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Hi guys, happy to come on. Just came through the interview with Elysian, based in SC as well

I really get a kick out of SPLC calling IE fashionable. Iโ€™m blushing, really

@Sherlock Silent Sam was in my home state โ˜น๏ธ

Oh nice I hadnโ€™t seen that

Twitter was shadowbanning anything negative about Silent Sam coming down

Well they were the night it happened, different story now

@Patient Zero I use the NPR app because itโ€™s fairly no nonsense. If you can put stories through your own logical filter itโ€™s good, and I get updates for major stories in my notifications

Quick question bois, new here- are there channels for each state that we can/should be in?

Estonia and a lot of Eastern Europe have been holding the line pretty well, thatโ€™s troubling

@Bjorn - MD thanks mate Iโ€™ll look into it

Birth rates ๐Ÿ˜ž

In my line of work knowing another language from study abroad has been super helpful, but I didnโ€™t go through a university

I equate it with travel. So long as you know where home is, and youโ€™re going home afterwards, have your fun and experience another culture- however muddled it may be at the moment

I would argue that if someone from a university in a melanated country can work on a level of an American university, then by all means. Visit. But as Padre Trump would say- you have to go back

Wonder if thereโ€™d be much conception of it honestly

@Bjorn - MD this may shock you, but I agree ๐Ÿ˜œ I like this group already

I travel to London fairly often for work. AMA

Preaching to the choir man

Happy Saturday boys, hope the weekend treats everyone well

Throwing mud on people who have passed on is a zero-sum game

Anyone see โ€œhow it endsโ€ that forest Whitaker was just in?

Debatably the single worst thing Iโ€™ve ever watched

An instant classic. Zucc is a confirmed reptile person

His blinking is just an act, he usually just licks his eyeballs

@Pat-MA a good example of Zuckerberg struggling with human behavior

A little bit too much

Nothing at all, but he mentioned it like 35 times in that video lol

They wonโ€™t catch much flak from that seeing as he just passed away, too soon for anyone to go after the McCains

What kind of a name is Touchberry


@Sam Anderson hardo Professors on syllabus day are a dime a dozen

Book of the day if anyoneโ€™s looking for a new read


Itโ€™ll make you feel like a sissy boy compared to our cavemen ancestors but itโ€™s interesting

Combing through tweets about Chemnitz has thoroughly made my night

Some drunk homeless dude held up a Roman salute and heads are rolling about it still


Sounds like someone shit in Alt Hypeโ€™s cereal and he made a cranky fueled video

Can you imagine if red ice or one of the other huge channels had a 180 ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Someone tell him to blink twice if heโ€™s being told to say this

His whole argument is that if Janet Housewife in suburbia isnโ€™t completely aware of/awake to your movement, itโ€™s not worth having at all. Which is silly

@Reinhard Wolff I laughed out loud when Richard Spencer got into ethnostates ~in space~

You heard it here first folks weโ€™re putting an IE flag on Mars

My personal experiences of trying to explain my ideas recently have not exactly been met with open arms

Well one of my buddyโ€™s girlfriends was not about the conversation at all, outside of that my friends have been interested to talk but at arms length really

Wish I had a sliver the conversational skills of Jared Taylor man that guy could sell me the shirt Iโ€™m wearing

Every time Iโ€™ve brought it up I get โ€œwell American whites donโ€™t have cultureโ€ and a piece of me shrivels up and dies each time


I sit at home and listen to enough people argue on the internet that I can pretty much take my buddies to task on things, they mostly have normie ideals. Probably donโ€™t even listen to 3+ hr bloodsport podcasts. Pfft

Making very clear the โ€œI donโ€™t hate anyoneโ€ bit is crucial when Iโ€™ve talked to people

The general idea is that youโ€™re either a centrist or a member of an alt right death squad and that doesnโ€™t help us much

My parents are milktoast Fox News types

My dad has turned his Facebook wall into a basic bloodsports arena for โ€œhis snowflake friendsโ€ though which is absolutely hilarious

My German doesnโ€™t come in handy often but today it did ๐Ÿ˜

Also everything I saw showed that it was one drunk homeless dude throwing up a Roman salute and spouting off some scheiรŸ and every media outlet latched onto it

Like yeah, Iโ€™m sure this greasy SOB is the voice of the movement, sure


Notice how they never link the website

Thx for the new desktop background bby

God Iโ€™m so excited for media coverage on that mural

Cargo shorts are fine if your pockets are full of IE stickers

>still allowing women to see your ankles

Letโ€™s get to the real questions of haircuts

@V.Balboa - PA im the guy with the banjo

โ€œI donโ€™t want to eat anything that I canโ€™t get in a drive thru and thatโ€™s white peoples faultโ€

โ€œOutgrew the need for a CPAP machineโ€ someone send help please

Woman you outgrew your ability to breathe normally in the first place, hence the CPAP

โ€œItโ€™s very frustrating,โ€ she told HuffPost. โ€œMy clients feel pressure that they have to change the way they eat. They have to start incorporating foods that are not common to them. So any time that happens, thereโ€™s a resistance against the pressure.โ€

This is otherwise known as a diet. Or systematic racism somehow I guess


I spent a couple weeks in Baltimore this summer


It was to visit an ex, really a lose/lose trip there

Crabs up there are pretty good tho

Iโ€™ve been to New Orleans too

Makes Baltimore look like a kindergarten

North Carolina religion is a weird area lol. Still snake handlers in the hill churches

Member the good old days? When idaho just made potatoes and left people alone? Oooh I member

At least itโ€™s chalk, quick water bottle job

The top one is jibberish. Momumi?

Yeah whatever this is


A good song in troubled times

Sherlock out here with the sleuth work

Was that Charlottesville?

The absolute madman

Love seeing guys come in daily in receiving. Great work to our interview guys

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet today

My state is about to get #schmacked by a hurricane so I got some materials for when the power goes out


Evola-zen-Buddhism is the wave

Iโ€™ve got hella candles boiii

Havenโ€™t decided what order to go in. Iโ€™ve heard ride the Tiger is a crazy dense read

^thinkin with his dipstick

Anyone heard about some huge meltdown involving Sargon? Buddy of mine just texted me sperging over it

Oof Iโ€™ll have to set aside two and a half hours later lol, thanks for the link Iโ€™ll give it a listen @Bjorn - MD

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