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@GoyMeetsWorld#8305 Where are you departing from?

Is there an updated speakers' list out?

What's the worst case scenario if I visit their site on my phone and don't post anything?

Yeah that's what I thought.

What was the aggression level in D.C.? I heard they were throwing shit.

@MadDimension Nice, late Friday night works.

Also, we drive like dicks here in Illinois, consistently above the speed limit. How should I drive down South?

I figured. Get a rental car with a Southern state license plate too?

I am looking for a place to stay as well.

This question doesn't pertain to Virginia specifically, but I've heard there are state laws which were created back in the Cold War to protect leftists from getting fired simply for their political affiliations. I'm wondering which states have these laws in case many of us get doxxed at this event.

If I am traveling by myself, should I just get a motel room (that's not Super 8) or do I have better options?

What's realistically the worst case scenario in terms of violence for this event? A battle of Berkeley type situation? I'm just thinking that this is the first time that the crazies have an opportunity to target all of us (or at least a big number of us) in one place. I'm not as concerned about Antifa as a group, but more about the potential for one "lone wolf" to show up there with a gun.

Wait, why would we need a burner phone?

I'm just gonna feign ignorance and pretend like I was on a road trip and I had heard this was a "Unite the Right" rally, and I decided to just stop by because I thought it was just establishment conservatives lol. My boss knows I follow Richard and other Alt-Right figures. It could be a different story if I'm on TV next to a guy waving NatSoc insignia though.

@Goldstein Riots Interesting, I thought every group was given authority to do their normal thing.

I don't even know all of the organizations taking part in this event. Just know that IE, Vanguard, and TWP are involved.

If someone were to call in a bomb threat at the last minute, what would be the police's procedure under Virginia state law?

I figured. Just wanted to double check. :/ What's the likelihood of an enemy doing that?

They used bomb threats against Milo last year. I could see them at least considering that option to shut us down, especially since this rally will be so big.

We want to attract good normies to our movement, right? When the media shows up and gets spergy looks and behavior on camera, then it sets us back on that goal considerably. Just use your best judgement.

This is a Unite the Right rally, not a "I get to do whatever I want with unconditional support from allies" rally.

I like to dress down in the office from time to time, but when I'm meeting with a client or a business partner, I put on a blazer and slacks even if I'd prefer to wear a t-shirt.

I'm going to buy a pair of boots for this event, preferably a pair that works for both this event and for the winter in Chicago. Any suggestions?

The bates look really good but $150 more than the other suggestions. What am I getting with a $15 pair of boots? Lol

@kristall.night What's this with the cell phones? Why can't we bring our normal phones?

What defining characteristics would you say are associated with "the populist crowd that is on the fence about us"?

Look, I see where you guys are coming from, but I'd personally prefer if there wasn't an overload of confederate flags. I have no connection to the South. If I get doxxed on TV at an Alt-Right rally, that's one thing. Getting doxxed next to a ton of confederate flags wouldn't make sense to the people in my life.

@boilerplate I am currently getting vetted for the group I think you are talking about. Road-tripping by myself is the plan for now and then staying with other IE guys.

I got all of this stuff for 50 shekels, goy.

From Dick's Sporting Goods.

@Fevs They were on sale for $70 off. The helmet was $20 off.

In the digital age, you should be able to find a connection if you are a serious supporter unless the person is very shy.

I was planning on wearing a blazer to the Friday night event. What do you think the chances are that we will get ambushed then?

I'm guessing I should buy the insurance on the Enterprise rental car?

They won't shut us down. Antifa booked rooms too and they can't afford to throw away $100 living on their minimum wage hourly earnings.

Is the torch thing still happening?

What's the situation with Antifa on Friday night? Should we prepare like we will for them on Saturday?

What is the likelihood that any of these guys are even going to get the opportunity to speak without a permit?

So if we show up there without a permit, then we are pretty much there to battle.

Are all of the speakers still on board after the permit cancellation?

Just out of curiosity, how many people here are in white-collar client-facing jobs? I don't mean to put anyone down or minimize the symbolism of Lee Park, but I'm not sold on the idea of showing up to somewhere and potentially getting arrested just for being there when we have a safer alternative with the benefits of sound equipment, etc.

They can deem it an unlawful assembly once a ton of people show up.

A couple of the speakers are strangely silent about the permit cancellation on Twitter.

Damn, I can't believe I didn't think of the ACLU before.

We gave you spergs an invitation to join the party, and you blew it because you are losers.

@Auf WI damn just saw this now. I was in DC. Now in Annapolis.

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