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@Jhawk nc Hey bros I'm a carpenter(finish and framing), I specialize in historic preservation/restoration. I'm a member of the Perservation Trades Network, keeping the old ways alive. I use chisels everyday, you should keep your chisels as sharp as your knives. Mora makes a sweet chisel ground knife, it's the best and it's only like 20 buck on amazon.

@Yuma County I have a question for you, I have a 2006 malibu. and my catalytic converter is really clogged(it's miss firing and I'm fixing that as well), it's starting to kick, like a tranny would, and it's heating up to over 200 degrees in like 5 minutes. So I'm trying to pull the damn thing out and I got the shield off and all the bolts except the one on the underside of the cat that holds that section of exhaust from shaking all over the place. It's the one that holds the cat/manifold to the block. My problem is I don't have an impact, and I can't use a breaker bar because you can't get enough ass on it to even start to get tension. Any ideas? I sprayed with cutting fluid, PB blaster, break cleaner and I can't get it to move at all.

It's a tight space between the firewall and the engine

I was about to say I dont have a lift or life would be easy ahah

oh damn, from the engine the manifold has the cat attached to it then it has a flange that I can seperate it from the muffler

just 1 cat. 4 cyclinder

yeah this thing was made during the years they cut every corner to save money to save the company

yeah that's what I was thinking too.

there's just not enough room to work

for sure, I was going to drill it out and then just retap it, but I cant get enough force behind a drill to even make a dent.

My end goal is to pull out my cat and knock out the honeycomb and then reinstall it. haha

I'm assume that honeycomb is clogged. I've had a misfire for years now, and I assumed the cabon clogged the honeycomb. It's throwing a P0420 code.

Really? We don't have emission checks here, so I figured I'd just bust it out. But I'll try to clean it first, and if that doesn't work I'll try busting it out. I'm pretty lucky that a new one only costs $455. So things could be worse haah

I have an great little trick, if you have a piece of wood that's busted off and you feel you might need to drill a pilot hole in it so it won't split in two while reattaching it but don't have a drill bit. Try this, this piece busted off an old window I "tuned up"

Take your nail and blunt the end

make it like an old cut nail so it actually cuts the fibers and not seperating them.

no splitting

oh right on, I didn't think of that. But you do this stuff everyday, I appreciate you bro

I do, I probably going to order it.

I saved up a grand thinking a new cat would cost around that price. so I'm doing ok ahah

yeah I need one, now my car is 11 years old and it's starting to have age problems. But as much as I hate this car I'll give it respect, this is the first major issue with it in 11 years. I had a vent canister solenoid go out, but nothing major. So an impact would be an useful tool have around.

yeah for sure. I had a buddy do that years ago when we first started driving. He was so worried that his wheel was going to come off he cranked them down, and the next flat he got he was screwed

@Envian my eyes suck. What damages were done? Those marks on the door?
If so since you painted it, that's an easy fix, and it'll still look nice.
Sand it out, then use some wood epox to fill, let dry for a day or so then sand out and paint.

How bad is it? You could use a wood epox, the stuff I use takes stain, it won't show grain but if it's small scrapes you'll be good

My rule on fixing rotted wood is if 40% is there, we're going to use the wood

If you want to stain, you can take wood glue and mix the sawdust in the glue, and use that as your putty

@Der Seeteufel - SD You're not done with the hand rails are you? No spindles, balusters, newel post?
Let me ask you a question, why did you reuse that old timber?
Sorry if I come off as a dick, but I take great pride in my work, and as a finish carpenter I follow behind skippy the butcher almost everyday.

@Der Seeteufel - SD I'm not calling you a hack haha. I would like to help you "church" that stair set up.

Oh ok. I thought you went and bought new wood and reused this couple pieces that are stained.
Lets talk about that handrail though. At least add a newel post on the end.

It's worth it

I don't use a lot of power tools

That's my bread and butter

The guy I work for started doing carpentry before power tools were accessible to everyone. I do tons of work without power tools

That stuff and a chisel are all I use everyday

How come no plumbing? Everyone has plumbing issues.

oh cool, Just real quick anyone doing work on a home built in 1978 or older, do a lead test before you start doing any work. Lead is deadly to the little ones and old ones. I'm certified in Lead abatement, please ask questions if you think there might be lead in your home.

With that said lead in your home is totally fine, unless paint is chipping. Same goes for asbestos.

Does anyone still recap tires? or is that a thing of the past?

probably showing my age with that question ahah

@Atten - TX#2465 P0455 code? It's cake. Your purge valve is only held on by 2 clamps. You have to remove the shield/cover that covers your engine and it's right on top, you can't miss it. The only tool you'll need is the screwdriver to disconnect the air intake hose from that shield/cover.

You can try and clean the old one and see if that gets rid of the light.

save yourself a whole 20 bucks ahah

@whitelash1488#3099 Depends on where it's going in the house, and whatever look you're going for.

What room is it going in?

man how about laminate flooring?

you can achive a lot of different looks with laminate. It's durable and really easy to install.

laminate is going to be cheaper than tile, and you can probably get it the exact same look.

Ignore that cat, but this is a bamboo laminate.

haha it was Sunday, he was getting ready for church.

@whitelash1488#3099 if you're looking to change the look of a room relatively inexpensively, you can add chair rails, picture rails, crown molding, or wainscoting to the walls. Adding 5 1/4in baseboard, if you don't already have it, can make a big difference to a room. And I can teach you scarf joints and mitered coping joints!
Here's a house I added crown, a chair rail and we added I think the baseboard was something like 8inches.

Oh this is vinyl, it looks great too. There are a ton of options for flooring.

You could literally have the hardwood floor look in every room, using laminate, vinyl and tile.
The only place I like carpet is in the bedrooms.

This is tile in a bathroom.

@Whitelash bro we can help you

Nice bro, looks good. Here's a great little chart to help with how high thing's should be.

@Deleted User I honestly can't remember. It was on my phone from Dec 2015. Not from work, but it's a good one.

Painting today. Anyone interested in learning how to paint like a boss? No tape cut in?

First thing, you pull paint no smear. It's like using a file, one direction.
You dip your paint brush in the paint. Wipe one side off using the lip of the can.

You paint with one side of the brush, pulling the paint.

To hold, grip the brush really low on the brush, using your fingers to make the bristles stiff.

Take your time and pull the paint. Steady hands

It all comes down to how you hold it. I use the 3 fingers on the bristles to stiffen them for better control.

Here's my shop

I love shop pics haha

We should have a safety thread.

I told him to rub some dirt on it and let's get back to work.

It's going to be a wonderful day...

@Deleted User he did, the doc told him to do nothing because there isn't much left to sew up.
From what I understand he was loading a 40ft ladder on his truck this morning and slipped and the ladder smashed his finger into the stop on his ladder rack.
He said it never hurt until after he left the hospital, so you know it was bad.

Poor guy wasn't at work yet so workers comp said they aren't going to cover it.

He does. It's bullshit workers comp won't cover it. He's the second guy I know personally who got hurt loading things for the job at their home that they won't cover.

Yeah they're a joke. Hope your girl's ok. Wrist damage could be potentially bad, like as far as long term problems.

Word, I was at Toyota Princeton, IN one afternoon and one of the vendors was walking the conveyor where the seats come down to thr line, they were looking up and walking and someone didn't close the hatch where the seats go down and dude fell on to two something like 3foot spikes. Died right there. Hands down the absolutely worst thing I've ever seen in person.

@Lebens that sucks. @Thomas Morrow I was driving a man lift at full speed around a house and hit a bump it was like a slingshot, threw me in the air, I had my harness on that day, lucky haha

Construction sites and factories are hazardous

Haha for sure. I'm the same way these days. I don't take extra risks unless there is no other option. I don't even get on scaffolding without a harness anymore either

Hahaha I don't get that option. I get to comfortable when I'm up high. You think 60ft+ up in the air walking on a 10in walkboard, you wouldn't let your guard down, but I do.

Oh fuck that. Did you not have to lock out?

That shit doesn't fly in an auto plant

I love shop talk, all my friends are soft bitches, so I don't get to trade stories like this often. I know I'm lame. Haha

Bro that sucks, contractors can be the worst.
Theold timer I work for was telling his buddy who's a carpenter had a new kid on the job, they were cutting plywood and the kid was supposed to be holding it, well he was fucking off and the saw kicked back and cut the carpenter's right thumb off, it ended his career. Circular saws I have great respect for.

@Deleted User I'm the same way with my gloves, no fingers. I hate gloves.

@Deleted User haha me too bro

@Lebens he uses that lotion for lube bro.

So nice, I was on Cherokee today

@Deleted User where on Cherokee? There are a lot of Jews in the triangle

@Deleted User right on. I love that part of Cherokee.
Do you work on historic homes often?

Is it a pain in the ass working on that old stuff?

Right on.
When's the last time you guys saw these?

Haha word. I work exclusively in historic buildings, and I don't see them often.

I think it's a switch. Not sure, I didn't mess with it haha

My luck I'd break it

It was at the height of a switch by a door like a switch, so I just assumed it was one

Louisville is unique because we have the largest collection of Victorian homes in the nation that haven't been remodeled. Our historic society is really strict. If you pull the shutters off and don't replace them they fine you until you do. It's absurd, but I love it because "Old" Louisville is beautiful.

It's worth preserving. Nothing modern is comparable.

I see all these pictures of historic buildings on the server and twitter and I'm ok, so great your posting this stuff, but am I the only person who's actually saving them?

Remember when the trades were segregated? Whites, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, masons. Blacks brick layers, not masons. Hispanics dry wall, painting, and metal studs.

Sweet, thanks for identifying them bro

@Lebens around here seems like everyone who swings a hammer calls themselves a carpenter. Low voltage guys calling themselves electricians, nigga you're a cable guy...

@Deleted User wow in the last 15 years I can't tell you how many blacks I've worked with calling themselves carpenters and they can't even read a tape measure.

Haha oh I know. I did cable a few years back to take a break from back breaking labor. And the blacks couldn't handle it. A literal monkey could do it.

And cable is so simple, start at the pole every single time and work your way inside. It's cake

He seems to be doing ok. He swears he's coming back to work tomorrow. He's that guy who works 7 days a week and thinks he's freaking superman.

He told me that he never felt a thing until after he left the hospital. That's how you know it was pretty bad cut.

That's what he said. He got lucky. The things I've seen this man do with a circular saw blow my mind, and a fucking ladder took him out.

Haha will do. He'll appreciate it. He has 12 white grandkids!

What problem are you having? @Whitelash

@Placidseven - MO greg is totally right. I'll try to get to a door today if I can to show you how I do it.
Is your old door hollow? Or is it a slab or an old 5 panel?

@Deleted User no sir, we're working every Saturday until who knows when. We picked up a few houses in Lexington.
@Placidseven - MO the advice Greg gave you is best, with that door. And I have to give you props for doing right and not doing some half assed hack job. Way to act your color hahaha

So I broke my favorite chisel on Monday and only had a Lowe's close by to go to and I picked up this thing. It's my new favorite toy.

I know @Jhawk nc wanted to go over sharpening knives and chisels, well Friday I'm going to spend the first part of my day sharpening all my hand tools(knife, chisel, and crosscut saw). I'll put together a little tutorial for you fellas, common sense stuff.

This is my apartment, 1892

I do this type of work as well as windows a lot. Double hung weighted or taped and leaded glass.

This one had pictures of the inside so it had to go back original, early 1900s. Reclaimed wood from an old oak barn, and they painted it white...

@Deleted User I dig that look, but can I ask why everything is so square?

@Deleted User it's for cutting, like a knife. I cut a few cut nails with it today. Worked great. Holds an edge pretty well.

Yeah the few I have hold up pretty well. I can't recommend their lineman pliers, stick with Kline, which I'm sure you know better than I do.

@CJames - TN#6244 oh right on. Now you need one of these.

Hahaha that's awesome

This guy tells me he does stained glass, shows me this...

Little bullshit window decoration. He did sell it to this lady for $375.

So I showed him my leaded glass,

The bottom sash on the double hung was broken out, and I matched the rest damn near perfectly.

I could do a video tutorial one day to show you guys some old school techniques.

It was incredibly hard to find glass.

Working on making 270 feet of dentil block today.

@Deleted User thanks bro, I've only been doing stained glass for about 2 and a half years. It took me the better part of a year to get good at it. But one day it clicked, after probably a thousand hours haha, and I fight for every window job I can get now.
The real hard part is finding glass or finding someone talented enough to make the colored glass. Cutting glass is the easiest part. I wish I had the time and space to teach myself how blow glass.

@Yuma County Are you thinking about driving long haul?

You don't want to bury wood in the ground, it sucks up water and rots. Bury them in concrete.

@Yuma County Right on bro. That'll be a lot of fun and good times.

@Placidseven - MO are you remodeling your home?

Oh haha Well I guess you know some things are done right now.

Do you have roughly a 6'x6' porch, with about 4 or 5 steps?
And that slope is just off one edge of your home and you need to tie all together? Is the other side just grass all the way to the house?
I'm trying to visualize what the front of your home looks like. The land lay out.

Oh ok, you should look into iron hand rails, there's a lot of styles and you can even get custom made ones if you're feeling fancy. But iron will blend in more because they are skinny.
It's weird there's a gravel slope on the right.
If you made the hand rails out of wood I get what you mean it would look hokey. I'll have to think about that. I don't build a lot of things like this regularly so I need to brainstorm.

@Placidseven - MO bro I haven't forgotten about you, I've been talking with some others guys who build decks for a living, trying to get you some sort of classy game plan.

The flower beds on the left, are they like wooden retaining wall. Railroad ties?

Sorry I use the word like a lot, I'm a valley girl!! Haha

@Placidseven - MO I like that flower bed. So you're thinking of doing that flower bed on both sides? That would look really nice.
Do you have to bust some concrete on the driveway to set that post against the house?

I know you're not pulling a permit but you need to check code for railing in your state so if you sell your home you won't have to replace it. In KY rail height is 36in and handrails are 34in, measuring from the nose of the tread.
Sorry I'm scatter brained today, had to work in rain on scaffolding 60ft up, I'm not very happy today haha.
And sorry I ask so many questions, I love this stuff.
@Deleted User suggested something like that anchor for concrete, I totally agree if you plan on living in that house that long. Haha
They say that pressure treated lumber can last for 40 years buried.

@REVNAT/PA yeah I believe @Lebens can help you.

You could get some cedar 1x and do a veneer, dress up the old. If it's solid and not rotted out that could be an option.

You could get fancy and do a dovetail joint to go around the corner, it would look good and you wouldn't have a failure point because of a nail or bolt.
Check out this chart, just throwing out ideas haha

Get a little Japanese with your carpentry haha.

Haha I feel you man, if you don't use those tools a lot they turn into expensive paper weights.
Good luck on your project, are you going to start it soon?

@REVNAT/PA bro general advice from another tradesman, I went to trade school for machine tool and now I'm a carpenter, and I specialize in historic preservation. Try everything in your field, and find what you enjoy then find the guys who will pay you the most haha

@Placidseven - MO damn bro, you have a lot going on.

Need any advice framing that's where I started in carpentry.

@Placidseven - MO there's this thing called a plumb bob, basically a weight on a string. Attach to the header. And it will show you where you need to put the footer.
Level the studs. And you'll be good

Ok sorry for the short answer, busy at work doing some African engineering.
The plumb bob is the best tool for setting rafters, finding a level point and other things. It's an old way of levelling walls.

Tack a nail or put a screw in the side of the header wrap the string around the nail tight against the board, the plumb bob will attached to the end of the string, the plumb bob has a point on the bottom and will show you the outside of the footer. Run a string line or put a mark on the floor and that will line you up.

OSHA has shown up twice this week to one of my job sites. Make sure everyone is up to date on compliance. This get expensive quick if you're busted. Fall prevention is the big one.

OSHA gets me because I work over 60ft often doing box gutters.
It's hard to fly under the radar when you see that scaffolding mess haha.
I work on time and materials too because doing historic preservation it's the only way to be fair. You have no idea how bad things could be until you open it up.
Historical preservation/restoration can get expensive quick, for example box gutters can break the bank, they run $200 to $250 a linear foot. I've worked on homes that run around $50k to have the gutters replaced on the whole home.
In that pic thats less than 20ft of gutter, it wraps the corner about 3 feet back, we replaced the dentil block too, that ran right around $7k. We made out like bandits, now we're doing the other side, which should go faster, because the "rafter tails" aren't rotten on this side.

Ignore that if you're an OSHA asshole.haha

Yes sir, time and materials. We only work on historic homes. We do add extra to what we charge for each carpenter. We're a 2 man crew no laborers.
Like with box gutters we charge 200 to 250 a linear foot, but if the whole thing doesn't need to be rebuilt it could be cheaper so we come out ahead.

We do get an insurance job every now and then and we bid those.
I don't have a lot of competition because we're specialized in historic work.
Do you do free quotes? We don't, I won't leave the shop or a job site to look at a job unless I make $100. No one else works for free why do people expect us to?

I want to go over how to use a speed/hand square but the best way for me to explain it is by talking rafters. Give me a few days and I'll get on it, I'll have to write a book.

I got you bro @Deleted User. @Deleted User I wish I had a little extra free time on the job site to take some better pictures and do a better walk through.

Hey @Deleted User I have a question for you, in that picture of your tool layout, between your scissors and drywall saw, what is that thing with the gray wire nut on one end? I can't make it out in that picture.

is it a rat tail file?

haha thanks man

oh ok. I couldn't make it out. I thought you had some new tool I hadn't seen yet ahah

not to hard. depends on what you want. I love those "floating" bed frames, and they are cake to make, and you could add storage in the box(frame).

And you can be sloppy because no one will ever see hahaa. No shame bro

This would be a nice project because if you fuck up a little, like I said no one will see it. And you can learn a lot.

Yes sir.

You can do anything with a circular saw.

It might not always be the easy way but you can do it

I pretty much have access to anything carpentry related. So if you need a little help with cuts, I might be able to show you how to make the cut in pictures. or a video

Probably a radial saw or a compound miter saw. A planer and a router table.

I feel like you could do any drilling with a hand held drill.
Chairs and tables would need legs or spindles, if you're turning them yourself you'd need a lathe or buy premade ones.
@Envian or @Jhawk nc might be able to give some good advice here. I believe they have hobby shops.

Ok I had to see what other guys out there recommended, and the router and planer is a must because almost everything is going to start with an even flat surface.
I saw one guy recommend a band saw but I feel like you could use a crosscut or circular saw. Now I'm thinking about it a table saw would be good because you can do some joinery on it, tenons and box joints, even the tails for dovetail joints. You can rip even parallel edges. It'll give you a good straight cut you might not be able to get with a circular saw.

@Yuma County#0597 hey bro just curious how's your CDL training going?

It's legal, as long as the lights work. You have to be able to clear a speed bump, all the lights and safety equipment has to be on the car and working. Nothing can be hanging off it.
If the frame isn't bent and that's just body damage, for the price it's a good deal.

Thanks guys. It really means a lot. That guide is a great start into the historic window restoration world. We're working with a couple of other guys to set a standard on historic windows also, so it was nice writing it out.

If anyone wants to see something specific let me know. I have a ton of jobs going, and I can probably pick up some more weekend work to get little walk throughs on new builds and remodeling.

haha get some Conway and you'll have a blast!

I have to have something to take my mind off the boring stuff. Are you putting carpet on them?

haha nice. I love the natural/stained wood look. I don't care for painted trim or stairs. But I get why people do it.
Are you changing the flooring?

Just wanted to thank @Deleted User for picking up the slack! haha

Damn bro you're having fun.

Looks nice

You get what you pay for, here's why you don't call a handyman.

Bondo is NOT made to fill wood.

They wrapped the window in metal and plywood and it turned into a water trap.

It's a mess, not sure I can save the brick molding, the sills I can save.
I'll get some pictures of this process, because we'll be installing a new frame. And if you can handle doing a historic window a replacement window will be a walk in the park.

Also don't let ivy grow on your house, it destroys the mortar, and wood. It costs more to have a house tuck pointed and/or new windows, brick moldind, doors, corbels, soffit, everything, then it is to rip that junk off the house. I know it looks neat/nice, but be good to your home and it will be good to you.

That it is, but that's what I signed up for ahah.

Things are going good, busy all around. I work in historic preservation and we do finish. Low skilled guys and immigrants have driven already low wages down. But if you're working for someone honest or yourself you can do pretty good.
If you're starting fresh try a little bit of everything until you find what you like. I really enjoy framing, but I found this historic work and I fell in love.

I've beat the shit out of my body broken fingers, toes, arms, legs, cracked ribs, more stitches than I can remember, I've ridden ladders down telephone poles and walls, rode a few to the ground, I've 2 hernias repaired, and I've been shocked by power lines while 30 feet in the air. But you rub some dirt on it and carry on. Like a man. Haha

I've worked 6 days a week for years. I smoked pot for almost 15 years, it didn't help with the pain, it just took my mind off it.

@Deleted User You're the man. Did owning more than 1 property turn you into a jack of all trades?

Oh nice, what is that you do now? If I can support a brother I will.

Carpenters are the one of lowest paid trades unfortunately. But if you're the contractor you have no limit. Or you could get on with a big company and do well.
Like the electricians said the end goal is to become the contractor.

For sure, but it's either me or you can call this guy

That's plywood holding the sash together haha

Oh cool @Deleted User I bet that was a lot of fun and headache. Got any set you can brag about?

It's a shame carpenters get stiffed on moneybecause there are so many neat things to do.

No way, I love UCB. Little Donnie is my favorite

That's really cool man, what neat place to get a start in building.
It's a shame that carpentry has become what it is. I've seen articles over in the Netherlands where they are building multi story buildings with wooden frames again. That's really cool.

Morgan cars still use a wooden frame, that would be a dream job.

That's pretty cool. I wish there was a market for homes like this. I could do this type of work for pleasure.

This guy has making shakes down to a science. I've pretty much memorized his technique, it's good information.

No I haven't, I'll look it up.
People show me video's like that house all the time, I appreciate it. But most of the these people say they do things the old ways then I watch and I only see where they skipped the old hard ways for modern things. Like that house they used rebar. No one used rebar for foundations. They also ran the trees through a saw.

Hand hewed logs,

Floor joist for this place built in the 1850s

I do that same day dreaming almost everyday. Or what it was like when a new town was being built. I go to a lot of small towns, ones with one 4 way stop being the town center. Life was harder but in my opinion better in the good ol'days.

@Deleted User for sure, WE are the builders of cities.

No sir, you make one and show us haha. For real though

There's some really cool buildings being made out of wood again.

I use my batteries from my power tools to jump cars. I have 2 pieces of copper wire I stick into the slots in the battery and attach the other ends to the terminals. Works the first time every time.

Lvl is some good stuff, I used to use it for building pole barns, I've loads of barns for some of the big horse farms in KY. LVL is so heavy though, kicks my little ass.

That's how you do it.

The first time someone told me to do that I thought they were messing with me for a laugh. But when the engine turned over I was dumbfounded.

So much cool stuff happening with timber.

Great walk through @Deleted User

@JRobertson welcome bro. Always glad to have more tradesmen around.

@JRobertson what kind of work do you do?

Right on bro. We'll need more than one framer before anything haha

I'm not sure. But I've worked on commercial concrete jobs as a carpenter to build forms. If that's any help to you?

@Zyzz dm me, please and thank you sir

Thanks bro

That's easier said than done

Anyone want to learn how to cut stones?

My dad and little brother started a Jewelry store after he retired. My dad is GIA certified geologist.

The jews don't control the jewelry business anymore, just a stake in the diamond trade, The Chinese run that industry. China is loaded with minerals, and cheap labor create cheap jewelry.

You know cutting stones is very similar to cutting a gear on an indexing head

@Deleted User give me a couple of weeks, I only see my parent's on the weekend. So I'll need time to show the process.
Also @Deleted User is doing a great job on showing things that can dress up a house to get a different look.

@Deleted User @Lebens just curious, do you guys use a wall fish kit to fish wires down a wall? Like glowrods, or the wire fish kit, I don't know what they are called, or something like the python kits with the magnets? Or do you just drop the wire and manually fish it out?

Right on, I have both a fish tape and glowrods. I always preferred the glow rod. Coaxial cable is so easy to fish though.
@Deleted User that is crazy. Any reason it's bare?

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