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is there no voice channels in here?

also thank you very much

Oh I am in

Hey Patrick! Yo loved the interview you did phenomenal

Just sent my 10 bucks

Can someone confirm or is it only a couple people who know

That isnโ€™t a transgender cyclist

Thatโ€™s like...a guy

Did you see the woman back peddling

Being like

โ€œWe need to have this conversationโ€


We need to not have this conversation

Men are women


This is one of the craziest parts of anti-whiteism

Youโ€™ll get anti-male stuff from women, and men who pretend to be women, which conflicts with the real women who are trained to hate REAL men

Regardless if that real man claims heโ€™s one or not

So...again, LOL

My cousin thought that girls sports were a thing because men didnโ€™t want girls in their exclusive sports clubs lol

Anyone know how to code chrome plugins?

Got a funny idea

Really simple. Just scans a webpage for a word and changes it

Seeijn the "we will not be erased" stuff there's lots of people calling themselves trans men and trans women


I will explain when boss stops being close to me

And ya

But I gotta brb

They're gonna sweep

How can a former wife of Alex Jones be so bluepilled

I'm amazed Alex didn't have full mental and sexual dominance over her.

Maybe he's just a softy at home

Taking a man's children away from him breaks my heart.

Was his wife full Jewish or just some

How ruined is Spencer bros

That new article about his divorce is really bad.

This is like anuddah Shoahlettesville

Before it was he was sleeping around

Now it's like, he treats his wife like shit

That's worse imo

Yeah talk about the caravan

Eh someone else asked

@Reinhard Wolff can you go into thoughts on spencer

I liked Faith but like Lauren Southern, her voice seems incredibly high T

Which, not big deal. Just sounds not like how she looks.

Very jarring

>posts picture of baby
>"Ayo hol up is this baby even white"

someone tell the baby that he's doxing himself when he takes pics and posts them in here.

@Conway - OK that's me


Thanks for answering the question

Wait so is spencers wife the leftist

Or like a different person

Wtf. I thought strong men made their girls right wing

It sucks cuz I liked spencer a lot he had great takes

>Nerf gun battles
Go back to ur soylent lol

This ain't collefe

@Reinhard Wolff thoughts on Erik Striker




What the hell is that art

Someone post the original

@ThisIsChris debate with Fake Ross

@Sam Anderson I'm good.

@Sam Anderson yeah, I'm the guy. I met up with @ThisIsChris and he can confirm I am me

U like my bits?

I recently got BANNED but I'm sure it's temporary, I'll be back in a couple months


All caught up on the questions

@Reinhard Wolff listen to fash the nation

Wait shit that was a question

@Reinhard Wolff i meant to ask IF you listen to fash the nation lol

Not trying to shill


@Reinhard Wolff how legitimate are republican clubs in smaller artsy schools. Especially for our ideas

Thatโ€™s why I asked. They donโ€™t exist in small private colleges

@Reinhard Wolff which cities in America have the best aesthetics (not people) also how have you never played a game

@Reinhard Wolff how do we expand our promotional social media material beyond fliers. I know my shilling for TRS is annoying, but TRS shit is everywhere and it was so easy to find. I feel like pictures of fliers and banners doesnโ€™t accurately describe what IE is

@Reinhard Wolff thoughts on large protests in the future, what legal precedents need to take place before we are comfortable holding large rallyโ€™s


I want to do a flash NPC rally where we all have leftist signs but wear gray face masks


@Reinhard Wolff thoughts on Keto diet


Is it robotting on anyone else

We should do it the way TRSlemania does it

@Reinhard Wolff wouldn't it be more responsible not to send out the exact location but rather a general area until the date it happens

@Reinhard Wolff I can tell you more in private, I think it's safer

Any goys in Cville wanna hang out I am gonna head there for work trip

This is Stella umbrella so if u know jazz n Jesse then u know me some already

@Nerv - VA I gotta get that 2nd interview out of the way

In regards to the purple, i had 1 day off in 2 weeks. Did laundry and other chores

2018-11-03 23:06:29 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-11-03 23:26:43 UTC [Literature Club #general]  


I can try. The job I have likes to go over almost every day

Oh wait that was an old message

Ok thank you.

So I can just get the general admission right?


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