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2018-10-12 17:28:10 UTC

Huh, well that was strange

2018-10-12 17:28:52 UTC

Yeeaahh. I was kind of concerned it was some sort of, idk, Honeypot to track who views it, but after seeing his other stuff and the 'IE' version I just figured he's an odd ball.

2018-10-12 17:29:39 UTC

He gives the camera a death stare too. A decent example of how NOT to present yourself for IE members, really.

2018-10-12 17:30:01 UTC

Anyways, don't mean to go too far off topic or down a rabbit hole.

2018-10-12 17:30:09 UTC

he's like an insane version of pjw

2018-10-12 17:32:17 UTC

Hah well put.

Oh, and in chat people had to explain what the custom emojis were and what they meant... hence my unironic Asperger's diagnosis. (Combined with everything else,) I do give him credit for not causing a ruckus though.

2018-10-12 17:33:07 UTC

I think I caught a glimpse of him arguing with Matt-VA in general

2018-10-12 17:33:22 UTC

but wasn't really paying attention at the time

2018-10-12 17:47:25 UTC

He was new to IE. Then management saw his videos and was alarmed by it. He was therefore removed and apparently did not react well to being removed. That’s pretty much it.

2018-10-12 17:48:43 UTC

Should we add in a question for interviewers asking if they have a channel or Twitter account?

2018-10-12 17:48:58 UTC

background check em

2018-10-12 17:49:21 UTC

Don't go away mad... Just go away!

2018-10-12 17:56:25 UTC

@Deleted User we do. The background check time is one of the reasons we installed the pledge system

2018-10-12 19:53:22 UTC

Not sure if this is the best place to post this. Seems IE has a disgruntled ex. πŸ˜‘ Please forward to leadership, and delete if need be.

2018-10-12 19:55:37 UTC

Any business owners in this group? Or do we know of sympathetic entrepreneurs who do things like screenprinting, web design, etc.? I'm trying to create a centralized referral network

2018-10-12 20:02:12 UTC

@everyone ^^^

2018-10-12 20:02:35 UTC

doxx safety tho?

2018-10-12 20:03:05 UTC

If anything, after accumulating the list of people who could do that, a slack or rocketchat server should be used

2018-10-12 20:03:17 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN This has already been taken care of

2018-10-12 20:03:19 UTC

At least we can use RocketChad for something

2018-10-12 20:03:26 UTC

@cyrustheaverage I’ve got a family business and a master’s in Entrepreneurship but we do chemicals

2018-10-12 20:21:54 UTC

@Deleted User obv. Don't give any identifying information in this server. But saying "I own a business" is not really a risk

2018-10-12 20:57:42 UTC

Dm me

2018-10-12 20:58:45 UTC

@Steve - NJ how do we access it?

2018-10-12 21:37:52 UTC

@missliterallywho He just posted another, each more unnerving than the last. I hope someone is archiving these videos so IE has a record of dismissal in case he should do something poor optics. πŸ˜‘

2018-10-12 21:44:43 UTC

I'd stop giving the guy attention or watching his videos

2018-10-12 21:45:02 UTC

The point where he said "you're giving me mad traffic right now" was funny, literaly 9 views my guy.

2018-10-12 21:45:51 UTC

@cyrustheaverage access what?

2018-10-12 22:06:30 UTC

Hello friends, we had a couple of union reps visit us at work today. Without opening a huge can of worms here...I’d like your opinion about pros and cons of joining a union. You can DM me if you’d like. Thanks! @everyone

2018-10-12 22:19:43 UTC

Thank you @Conway - OK

2018-10-12 22:58:44 UTC

@DCViking absolutely do it if you can, what's the downside?

2018-10-12 23:05:36 UTC

@Steve - NJ the business network

2018-10-12 23:10:31 UTC
2018-10-12 23:48:40 UTC

@cyrustheaverage he was referring to something else. There is currently no business network.

2018-10-13 00:54:54 UTC

Well there should be, by golly

2018-10-13 01:00:52 UTC

Not sure if I'm the guy to handle sensitive information though, tbh. I'm kind of a space cadet

2018-10-21 21:46:06 UTC

@Stella Feel free to post here what kind of work you're looking for you

2018-10-27 00:19:36 UTC

Space cadets are underrated

2018-10-30 15:15:54 UTC

Turkeys on my jobsite


2018-10-30 19:05:17 UTC

Just in time for Thanksgiving

2018-11-16 00:29:08 UTC

Reading a book written by a Chinese woman about the art of hand printing. The wording is very strange and the art is very funny


2018-11-16 00:29:59 UTC

"This store is located on clouds. It is a merchant who collects shooting stars and recycles them"

2018-11-16 00:57:22 UTC


2018-11-19 19:26:04 UTC

Can anybody name the place with the cheapest cost of living with the highest concentration of white people?

2018-11-19 19:31:16 UTC

@Jonaltright WV? Iowa? Maine and Idaho and da' UP is very white bit probably more costly

2018-11-19 22:11:49 UTC


2018-11-19 22:12:02 UTC

Highest numbers of white babies too.

2018-11-19 22:23:46 UTC

The cheapest cost of living and highest percentage or whites is definitely WV but idk if that's what you want. 85% cost of living compared to the national average and what? 96% white?

2018-11-19 22:24:05 UTC

The population is aging and people are leaving the state though

2018-11-20 00:22:53 UTC

Happy Gettysburg Address Day! Hooray!!!

2018-11-20 14:13:57 UTC
2018-12-07 23:57:51 UTC

tfw no music channel. Here's a song I just started working on. I have about 5 hours put into it at this point and all the sound design/synthesis as well as pretty much every single aspect of the song were made or recorded by myself. https://soundcloud.com/envian/song1-2018-2/s-TFhx5

2018-12-08 02:01:28 UTC

@Envian <#500538510839906304> <#500510296138579992>

2018-12-08 02:02:05 UTC

Oh nice. I didn’t see those πŸ˜‚

2018-12-08 02:14:20 UTC

Way to go! @Envian

2018-12-08 04:11:47 UTC

Ty πŸ˜ƒ @celticflame

2018-12-21 02:34:08 UTC

So I'm new to IE, discord, this thread, and wanted to talk to people about community building. Specifically, home schooling. and more specifically, group-funding to build a physical schoolhouse. It's an idea I want to pursue for myself and spread. I've a rationale for why I settled on this a great option, maybe the best, for community building for already families, couples looing to start, singles, etc. Would love to talk, share, and exchange ideas!

2018-12-21 02:43:19 UTC

Sounds awesome man! Saw you talking earlier with someone. That is definitely a good goal for all people with our views. Gathering physically and having face to face interactions is much more powerful than the Internet. We must do both but having some physical cells of ourselves in places would be great

2018-12-21 02:51:28 UTC

Physical space, a physical communal structure, is huge. It doesn't have to, and shouldn't, be explicitly wn. It should be centered around European tradition, history, heritage, math, science, literature; the curriculum is, though important, is secondary. It's doubtful early members will have either no kids presently or kids of much different ages. Maybe it's not for your kids immediately, maybe it is, maybe your kids' kids. I want to get some more input though. I think this can work in all sorts of environments, whether you're in a more urban, suburban, rural setting. I don't want people getting discouraged thinking they have to start a commune in order build community. The ideal goal is a physical schoolhouse, the intermediary is working and socializing locally with good folks...somewhat 'radical' but a low bar to entry.

2018-12-21 03:10:34 UTC

If you get, say six people/families in a suburban, rural, or even urban setting, to agree on a location with some acreage they're all able to commute to and can afford, to pitch in some form whether in cash or sweat equity, it can be done. The more the better, in terms of both those involved and contributing and acreage. Longer term, it would be great to be able to expand the usage of the land. Ideally, again more long term, you;d want a way to make use of the land in a profitable way.

2018-12-21 03:44:47 UTC

I really like this idea. The modern education system is a plague. So we need things like this. Small is better

2018-12-21 03:45:22 UTC

I like the idea of a rigorous yet traditional approach to education. European focused etc. I agree with you on all of that

2018-12-21 03:46:18 UTC

Hey good night man. Keep me posted on your ideas. Having kids learn Latin, and Greek etc just classical education would be powerful

2018-12-21 03:50:38 UTC

Will do. Hopefully more will see this and chime in and run with it. I might draw up a structure to share sometime soon. I'm no architect but I've got a basic workbook I bought and studied a couple years ago.

2018-12-21 03:51:10 UTC

And a curriculum? General outline of it?

2018-12-21 03:51:32 UTC

Wouldn’t be that hard I bet

2018-12-21 03:51:48 UTC

Basically the great minds of the West

2018-12-21 03:51:56 UTC

I don't really have one. That's not my immediate concern and it's something I'd want some discussion about.

2018-12-21 03:52:07 UTC

I don't think it would be either

2018-12-21 03:52:19 UTC

hence me pushing it off

2018-12-21 03:52:30 UTC

Little Evo Psych in there for the high school kids

2018-12-21 03:52:52 UTC

Yeah, HS is the LEAST of my concern

2018-12-21 03:53:08 UTC

Lol ya. I’m trying to re-educate myself as we speak

2018-12-21 03:53:15 UTC

Reading European history

2018-12-21 03:53:20 UTC

Through late elementary and middle school

2018-12-21 03:53:23 UTC

Trying to get in touch with our heritage

2018-12-21 03:53:41 UTC

Well good night brother

2018-12-21 03:53:48 UTC

And the curation of history

2018-12-21 03:53:53 UTC

Have a good one @Mick

2018-12-21 03:54:01 UTC

proper curation and prioritization

2018-12-21 03:54:04 UTC

you too

2019-01-09 20:06:05 UTC


2019-01-09 20:06:20 UTC

PLEAASEE sir, may I please have this channel?!?

2019-01-09 22:57:29 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate Good idea, added!

2019-01-22 00:43:00 UTC

I got a tip for anyone who's active in the Art of Flyering get yourself a roll of F.E.P its a Non-bondable plastic it makes for a great backing for flyers or stickers with a adhesive backing

2019-01-22 00:43:51 UTC

F.E.P = Fluorinated ethylene propylene

2019-01-22 00:44:17 UTC

turned a flyer into a sticker for quicker poster-ing

2019-01-22 00:45:05 UTC


2019-01-22 00:45:24 UTC

Also it can be used to combine multiple stickers

2019-01-22 00:45:35 UTC


2019-01-22 00:46:23 UTC

All you need is some double sided scotch tape some blue painters tape and a 12inch roll of F.E.P

2019-01-22 00:47:06 UTC


2019-01-22 05:42:23 UTC

@V.Balboa - PA what's the purpose of putting an adhesive backing on stickers when they already have it?

2019-01-22 05:43:19 UTC

Also what is the CBA of doing this to posters vs double side taping them?

2019-01-22 20:39:10 UTC


2019-01-22 20:39:17 UTC
2019-01-22 20:50:05 UTC

Cost benefit analysis @V.Balboa - PA

2019-01-22 20:52:33 UTC

ooooooThe CBA is speed

2019-01-22 20:52:48 UTC

saves a ton of time

2019-01-22 21:05:34 UTC

How much did you spend on this stuff?

2019-01-22 21:06:36 UTC

Not much

2019-01-25 02:28:22 UTC

Are you German?

2019-01-25 18:23:52 UTC


2019-01-25 18:24:26 UTC

Balboa definitely looks Germanic

2019-01-25 22:35:01 UTC

no Im a Italian/Slav blend of Identitarian @Valaska

2019-01-25 22:36:33 UTC

@John O - yes Im a "German" lol

2019-01-26 02:19:31 UTC

Italians are Germanic, homie

2019-01-26 02:19:38 UTC

Northern Italians

2019-01-26 10:50:49 UTC

Northern Italian gang gang

2019-01-26 17:01:45 UTC

Do any of you Yankees do ice fishing?

2019-01-27 04:01:47 UTC

No but Im willing to try @RevStench

2019-01-27 04:02:54 UTC

Tried it years ago, got my foot stuck in the ice.

2019-01-27 04:21:41 UTC

Haha nice one. @V.Balboa - PA I want to try also. The fishing guys I watch are all ice fishing. And it looks like a blast, light weight line(4lbs test) on 38" rods. I was just curious if anyone had experience.

2019-02-11 00:38:42 UTC

Just a good overall channel for great videos and commentary. I don’t think he’s our guy but he touches on similar topics. I really enjoy his content.

2019-02-11 00:39:36 UTC

His other channel that has more commentary.

2019-02-13 22:02:58 UTC

Any truckers here?

2019-02-13 23:48:10 UTC

@everyone ^

2019-02-13 23:49:14 UTC
2019-02-13 23:49:19 UTC

Im pretty sure

2019-02-13 23:53:39 UTC

Thanks. ;)
I was just wondering something. Been trying to get my vehicle transported from CA to MT. Thought it wouldn't be an issue because there are supposedly a lot of California refugees going that direction, but the transport companies that post offers for truckers told me it's a long wait because hardly any truckers do the route. Is that true, or are they pulling my leg?

2019-02-13 23:55:45 UTC

Or do truckers avoid the route due to winter?

2019-02-13 23:56:47 UTC

I'm trying to suss out whether it's lack of willing truckers, or that the offer is too low...

2019-02-13 23:59:38 UTC

@wolfwood @Logan is a Cali refugee in MT in addition to being a trucker.

2019-02-13 23:59:45 UTC

He'd definitely be in the know

2019-02-14 00:06:33 UTC

@wolfwood we also got really expensive quotes for transporting boxes of our stuff or even just getting a uhaul.

I don't know much about trucking really but I know that truckers leaving CA like to be able to get back home eventually and there isn't a lot of freight leaving Northwest Montana

2019-02-14 00:10:54 UTC

Look for a hotshot bruh.

2019-02-14 00:15:16 UTC

OK so it may not be the direction I'm going in, but a lack of incentive to go from the northwest to CA (the other way)?

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