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Gene AutryπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‰

Good song in John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy

America was built by Anglos


Gas The Kikes! Race War Now!

@AdolfShekelStein#2562 no pfp, no opinion. Get out of here fed

God I love Caesar.

those are rookie numbers

brings a tear to my eye

@Michael Flynn Read "Revolt Against The Modern World"

I'm starting that tommorow

just finishing up Evola today

These things called Jews and Freemasons

I’m 100% serious

Blaming Jews isn’t just a meme

Look what they did to Russia in 1917

Read the Protocols

Culture of Critique

The International Jew

Look into how the Rothschilds got so rich after the Battle of Waterloo

Nehlen was never trust worthy

Arthur Jones is the leader of the alt right

Like Ben Shapiro

Fluoride water that is

What are the chances of the Golden Dawn taking power in Greece in the next decade?

The problem with the Golden Dawn is what happens when they take power? The EU/NATO may intervene. Also the Turks may declare war, since the Golden Dawn speaks of retaking Constantinople.

Maybe the Russians would back them

I seriously think Putin is our guy, and that he's currently undoing the mess the Soviets left him

Maybe WWIII could come from the Golden Dawn taking power, and NATO intervenes. If Putin were to back them, then it could spiral into a war in Eastern Europe.

They're total spergs

Greece is in a pretty shitty situation.

They're the 3rd largest party

Immigration is bad there, and the EU screwed them

They basically run certain areas of the country since the government isn't able to

They want to retake Constantinople

Germany is on track to save itself

Germany is only lost if people lose hope

AFD will win next election

nah, they'll win. People are pissed

It doesn't need to be

a time will come, but not yet

If things stay bad, then they'll take power

7-10% of parliament in greece is golden dawn if i remember correctly

Sebastian Kurz runs it now, he's alright but not great

"and in April, he called for people who worked at CNN to be hanged."

if you're 1/4 mexican, then you're like actually like 1/16 injun

Reminder that this was one of the last great songs before modern music

nobody is "pure"

@Most Epic Fortnite Gamer get in voice chat and explain your question

I'm not exactly understanding your question still

If you look white then you're white

we go by Varg standards

blonde hair, blue eyes, and 6ft plus

wait, i don't qualify

I was born blonde(Varg says that counts)
I have a very strange genetic mutation in my eyes(they're basically green)
and I'm 6ft in cowboy boots

Just like Germany and Britain

Just like every war

The people who profit from wars don't care what happens to the country

The profit off of war

then move to another host country to leech from

once they've exploited the current host

It would allow for the rise of china and south america

War is always possible, even when it would lead to disaster

people aren't rational

Russia in it's current form is the greatest threat to world jewry

They abandoned Russia, only to have it rise again very fast

just like they wanted WWI

destabilization of the middle east will lead to another nation "restoring order"

There's different factions of Jews vying for power

They hate Russia

They can't stop Russia, but they're betting on destroying their forces

It could spiral if the Chinese got involved as well

Sometimes the stars align just right

the world isn't that much different, it's just faster and more dangerous now

at least some good news today

I wish he actually gassed people

Israel supplied the rebels with it

they get them from Israel, we've already said that

Very hard when the US funds your enemies.

It doesn't really take explaining to figure out the "gas attacks" are all staged

The White Hats are funded by none other than Jews

Not for long if we strike

Russia is the only hope

Iran could help too

Maybe even China

Israel funded ISIS as well

Israel still provides medical supplies to what is left of ISIS

Yes, it's all apart of a greater plan for Israeli expansion

this is the end game

They seek the "promised land"

they're trying to fulfill the ancient ambitions of the old jews

It's not all oil

It's literally the jews

AIPAC(Pro Israeli Lobby) funds 3/4s of the Senate and House, and they use this power to call upon the US military to do their bidding

the only countries not controlled by International Finance(All Jews) are Syria, China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea

Israel is destabilizing the region to muster support from the couch potatoes of America to allow the military to be sent in to do their dirty work. Israel is expanding

(((They))) control most media around the globe as well

you are the retard

if you'd been paying attention

They've leached onto our country

infected the government and control us

This has been going on for longer than Israel has existed

Ever looked into Mayor Nathan Rothschild and what he did at the Battle of Waterloo?

The Rothschilds were some of the founders and advocators for Israel to exist

The Rothschilds and others like them have been profiteering off of European wars and nations for centuries

Jews funded ISIS, they start wars to make money, they force multiculturalism everywhere they go, and they erase history to better fit their ideals.

Take a good look at who all major lobbyists are in the West

Look at who owns the media

look at who controls international finance

you're the dumbest person i've encountered in this chat

this guy is about as arrogant as a jew

@Usukkaka what do you think of Adolf Hitler?

I wish the holocaust had been real

not one kike was ever gassed


@Usukkaka what are you even? Are you white?

the holocaust is a myth started before WWII even started, and actually was spread before Hitler was even elected. After the war it was used as an excuse to give Palestine to the Zionists

Anti Hitler propaganda said that 6 million jews would die if he was elected

He still lives in our hearts

where are bodies

How can you ever even prove anyone died outside of the camps

@Usukkaka I bet you never knew Hitler's driver(an SS officer) was a jew

cause they were the problem

Jews created communism

This guy is a jew, a parasite wasting our time

@Usukkaka <:kys:388539722210738177>

Jews created the USSR

Ahh the graves of poles killed by the Soviets

"Oy vey look at these links to jewish owned websites stating facts on the holocaust"

If he had actually killed them then you'd never have been born @Usukkaka

@Usukkaka quit dodging the question, what are you ethnically?

@Usukkaka James is woke on the JQ

Cause he doesn't want banned, have you ever talked to him or been on his streams. You're just a shill looking to write your next buzzfeed article you worthless oven dodger @Usukkaka

6 million people did die, 6 million Texicans at the Alamo

what are you ethnically?

you keep dodging it

No niggers allowed

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