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The media image of her isn't going to survive past lunch, her website and instagram are going to be the most memed material in recent history


They should have gone with glowing-eyes-rabbit photo. Very sympathetic


Here's one for the caravan


Here's a Normie-friendly comic


Soon Starbucks employees are going to have to get more racial, homelessness, mental illness, and symbolism training than the FBI

If I was a lib, at some point I would have to say "aren't we requiring a little too much out of Starbucks employees?"

Do we have any IE approved pamphlets we can print out at home? You know, one page, folded in half making 4 sides? If not, we should

Nuh-uh me first

@Prestor John Reach out to Mike Enoch from TRS. He collected tons of archived material about this same thing

Or if they also left when a state of emergency was called (in which anyone still there was subject to arrest). Womp womp to them.

One word for the left: Dallas.

@Conway - OK *writing that down...*

It's better than the usual, "face it, you will never accept white people talking about these things" because it puts the burden to respond on them

Simple change, but yuge

What else can we do this to?

"What white majority nation do you think should remain a white majority nation?"

Pretty funny, good potential


Elmer Fudd is a hunter, Bugs Bunny calls him a Nimrod, people don't get the reference, meaning lost forever...


*Answers to mysteries I've never asked hours*

What else, fam?

Saw this ad(?) online, what did they mean by this? Is it supposed to be innocent and I'm just a pessimist?

Or is it about diversity and it's just coincidence they're also pushing for pedos?


@Bjorn - MD Just "farmers", huh?


We know that the left can't meme, but did you know they also can't play poker?

*Always show your hand: A Leftist guide to life*

Waiting for the glorious sunrise


@Wotan Klan-GA Collapse? Explain..

Georgia = the US's Dingos

Wotan Clan: "Guys, we're heading for imminent destruc--" *radio silence*

Oh, definitely. We *are* collapsing. I was thinking you meant the more immediate situation

Student debt bubble, housing market, strength of dollar, Israel pulling us into Iran..

*All those wonderful variables*

If we could just not create the conditions that breed communists, I'd be fine with that lol

I would caution against having a peasant class

The meme of corporate profits never being passed down to the workers is true, though.

So, yeah, there'd still be 'peasants'--but they wouldn't be living in squalor waiting to kill the rich

I wouldn't get to autistic about it, lol

The mix would happen naturally, but we have to remember the sociopaths rise to the top and how they would quickly create the same conditions we have now

thus, corporations who care nothing for their own people

hence, a breeding ground for commies

*The question is: how to get people to do the right thing?*

Until we purge the universities of subversives, almost no one should go

@PhoenixFire That'll happen naturally, too. Dudes that love their people would be excited to defend them

I've never actually considered *what I would want* as much as *I know what we don't need*

So I never think "what is the perfect new society" as much as "how do I keep this from happening again?"

The greed, antisocial behavior, the subversion, etc

I used to be idealistic, lol

I'm a little more realistic now

The ideal is the dream, the realism is the goal

*How close to heaven can the earth get?*

Some days, I look only to my hatred of the left to oppose them; other days it's from the love of my people

I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.
-Psalm 139:22

Maybe I'll get that tattoo around my ankle and take selfies with duck lips

@William Russell tbh, it really will get worse, this is evident in the left's goals

Bully squad ready


Just a reminder that modern combat is at least 90% cardio and very little actual strength

And keeps peasant revolts down

If we could get rich whites to care about poor whites, the fight is just about over

The opiod addictions, the dying of preventable and treatable diseases, etc

The homelessness of entire families because of one layoff or illness

All of them, really

It's a large cast and details the lives of all the people in the house

*don't say the flapper don't say the flapper*


Is there a sassy maid? I want to be *her*

no reason..

*Oi! Getcha own damn tea*

You mean freed from my bourgeoi masters to go have my own series?

*Oi, you got a license for that!* the series

So, it'll be an HBO show?

Actually, there really is a show like that, set in the 70's disco ere

Had Maggie Gylenhal and James Franco...

Don't remember what it was called

She was a prostitute in NYC and had a daughter

He was the brother of some guy who owed money. I only saw about 20 mins of it

Ah, found it, it was called "The Deuce"


@William Russell The Wire was awesome

@John O - For real?


Pretty much all of history wouldn't have been to fun to be in, tbh. The beds we have now are better than what Kings had

Labor Unions were necessary

I understand why people hate unions, but what do you do when the rich treat their workers like garbage?

It's simply a check on human greed

Yeah, now we need unions for the unions...

and then a union for them

Absolute power corrupts..

I've found getting people to do the right thing doesn't work when you don't have leverage on them

*C'mon, don't do that, it's not right* is not a persuasive argument to those that simply don't care

thus the mobs and pitch forks

class division

And passing some of those earnings down to the workers

So we don't end up right where we're currently at

Corporate earnings way up, stock market way up, wages... the same. Angry people, why's that?

and then going to book it when it all falls apart

only to come back to invest in the shattered and cheap market

Kinda, lol


I used to believe all the myths about the South being open and free and people hunting and the poor fishing

Turns out everywhere is owned and to hunt you have to pay a lease or find the owner of the land

I'm from out west originally, that's why I had a false impression of the South


*Southern* California...

*Los Angeles*...

They're gonna get got by the commies if they keep it up.

They wonder why so many debt laden students are reading about the Oct Revolution

I only care because the 1% is going to convince the poor whites to defend them from the commies

Fascism is Capitalism on it's death bed, they say

I don't know how true that is, but it's true enough to look into

I think the authoritarianism in me comes from knowing that people on their own don't do what is beneficial to the whole.

I gotta go too


Yeah, all the org's are going to emulate IE's MO, but they'll always have a dash of sperg to them (not that that's bad)

DSBC and PF will always do the skull face mask type of stuff is what I mean..

Used to be Vanguard America, then the James Fields incident happened

They're about a 1.7 on the scale, lol

Their discipline wavers, sometimes they do good things, sometimes they bring unnecessary heat upon themselves

When fields went to UTR 1, the then Vanguard gave him a shield, etc

So it tainted VA and they had to become PF

AIPAC is the hornet's nest

I'd say Wasp's nest, but they hate WASPs


With such lax gun laws, it's actually difficult to accomplish that, glad the bozo is gone from them

Owning illegal firearms is really stupid and you'd have to be a real fool to do so.

Back to the other subject before the Mods get us (no bully), I don't even really criticize these other groups anymore, just support them when they do good

It's such a waste to spend energy being negative on the people who aren't our opponents

Better to direct that energy outward

It's becoming that way, or at least feels like it

Or we'll be normalized and the cringe among us will become the fringe

Here's my issues with this:
Churches already do this and the left hates them.
We'd get a propaganda boost until they point out we only did it for citizens and then we'd lose the soft hearts of the people who it would've worked on.
Basically, no gain but effort, time, energy, and dollars lost

Trash pick ups, painting over grafitti--that's the stuff we win on in this department

My church is hardcore Right wing and they feed the homeless

Pozzed churches are actually hard to find in my experience, just not enough to call it only a meme

Look how many churches there are, though.

400 in a small city, the 5 awful ones get the lefty press coverage

It's the same with college protests

The left owns the media, they dictate the portrayal

Same difference, no?

They're *all* the left. It's as much as I can put without always saying "Jews"

for the record, I never said anything about taking it back from the left..

We have to replace it all

But, they literally *own* the media. Like, it's their company.

That's what I mean.

It's their company and they direct the news

They manufacture consent and dissent with their institution they legally own.

So if one lesbian bishop becomes the head of a church, they have the power to multiply the news to the whole nation. We don't get to do that with those who stand fast.

The church, like white people in the US (because it's the same people) lack the will to fight and defend themselves. So the problem is the same.

Want to know how whites are doing in the US? Look at how the churches are doing.

-corruption in leadership

-monetary fraud

-wasteful spending

-weak, easily conquered, spineless people

-infiltrated and filled with subversives

The commies are right about one thing: *the material conditions*.
Whites can and will win, the moment they decide they have to fight, but their material conditions are too lavish right now.

Why would Joe six pack with his comfy chair, beer, and football--or--Johnny bigbux, with his 401k, business, and late model car, give it up???

Whites lack the will to sacrifice time and money on a cause that almost no other whites will join them in.

Thus, IE is trying to galvanize white racial concioussness

*That is our struggle: to get whites to struggle*

Which is embarrassing and shameful, but that's what we're dealing with.

*Are we still sipping?*


So 3 of the 5 Muslims training kids to shoot up schools in the desert have been released because of the "10 day rule"?

*My goodness, fam*

@fgtveassassin I'm assuming it's 'can only hold for 10 days without having formal charges brought against'

Very near or close to it

It's to prevent people from being arrested *while* the cops try and find something on you.

I can't help but think these people are CIA assets and they found a loophole to get them out with

(without it being blatantly obvious)

District Judge *Emilio Chavez* dismissed all charges...

@fgtveassassin Don't know.. CPS?

(child protective services?)

is my guess

But If ALL charges are dropped--doesn't that mean they are 100% free to go???

The left: cries about school shootings and terrorism, releases terrorists training kids to shoot up schools because muh minorities in jail & muh muslims are persecuted

Also: there was a dead child on the grounds of the compound.

And killing a kid. Remember, they killed a kid on that compound.

Literal child killers training other children to shoot children at schools.

*And they're free to go*

New Mexico needs to impeach that judge.

And the feds already destroyed the compound..

If they're actually informants, as they appear to be, then they'll delay and obfuscate until it's memory holed

All they have to do is out wait the do-nothing-public's attention span

And if not, the compound members will "flee"



*When prying eyes are on you but you're clean*


I am very proportionate and look great in everything.

Man, I'm so handsome, I can't blend in anywhere, it sucks...

I went to the fair and got a caricature done of me


bf not in IE


I kid

ah, the material conditions

We here in GA are having quite the fight with the doxxers..

I'd buy a Fred Perry polo, but I don't want some rando yelling about the Proud Boys

Boots, pants.

A good pair of leather boots will last 10+ years

*more, actually*

Pants: dark blue jeans, khaki or brown color plus button up shirts

Match your belt to your shoes.

Fashion isn't hard and the demands shouldn't require a million dollars

Look "put together" and you're ahead of 90% of other men.

I don't have a "clean cut" look, face or hair, and I always get told I look "well put together" because I don't wear shorts, running shoes, and shorts everywhere

And I don't go clothes shopping every weekend either

@Deleted User That could go either way, lol

Cheetah vest?

I wear silkies in the house

What we don't want to do is look like corporate losers getting margaritas at a Chilis after work

You can try to look "too nice" and end up looking like the dork in a Ross catalogue

Look uncool = no one wants to join. Keep some youth and energy in your clothtes

brainlets on suicide watch

Credit score, IQ test, and bank statement...

See ya!

Credit = the numerical J**



Did you know your credit score can only get so high without gigantic loans such as a house?

I was actually told this from a bank

"Sir, your credit is perfect, but you haven't taken on enough debt"

GI BIll!

STEM is pretty broad, though

goes from exciting to face numbingly boring

so I'm either way

They're destroying everything

on purpose and with little resistance

I said the holocaust was overplayed in class and actually got everyone else to agree

*true story*

The one Jewish kid in class looked like he'd seen a ghost

Just a reminder


Stupid white people and their...
*pulls card*

Never Practicing Reality

Perceiving also works

I'd say America already did that... Hence, Trump

But Germany will be the first European country to wake up if they keep going

Yeah, they never woke up, they've always been based. Same with Poland

I stopped caring about Europe, tbh. Not that I don't *care*, but that I'll worry about them when they finally stand up for themselves. Otherwise, it's just torture.

*Another migrant killed some Euros*

*Another migrant raped some Euro women*

*More migrants burnt down a city block*

There's too much going on here and in our own lives to carry them on our hearts and minds, as cheesy as that sounds

Like watching a boxer taking a beating

And not fighting back

The moment they stand up though, we'll all back em

@Deleted User I agree to a certain extent. But people are still free moral agents who decide for themselves

More access to information now than ever before in time, no excuse to go along with it anymore

They just don't care.

At a certain point, say, after all the migrants rape and kill, they have to think for themselves just once.

People all throughout history have risen up for less and sacrificed more

They can vote.

They can call the police, or answer a poll differently.

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