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This is Ben from the great state of Ohio

There we go

I'm pretty sure that reading the replies gave me cancer

lol, unless it's to explain away the actions of certain demographics, then it's *all* about context

Who actually reads stuff on ADL and SPLC websites? Seriously, what kind of audience are they actually writing for?

Is there a rationale for which campuses get chosen, or is it just proximity?

lol, less mercantile types would argue that increasing ethnic diversity is one of the main factors upsetting our domestic tranquility

Anyone got any weekly workout regimens that are good for beginners? I've convinced my housemates to start hitting the gym with me, but they don't have a lot of experience beyond the dumbbells we keep around the house

@Deleted User How do I hop on?

And thanks @Freki G.-TX , I'll be sure to check that out

It absolutely is going to get worse

Whatever he's responsible for happened a lifetime ago. It's a shame they couldn't let an old man enjoy his final years in peace

Don't forget Oprah

The best thing that could ever happen as far as the black vote is concerned, would be some black panther type third party siphoning all the black voters away from the Dems

What would be Trump's insulting nickname for Patrick Little?

If I ever have to say "President Zuckerburg", I'll paint the wall with my brain matter

I want to pity him, but he more or less ruined normal socialization for my generation

Get that boy some tendies

@ThisIsChris Can you snag me an invite my dude?

Never forget that Richard Spencer did a domesticated Rhino impression while reviewing Black Panther


โ€œIt's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the endโ€ฆ because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, itโ€™s only a passing thingโ€ฆ this shadow. Even darkness must pass.โ€

Tolkien has an answer for everything.

Should be required reading

20 plus white guys with "right wing" haircuts in the middle of the ghetto

Best stories are the ones you can remember

How did mass immigration work out for the Native Americans?

Like Chick tracts but for I.E.

"Sir, do you have a moment to talk about the slow death of the white race, and what you can do to prevent it?"

I can't wait to see how the media spins it


This timeline must be directed by Shyamalan

Fingers crossed this will have a large presence on tomorrow's News cycle

@Bjorn - MD That's a strong possibility. They're hitting pretty hard on the whole Cohen thing right now. They'll have to decide if they want to keep pushing the collusion narrative, or if they want to crucify him as a racist for caring about white people

I would 100% support busting up corporation farms and giving land to Boer refugees

Maybe then we can stop subsidizing corn, grow other things, and stop poisining our population with HF corn syrup

"My Government-assigned Boer Roommate is a Magical Girl?!" - the anime

@Freiheit - CA idk. I got handed a flyer for it at the trump rally for Balderson. They sold it as a "non fake news" alternative

He's the Queen of ๐Ÿ†

@Johnboy What are you suggesting?

I'm pretty sure Milo has a vegetable garden

It was entertaining when he came to my campus, but I wouldn't let him work in a daycare center

So did plenty of Southern Gentlemen in the 1800's

I hate people who pronounce their names with an accent, but speak with a standard accent

Mexican woman in the video @micbwilli linked

The one about LaCroix?

That was interesting

It's a legitimate issue, even if it's not as pressing as the others that are discussed here

I think regional pronunciations for international brands is acceptable. When I was in Italy H&M was "Acca e Emme". That said, non plebs are more likely to use native pronunciation

They pronounced Addidas and Nike differently as well

Most proclaimed socialists/commies I've met on campus are funding their "revolution" with Daddy's credit card.

For sure

Honestly I wish we had a Logan's Run situation. If everyone had to ride the carousel at 30, then there would be no boomers

"Soory, but this country is for white Canadians eh."

In honor of ID Canada, all rule breakers tonight must be doused in maple syrup

I take that back then

I feel like there's this awkward gap between gen X-ers and millennials. There are many shared experiences, but the fact we grew up with Internet and social media kind of sets us apart in some ways.

Of course

My house didn't have a computer till I was 12, so most of my childhood was pretty normal. I had how often my little sister is online though. I'm glad she has sports to tether her to real friends

I wouldn't consider myself a primitivist by any means, but if I eventually hadchildren they would be taught to view technology as a tool rather than an integral part of life.

Define "people who look like you"

I just hope exposure to cell phones doesn't become the "turns out smoking is bad" of our era

Identity Hominibvs when?

Perhaps a group of local Buddhists?

Fair question though, how does I.E. in general feel about study abroad? For us and non-euros

I guess my opinion would be that study abroad might be a "safe" way of idea/knowledge sharing without risking cultural pollution. As long as guest students understand their place

Italy is just as bad. Migrants will litterally start chanting "hakuma mahtata" when they realize you're non-Italian and try to pawn their trinkets on you

lol, they're all about racism as long as it's in the context of what whites owe them becaise of colonization

So I assume he's basically a novelty to them

Surely the worse things get, the more people will wake up

I have hope that even if most people aren't sympathetic to our cause atm, there's still plenty of growth potential out there. .

@NITRODUBS Haha, that's like a reverse of what my friend and his GF went through. At one point she literally told him that "racism is a deal breaker", but now she's seen the light to some extent

@Goose Looking forward, what would be helpful would be some sort of white benefit society. The networking would have to be in place first, but a lot more people would advocate openly, (and even run in local elections) for white issues if they knew they could have employment opportunities afterwards

I never got that meme

@Bjorn - MD Apparently a theory that's gaining currency is that Yaweh was originally a Canaanite deity associated with metal smelting. That and volcanic like activity whenever He appeared to the Israelites as a pillar of fire

@AWellesley769 Good to have you

We should push to appropriate milk as our official beverage, and thus deny our enemies of much needed calcium

I hope his family was with him.

Who knows

I'm sure all those illegals will become fiscal conservatives and vote red once they can stop worrying about being deported /s

I wish it was just a boomer thing. My housemate is legitimately convinced that once they get off the Democrat's "plantation", minority voters will realize that small government and free markets are awesome

We had a discussion about immigration the other day, and I figured bring up the bio diversity stuff wouldn't get very far. Essentially I couched my argument as "influx of highly fertile immigrants means you're kids will be competing for fewer jobs and scholarships with an increasing number of people."

He response was litterally just; "Well I think increased competition will only make things better."

How do you get through to these people

It's a competition to the bottom. Gov is going to subsidize and help out the lowest common denominator because of their race. Competition ceases being good when it's stacked against you

That's going to be hard. He's one of those civ nat types who loved Trump, but only after Ben Carson dropped out of the race.

The reason it bothers so much is because during the election he felt like the one guy who would openly support Trump with me. We went to rallies together, did the whole bit.

I'm not sure who I would have voted for if Trump hadn't ran. If I did vote in the election at all, it would have been to "vote against" Hillary

I basically gas lighted and bombarded my roommate with every negative thing I could find about Hilldawg. He didn't vote Trump, but he did vote write in. A plus was enough of what I said got to his gf and she voted for Jill Stein instead of Hilary

@Ben Rainsford - OH I'm surprised our friendship survived it tbh. It just goes to show how constant exposure can impact someone's choices. I had him trapped in a room with me all sophomore year. Makes it easier to understand why more white people aren't awakened on certain things, given what they've been told their entire lives

Surely impact font images count as sh*t posting

Golden rule: Would a screen shot make us look asinine, or would it project the image we want

How about we all talk about something else?

Is there a full moon out tonight? I've never seen chat like this

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