know what it was until then.

I need an IE baseball cap

Mesh in the back

4th level, on the forehead..

Third eye

Don't make me start preaching up in here!

Patrick is telling us to clean our room...

@Deleted User I see some truth in that.

Uncontrolled anger is the emotion of a fool

He has good ideas in areas he actually knows

It is when Jordan ventures out that he looks like the fool.

Conquer yourself before you conquer others...

We are conquerers

One thing Spencer said I liked

+1 for hoarders

While sipping my ensure

Dog whistle

Book clubs, I love book clubs

My last book club broke up with them calling my wife and I Nazis...

It sucked

I actually really like them

But oh well

Make friends and loose them

I loved Skyrim

Great game

Very based game if you wanted it to be

Working on it

Just noticed a telegram pointing out I can use it on my PC


Is it really better than Telegram?

I always liked Kessler, but he is a bit of a cuck

It is alllllll about race

I admit I'm antsy about flyering, but anxious to do it at the same time.

They all say we have the best

Yuge women


Reggae sucks

Nope it sucks too

When it comes to black music I do love Ella Fitzgerald


Good stuff

Pat Buchanan the only good 1.0

I am paleoconservative, for which I'm labeled Nazi all the time...

Hmm Pat and Jared are my banner carriers... Am I dating myself lol

Start our own label

But it's true...

I'll go with 1.5

In reference to Patrick's comments on talking to normies.. The more you know the less you can say...

Control your power level, to much truth burns people.

Jefferson's "there is no truth I would not have known" doesn't apply to most people.

Is there a book club server? I missed that

Ah of course

I probably talk too much, but I measure all my words and make sure everything is defendable from a normie perspective

Nah get some sleep

Keep up your strength to fight for the white race

I'd donate


Alright this old man is excited about getting discord working on my PC 😎

Now to see if I can get slack and telegram working

…..I know right!

By the time I get that working my grandkids will be members!

Before I play this old man part too far, I'm only 40, older than most of you but not quite a boomer lol

@Gerald Cunningham the most based minorities I've run into are the doctors from India I work with. They seem to have no problem with race realism and say things like they moved here to be with white people, and that they avoid brown people.

And they talk about that fact openly

We have roles that God or nature made us for

I think I kept it kosher ... So to speak

I wish white nationalist hadn't been subverted

Community clean-ups don't need approval right?

I'll look again

White Powerade is better than Mountain Dew...

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