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2018-08-29 03:55:16 UTC


2018-08-29 03:55:18 UTC

*Southern* California...

2018-08-29 03:55:22 UTC


2018-08-29 03:55:28 UTC

*Los Angeles*...

2018-08-29 03:55:33 UTC


2018-08-29 03:56:20 UTC

@Flint yeah crazy it's almost like the top 2% of the earners in this country are trying to create a soft Serfdom

2018-08-29 03:56:42 UTC

At least real Feudalism had some sense of community

2018-08-29 03:56:49 UTC

They're gonna get got by the commies if they keep it up.

2018-08-29 03:57:13 UTC

They wonder why so many debt laden students are reading about the Oct Revolution

2018-08-29 03:58:25 UTC

I only care because the 1% is going to convince the poor whites to defend them from the commies

2018-08-29 03:58:44 UTC

I wonder why the Far Right is so Authoritarian? Is it because of the fact that so many people came from Libertarianism, and it's a Reactionary move? Is it because of Moldbug's early influence?

2018-08-29 03:59:07 UTC

@Deleted User You're well read on early movement thinkers, right?

2018-08-29 03:59:10 UTC

Fascism is Capitalism on it's death bed, they say

2018-08-29 03:59:11 UTC

NRx guys?

2018-08-29 03:59:44 UTC

I don't know how true that is, but it's true enough to look into

2018-08-29 04:00:14 UTC

I think the authoritarianism in me comes from knowing that people on their own don't do what is beneficial to the whole.

2018-08-29 04:01:01 UTC

Yeah, kinda but I'm heading to sleep @John O -

2018-08-29 04:01:12 UTC

sleep tite

2018-08-29 04:01:20 UTC


2018-08-29 04:01:30 UTC

I reject GMT pretty hard @Nemets

2018-08-29 04:02:34 UTC

There's absolutely some truth in it

2018-08-29 04:02:41 UTC

I gotta go too


2018-08-29 04:02:50 UTC

lel nice

2018-08-29 04:02:56 UTC

Same, tbh

2018-08-29 04:04:09 UTC


2018-08-29 04:04:24 UTC

I need to go to bed

2018-08-29 04:09:09 UTC

Real west coast hours

2018-08-29 04:09:26 UTC

Before I pass out, who would do better? Nigeria with Alexander the Great as president, or Germany with Justin Trudeau?

2018-08-29 04:09:32 UTC
2018-08-29 04:11:02 UTC

@Flint one day I will escape this cursed place.

2018-08-29 04:12:41 UTC

One day we will have reconquest of SoCal

2018-08-29 04:14:08 UTC

@TylerHess I see we have a pipe dreamer lol

2018-08-29 04:20:51 UTC

I started reading Guillame Faye and they insist reconquest is necessary for ideology on their side of the pond

2018-08-29 04:21:23 UTC

Reconquest might take several generations but it gives us a long term goal to fight for

2018-08-29 04:22:59 UTC

Keep in mind that our enemies have acquired our lands with ease, and when people acquire things easily their maintenance is difficult, while he who acquires with great trouble finds that what he attained is easy to keep, for all difficulty was dealt with in the ascent

2018-08-29 04:29:52 UTC
2018-08-29 04:46:32 UTC

Step one: Make white babies.
Step two: move to SoCal and boycott Mexican food, buy only from Americans
Step three: vote white
Step four: report all crime to the police, no matter how small
Step five: enjoy the manifestation of your destiny

2018-08-29 04:55:11 UTC

Step 6: use water as leverage against Mexico like OPEC used oil against us until they take every single invader back

2018-08-29 04:55:14 UTC

You see the whole "Move to California" part is where you lost me. I like to be /comfy/ out here in the Midwest 🤠

2018-08-29 04:56:24 UTC

We will alter the deal, pray that we do not alter it further

2018-08-29 05:15:22 UTC

The whole Colorado river supplying water to the 20 million in SoCal as well as the impending massive earthquake on the San Andreas fault is the reason I support the Hispanic Ethnostate in SoCal. Go ahead buddy take it back as your own during Trump's Third term. I dare you.

2018-08-29 05:15:46 UTC

They can keep the Heebs too.

2018-08-29 05:17:00 UTC

And at the end of the day we can enforce borders on them simply by saying "stop smuggling your people here or we will gradually cut your water" The most cost effective option out there fam.

2018-08-29 05:34:26 UTC

When do us Cali ni🅱🅱as get the evac?

2018-08-29 06:04:12 UTC

You high agncy nibbas will figure it out and get out independently when the time is right. See you in Texas for our wall building party.

2018-08-29 06:17:16 UTC

Wish alot of us could get out of California, some of us,no matter how bad we want to,still have to stay here another 8yrs,then we can move out,but not before then...

2018-08-29 06:17:38 UTC

Sucks,but that's reality

2018-08-29 06:18:39 UTC

@celticflame Cali in 8 yrs.


2018-08-29 06:18:44 UTC


2018-08-29 06:19:03 UTC


2018-08-29 06:19:09 UTC

Thanks alot,lol

2018-08-29 06:19:48 UTC

Ooohhhh me sooo lucky tiawannna😂🤣

2018-08-29 08:49:27 UTC

So I'm sitting down reading an article in dem Tagesspiegel about the Chemnitz Protests and whomst should I see quoted? Pic related.


2018-08-29 09:14:15 UTC

Of coarse AJC

2018-08-29 10:10:21 UTC

tl;dr they're complaining they were chanting Nazi slogans and doing Hitler salute and the cops didn't do anything. It "alarms them very much," and there must not be "another Rostock-Lichthagen, Mölln or Sollingen.

2018-08-29 10:11:10 UTC

Or in other words, anything the Germans do to defend their Identity is a threat to the Jews. This is why the JQ is a thing. They see it as against their interests that we protect ours.

2018-08-29 10:11:11 UTC

My German doesn’t come in handy often but today it did 😏

2018-08-29 10:12:32 UTC

Also everything I saw showed that it was one drunk homeless dude throwing up a Roman salute and spouting off some scheiß and every media outlet latched onto it

2018-08-29 10:14:28 UTC

Like yeah, I’m sure this greasy SOB is the voice of the movement, sure


2018-08-29 10:17:36 UTC

Of course. Like one brand new creasy Swastika flag at Cville 2 = OMG Nazi rally. Reality doesn't matter to them, only the propaganda line.

2018-08-29 10:35:06 UTC

Be great if we could stop having announcements at times most normal people are sleeping. Gonna have to mute the server

2018-08-29 10:40:59 UTC

I was reading earlier in this thread talk about "why fascism". I'm not a big intellectual but when I look at Chili, Germany, Italy, where I see the US going, I see fascism as a tool used by those that love their country to "save the sinking boat". When dissidents have worked there way deep into the body of a once healthy nation it takes drastic authoritarian action to heal the nation.

2018-08-29 10:46:49 UTC

Hmm. Are discussions of fascism really ideal topics for this server?

2018-08-29 10:59:21 UTC

@hbutzer0511 This InfoWars video about the Afrikaners is good; too bad they couldn't put it out before they lost their YouTube channel with 2.4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS... 😑

2018-08-29 11:02:29 UTC

Never mind. The narrative's crap. They just justified the rise of the ANC to power with the excesses of apartheid, and said flat-out that the problem in South Africa isn't racism; it's just "another communist takeover."

2018-08-29 11:24:22 UTC

Gotta give normies that out. God forbid brown people have agency or anything.

2018-08-29 11:25:48 UTC

Solid vid from Moly, though:

2018-08-29 11:26:26 UTC
2018-08-29 11:28:59 UTC

Even with him, though, the property rights-centric, ermagerg, blegs'll starve" narrative is still omnipresent,

2018-08-29 11:30:34 UTC

...but hey, whatever gets the job done, I guess.

2018-08-29 11:35:06 UTC

Oh, for f#ck sake, he just found a way to lace the "nazis" into his monologue.

2018-08-29 11:35:22 UTC

Gotta reach the lowest common denominator, I guess.

2018-08-29 12:40:32 UTC

Good morning, gents

2018-08-29 12:53:49 UTC

Fact: when white people are strong, the planet cools; when we are weak, the planet heats. Science bruh.

2018-08-29 12:54:01 UTC

Do 96% of scientists agree to this?

2018-08-29 12:55:01 UTC

96% of scientists agree to this.

2018-08-29 12:56:12 UTC

Great! That's the only meteric that matters for climate science.

2018-08-29 13:03:29 UTC

What was temperature 20,000 years ago or 20,000,000 years ago? The only thing that is relevant is that is is within a range the we can prosper in.

2018-08-29 13:04:47 UTC

Real question hours:
Were the Empire the good guys, and the rebels the bad guys?

2018-08-29 13:07:21 UTC

The First Order were the best iteration of the Law and Order of the Empire. Theocratic Monarchy Intergalactic gang gang.

2018-08-29 13:09:02 UTC

They were the good guys. The rebels are basically Antifa or the Weathermen.

2018-08-29 13:10:59 UTC

I disagree. I like the cold. I don’t like the Africanization of Earth.

2018-08-29 13:11:17 UTC

The rebels? The old, extremist, sand religion?

2018-08-29 13:11:34 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD
@Fox The one that left millions of people in an ungovernable wasteland? yes lol


2018-08-29 13:12:19 UTC

Poor Alex Jone. They are hitting him from every direction.


2018-08-29 13:17:31 UTC

Saint Alex will persevere.

2018-08-29 13:26:44 UTC

Pay attention, guys (and gals):

2018-08-29 13:26:49 UTC


2018-08-29 13:28:45 UTC

Aryan agorism is the way forward--------------------------------------------------->

2018-08-29 13:30:09 UTC


2018-08-29 13:30:39 UTC

@ThisIsChris What!? Noooo.

2018-08-29 13:30:42 UTC

@Bjorn - MD So "Assad" will be doing another chemical attack "on his own people" again soon? *seems like an easy pretext for war by neocons*

2018-08-29 13:31:12 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Yup. We really need to turn "chemical weapons attacks" into a meme.

2018-08-29 13:33:36 UTC

You would hope now that the Wicked Witch of Arizona was dead that war would be less likely. 😕

2018-08-29 13:33:48 UTC

Could we turn this into some PUA equivalent where you “chemical attack” the not super hot girl in order to make the hottie jealous?

2018-08-29 13:34:29 UTC

Sounds feasible... <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-08-29 13:36:19 UTC

Peak Low time preference

2018-08-29 13:36:33 UTC


2018-08-29 13:38:38 UTC

Good morning I.E.

2018-08-29 13:46:44 UTC

Can we get all the whites out of South Africa and watch the country fall within a year? It'll be glorious.

2018-08-29 13:48:33 UTC

> blacks
> philosophy

2018-08-29 13:49:01 UTC

Agreed. Living in close proximity to that many blegs is a bad idea.

2018-08-29 13:49:36 UTC

Frame it in reverse, shouldnt we just get all the evil racist wypeepo out and watch the diversity enrich the place?

2018-08-29 13:49:47 UTC

Agreeing with the left for all the wrong reasons.

2018-08-29 13:49:48 UTC

What happened in the vid?

2018-08-29 13:50:09 UTC

They chimped out about a test...

2018-08-29 13:50:17 UTC

At school?

2018-08-29 13:50:23 UTC

Yep. It was "too hard".

2018-08-29 13:50:25 UTC

Isn't that the point of school?

2018-08-29 13:50:57 UTC

Why am I even trying ti rationalize this.

2018-08-29 13:51:05 UTC

Not sure. ^

2018-08-29 13:51:08 UTC


2018-08-29 13:51:32 UTC

Okay. Time to do real work now. Have a good day, goys.

2018-08-29 13:53:55 UTC

>purposely does not get haircut

2018-08-29 13:54:05 UTC

>still gets confused as military

2018-08-29 13:54:20 UTC

Cannot help but give the fashy goy vibe

2018-08-29 13:54:23 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD @Sam Anderson I'm kind of on the fence. I obviously understand the impulse to pull them out of there, though it's not going to happen, but another part of me thinks that, when the full-scale conflict inevitably arrives, even though White losses would be tragic, I think we severely underestimate their potential. With their backs against the wall, I don't know... We may end up witnessing yet another great historical irony, which is that the first explicitly White state will be founded not in Europe or North America, but on the dark continent itself.

2018-08-29 13:56:08 UTC

The *powers that be* would never allow an explicitly white state in Africa.

2018-08-29 13:56:17 UTC

Haiti 2.0 if we did not evacuate

2018-08-29 13:56:41 UTC

Imagine what would happen here and in Europe if they were allowed to be slaughtered. I don't know...

2018-08-29 13:56:48 UTC

Yeah, at some point the blacks will exterminate the whites in SA, its only a matter of time now.

2018-08-29 13:58:08 UTC

If Whites manage to achieve state power, yeah, they'll be massively outnumbered, and surrounded by hostile states, but you also have to remember that hatred of Whites is the only thing that unifies all of these disparate tribes. With the departure of Whites (into a White state in Africa), they'll go after each other.

2018-08-29 13:59:01 UTC

nah, they'll go after the white state (either attacking it, or flooding it with enrichment)

2018-08-29 13:59:23 UTC

They will never leave us alone.

2018-08-29 14:00:39 UTC

That's why we have nifty things like walls, concertina wire, tank traps, and other means which I'll omit, given the forum.

2018-08-29 14:01:37 UTC

Like I said, the initial outbreak of hostilities would be brutal, because the blacks still have a lot of the pre-1994 inventory left over, but once it runs out, and they're under embargo and sanctions, things could change cardinally.

2018-08-29 14:02:16 UTC

I can't remember what Simon Roche said as far as numbers, but the loses will be catastrophic for whites (only like 20% survival I think it was).

2018-08-29 14:02:23 UTC

The Whites that are still in SA have managed to get some effective security in place. Therefore the lower rate of murder. But the Black anger about the Whites has only grown.

2018-08-29 14:03:04 UTC

@Sam Anderson That's another valid point. Private security outnumbers the army more than 5:1.

2018-08-29 14:04:04 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Yeah, as interesting and prescient as some of Van Rensburg's predictions were, I have to take 'em with a massive grain of salt. Not sure what the numbers would actually be.

2018-08-29 14:05:22 UTC

@Sam Anderson The fact that the whites in SA have to live behind electric fences and change their routes home from school/work every day should tell them something...

2018-08-29 14:05:37 UTC

That doesn't sound like a way I would want to live my life.

2018-08-29 14:06:17 UTC

The fact that private security outnumbers the army 5:1 should tell them something as well.

2018-08-29 14:06:31 UTC

They are basically prisoners in the country.

2018-08-29 14:07:59 UTC

Which is why they need to establish their own state. There's rarely, if ever, been a time when Whites weren't outnumbered by their enemies. They just need power and security. Once there are little or no internal threats, external ones will be a secondary concern.

2018-08-29 14:10:33 UTC

I agree but the political viability of that is dubious at best. Perhaps showing that Whites can be some kind of victim group could allow part of our narrative to be pushed more mainstream by allowing explicitly White refugees.

2018-08-29 14:10:42 UTC

Hell, if you look at what 350,00 Jews pulled off in Palestine in '47-'49 against over a hundred million Muslims (who ore more intelligent than Bantus), I think they could well pull it off.

2018-08-29 14:13:02 UTC

I've heard this said before by others, and it's something that I've long thought myself, but if we have to remove them from Africa, then they'd better keep the boats running, because blacks aren't staying here.

2018-08-29 14:14:04 UTC

We're not going to have ethnonationalism for Africans in Africa, and civic nationalism for Whites everywhere. They don't get to have it both ways.

2018-08-29 15:35:09 UTC

I was listening to the Krytpo Report and Azzmador had a guy on their doing a report/infomercial for the D.S.B.C . He basically described everything that we are doing except replace the I/E brand with D.S.B.C. The fact that everyone now is copying/imitating our methods is a validation that I/E is sitting on the top of the hierarchy of IRL organizations .

2018-08-29 15:51:29 UTC
2018-08-29 15:51:46 UTC


2018-08-29 15:54:32 UTC

Daily Stormer Book Club.

2018-08-29 15:54:45 UTC
2018-08-29 15:56:10 UTC

Got it. Thx

2018-08-29 16:10:24 UTC

Alex Jones is playing Xurious now

2018-08-29 16:10:26 UTC


2018-08-29 16:12:42 UTC

I would Love to see Alex Jones have Patrick on his show 😃

2018-08-29 16:14:26 UTC

I have a normie right-leaning friend who got woke by accidentally discovering synthwave

2018-08-29 16:17:29 UTC
2018-08-29 16:18:24 UTC

Everyone who's anyone that matters has been on AJ

2018-08-29 16:18:39 UTC

Yeah, all the org's are going to emulate IE's MO, but they'll always have a dash of sperg to them (not that that's bad)

2018-08-29 16:19:27 UTC

DSBC and PF will always do the skull face mask type of stuff is what I mean..

2018-08-29 16:20:30 UTC


2018-08-29 16:20:50 UTC

can someone give me a quick rundown on PF? are they more the 1.0 type, or what?

2018-08-29 16:21:09 UTC

I assume we’re talking about Patriot Front

2018-08-29 16:21:20 UTC

Used to be Vanguard America, then the James Fields incident happened

2018-08-29 16:21:35 UTC

They're about a 1.7 on the scale, lol

2018-08-29 16:22:18 UTC

Their discipline wavers, sometimes they do good things, sometimes they bring unnecessary heat upon themselves

2018-08-29 16:22:55 UTC

I thought Fields was LotS, shows what I know.

2018-08-29 16:23:05 UTC

Rememeber: AIPAC is ghey

2018-08-29 16:23:25 UTC

When fields went to UTR 1, the then Vanguard gave him a shield, etc

2018-08-29 16:23:49 UTC

So it tainted VA and they had to become PF

2018-08-29 16:23:54 UTC

gotta keep the kosher sandwich together nnnguy

2018-08-29 16:24:08 UTC

AIPAC is the hornet's nest

2018-08-29 16:24:21 UTC

I'd say Wasp's nest, but they hate WASPs

2018-08-29 16:24:27 UTC


2018-08-29 16:24:42 UTC

Yeah PF does some stuff right. They have good imagery, their guys are often in shape. But they’re also spergy and explicitly fascist. Also one of their members was raided by the FBI for stockpiling illegal weapons

2018-08-29 16:25:03 UTC

Like people thought he was a school shooter and they were right

2018-08-29 16:25:42 UTC

With such lax gun laws, it's actually difficult to accomplish that, glad the bozo is gone from them

2018-08-29 16:26:42 UTC

Owning illegal firearms is really stupid and you'd have to be a real fool to do so.

2018-08-29 16:27:49 UTC

Back to the other subject before the Mods get us (no bully), I don't even really criticize these other groups anymore, just support them when they do good

2018-08-29 16:28:26 UTC

It's such a waste to spend energy being negative on the people who aren't our opponents

2018-08-29 16:28:51 UTC

Better to direct that energy outward

2018-08-29 16:29:18 UTC

I feel like the broader alternative right (lowercase A, lowercase R) could benefit from every group finding its lane and doing good there

2018-08-29 16:29:46 UTC

It's becoming that way, or at least feels like it

2018-08-29 16:30:01 UTC

the real fringe will fade away and the responsible people won’t fight each other by accident

2018-08-29 16:30:42 UTC

Or we'll be normalized and the cringe among us will become the fringe

2018-08-29 16:30:51 UTC

We need to do a Citizen Only Dinner for the homeless.

2018-08-29 16:31:07 UTC

Or needy...proof of citizenship required.

2018-08-29 16:31:37 UTC

@Freiheit - CA We'd probably need to be a bit more discerning than that. Most of the "citizens" who showed up probably wouldn't exactly be our crowd...

2018-08-29 16:31:48 UTC

That's the point

2018-08-29 16:32:04 UTC

pick a location that’s mostly our crowd?

2018-08-29 16:32:19 UTC

We do more for them already than blacks and browns

2018-08-29 16:32:33 UTC

We can actually demonstrate it.

2018-08-29 16:32:52 UTC

I’d be more concerned that homeless people often don’t have proper ID even if they’re good people and citizens

2018-08-29 16:33:07 UTC

We can give them a citizenship test.

2018-08-29 16:33:09 UTC


2018-08-29 16:33:58 UTC

or a citizenship test with our preferred criteria lol

2018-08-29 16:34:12 UTC

Here's my issues with this:
Churches already do this and the left hates them.
We'd get a propaganda boost until they point out we only did it for citizens and then we'd lose the soft hearts of the people who it would've worked on.
Basically, no gain but effort, time, energy, and dollars lost

2018-08-29 16:34:44 UTC

is it the normal churches or the rainbow flag churches that do it more?

2018-08-29 16:34:48 UTC

Trash pick ups, painting over grafitti--that's the stuff we win on in this department

2018-08-29 16:34:50 UTC

I would guess the former

2018-08-29 16:35:17 UTC

My church is hardcore Right wing and they feed the homeless

2018-08-29 16:35:24 UTC


2018-08-29 16:35:40 UTC

Pozzed churches are actually hard to find in my experience, just not enough to call it only a meme

2018-08-29 16:36:14 UTC

ehhh.. go to wealthy suburban areas and you’ll see a good number of them

2018-08-29 16:36:39 UTC

Look how many churches there are, though.

2018-08-29 16:36:45 UTC

that’s trhe

2018-08-29 16:36:50 UTC


2018-08-29 16:37:07 UTC

400 in a small city, the 5 awful ones get the lefty press coverage

2018-08-29 16:37:19 UTC

It's the same with college protests

2018-08-29 16:37:39 UTC

good point. also if the intent is to help the homeless, handing stuff out could be good too

2018-08-29 16:37:43 UTC

The left owns the media, they dictate the portrayal

2018-08-29 16:37:55 UTC

blankets, water, survival essentials

2018-08-29 16:38:08 UTC

with tasteful dragon eye logos of course

2018-08-29 16:38:36 UTC

It's not so much that the left owns the media as it is that the people who own the left also own the media (as well as the kosher right).

2018-08-29 16:38:54 UTC

Same difference, no?

2018-08-29 16:39:25 UTC

a bit different. “the left owns the media” implies we can take it back from the left

2018-08-29 16:39:44 UTC

when in fact you’d have to win it back from the *powers that be*

2018-08-29 16:39:56 UTC

I'm kinda splitting hairs, yeah, but my point is that the media and the left actually have very little agency of their own. They're just instruments.

2018-08-29 16:41:06 UTC

They're *all* the left. It's as much as I can put without always saying "Jews"

2018-08-29 16:41:12 UTC

...and you can't *take* someone else's media. All you can do is displace them by undermining their narratives in order to better resonate with your target audience.

2018-08-29 16:41:52 UTC

for the record, I never said anything about taking it back from the left..

2018-08-29 16:42:10 UTC

We have to replace it all

2018-08-29 16:42:21 UTC

somewhat related: we need an identitarian version of PragerU and all those conservative talking point generators

2018-08-29 16:42:40 UTC

But, they literally *own* the media. Like, it's their company.

2018-08-29 16:42:46 UTC

That's what I mean.

2018-08-29 16:42:54 UTC

ah ok

2018-08-29 16:42:54 UTC

It's their company and they direct the news

2018-08-29 16:43:00 UTC

@Flint Agreed.

2018-08-29 16:43:13 UTC

Btw, I'm not going after you or anything, lol. Just being a semantics sperg...

2018-08-29 16:43:18 UTC

They manufacture consent and dissent with their institution they legally own.

2018-08-29 16:44:18 UTC

So if one lesbian bishop becomes the head of a church, they have the power to multiply the news to the whole nation. We don't get to do that with those who stand fast.

2018-08-29 16:44:58 UTC

That's the raison d'etre of any media organization. They don't exist to inform, but to mold opinion. There's no such thing as an objective media organization. They're inherently as biased and agenda-driven as the people who comprise them inevitably are. It's much more useful to look at every single media outfit as a PR operation for the people who own them.

2018-08-29 16:45:09 UTC

The church, like white people in the US (because it's the same people) lack the will to fight and defend themselves. So the problem is the same.

2018-08-29 16:45:35 UTC

Want to know how whites are doing in the US? Look at how the churches are doing.

2018-08-29 16:45:43 UTC

-corruption in leadership

2018-08-29 16:45:51 UTC

-monetary fraud

2018-08-29 16:45:55 UTC

-wasteful spending

2018-08-29 16:46:09 UTC

-weak, easily conquered, spineless people

2018-08-29 16:46:22 UTC

-infiltrated and filled with subversives

2018-08-29 16:46:31 UTC

also, just like the left can take one freak and amplify them, they can take one normal person who speaks up and destroy them. so for our side, it would take a large number of influential people to present a unified front

2018-08-29 16:46:41 UTC

and that’s difficult

2018-08-29 16:47:34 UTC

The commies are right about one thing: *the material conditions*.
Whites can and will win, the moment they decide they have to fight, but their material conditions are too lavish right now.

2018-08-29 16:47:58 UTC

The Prager U and CRTV types are buying tons pf Youtube ads. Especially for right leaning content. Basically any monetized James Allsup video has a Prager U ad.

2018-08-29 16:48:34 UTC

Why would Joe six pack with his comfy chair, beer, and football--or--Johnny bigbux, with his 401k, business, and late model car, give it up???

2018-08-29 16:49:02 UTC

Whites lack the will to sacrifice time and money on a cause that almost no other whites will join them in.

2018-08-29 16:49:26 UTC

Thus, IE is trying to galvanize white racial concioussness

2018-08-29 16:49:44 UTC

it’s a shame because it’s a good model (the 3-5 minute policy clip) but it’s being wasted on muh taxes and muh Israel

2018-08-29 16:49:45 UTC

*That is our struggle: to get whites to struggle*

2018-08-29 16:52:13 UTC

Which is embarrassing and shameful, but that's what we're dealing with.

2018-08-29 16:53:16 UTC

Tucker Carlson would be awesome for right-wing info clips

2018-08-29 17:00:18 UTC

@Sam Anderson That's surprising to hear, I thought Prager hated all forms of white identity politics

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