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"Trump is the beginning of roll back. He is not the end point. Any movement that bets on the heart beat of a 70 year old who is hated isn't going to go very far. This is ultimately why Trumpism is a dead end. 

The smartest way you can change the world is to try to red pill the children of eminent/powerful men. This is especially true if you can't red pill the men themselves. Ask lots of questions. Suggest lots of books. Really powerful people know that there's something wrong with the world. Help them see the answers."

-Chuck Johnson

Agnosticism for...a while at least. lol

If retards go to heaven...

Do you see what happens, Larry?!

Send me a link

3 vids

I downloaded them, now can someone else grab those and report please?


Anyone up now?


Still on

Sorry, I was on a late-night brainstorming call about plans after TRSestlemania

I highly recommend everyone listen to this specific Red Dawn podcast:

Once they move past the memory stuff it gets really good. It's especially relevant when considering Alt-Lite people, normies, understanding ourselves and why on some level we will probably always hate normies

I have only listened to 3

They are really hit or miss

The one before one I I linked above is fucking horrible. Not even worth listening to. They also were missing some people like George.

But the one above is fucking great

Lol you can wear them if they look good on you

They found his name?

Oh nvm lol


I like those Earl

I also like Akaine's stuff too Bella, thanks for referring her to me


He used to call himself "an intact intactivist"


The driver is considering dating an Indian guy


Leftist or not?



Guess who made this


Please do your part and help us report this fundrazr campaign for this local "militant" blank antifa organizer who is in jail on felony charges here in Austin.


Greg brewer!

Get in the Intellectuooooooo chat

^The best conversation

Later goyim!

Whenever you are making a decision, ask yourself "what would Forney do?"

Also, I need this nigkike photo asap

Please someone post a link to it

@RING What in the actual fuck

What is going on in that video

I need context

seriously wtf is he reading in this video


Have you guys seen this?

This is seriously amazing^

Did anyone ever figure out the context to this shocking shit?

^At a Trump march yesterday 😂

This woman wants to join our group. Does she look white to y'all?

only to people who don't listen to them both a lot imo.

If you think the holocaust matters, read that

Its short.

Let me rephrase

If you think the "truth" about the holocaust matters.

I took these photos in downtown Austin a couple weeks ago 😂


That's crazy

Tell me about it

Share it with us all

On voice please

Not a maga hat


Waifu fell asleep :/

Please stop


I gotta go , ttyl goys

Well that didn't work...

You're nuts

I was saying I agreed wirh your points, not that you were going off the rails.

Lauren Southern is more red pilled than she lets on. Have known that for some time on good aurthority.


I can't be in the voice chat atm. Anyone care to explain?

LOL so nothing has changed on the voicechat is what you're saying?

@Chef Goyardee why are you in Black Mouths Blather all alone?


Fuck yeah

get in the fucking voice chat faggots

*Changes name to "Autism Support Chat"*

Is she 18+?



Gonna go eat with my girl.

King is mored based IRL than one might imagine.

1.0 listening to our stuff does not = being 2.0.

I disagee

Not with the gay stuff.

The voice chat.

When people stop talking over each other I'll express some dissent.

Since the election, our rejection rate is close to 75%

That's awesome!

^Security thing

G'night man

Spergs turn people off.

I'm gonna shamelessly brag about my group. When we go out to restaurants waiters and other random people ask who/what we are and tell us they want to hangout with us because we are an attractive group (on multiple levels) to be a part of. People *feel* good just being around us. We want to maintain that. You can't do that with more than a one or two quality spergs.

Simon Roche of the Suidlanders civil defense force in South Africa:

Red Ice interview -

Their English website:

Simone is currently on a US speaking tour.

If I were to set up event(s) where he would speak in TX, let me know if you would be interested in attending (and meeting other quality, fashy goys).

This is a dramatic reading of furry erotica Matt Forney wrote

@Caerulus_Rex @D'Marcus Liebowitz Sorry about the Matt Forney video. We all thought it was appropriate given his recent shit talking and beef with Sven.

"We all" refering to our pool party gathering tonight where we matt forney poasted and just generally shat on him

There are a lot of things I find disgusting and not funny at all (e.g. the standard fuck party stuff) so I understand why. Again, sorry goys.

hahaha nice!

The only chicks who fuck Matt Forney are South Asian prostitutes and crazy old drunks.

behead those who insult Spencer

Antifa/commies having marches, counter-protest etc. Riot cops out in Austin. An ideological ally, an alt-right goy has already arrested. He's not in our group, but obviously Alt-Right:

Also reports of antifa being pretty heavily armed with rifles and carbines

Cop was shot in the head

I think so, two of our goys have said this now

One of our goys:

"I'm in a cab heading out of downtown and seeing ambulances heading downtown/towards the capitol"

Nevermind, person got confused. A firefighter was shot in Dallas.

But still riot cops in austin, armed antifa, and some Alt-Right goys arrested.

1. Any faggot with a gun can be dangerous.

2. I have actually MET and known antifa-symapthizers who would loveto be a part of this shit right now who are avid gun nuts, and not faggots. We shouldn't underestimate our enemy, even if we are far better and superior.

anarchists, left libertarians.

They live in Austin

Richard Spencer, Enoch, Anglin, Damigo, Greg Johnson

Neither would I, but I still think it's an integral part of the Alt Right

stephen is "just a contrarian dickbag"

Separating ourselves from non-whites is extremely important.

Denying the importance of us having their own homeland is fucking retarded.


No I didn't fight in GWOT.

This fat antifa slob girl is allegedly trying to dox me, lol:

Alright, got work early tomorrow. G'night goys


This is true

Post link to TRS shirts

Celtic women are the best


jk but seriously they are beautiful

What city?

I can talk to some people who might know some people that will get such people kicked out of the group

They doing anything would be bad for us

What city

no idea what that means

wth is NOLA?


I've said it before, there is something about the tameness / faggotry of the civic nationalists that makes drives some of them crazy and they become way more extreme than us.

We have to be careful who we associate with among them.

Many are too exteme for what we want.

hahah I like that. I actually haven't seen that before.

spongebob is degenerate af


that's great

@Chef Goyardee "17. Many of us will be doxxed. We’ll lose our jobs and families. We will become #blackpilled"


But you'd hope it would be antifa and the enemy that dox us

I would hope doxxing wouldn't come from the utter stupidity of people on our side

i.e. posting videos of people who are not public

The guy who started the Dallas Cowgoys, an AltRight community organizer in Austin, and the state coordinator of IE in TX.

I am speaking only on my own behalf.


Later goys

Yeah, I'll join for a min


"There are a lot of serial killers that are honorable soldiers" ....what is that even an argument for?

That's absurd.


Abortion is always a 🙄 topic in Alt-Right circles

You're not going to get anywhere

let me clarify, WITHIN the Alt-Right community.


Clinton ::yawn::

I mean, I get it, but I'd just rather focus on shit we can make a significant difference on.

I'm pretty sure they will be. They were there last year

Yeah idk about live streaming or not.

I can ask them


He found out there will be people who are not glorious there

Kidding, but yeah I don't think he'll be there

Pretty long but cool

They need a much shorter version but yeah

Have y'all heard of the MTaylor app?


I saw an ad for it the other day, looked mildly interesting

High Kulture^

ooosh, yeah that is pretty kebab

IMO only if it is locked and has an auto-lock feature after ~5 mins or whatever.

Not on mine.


WITH AUTO-LOCK feature enabled

Are there any official streams that watching parties should look out for?

The _right_ version

Vote in this poll please^

Anyone know any good live streams?

Yeah, that's all I can find rn too

I thought Red Ice was going to cover it



Thank you

^enemy perspective lol

queen's english please

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