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Had to remake my account

Disord deleted me

@Matthias thank you

2018-03-05 23:09:09 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Give it up votes ^^^^^πŸ‘†

Everyone get in there and take the thinkery apart on this one.

2018-05-21 02:39:40 UTC [Fitness #hema]  
2018-05-21 02:39:44 UTC [Fitness #hema]  
2018-05-21 02:40:00 UTC [Fitness #hema]  

Not as much as I've done other things but I've dabbled in fencing

2018-05-21 02:40:34 UTC [Fitness #hema]  

If you have a local SCA chapter they do fencing exceptionally well

2018-05-21 02:41:04 UTC [Fitness #hema]  

But beware they will try to get you to lace up lol

2018-05-21 02:41:43 UTC [Fitness #hema]  

@Deleted User good place to gather techniques. It's a good place to learn fencing in general

2018-05-21 02:42:44 UTC [Fitness #hema]  

@Deleted User try kult of athena they have alot of stuff for a variety of needs relatively cheap


! agree


2018-05-31 02:14:45 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #jail]  

Thanks muh man πŸ‘

2018-05-31 02:37:35 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #jail]

The OG Princess of Pizza (@QueenofTacos) Tweeted:
Meanwhile, people of color have been living defensice identities of "black" and "brown" for hundreds of years because of the ~documented~ (not "supposed") horrors of racism that heterosexual white men have perpetrated upon them. Forgive me if I don't cry for cishet white dudes.

Give this guy some up votes fam

Look what I got to r/all

@unclefesterr I'm just surprised I got it to r/all

2018-08-26 21:07:08 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #jail]  

Don't think there's anything to be gained from this bro.

Dna tests have a pretty broad database

Family bibles in my case have names

Yeah they'll really hammer white males fir awhile after this and then wonder why people are opting out of their diversity plan.

Every attack on being white instead of just say what happened is terrible literally pushes everyone with a brain away from them and they can't figure out how the right wings steadily gaining traction.

Anyone know if this is true?

@TylerHess I see we have a pipe dreamer lol

Didn't know he had a discord

Did I see right? Kazinov has been confirmed to be heard for the Supreme Court nominqtion

Is he our guy?

How right wing is he?

@ThisIsChris I'll have to give it a watch

Reddit on suicide watch

The salt mining has begun. Been at work so just found out about it all

@Deleted User they're children throwing a fit. The Supreme Court was what they've used to push through their agenda. Now that they're losing it the feel the culture war shifting further against them

@Virgil there's a definite trump white baby boom happening

Was just at a birthday party over the weekend and most everyone had three or 4 kids and newborns

Plus the left isn't reproducing so that helps our cause

@Flint that's okI'm not trying to convince their immigrants to join us and diversity plus proximity equals right wingers.

The lefts on a time limit to try and pack as many incompatible groups into our country as possible before it blows up in their faces. Any way we go about it they'll inevitably collapse under the weight of their unsustainable political positions and natural fault lines.

The more they go about it the way they are the more people like us they create.

Take something like this for instance. A white person expresses themselves about all of the stupidity and contradictions. The lefts response call him fragile.

They're literally driving people to us and anyone with a brain isn't going to stick around and be flauged for social justice

Showed my wife vices documentary report on Liberia the other day. She was blown away.

What's up everyone

Good just getting the baby to sleep

Well the wife is I'm collecting diapers

He's a happy little fella

Got another one on the way


I know right lol @Asatru Artist - MD

@Bjorn - MD lol they don't realize that only white liberals aren't reproducing. There's an ever widening white imbalance of compounding right wing white people having as many kids as possible

@Bjorn - MD doesn't matter. We've always been outnumbered. Once we're all on the same page without traitorous liberal whites we're neigh unstoppable

@Bjorn - MD consolidate organize and move forward slowly building cultural and institutional power. It's a long march

Let's think this way. If we all have 4 kids and they have 4 kids and all of their kids have 4 how many people have we created on the right just from one family with our views?

Easiest way to achieve cultural hegemony of whites at least is quite literally to breed our way out of this.

Once we achieve that we push forward further

I think the meme that we can't outbreed the left is simply left wing defeatist propoganda

I think we can. We just need to adjust our priorities

I don't need a new car. I need to have another son

We have enough kids we can get rid of paying for them.

@MrDefault the right in general sustains or expands their population. We're self sustaining. The left isn't. We adjust our priorities from left wing what you needs for kids talk to becoming family centered. We take care of our kids have as many as possible and by the time we're old even if we only have 4 kids we'll all have 64 great grandkids.

And all of them will agree with us

@Asatru Artist - MD which will inevitably engender a dislike of the other group as people realize they're employing immigration for vote manipulation

@Bjorn - MD we keep fighting all along the way to keep our voices heard and our positions afloat. In the long run we're guaranteed cultural hegemony if we maintain the course

@Bjorn - MD personally I believe we're a historical inevitability. We simply must sieze the moment

@Sam Anderson or maybe it's the same guy with a pepe avatar whose account you deleted 10 times now. I can't count the number of alts I've employed to subvert bans

@Asatru Artist - MD you should watch the documentary of rhajness porum on Netflix. They tried to do the same thing by importing homeless people from all around the country to Oregon in order to try and control the voting process and the local/state government.

Their tactics caused their compound to implode and the guru to be deported.

It also. Made everyone around them hate them

The left always fails from internal weakness. It's a short game. It has no lasting power

We have longevity and strength on our side. We have truth and sustainability

We will win

Or positions are solid. Our values are on point and the truth is on our side

@NateDahl76 the larger our base is expanded the more effective cultural and institutional power we will be able to explicitly advocate for

There's no effort too small from irl activism to just making pro white and pro traditional posts on reddit. Everything comes together inevitably

Have fun with that

This could be fun

Make up a title

Make up a title

Admiral of awesome

Haven't we been saying Google been manipulating things for awhile?

They're a bit slow on the up take but it does prove if we push the subject they follow behind

I love total war

They will not take this from me

Give it the ole πŸ‘Ž


All I wanted to do was play my vidya games

Fortunately the fortress of minecraft is still impregnable

Minecraft is love

Minecraft is life

From the new Assassins creed

How's the Kavanaugh hearing going?

So he's beating them like a drum?

Seems like the hearings been total bs

I've been calling his as Stormy Daniels round 2

Just a character assassination attempt

@The Eternal Anglo he's definitely right wing

The lefts seems desperate to stop him

So at the end of today's hearings all the bs will be over?

Watching this Kavanaugh thing on CBS. Even they seem to think this is bs

They're trying to go after remarks on this dudes year book

I've never heard of such a thing before

He's a 50 year old man and they're attacking his high-school yearbook

@William Russell that movement in my opinion is going to kill women's sexual liberwtion

This Kavanaugh thing is going to have a big backlash to socially liberal positions

If all it takes is being in a room with a women 30 years ago and she has a testimony that you did something VS yours to completely tarnish your career there's pretty big social implications there

This is a witch hunt

So it's finally over.

When we get to install him?

Think these things are going to end sexual liberation inevitably

No one's going to be willing to sacrifice their entire future or their kids

Just to go drink

@ThisIsChris it'll keep getting more and more rediculous till it implodes

@TMatthews I'm betting on a resurgence of conservative social culture. It's the only way to adequately protect yourself in the new age of weaponize sexual victimization

@TMatthews it'll cause the end of "sexual liberation"

If you can lose your entire career over a single accusation steps will be taken to ensure survival

We're pro us. We are not inherently anti anyone else

Everything we do is pro our group. We don't preach supremacy or hatred for other groups. We simply advocate for our interests. Anyone asking us to do otherwise is unreasonable

I've had the same thing before at first

Is everyone ready for the Kavanaugh salt mine to open for business?

Gotta get that salt while it's fresh

It's 1:30 there right?

I'm pst

So we'll know by when?

@The Huwhyte Ulf - VA I heard that. Got a good laugh

Sounds like a fun way to gamble

Better than slot machines

@Deleted User flake stated he'd vote yes

@Asatru Artist - MD where'd he see it?

Can we push forward without his bullshit

So he's in

They voted yes I hear

Should be an end to the lunacy by the end of the week

@Jacob end of the week

Next week

This debauchery by the lefts good for swaying folks further our way

Always a silver lining

@Flint nope but we can make them look stupid in the mean time

@Logan since he's involved now the shit show will have to come to an end

They'll investigate declare this is stupid the left will riot and Kavanaugh will be confirmed with a rekindled hatred of all things left

They'll vote and Kavanaugh will get in

That does not look like a assaulted woman to me

@lonewolf19d looks like garth

Plot twist

Anyone else see the thousands of left wingers doubling down on the if you disagree with us you're a rapist narrative?

They're practically begging for a return of traditional social society

This is sure to win people over

I think she should be the face of the me too movement

Anyone else watching the left freak out about not being allowed to have an open ended Kavanaugh investigation

With zero restrictions

Twitter is a goldmine right now

Twitter is a goldmine right now

@Deleted User I'm honestly shocked they let me make a new onr

@Alex Kolchak - NY I type in "make men afraid "

Absolute goldmine of burn the witch level statements

@fgtveassassin but he'll be SCOTUS judge Kavanaugh

Been bombarding the Donald on reddit for days with these sorts of screenshots

This is going to kill off "women's liberation"

@ThisIsChris Trumps pushing it through now. There's no option for democrats backing out and stalling

@ThisIsChris the left made it into a crusade to force you to believe all accusations

Im not too concerned about midterms

I just want the Supreme Court

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN well yeah of course

The Supreme Court shit show will help fuel voting

It's going to backfire in my estimation

@Jacob Kavanaugh probably be pretty close to one at this point

Because being out past 9pm makes men auto rapists

It's not even the witching hour till past midnight

I can see it now. The idea of mandatory curfews being kicked about for men.

For "women's liberation"

Batting about the idea of mandatory male curfews is sure to win them over

Anyone else see this?

I love watching the left double down

@BigBadSaxon - ID congratulations

Is anyone superized they've graduated from harassment to assassination attempts now?

Anyone wanna get in on this

More identitarians inbound

Nothing stops the math game like saying only whites should immigrate

Never forget what the left will do to you if we lose

@Kingfish I have been summoned

3D women for the win

Apple pie is implicitly huwhite

My brother just said you can replace all of Scotland with black people and they'd still be Scottish. He got really upset when I called him a Fanatical civic nationalist

Apparently that's "name calling"

Akin to calling someone a "fucking idiot"

Personally I thought it was simply an apt description of his belief

His entire counter was "Cultures change" as if it was some force of nature not determined by people's decisions

@TMatthews yeah he got really pissy

At least my dad's on point though.

He's with me on it

Although my dad said he feels bad for saying it due to being conditioned culturally to feel as if it's bad

@TMatthews exactly. And it also takes away our choice on how it evolves.

Or if we want certain thighs to change at all

The comment sections hillarious

Abunch of black women fighting to make sure everyone knows they're the most downtrodden

Victim olympics at its finest

@sigruna14 what is this from

Just took it

Idk I didn't click it

Looks like catholic fascism

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