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Hi, I might not be able to make the Tuesday orientation. My kids would still be awake at that time so I won't be able to focus. Is it possible to reschedule?

Hey @Matthias, I think I should be able to make it to Tuesday's orientation

My paternal side of my family emigrated from Eastern Europe around the 19th century, iirc

I saw something like to use on twitch thots. It's a clever idea. Hopefully guys like JF and Fuentes have their stuff in order in case people try the same.

Republicans need to give something to their base. Immigration, mainly.

@Reinhard Wolff thanks! Glad to be part of the organization

Ugh, PragerU. They had another video called "The American Trinity" that was pure trash.

I watched Nick Fuentes go off on that video

pretty hilarious, imo

people are more threatened by speech now. @Rabbidsith . That's pretty sad, lol

Holy crap, PragerU is on damage control rn

@VinceChaos yep, the comments are great

Of course, there's the typical boomer reactionary response, trying to defend spending foreign aid

Looks just like Bibi's twin brother lol

Isn't Anglin a fed?


@VinceChaos it was interesting to watch Molymeme go from ancap to populist during the 2016 election

Wasn't there a school that wanted to arm faculty with rocks at one point?

@Sam Anderson I used to take my kids to learn bullyproof GJJ. Would still take them but it's a long drive.

It was in RVA

@Sam Anderson I haven't done any marital arts, tbh. I had a dad bod for a while until I lost about 60 lbs.

"Styx is the AOL of Youtube" - Roosh V

@StevePines -WA Your prof sounds low IQ tbh

@Virgil if the state decides to initiate a UBI program then it should have heavy immigration restrictions

Well, we've seen firsthand what welfare does to people. What would a UBI program do?

@Sam Anderson beat me to it. Retreating as usual.

White working class in rural areas @VinceChaos

unrelated note: It's great to see Tim Pool slowly get redpilled by being a pariah in liberal circles

universal basic income

Bread and Circus

That's sportsball

@Bjorn - MD Yeah, I saw that. I don't agree with his assessment, obv.

@Bjorn - MD Ah, got you. I misunderstood.

tfw you have to get a minivan 😩

I mean, Minivans are fine for moving the kids and being a grocery getter @Papa Pizzagate

I've bought many. That's a big purchase. Good stuff @Alexander Pechorin

no lame crossfit pullups

@VinceChaos same here. I haven't had the desire to find out my DNA results until recently.

I have the same reservations

But that's my job

@Alex Kolchak - NY I was under the impression that the Palestinian birthrate was lower that Isrealis?

I could be mistaken

@Virgil good to know. My mistake.

Sh-shirtless? Uh, the interviewer didn't m-mention that 😳

Bruh, my motivation to workout today has be nonexistent. Wat do?

**sips** we used to dip a lot in the military

@Albo Greychak - MI power metal has been my go to genre recently
@Lawrence of Eurabia Marines

Didn't see that in the server list, thanks @Alex Kolchak - NY

My dad went into the reserves to avoid Vietnam. Glad he did cause I wouldn't be here lol.


We did it reddit

Forget the JQ, what about the *BQ*? <:galaxybrain:366743669484683264> <:redpill:439924063377555497>

@Sam Southern - TN some nice lad replied with that archive so I can't take credit.
But honestly, where's the lie NJF said tho?

@Sam Southern - TN I mean, I like the guy and he's really entertaining to watch IMO. Rolled really high on charisma, I guess.

I think I was 23 when I had my first son.

Married, obv.

@VinceChaos I love that meme because I can relate to it lol.

Boomer is a mindset

@Sam Anderson is it far from RVA?

Good morning

@Goose thats disappointing to say the least. What do people think will happen to the founding fathers statues when demographics change substantially?

GOP needs new blood, imo

Lol that guy is going to unwittingly (or nefariously?) remove the barrier for low income earners to move closer to these nice white liberal communities

@ophiuchus you're correct. It's the right of conquest. It has been recognized throughout history. Only recently whites self-reflect on their collective history and are shamed for it. Funny, we don't get the accolades for all the achievements though.

@StevePines -WA I haven't watched Farve's video but another question someone else pointed out: why is he whoring himself out for $500 to make videos?

Dude can get friggen sponsorships

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN saw your PR yesterday in chat. Good job, bro

IE is currently embattled in a lawsuit so I would imagine they don't have the funds to do that @DrewMT

Not sure though

I'd wager membership dues would be higher if that were the case.

I don't know how parents do homeschooling. It's really hard work to teach.

I hope their chain of command comes down on those guys like a ton of bricks

Silly me, I forgot our people are on the decline. Carry on.

I'm having some trouble trying to redpill my friend. He still thinks values, not demographics matter more. Basically a civnat. I'm still chipping away though.

I keep sending Red Elephants videos in the meantime.

@Asatru Artist - MD I watch Vincent and Nick Fuentes. Both are pretty good imo

Nick spoke pretty highly about IE. Made me consider applying, so there's that. But I understand why people don't like him.

I don't know the drama

Identitarian Action

He covered the midterm results with Patrick Casey

Well I asked my boomer mom what was it like living in a 90% white country. She said it was great, lol

I wonder what it was like

That shows IE is doing good. Setting the example

I'm in the wrong line of work then

2018-12-05 02:28:41 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I need you guys to send me your energy. It's leg day today. 😫

2018-12-05 02:49:15 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

@BigBadSaxon - ID unironically, people yelling at me give me more motivation than people cheering me on. Go figure.

Good morning IE

@Tyler0317 I lift at night. Only time I can unless I want my kids to attack me while I'm in the garage gym.

That's my excuse

Jesus lol

Well you're infantry so there you go

I was 0811, cannon cocker

Yep, provisioal mp

OIF 05 - 07

mfw Glow in the Dark lady is your new congresswoman <:sad:366743316475281408>

The dark ages.

@Sam Anderson more importantly, how do you lose your mouse?

@Sam Anderson you're downgraded to consoles now

If Trump can't do it, no one else will be able to make it happen.

2018-12-06 05:28:30 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Nighttime lifting is great πŸ‘Œ

That's cool

What games?

Best way to play ^

Spearhead mod is needed for Coh2

Or blitzkrieg rather

Fun to play comp stomp on there

Nah, I can play uno with my kids. Would rather shoot something

Rise of Nations

And it's cross platform I think @ExternalPepsi

I mean, you can build one for cheaper. Just won't play games at high settings.

Good morning IE

@Isabella Locke-MT when are you due if you don't mind sharing?

I hope everything goes smoothly for you and the baby. I recall when my son was born. My wife was in labor for 23 hours 😫

C-sections will put you out longer. I was under the assumption that once you had one you could not have another baby delivered naturally.

Since you're cutting the uterus or wte

I guess that's why they decided to discourage us from even getting a c-section in the first place

We lost our 3rd baby because the placenta partially separated from the uteran wall.

It's okay. It was 2014. It hit my wife much harder than me.

We have 3. First two are boys, 8 and 6, and a girl, 4

Funny, I'm actually getting surgery to undo my vasectomy

Yep, after our last child I was burned out.

I wish I didn't get it done but here we are

Yep. I was lucky and our insurance will cover it.

It would be about $8,000 out of pocket to have the surgery

Crap that sounds a ton better than going through what me and my wife went through

I haven't had coffee so it's not my fault that sentence is terrible

btw, I don't know how you're managing without coffee or any caffeine.

I know she really wants to go to a midwife but it was pretty expensive at the time

Yeah, I think you're right. That's pretty messed up.

In hindsight, it was like that when my kids were born

Well I didn't expect to revisit bad memories in the morning lol

Lol it's fine. I'm making breakfast atm anyway

Nothing is more awesome than having your lunch ready to go. Hate having to pack my own when I'm in a rush.

Yeah, generally guys make the coffee, in my experience.

I don't know why but I've made coffee the majority of the time for my wife. Even when I didn't drink coffee. That's when we first started to live together.

@Isabella Locke-MT I was a stay at home dad for about 3 years so I was responsible for maintaining the house and kids in order. It's a job that you can't really "clock out"

Definitely. Wondering if the baby is still okay, etc

Once you have kids, it's hard imagining life without them

They're awesome

That's really awesome, tbh. I think our(my wife and I) experience was a little less planned

We had our first son about 2 years after we got married.

That's really great news. It's uncommon for young adults in this time to get married "early" and have kids

That's about the same as me. Met my wife when I was 19 and she was 17.

Oh lol. Well, I didn't see anyone else posting

But I lurk almost all the time. Never really post anything, so there's that.

Because he knows that mom is trying to sleep. Duh.

That was my wife's experience since she works as a nurse and on her feet all day

@Jacob It seems like the culture here is pushing people to be promiscuous for decades.

Delay marriage and family

Encourage instant gratification, etc.

Metamorphosis made me misty eyed. Such a good video.

Uh, probably allergies instead

I like that one and I think 'The Wanderer' s Choice'

I forget the actual title

What a dumb article. Stopped reading at the "hates women" part.

Cringe and boomerpilled

This land is where my father, grandfather, great grandfather, and so on have lived. I won't leave.

@Isabella Locke-MT those cookies look amazing btw

2018-12-15 19:41:28 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

So I ended up buying a leg press for my garage gym. Did I just waste my money?

2018-12-15 21:42:10 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Yeah, I need to work on my core strength to help out with squats. I'm having a tough time going ass to grass and back up.

Good morning IE <:deye:359010025223618570>

2018-12-18 15:59:40 UTC [Fitness #general]  

So just got out of surgery, I'm six weeks from actually lifting again 😱

So boomer Facebook memes?

Lol smuggies are always my favorite

Occupy Democrats Logic makes boomer friendly memes, I think

You're doing a great job!

Civ Nats BTFO

"Democrats are the reeeal racists" - Conservativism Inc

TPUSA's Blexit is a huge waste of time and money

2018-12-20 02:17:53 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Why can't he use the military to build the wall again?

2018-12-20 02:21:08 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thanks for the invite πŸ‘Œ

>mfw I haven't been to a meet up yet <:sad:366743316475281408>

OpSec is important

That language would attract spergs, most likely

@Sherlock same here. I'm at 165.

@Sherlock good stuff. I'm in recovery after getting surgery so I'll be out 6 weeks still I can get back into the gym

2018-12-21 04:07:22 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I do but not constantly.

2018-12-21 04:07:31 UTC [Fitness #general]  


I'm taking notes @Perihelion - CA. I have 3 kids under 8 and I worry about miscegenation

I think it's fascinating but I don't have anything of value to add. Thanks though.


Molyneux has mastered the shitpost, IMO

Sounds like Nick Fuentes going off about women, tbh

@VinceChaos my church is kinda pozzed so I haven't been attending. Kinda sucks tbh

He's a hapa George Costanza

2018-12-27 00:29:03 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Nice work. I'm still in recovery after getting my vasectomy reversal. It'll be a while before I can get back in the gym.

2018-12-27 00:29:31 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Was that too much info?

2018-12-27 02:25:01 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Thanks big guy. πŸ‘

2018-12-27 02:25:38 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Your leg looks like it hurts

@VinceChaos the Whitehouse has its own YouTube channel and will be streaming it.

Not sure if that question was answered

I think that's it

Hopefully he'll stay on track with his address. Last one he spent only about 5-10 minutes on the wall

But that was a press conference, iirc

2019-01-08 23:03:49 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Looks amazing @StevePines -WA πŸ‘

I used to listen to Shapiro in my normie phase

I think the most interesting part of my political stance was switching from lolbertarian to paleoconservative/nationalist

Couldn't quite swallow the open border crap

Probably unrelated but blackpillers that lament how we're losing/demographics/etc need to gtfo.

A lot of our guys that aren't doxxed and have the desire to get involved in local politics could promote populist ideas. Completely feasible.

Pretty sure that's not a new idea though

2019-01-11 23:36:20 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I'm jealous lol. Proud of you, bro. πŸ‘

No fun allowed

@VinceChaos bro, that avi is hideous

Democracy is mob rule, unfortunately.

Trump populism > Shapiro big gey neocons

Pat Little is mentally unwell

Well, it doesn't matter who we get in if the people in his/her cabinet are actively working against the president

2019-01-29 02:25:31 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Well gents, today was my first workout post-surgery. It's been a long 6 weeks (almost 7 actually) and I definitely lost muscle mass. Starting from square one again.

You can usually tell what type of legislation it is by the name. It's generally the opposite of what they claim.

That's my hot boomer take

Gamer Nationalism when?

I took care of my family who all have the flu. I'm the last one standing

What a sweetie tho

I've watched NWG a few times. He has a tendency to ramble but I agree with him.

Lol I think recently he started to use a web cam because he had that b&w picture of him for awhile

It does. Unless the discord group I'm in is something else.

Wait, those signs said "Finish the wall"? Was it started? of course CATO wants immigrants

I don't want transgenderism or gender fluidity to be taught to my sons in school. That shouldn't be a controversial statement, tbh.

Just mailed off my dues <:deye:359010025223618570>

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