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Hello from Utah


@Zyzz I would have more respect

Half of Europe died in the early 1300's

I have a good story for anyone sad..

By HP Lovecraft

Read it, it's whitepill


Rad dude

Water for me

@Patient Zero Aged monster

@Ryonne I'm lactose intolerant though... <:sad:366743316475281408>

@BryceB-ND Thank goodness, they make me sweaty!

@TMatthews I don't know mud huts are really cool

IE takeover Malta when?



IE Vacation ranch


Water only

Hey, leave Sam Hyde alone

Has anyone read "The Gates of Fire"?

@Reinhard Wolff As one of the few in UT, is there anything I can do alone?

@Reinhard Wolff I'm in CO but it's a bit far (server)

@Ryonne Brilliant

@Ryonne I'm changing my profile now

Tribe Nationalism?



@Ryonne I just want to go back to Feudalism

@Patient Zero The 19th century seemed like such a wonderful time, but still full of war. Great movie

@Ryonne The only immigration that I want

@Goose That's a good idea actually

Would that be possible? To help 'actual' refugees?

@Gibson Quality comeback

:t pose:

Is that english?

@Krypto- OH Iran must be playing 6D chess

A new Jared Taylor podcast? Yessir

Hahaha every time

She'll never live that down

Can't her past be in her past? She's obviously done great things, she helped redpill me


REBEL media


Hey by the way daily reminder of the Battle of Tours, 732

Really? She always sounds pretty smart


Pardon my ignorance, but what is milquetoast conservative?


I see

Yes okay

What about Jesse Lee Peterson?

I quite like Christianity

Oh okay lol

From UT there is a congresswoman Mia Love, shes the exact way. Only elected because of her face. She attacked Trump for his S-hole comments


Lol i meant to say Race, not face


I have a based and redpilled friend but he used to be a normie politically speaking. Now he's one of the only guys I talk to about race, nationalism, and wanting to join the Space Force

@Caboose Thanks for humoring me lol. I'm such a nerd


Look, you can't expect them to put *that* much effort in it

car-tho-go dale-end-a essss-t

@Doc34 I read that when I was in Highschool. I guess I began my redpill journey early

And covered in leafs

It's sad to that I even have to join. Don't get me wrong, I am glad I am here. But man, we've gotten to this point. Sorry a little bluepilled lol

@Asatru Artist - MD "We their sons can do no less"

If anyone is interested I have some quotes that always help me center and remember what my ancestors went through to get me here. I read them just now and I'm back in the fight πŸ˜‰

β€œSweetest of all is liberty. This we have chosen and this we pay for. We have embraced the laws of Lycurgus, and they are stern laws. They have schooled us to scorn the life of leisure, which this rich land of ours would bestow upon us if we wished, and instead to enroll ourselves in the academy of discipline and sacrifice. Guided by these laws, our fathers for twenty generations have breathed the blessed air of freedom and have paid the bill in full when it was presented. We, their sons, can do no less.”

β€œWar, not peace, produces virtue. War, not peace, purges vice. War, and preparation for war, call forth all that is noble and honorable in a man. It unites him with his brothers and binds them in selfless love, eradicating in the crucible of necessity all which is base and ignoble. There in the holy mill of murder the meanest of men may seek and find that part of himself, concealed beneath the corrupt, which shines forth brilliant and virtuous, worthy of honor before the gods. Do not despise war, my young friend, nor delude yourself that mercy and compassion are virtues superior to andrenia, to manly valor.”

Last one for now...

β€œ*A thousand years from now,* Leonidas declared, *two thousand, three thousand years hence, men a hundred generations yet unborn may, for their private purposes, make journey to our country. They will come, scholars perhaps or travelers from beyond the sea, prompted by curiosity regarding the past or appetite for knowledge of the ancients. They will peer out across our plain and probe among the stone and rubble of our nation. What will they learn about us? Their shovels will unearth neither brilliant palaces nor temples. Their picks will prize forth no everlasting architecture or art. What will remain of the Spartans? Not monuments of marble or bronze, but this- what we do here today.* Out beyond the narrows, the enemy trumpets sounded.”
-Leonidas, Steven Pressfield, Gates of Fire

All from the same book.

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence

I'm sure others have mentioned it but I just watched Farmlands. It was a great documentary, albeit a little amateur, but considering that it's independent and the content is very well thought out, I can ignore the repeating shots of some antelope. I've been following Seidlanders efforts for some time so it was cool to see their work in SA.

As Dr Michael Savage said, respect the warrior, critize the statesman.

In respect to McCain.

What's Alt Hype?

Oh I see

19th century was pretty great

Absolutely! None of this weak spine cyberbullying

The only HBO series I liked was The Young Pope. Although it had a lot of sexual themes which I didn't like that much

Farmer in 1860 America might be nice

Public Unions are garbage, private are kind of on basis

I like Feudalism

Lets go WAY back

My great grandfather and his family were driven from Missouri into Mexico. We were refugees.

You're lucky you are not in the west. The western half of the US is mostly owned by the federal government. That's why we have so many wildfires. 90% of the California wildfires are started on federally managed land.




At least real Feudalism had some sense of community

never enough white children

Ah great... a _sen_

not a _son_

@TMatthews No but like how you feel

I'm making a video

@Bjorn - MD RT and Al Jazeera?


I'd love to learn Arabic and Hebrew, but I wouldn't ever want to have to learn that to get a job in my own town.. Same with Spanish

But muh heartless Capitalism



The U of U is... ya know...

The Marketing branch of the Church is starting to really bother me

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I am happy to have anyone join. My friend served a mission in Mexico and could immediately tell the difference between members. They had their lives together, the Church really encourages that. However, Utah has always been white. I like it white. Why import students from foreign countries who don't ever stay? Unless they get an internship, they always ship back out to their countries with our education. Why do I have to open up my house? The Israelites were _extremely_ homogenous and I like that. Can't I do that too? Besides, the early Mormon pioneers were driven out to Utah, that was our only refuge, I don't imagine that the _religion of peace_ will get well with us forever.


@Grayson That's a great point, I didn't even think of that. Yeah I mean the people who stay in their places are the best ones.

Very intricate.

@Asatru Artist - MD I'd be happy to DM if you would like, maybe talking about it on General isn't the best. Kind of feel like it's off topic

My bad

Have you seen Jared Taylor speak Japanese?

That would make sense, he went around former French African countries right?

And he went to a French university right?

I wonder how many made it without AA. As JLP says: "Not all, not all, not all, but some..."

But guys, we are going to be "sexually dominated" so maybe we ought to learn from them

(Tariq Nasheed)

I like how JLP always asks "Do you love whites". The answer seems to be pretty consistent. But ask a white guy on the street and he'll be groveling.

They are probably also scared of their psycho kids getting their hands on it and having drugs in the same room.

Also they think we are a Democracy... Puhleez

Republic for the win

God I love my president

I love this country so much. I'd like a change if there was one, but no biggie

Hey is that Lincoln speaking @Asatru Artist - MD


But true American heritage is European, but of course better πŸ˜‰ Definitely want "American" to mean, once again, European


Just use Clint Eastwood in _The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly_ as a symbol

Westward Expansion is awesome, huge part of our history, huge part of the White history.

@TMatthews Yes, and it was only because of our heritage and our people's drive. Westward Expansion is a great symbol of White ingenuity, strength, and brawns I think.

Pioneer and Pilgrim spirit is American Spirit, White Spirit

Yeah besides people can always improve themselves.

We are a European descendant nation. Unique

@Deleted User I'm no criminal!


Whoa... whoa there... CHIMP out? @Asatru Artist - MD You watch your language there bucko


It looks cool but I'm an idiot and sometimes say the V instead of U

Probably unpopular but I'd like to learn Arabic and Hebrew... <:nervous:359009898115104770>




I never want to learn that language for that reason.

I have a coworker who constantly raves about Esperanto


An identity-less ((global)) language YUCK

As apposed to his French great grandfather?

I thought it was vaterland

oh yeah


Because we're back to back World War Champs, that seems like a fair reward

I was in my writing 2010 class last week and we were asked that if we could go to the future or in the past, where would you go, when would you go, and why? Most people said 1950s-1980s America because it was "cool" and "interesting".... I should have said because it was hu-White

But post WW2 America is kind of mixed. We did get the _boomers_ but it was a great time economically and culturally.

I'd go to the 19th century. Prussia, France, America... All beautiful, all hu-white

England's empire too

6 Days War is a good example. The Israelites got their Holy City back

I saw a lot of Christians for Israel groups when I was there. What about your homeland (most were southerners)

Last fall I was there, really pretty and nice weather. Great digging in the dirt

Never really am attracted to other races, but some of those Arab girls... phew... πŸ˜‚

That's why I said some lol


But Arab girls can't beat my girlfriend (INBEFORE BLUEPILLED COMMENTS)

I like the newest AMREN video, I think I'll send this to CivNats:

Frederick of Prussia liked tall blondes in his army. πŸ˜ƒ

I think it was Frederick of Prussia

Don't know much about Russian history, should probably learn more. Although I know _some_ of the OG Russians were Vikings

Vikings becoming the Normans was the coolest thing I learned in my Crusades class. Explained so much

Yeah lol

I like Christian history myself, Frankish and Germanic history is cool too

Yes but pre Industrial revolution numbers must be more close right?


Well daily reminder of The Battle of Tours on October 10th 732. God Bless Charles "THE HAMMER" Martel!

The hammer, what a Chad name

Yeah Napoleon was fascinated by Charlemagne (Carolingian dynasty) and the earlier Merovingian dynasty.

I always wondered about my ancestry and when I got a test I found out I was VERY Scandinavian. But after learning about the Normans and their conquest, it made a lot more sense. It also explains the French mix. Also, I thought I was at least half English, but I'm only about 4% English. But because of the Norman mix it makes sense that we might think that we were Anglo

And... _superior_ looks? πŸ˜‚

What are you Navajo?

huWhites were KANGZ

Well heading to bed. Sweet dreams huwhite devils


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