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Greetings! My interviewer was Ciro. Dues paid via PayPal.

Sort of thing that makes you wonder if it's too late for nationalism, now that we're caught up in the Hobbesian trap/vicious circle of globalization...

It's just a normie-tier civ-nat afd rally, but I find any display of German nationalism heartening.

Logan Square Arts Festival, Chicago





@AltRightMick and I did some decorating for the Chicago 'Families Belong Together' Womp-fest.





Location: Daley Plaza and surrounding environs, Chicago

Beverly and Mt Greenwood in SW Chicago with @unclefesterr , @AltRightMick , and @balbo





Location: McCormick Place, Chicago with @Mick





Location: Madison, WI--State Capitol and State Street Mall

Location: UW-Madison

Nah, that's in Jackson Park, on the south side. This is Grant Park, downtown.

Great job IL crew, btw!

"Β Identity Evropa is a white supremacist group focused on preserving white American culture and promoting white European identity.Β " Without the 'supreeemist' slur, this would be a fairly accurate summation of what we're trying to do. And it's also totally innocuous--the sort of thing a normie would read and be like, "well what's wrong with that?" I like to think that this is a consequence of our high standards--it's getting harder and harder to just say "evil genocidal Nazi ku kluxes" and have it be taken seriously.

Downtown Wheaton with @AltRightMick @halfMc @martin More photos to come, so please wait to post.




West Loop, Chicago, IL with @Piet Dietzel and @MrDefault

Noah Wintman huh? Wonder what his background is...

A lovely morning in Evanston IL

Ugh, the rest of these photos aren't wanting to be uploaded. If they don't show up, I'll do it later when I have wifi

Thanks dude! Can't take too much credit though--morning did most of the work.

For anybody needing a white pill, here's some footage from Europa Nostra, which I was lucky enough to attend. Look at all the normies! Note the lack of spergs. GI shows us the way.


And all this stuff in Chemnitz is also a big whitepill, regardless of the media coverage that @TV is citing. I'll try to get down there for the next big event.

@The Eternal Anglo We just need to reach down into the deep well of American culture, and we can do the same. Sometimes I get gaslit into thinking we're just a shopping mall. But then I talk to a European about guns and limited government and I realize that I am part of a unique thing...although I don't know if it can necessarily be called 'White American culture,' given that many White ethnicities are statistically unlikely to identify with it.

Antifa...I mean, I'm sure they have more specific groups within the mob, but it's basically the same old Antifa as ever (except the German version is more dangerous and less pathetic than the American version)...no borders, no hate, refugees welcome, "solidarity" blah blah blah

And I'm sure there were some shitlib boomers protesting as well--the types who aren't actually radical leftists. Just soft boomers who don't realize what they have to lose and think everybody should be nice to each other

It's amazing what happens when the 🀑 πŸ—Ί police actually put up barricades and do their jobs, rather than abetting the anarcho-tyranny...

What rebels, fighting to preserve the credibility of the establishment media! Stunning and brave.

So I'm sitting down reading an article in dem Tagesspiegel about the Chemnitz Protests and whomst should I see quoted? Pic related.


I was at Chemnitz for the protests yesterday and the afterglow of that whitepill is still coursing through my system. Vanguard movements will be an important force in this fight, but there's nothing like seeing normies express themselves freely, unafraid of the moral busybodies who would shame us into abolishing ourselves. Grateful to have been able to been a small part of it!

Great job MN folks!

So I was hitting up Technische-UniversitΓ€t Berlin with my local IB crew and out of reflex I took a pic for <#359086234175275010>...


Not that I met, but there were thousands of people

@Salo Saloson As to the presence of third-positionists at Chemnitz, I cannot confirm. With that many people, there would have had to have been a couple at least, especially if you use a broad definition of the term. But it mostly just seemed like a bunch of pissed off normies to me.

Does everybody already know that our youtube channel is censored in Germany? Not sure if this is old news or not, but when I tried to watch the Tomorrow Starts Today video it said "Not available in this country domain." And over here it's probably happening at the direct behest of the 'free, tolerant, liberal, democratic' regime, unlike the le private company censorship in the us

Don't worry, once AJ rips off his shirt in the capitol building we'll all be saved

I actually kind of agreed with this article. The best singer in the village becomes a mediocrity when you can click a YouTube thumbnail and listen to the Wien Staatsoper on a whim. Who cares about the amateur men's basketball team from your town when you can watch LeBron without leaving your living room. But as a result of this desire to behold greatness, these formerly participatory and localized activities become homogenized and commoditized. You take the space where uncle Jimmy would break out his fiddle so everyone could square dance after supper and you fill it with a consumer good produced by Hollywood capitalists. You make consumers out of people, when they could be bit-players in the vast, preposterous ritual that is culture. It's alienation of culture, to get a little Marxoid. Alienation of identity as well. And the unfortunate fact remains, that most people *are* mediocre. They will never be great. Many won't even be competent. But they might be better off participating in culture, poorly, rather than sitting on the couch.

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