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2018-10-09 20:49:24 UTC

Do they just not enjoy eating?

2018-10-09 20:49:47 UTC

That's it right there

2018-10-09 20:49:58 UTC

Their enjoyment of eating is low

2018-10-09 20:50:34 UTC

I think everyone likes to eat, but they probably have never really loved eating, and gotten their stomachs used to eating small amounts their whole life

2018-10-09 20:50:43 UTC

Half conditioning/half attitude

2018-10-09 20:53:19 UTC

I can't decide if that's good or bad. On one side, I'd like to want to gain weight, because then I'd be able to eat as much as I want. On the other side, I want to enjoy eating, and it sounds like to get to that point, you have to not really enjoy it.

2018-10-09 21:14:40 UTC

literaly just stuff yourself and train right

2018-10-09 21:14:45 UTC

you can force it lol

2018-10-09 21:16:17 UTC

That's what I'm thinking, too

2018-10-09 21:17:08 UTC

It sucks, I'm like that too

2018-10-09 21:17:20 UTC

tfw can gain or lose weight without any real effort 🤔

2018-10-09 21:17:30 UTC

I don't get what's stopping people who need to gain weight from just feasting on their favorite foods unless they genuinly just don't like eating

2018-10-09 21:17:54 UTC


2018-10-09 21:18:04 UTC


2018-10-09 21:18:38 UTC

bulking on college student budget is not optimal

2018-10-09 21:18:46 UTC

I'm bulking on 50 dollars a week fam

2018-10-09 21:19:16 UTC

"tfw can gain or lose weight without any real effort thinking"

2018-10-09 21:19:18 UTC


2018-10-09 21:20:10 UTC

dat mesomorphic build

2018-10-09 23:31:40 UTC

On hour 24 of snake juice fast. Hungry but not famished. A little something like thirst but I don't feel dehydrated. Haven't urinated in a while so I haven't tested ketones yet. Very autistic.

2018-10-09 23:31:59 UTC

Going for at least 48. So maybe dinner tomorrow?

2018-10-10 00:00:22 UTC

I did over 48 hours. Keep up with the snake juice.

2018-10-10 00:22:11 UTC

I'm at about 24. I finally started feeling like I'm not incredibly fatigued and am feeling good. Mental clarity is up. Gonna go for a run here in a bit

2018-10-10 00:29:22 UTC

I am recovering from a mild neck injury so I can't work out quite yet. I'm fasting in part to mitigate the damage.

2018-10-10 00:29:50 UTC

Can you go for walks?

2018-10-10 00:30:11 UTC

Great time to listen to podcasts, get fresh air, and burn calories.

2018-10-10 00:31:38 UTC

I could. I fell and hit my head last Monday (8 days past). Used to lift and do HIIT.

2018-10-10 00:45:52 UTC

Wishing you a speedy recovery, man. Try walking. Not even fast, but just getting out and moving around somewhere enjoyable. Helps add that little extra caloric burn.

2018-10-10 00:49:21 UTC

Thanks. Might be doing an MRI at the end of the week. Hopedully cleared to lift at lower weight and jog soon.

2018-10-10 00:49:33 UTC

Might swim if that is an option.

2018-10-10 00:54:58 UTC

I hope everything looks good and you can get back to the grind, bro!

2018-10-10 01:03:51 UTC

@Rogue Thanks!

2018-10-10 12:29:54 UTC

Definitely feeling hungry this morning but haven't had any snake juice yet

2018-10-10 19:10:14 UTC

I didn't get much sleep last night, so I had black plain coffee this morning. I guess that tech ically broke my fast but I haven't had anything else. Going to have a big fatty dinner and then go another 48hr until dinner on Friday.

2018-10-10 19:11:37 UTC

wait why is someone that's like 6'9 fasting this aggressively. You mean to tell me you're that tall and not a lanklet? oy vey

2018-10-10 19:12:31 UTC

I slept really well but I had some coffee some this morning too. It doesnt "technically" break the fast, but the snake diet guy doesnt like it because it raises cortisol levels.

2018-10-10 19:23:14 UTC

@Deleted User I got a belly and a fat butt. But I am fasting due to a neck injury that's keeping me from lifting, etc

2018-10-10 19:23:42 UTC

And a double chin (press F)

2018-10-11 02:09:19 UTC

Had a big keto meal. maybe too big. Now that I got 48 hour fast done, trying for 72. MRI scheduled for Tuesday, so hopefully cleared to lift soon after.

2018-10-11 03:26:54 UTC

Is it pointless to fast if you have one big ass meal before bed.. I had 2 beefy tacos, a plum, and some milk.. I don't think I'm in a calorie surplus since I've fasted all day and because of football practice but maybe I should tone it down..

2018-10-11 03:27:54 UTC

My excuse is it sucks trying to go to sleep on an empty stomach.

2018-10-11 03:38:12 UTC

About to eat some keto chili I had my wife prepare for on my way home from business trip. Literally minutes away. Very excited.

2018-10-12 01:04:35 UTC

Tested my urine and I am in ketosis

2018-10-12 01:05:17 UTC

@Felix how long are you fasting for?

2018-10-12 01:06:52 UTC

I ate today to appease my mom. Going to go for a 72 hr now, and try to kindly persuade my mom that it's okay.

2018-10-12 01:08:14 UTC

Gotta do what you gotta do

2018-10-12 01:09:40 UTC

@BigBadSaxon - ID So did you make 72 or 48?

2018-10-12 01:09:45 UTC

Feeling Snakey?

2018-10-12 01:09:53 UTC


2018-10-12 01:13:11 UTC

I did 48, gonna eat tonight then do a 72 until Sunday night

2018-10-12 01:13:43 UTC

Keeping it keto and doing the snake diet he says is the best way to lose fat

2018-10-12 01:14:12 UTC

Agree that is my plan. Even after I can lift again I might keep on 48 hour cycles.

2018-10-12 01:14:17 UTC

We're all gonna make it

2018-10-12 01:14:48 UTC

I'm gonna weigh myself before I eat too, to see how it's going so far

2018-10-12 01:14:54 UTC

I hope I can lift soon though because otherwise I will be a lanklet at Defend the Rockies.

2018-10-12 01:16:34 UTC

Wish I could go to that!

2018-10-12 01:21:52 UTC

Holy shit I'm like 25lbs lighter than when I last weighed myself

2018-10-12 01:50:32 UTC


2018-10-12 01:50:45 UTC

some fat + a lot of water weight I'm guessing

2018-10-12 01:52:02 UTC

@BigBadSaxon - ID I don't really have a set plan. I try to fast all day before I go to bed. So I usually try to eat dinner around 6-8pm. Unless.. there is some dank school lunch then I have that sometimes.

2018-10-12 03:20:32 UTC

I also weighed myself last a couple weeks ago, so you never know if it was the snek or just me having been a good lad the past month

2018-10-12 03:21:35 UTC

@Felix so you're basically intermittent fasting. Doesnt matter when you eat based on what I've read, so eating before bed should be fine.

2018-10-12 12:51:24 UTC

I'm on the 3rd day of a water only fast.

I'm surprised at how not hungry I am.

2018-10-12 23:37:03 UTC

On my 3rd day of water fasting (my goal) I was feeling really nasuses for some reason. Was glad to break it. Not sure where I went wrong.

2018-10-12 23:37:51 UTC

Thought I was maybe not drinking enough salt.

2018-10-12 23:44:10 UTC

did you drink snake juice?

2018-10-12 23:57:22 UTC

Fasting on water alone is actually dangerous because without sodium and potassium you can have heart palpitations, severe cramping, nausea and headaches. If you're water fasting you should be salt water fasting. Add 1tsp of KCl (potassium chloride, found in the grocery store as "No-Salt") and 1/2 tsp of pink salt to every 2L of water you're drinking. You shouldn't need more than that in a day unless you sweat like a pig (like me) or are a very high level athlete.

2018-10-12 23:57:54 UTC

Water alone makes you start to piss out potassium

2018-10-15 03:08:30 UTC

Just mixed my first batch of snake juice, this stuff is horrible

2018-10-15 03:09:17 UTC

Looks like I'm one of the only people that likes the taste

2018-10-15 03:10:21 UTC

Lol it’s not so bad

2018-10-15 03:10:33 UTC

Definitely don’t like the taste though

2018-10-15 03:21:36 UTC

For one reason or another some batches seem to turn out better than others. Deffo recommend using ice in it though- seems to help a lot!

2018-10-15 03:43:36 UTC

It is funny how these fasting fads come and go. Master Cleanse used to be a big one. I was a fan of that 10-15 years ago.

2018-10-15 03:45:10 UTC

Intermittent fasting with 24 hours between meals a day or two a week, with some time restrictions to eating does seem to be evidence supported, but other than that - its just a fad dudes.

2018-10-15 03:45:41 UTC

Broke my fast at 60. Going for 72. although I might stop at 48 to celebrate if my MRI and flyering goes well.

2018-10-15 03:45:46 UTC

That Snake diet guy is pretty funny.

2018-10-15 03:45:55 UTC

@Madbent HEY FATTY

2018-10-15 03:46:00 UTC


2018-10-15 03:46:23 UTC

His Alberta accent comes out and I love it

2018-10-15 03:48:43 UTC

Big fan of intermittent fasting, and well - exercise so you don't get fat. I've stayed more or less the same 6' 170 lbs since college.

2018-10-15 13:21:23 UTC

What are some easy ways to add fats to my diet without getting carbs?

2018-10-15 13:23:34 UTC

Butter, oil, 80/20 beef, pork, bacon, eggs

2018-10-15 13:24:16 UTC

MCT oil is a good way to get more fat too, and good for you

2018-10-15 14:13:40 UTC

@fgtveassassin butter or virgin olive oil

2018-10-15 15:37:59 UTC

@fgtveassassin When upping my fat calories, I just think back to what my foods my Grandparents were raised on.

Eat like you're a 1930's farmer, (just be sure to exercise sufficiently)

2018-10-15 16:30:20 UTC

I know a diet will be different for everyone but what's better for quick fat loss if you have to make a weight for wrestling in the upcoming couple weeks? IF or Keto? I don't think I can water fast because I have football practice so I don't think i should for the fact I'd probably feel like shit.

2018-10-15 16:52:37 UTC

What is snakejuice?

2018-10-15 16:56:28 UTC

Snake Juice is what you should drink while fasting to make it not miserable.

2018-10-15 16:56:47 UTC

That guy is annoying, but he knows what he is talking about

2018-10-15 16:57:28 UTC

It supplies the electrolytes you need for extended fasting to prevent and medical conditions or otherwise miserable feelings while fasting

2018-10-15 23:56:22 UTC

@Felix Have you cut weight before?

Let's talk in DMs.

I cut 15 lbs to make 155, and later 10 lbs to make 170.

2018-10-15 23:57:50 UTC

You can water cut 8 lbs in 12 hours relatively easily, for a competition.

2018-10-15 23:58:14 UTC

depending on your weight class, of course.

2018-10-16 15:48:01 UTC

Any good protein powder recommendations? This is what I'm using atm


2018-10-16 15:50:35 UTC

That's a good one. Optimum Nutrition is also one of my favourites

2018-10-16 16:08:13 UTC

Musclepharm combat powder is pretty good

2018-10-16 16:37:31 UTC

I've always like Optimum Nurtrition - Gold Standard

2018-10-16 18:26:15 UTC

High carb, low fat, high bicycle = win

2018-10-16 19:35:06 UTC

@Tanner - SC McNabb?

2018-10-16 21:32:17 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN without the ear gauges

2018-10-18 22:07:29 UTC


2018-10-18 22:08:48 UTC

I use the bulk purchased stuff in sealed bags.

I like it unflavored and bland. Confirmed Anglo 😉

2018-10-22 00:54:47 UTC

What are some decent thing you goys would recommend to snack on besides protein bars or something similarl

2018-10-22 00:56:46 UTC

Atkins Bars

2018-10-22 00:56:53 UTC

lol jk

2018-10-22 00:57:10 UTC

well, not entirely, they're pretty good but I know that's not what you're asking

2018-10-22 00:57:15 UTC

Depends on your diet and if you track your macros, but any kind of trail mix is easy to buy in bulk and if you buy or make the right kind it is an easy snack. I cut up sausage into bite size bits because I am on keto currently. "Epic" brand bars are also a great natural alternative to the traditional protein bar, and even though they have less protein, they are made from meats and fish and berries and have always been my favourite snack for car rides.

2018-10-22 00:57:53 UTC

I'm also on keto right now. I basically just eat a lot of vegetables for my snacks.

2018-10-22 00:57:57 UTC

And bacon

2018-10-22 00:58:03 UTC

Then there is of course the classic protein shake in a shaker bottle to sip on

2018-10-22 00:58:20 UTC

I've been going through a lot of peanut putter, because vegetables on their own can be pretty bland

2018-10-22 00:58:44 UTC

honestly, with all the peanut butter I've been eating, I don't even know if I'm in ketosis anymore, but, I'm not gaining weight, so, whatever

2018-10-22 00:59:10 UTC

I do the same thing, Jacob. Also berries like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are great low carb tasty treats

2018-10-22 00:59:28 UTC

If youre ever worried youre out of ketosis just do a 48 hour fast on saltwater and you'll be back in it

2018-10-22 01:00:25 UTC

I had sushi tonight with my wife because she can finally have it after being pregnant. Just gonna fast the next two days to get back into ketosis. The keto strips you can buy are also a great investment for $8-$10

2018-10-22 01:01:19 UTC

That saltwater fast seems really hard

2018-10-22 01:01:28 UTC

Then again, keto is a lot easier than I though

2018-10-22 01:01:36 UTC

My mom is amazed that I don't eat bread

2018-10-22 01:01:54 UTC

It's pretty simple- just don't eat. It sounds a lot scarier than it is.

2018-10-22 01:03:37 UTC

Dude I love eating so much

2018-10-22 01:03:50 UTC

I've been flying through these peanut butter fiber one bars since I first had one last week, they're just 👌 👌 👌 👌

2018-10-22 01:04:34 UTC

@BigBadSaxon - ID What is the significance of the salt?

2018-10-22 01:08:46 UTC

You should consume a certain amount of salt and potassium while fasting

2018-10-22 01:11:18 UTC

Does it make it easier, though?

2018-10-22 01:12:38 UTC

There aren't any calories, so it still serves the purpose. You just have to make sure you're not consuming it in too high of a concentration

2018-10-22 01:13:02 UTC

Scroll up for that snake juice video with the annoying dude

2018-10-22 01:14:14 UTC

what if I did a beef broth fast?

2018-10-22 01:14:23 UTC

has a lot of sodium

2018-10-22 01:15:14 UTC

I personally don't know enough about the topic, perhaps someone else does

2018-10-22 02:18:00 UTC

Is there anywa/app or something to at least semi accurately track how many calories you're burning a day?

2018-10-22 02:24:23 UTC

try myfitnesspal

2018-10-22 02:42:56 UTC

The saltwater (NaCl + KCl) does make it easier in my opinion. It makes fasting doable by eliminating the things that make fasting hard (low energy, headaches, cramps) and I just think of it as food when I get hungry. @Jacob

2018-10-22 06:45:42 UTC



2018-10-22 06:51:58 UTC

looks good!

2018-10-31 04:21:05 UTC

I have today started a Zinc, Magnesium, Boron, B6, and Iodine regimen for endocrine health. Will post any mutations or organ failures.

2018-10-31 13:17:42 UTC

What’s the deal with eggs. Healthy or not? They hav cholesterol but some say it’s a good cholesterol? Very confused

2018-10-31 13:37:14 UTC

There's good and bad cholesterol eggs have some of the good kind

2018-10-31 14:50:22 UTC

What is the difference of good and bad cholesterol?

2018-10-31 14:56:58 UTC

IIRC bad cholesterol build up basically just blocks blood flow and leads to heart attacks and good cholesterol basically takes bad cholesterol to the liver to clean it out

2018-10-31 15:27:20 UTC

HDL cholesterol is the good kind, LDL is the bad kind. Basically if you eat a balanced diet you probably won’t have to worry about high levels of bad cholesterol unless you have some kind of genetic disposition to it or you don’t exercise

2018-10-31 15:29:14 UTC

Also there’s been studies showing that a KETO diet can reduce your bad cholesterol levels, which contradicts a lot of other studies that basically say “meat and eggs bad cuz muh cholesterol”

2018-10-31 15:30:13 UTC

Always see who funded a study to get more insight into these contradicting findings

2018-10-31 16:14:18 UTC

That’s why is so confusing, the contradictions. I appreciate the explanation tho gents. I just want to keep my cardiovascular system and heart healthy because it’s the biggest killer by far in America. I guess it’s best to not over complicate this. Pretty much don’t eat a lot of unhealthy sugar laden food, fast food, keep red meat to a minimum, eat mostly fruits and veggies. Would you say that’s the right idea?

2018-10-31 16:15:02 UTC

Ah, and workout

2018-10-31 16:38:58 UTC

Yeah basically, eat good, non processed foods in reasonable amounts. Cardio exercise is also good for your cardiovascular health (who would’ve guessed)

2018-11-01 04:29:33 UTC

the quickest way to lose weight is to just stop eating. After the 3rd day you don’t even get hungry anymore and you will lose 10+ pounds a week not even working out

2018-11-01 13:00:04 UTC

But is that the healthiest way?

2018-11-01 19:30:46 UTC

not at all.

2018-11-01 22:33:30 UTC

204 lbs and 20% bodyfat according to the body scan that I got today... not bad considering it's bulking season. But time to get even bigger and stronger 💪🏻

2018-11-01 22:35:59 UTC

I'll be happy with ~208-210 by New Years

2018-11-27 03:03:44 UTC

What are people's opinions on collagen supplementing?

2018-11-27 03:25:09 UTC

Bone broth has it among other things, yes?

2018-11-27 04:32:15 UTC

I have used both. I put collagen supplement in my coffee.

2018-11-27 15:35:33 UTC

I’ve been taking the YouTheory brand men’s collagen. I like their whole product line. Check them out if you get a chance. I’ve seen it at all supplement shops and on amazon

2018-11-27 20:40:41 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN - yes bone broth is a good source of collagen

2018-11-27 20:42:10 UTC

I've considered trying Primal Fuel collagen supplement by Mark Sissan, which was recommended by David Duke on a JF livestream. His website (mark's daily apple) is a great resource for nutrition as well

2018-11-27 22:15:33 UTC

I use Dr. Axe. I’m sure as long as you get a clean source then whichever supplement will work well.

2018-12-18 23:32:11 UTC

Does anyone have experience with a long term fast? Was there anyting you wished you knew before had?

2018-12-18 23:55:31 UTC

Are you going to be drinking saltwater?

2018-12-18 23:57:15 UTC

My go to is poweraid zero. I can increase salt

2018-12-19 00:09:48 UTC

If you're doing an extended fast you should just be drinking water and salt- you'll need sodium and potassium to maintain electrolytes and avoid cramping/being totally miserable.

2018-12-19 00:10:40 UTC

Per 2l of water use 1tsp of KCl (can be bought at grocery stores, "NoSalt") and 1/2 a tsp of NaCl

2018-12-19 00:11:03 UTC

Most people prefer Himalayan pink salt for the added minerals but any will do

2018-12-19 00:13:04 UTC

Thank you for the info!

2018-12-19 01:14:59 UTC

Good luck with your fasting brah

2018-12-19 01:16:22 UTC


2018-12-20 16:11:05 UTC


2018-12-21 19:17:33 UTC

Is there a reason why you can’t use power aid zero?

2018-12-21 19:17:42 UTC

I’m also interested in extended fasting

2018-12-21 21:03:31 UTC

I don't really know, bud. Sodium and potassium are all you really need for an extended fast, which is why 'snake juice' is recommended. But at the end of the day you need to do what works for you.

2018-12-21 21:04:27 UTC

Power aid zero contains sucralose (tldr. basically splenda). So if you don't have a problem with that, shrug.

2018-12-21 22:42:01 UTC

You would have to drink a LOT of poweraid zero to get all that potassium and sodium. Fake sugars such as sucralose, erythritol, stevia, have not been extensively tested in regards to affecting insulin levels, which is part of the point of fasting

2018-12-22 04:15:12 UTC

Wow that snake juice guy is intense. I'll try that stuff.

2018-12-24 19:28:11 UTC

Redroof me on fluoride in the water is it just a meme?

2018-12-24 22:36:11 UTC

It's a neurotoxin. The majority of countries in the west dont fluoridate their water and their rates of tooth decay have decreased at the same levels of non-fluoridated countries as time has gone on, so theres no real reason to do it for teeth health

2019-01-03 01:00:57 UTC

lol I love the snake juice guy. He is hilarious https://youtu.be/KxcshsSXQO8

2019-01-04 02:26:43 UTC

I understand there may be humor to be found by some in the above video, but I couldn't listen to that guy dropping F bombs for 5 minutes

2019-01-04 02:29:30 UTC

Every video is like that, it's his thing. But yeah it can get to be a bit much.

2019-01-04 02:54:24 UTC

He's Canadian. Understandably disgruntled.

2019-01-06 18:16:58 UTC

So I just started Keto on January 1st and I ordered a whitefish salad (equivalent to tuna salad) which came with lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers , and onions.

I get home and look up “how many carbs in tuna salad” on Google and it said, 19 grams per cup. Where are all of these carbs coming from?

2019-01-06 18:18:04 UTC

*FYI the waiter said there was no sugar in the whitefish salad mix.

2019-01-06 18:21:03 UTC

Onions can be pretty Carby. Was there a dressing? That's where ninja carbs live.

2019-01-06 18:22:43 UTC

There was mayo in it, but isn’t mayo just oil and eggs?

2019-01-06 23:10:49 UTC

Onions are okay in small amounts on keto

2019-01-06 23:11:31 UTC

Peppers and cucumbers should still be fine in small amounts, but I think they do add up

2019-01-06 23:12:00 UTC

It could be that your salad had a bunch of stuff that's fine in small amounts but it all added up

2019-01-06 23:13:20 UTC

It also could be that you're counting total carbs, which you're not really supposed to do. You have to subtract fiber. Fiber is a carb, but it's digested differently than other carbs and doesn't have the same effects, so it's fine on keto.

2019-01-06 23:14:09 UTC

If you had to limit fiber, basically all vegetables would mess up your macros and all you could eat would be meat.

2019-01-07 02:18:07 UTC

I mean you looked up tuna salad rather than whitefish salad. Maybe theres a difference after all

2019-01-07 02:18:43 UTC

Mayo isn’t quite a low carb condiment yeah

2019-01-07 02:19:46 UTC

But idk how you get to 19 with that

2019-01-07 03:35:06 UTC

I looked up the nutrition facts

2019-01-07 03:35:22 UTC

peppers and onions both have decent amounts of carbs

2019-01-07 03:35:28 UTC

cucumbers should generally be fine

2019-01-07 03:37:00 UTC

It's not like potatoes that you should be avoiding all together. You can incorporate peppers and onions into meals in small amounts, but if it's a significant part of your meal or you're doing it every meal, they're going to add up quickly.

2019-01-07 03:37:59 UTC

The best vegetables you can eat are leafy greans. Lettuce, cabbage, that kind of stuff, you can pretty much eat all you want. You'll probably have too much by the time it takes any significant effect.

2019-01-07 03:39:16 UTC

Broccoli and cauliflower kind of vegetables are probably the next best thing you can eat. The carbs *might* add up if you go crazy, but you'd have to really be eating a lot.

2019-01-07 03:39:49 UTC

Carrots, onions, and peppers are okay in moderation, but if you're going to be scarfing down carrots, they'll add up quickly.

2019-01-07 17:29:19 UTC

This has a nice beginner guide about what foods are good and bad for keto

2019-01-08 03:48:20 UTC

Made some keto fried chicken with pork rinds

2019-01-08 03:48:23 UTC


2019-01-08 04:05:00 UTC

Try making mozzarella sticks like that. So good.

2019-01-08 04:40:12 UTC

Ooo will do

2019-01-08 04:45:57 UTC

damn, y'all giving me ideas

2019-01-08 23:03:49 UTC

Looks amazing @StevePines -WA 👍

2019-01-09 02:24:23 UTC

That looks good

2019-01-11 16:00:29 UTC

Good news guys, I’m officially in ketosis now

2019-01-11 17:14:39 UTC

I’ve replaced any breading or flour with almond flour. I use it to make chicken cutlets and a Parmesan crust for salmon and whatnot.

2019-01-18 21:57:47 UTC

How does this make sense? Zero total carbs but 1 gram of sugar?

2019-01-18 21:57:51 UTC


2019-01-19 00:55:13 UTC

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol so it is technically a sugar but not processed in the same way as a carbohydrate so it is simultaneously a sugar but not a carb

2019-01-19 00:55:31 UTC
2019-01-19 01:08:12 UTC

@BigBadSaxon - ID And what does that mean if you are on Keto? Can you eat 8 grams of that in one day?

2019-01-19 01:23:56 UTC

They use sugar alcohol in sugar free gum but it still has carbs

2019-01-19 02:15:19 UTC

Use of sugar alcohol on keto is a hotly debated subject and how it relates to keto still isnt completely clear- but if your carbs are at 8g, you're fine. You're in ketosis.

2019-01-19 02:17:51 UTC

Different sugar alcohols may or may not have carbs, erythritol was just one example

2019-01-19 02:50:08 UTC

I always count sugar alcohols as carbs personally, it just makes extra sure I stay in limits

2019-01-19 03:01:20 UTC

I count them as half a carb. I still avoid them due to gas issues.

2019-02-12 20:32:37 UTC

If you are on low or no carb diets, but are really craving a snack like popcorn or chips, look into fried pork skins, aka chicharrones.

2019-02-12 20:32:47 UTC

I particularly like the bbq flavor.

2019-02-12 20:33:36 UTC



2019-02-15 12:57:38 UTC


2019-02-15 12:57:53 UTC


2019-02-15 12:57:59 UTC


2019-02-15 12:58:17 UTC


2019-02-15 12:59:22 UTC

It’s an acquired taste, but if you can stomach it, canned/tinned salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, are also great for low/no carb

2019-02-15 13:00:13 UTC

Just make sure the good stuff is kept in olive oil, the lower quality brands use god knows what, vegetable oils

2019-02-26 07:01:23 UTC

Make sure to get plenty of sodium, magnesium, and potassium while doing keto.

2019-02-27 17:41:47 UTC

I used to supplement with a mag/calc/zinc mixture supplement, I just have magnesium rn but I'd recommend getting that mixture it's really convenient. When I run out I'm gonna switch back over to that

2019-02-27 17:47:58 UTC


2019-02-27 17:48:04 UTC


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I know

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Some word docs I made. ones worth your time and the second really isn't to be honest.

2019-02-27 18:34:49 UTC

In regards to the anabolic health graphic, that is basically what I’ve been doing for a couple years now and it’s helped my overall health in my opinion. I’ve heard almonds are in the moderation category. Also you can avoid BPA in canned/bottled stuff by buying products that are BPA free. Good info.

2019-02-27 19:31:14 UTC

That is not necessarily true, a lot the BPA stuff has a substituent (BDU or something memory fails me) as a plastic harder that is just as bad and some studies have shown could potentially be worse.

2019-02-28 00:53:06 UTC

BPS maybe. I’ve heard of what you’re referring to. I tend to avoid plastic as much as I can. Filtering my water mainly and buying non plastic containers.

2019-03-03 00:17:36 UTC

Would it be good to drink rain water? Make a drain system that drains water into a stainless steel water bottle

2019-03-03 01:44:09 UTC

Better than ground water prob. I would filter anything you get from the ground. Even well water but I’m unique.

2019-03-03 02:08:10 UTC

I drink ground water here, but I’m not gonna do that in another state or Butte MT

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