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Hello everyone! My name is Alex. I'm based in San Diego primarily now. I'm 25 years old. Look forward to getting to know everyone.

I'm here. Quite difficult to keep track of everything during work, but I keep it open.

I guess they can stop blaming us for genociding them with smallpox.

Seen on one of my employee's desks today

Unfortunately today's wars are fought for other countries, not our own.

We have a lot of issues in my industry. Bank of America told us they wouldn't have given us our warehouse building loan again if we'd ask for it this year instead of two years ago. Payment processors and commerce platforms have been iffy recently too... need other options

Too much porn.

Dems got the house.

Fox just projected it.

It was much better than it could have been.

And Beto lost.

CA is doomed. The only people who respond to my job listings now (with few exceptions) are Mexicans. Any young people in here looking for a job in San Diego?

Happy anniversary

Oh I don't miss college....

Moving everything from CA soon... just got some property in TN to get things going.

Government is making it so difficult though. So many hoops to jump through to prove I'm actually leaving.

Even though I haven't lived here full time for years...

I left Austin because there were too many CAs...

Californians are very similar to Jews in many ways.

I know a group of do-gooder "free state" types who went over there. Kept getting their property vandalized by Puerto Ricans and accused of colonialism.

The only good thing to come out of PR

Castle Doctrine needs to be more popular

Speaking of BCH, does IE take donations in it?

Oh I met Craig in Tokyo. Funny guy

I think he’s owned by Calvin, but I’m not sure

@ophiuchus it’s wonderful. I felt bad because they had to tell all the Europeans coming to visit at the event to lift the seat when pissing....

They definitely have a bit of order on us in some regards

yes but Bitcoin Cash. Easier for me to use that

@ophiuchus true. Though it gets pretty seedy in China too. Even in Hong Kong.

@ophiuchus NY subway is awful

Hockey is the only white team mainstream team sport

(I played football......)

Parents are fortunately woke on the JQ

I realized pretty early on I’d have to choose one or the other. Video games are always a drain

Pool and chess with friends is about all I do now

And shooting

Football means you’re paying money to black women beaters and absentee fathers whose kids are raised on welfare

Subverting your own interests

Work more

Should just work instead of getting a degree

Waste of time

I dropped out. Run a business with 100 + employees now

College is a baby boomer conspiracy to keep you a debt serf

I worked full time and saved instead. Way better return

Paying college is literally just funding bad academic ideas unfortunately that subvert your own interests.

Your funding our enemies.


I lived in Ann Arbor for years. Dearborn is awful

There are neighborhoods in the suburbs of Detroit that are endless Muslim homes

FYI ObamaCare absolutely fucked us.

Now the cheapest option for my employees is for them to opt to do a plan that takes them to Tijuana for care

It’s also very difficult given the level of documentation we need to have. If an employee waives their healthcare plan, we have to get it in writing over and and over again to make sure they don’t sue us later for “not offering it.” All these over-bureaucratic nightmares just create far lower trust among fellow whites

We end up drowning in paperwork to “protect ourselves” against people we should be able to have a handshake agreement with.

Meanwhile I’ve got a father with 3 kids who will pay 700 dollars a year more in 2019 even at the lowest option

After we fired our HR person, she alleged we didn’t like hiring black people.

Tried to sue

That’s probably true...but she didn’t have anything in writing

The role just attracts those people

Good man

@ThisIsChris ours has been a revolving door. Finally doing okay now. We split up the powers between three people and none of them know everything fully

Problem is the more they end up knowing, the more incentive they have to press us with some frivolous complaint

I’ve written one. I just wrote a 1200-1500 word blog post every day for a month. Then edit!

Amazon Publishing is very easy

@ThisIsChris quite well. It actually made more money during the initial writing phase though because I publically blogged and people sent crypto tips each time

@Jacob good examples of books about coming into particular views are Greg Johnsons Confessions of a Reluctant Hater, The Fall by Camus, Waking up From the American Dream by Gregory Hood, Confessions of a Nonpolitical Man, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man by Nock. Worth reading as examples

Essays are one thing though. Worth considering writing some autobiographical fiction about the topic

Incidentally I’ll pay for anyone’s publishing costs if you put a manuscript together. Happy to help with editing and book covers too.

Like I mentioned in the general thread, I’ve got some good experience in publishing and would be happy to help anyone with the costs, editing, etc of putting their own book together. Feel free to reach out any time


One must imagine Sisyphus is happy....

That’s probably legally required to be up there too

The child’s eyes reveal her disgust though

They used to show it in psych 101 classes

Well, they tried to change it from what he was born into

If anything it shows how toxic trying to cheat reality is

It’s sad. I have a lot more pity for them than I once did.

I think its better to call people out for normalizing mental illness and brainwashing people against seeking proper treatment. Conservatives miss an opportunity here

Oh I haven’t written one on your topic. Almost all my writing is completely unrelated to anything here. I love your idea

It’s just not terribly difficult to publish one if you break it into easy chunks every day.

Now that’d be interesting. A small publishing house.

Who runs the San Diego group?

I met my fiancé at a libertarian club meeting. I wanted someone who cared about ideas and who was intelligent, and who might be open to red pilling. I didn’t realize I’d meet someone who was already very white focused and well read. We both bonded over the different views we had than everyone else there. It took us too long to finally get together though. When you meet the right one, just get her a ring and tell her you’re getting married.

I’ll be at one week tomorrow.

Trump also insisted Christie eat only meatloaf when at lunch with him

Some of the women I know from CrossFit had hormonal issues after overtraining

Specifically fertility

I don’t know. If she’s too indifferent to raise your (potential) kids a certain way, it’s not necessarily worth spending time and money on her

I agree though, many women are shapeshifters with their political views

Just got caught up on some of the discussions here. Nice to see some fellow BCH people @Tanner - SC

Everything has that soy letchithen

I’ll have to look into having some made though, great idea

Love it, thanks.

Oh it’s wonderful.

@Jacob you can have a Wordpress site with phpmyadmin database. Most quality cpanels will include the option

That depends on what you want to include. WordPress is very easy to use if you want a good design up quickly with content pages and a news/blog feed. You can do that easily with phpmyadmin for the database

Or you could explore some different WordPress database plugins too, though that could slow the site

Do you have any example sites you can share that show what you’d want to do with the front facing design?

I’ve loved my times in Poland.

Have a beautiful family with 3 kids I stay with outside of Warsaw

European stock was destroyed after two world wars.

European immigration will never be a solution. We need our own babies.

White American is definitely its own group.

@Josh M. -OH yes. And it selected for certain traits over the long term.

Yes ^’

Yes. I hate the term “Native American.” I’m the Native. My ancestors created America.

@Josh M. -OH True. Some interesting information there. Regardless, existing on a piece of land and acting like a savage in no way means you’re a native of the country other people created

Greek is very difficult though

The neighborhood I grew up in is now surrounded by an ocean of Chinese suburbia

Was all strawberry fields for years.

They’re Asian Jews

The Vietnamese guy who runs our machine shop said the Chinese are taking over Vietnam by offering people free power, water and cellular in exchange for speaking Chinese instead of Vietnamese

Ancient Greek**

Very cool still

They have another word for it

Can confirm that Southern California you don’t need English

@YourFundamentalTheorum We try to pay family wage. It’s very difficult. All the employment expenses, inventory taxes, income taxes, insurance, etc make it so expensive. Some can barely afford their healthcare even after the contribution we make towards premium every month. The government has made it impossible for whites to afford to work and all the taxes they collect go to subsidizing non-Europeans.

My Mexican employees in shipping don’t like people from other Hispanic countries getting interviews. And the men threatened to quit when we tried to hire a female manager

Ellos no son mi gente

I suppose I have to respect their race-wokeness

They’re not sending their best.

There are plenty of very white looking ones that are still very Mexican

There are tons in Brazil

Old paintings of “Mexicans” in Mexico City

Brazil is very interesting. There are people who are lighter skinned than I am I’ve met. Then there are dark blacks

It’s the passport most used in fraud because of the diversity

Very much

I go down there with my fiancé for polo. All white.

Outside of the cities at least

Which can be more mixed

Well I don’t spend much time in Buenos, which is mixed. The ranches and stuff we visit are nearly 100% white. They look like Germans who have Spanish names

It can be very easy to get an isolated picture. SA countries are very segregated, including Argentina

Our developer team is all Uruguay based. A few of them moved to Austin and I flew out to see them. Probably half of them looked like me.

@TMatthews DNA studies show 75% European


That’s the impression I got when I was there. Though again, there are definitely areas that are very mixed and much darker and more South American.

I suspect its more because they mixed too much with Moors

What do you need help with specifically?

I don’t do it anymore, no. I have 6 employees in my marketing department though and oversee everything there. Previously I ran marketing at a few startups and freelanced when I left university.

Happy to help! Getting clients is fairly easy, especially with SEO work, though I would bundle it with email marketing too.

That depends on the business. Generally I think it is better for local businesses to focus on email and SEO. The fact is, most people don’t want to follow the instagram account of their local car dealership

Email has been my number one sales channel at every company. Both marketing and SDR outbound emails.

Then again, a good friend of mine runs a real estate marketing company that just does FB ads for local realtors. They do quite well.

Of course. Please reach out if I can help in any way. You might check out I have all my marketing employees go through the archives.

@Grayson I couldn’t believe what downtown Salt Lake became. I have a place in Holladay I keep for skiing. Even there on the outskirts it has gotten a bit rough

@Grayson I do! Just an apartment I keep for access to the slopes in the winter

@Grayson And that is beautiful. Utah is perhaps the state with the best claim to whiteopia

@Grayson Unfortunately Tennessee is demanding I go there so I won’t get to spend much time in UT. What a great place though.

It’s best place in the country for shipping. Easy access everywhere

I’ve loved some of the areas around Nashville — Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville. All very white and a much higher quality of life than most

We’ve had a bunch of former Amazon employees apply for jobs. They all hated it.

Of course it depends on the role @Jacob, but working in their shipping dept seems rough... We pay slightly more and you’re managing way less packages a day than at Amazon.

It’s our São Paulo

@Jacob that is probably a better option. Still, there will be better opportunities with your background than being an Amazon code monkey.

We cut Facebook ads because of that. Took a huge hit, but save a ton of money and it forces us to find better channels

No more paying the evil empir

Introductions from other women in and around IE work well, in my experience

My fiancé has made several intros.

I’d like to know the preferred options for donating?

I think mine got bumped up — what are the preferred methods for donating?

I’d like to do more. Does Bitcoin work too? I did notice the address is listed on SPLC. Would there be another address to use?

Intermittent fasting daily

I love Mormons.

@Grayson Big families, clean, wealthy, white

Utah has the highest white birth rate in the US.

We can all learn from them.

I admire Mormon’s culturally. White Mormons are almost their own ethnic group now.

Here’s to you Mrs. Robinson.

When white men realize they need to stop tarnishing good white women who make bad sexual choices by sleeping with them.

My fiancé is 2 months younger than I am. I suppose that’s enough.

Roosh is disgusting.

His actions are unforgiveable if true.

I don’t care what he “thinks”

He’s not a friend of the right or the white.

Waiting tables is the best way to learn to be social.

It’s the most exciting, wacky, wild-west time in Bitcoin’s history tomorrow

It might very well be the best purchasing opportunity ever for BCH. However I expect the uncertainty will last days, if not months @Tanner - SC, unless Craig and Calvin are bluffing

I’ve found most people aren’t willing to do the most important thing early on: run around and make sales.

My first startup, we just had to start cold emailing, speaking at events, and calling people to pick up our first customers. Traditional marketing wasn’t working at all. So we sold. But once we got those initial customers, the marketing started picking up.

We went from 0 to profitable doing a ton of things that won’t work at bigger scale.

Unfortunately people spend all their time doing things that don’t matter to avoid the uncomfortable reality of calling someone to ask them to buy your product.

Hello there.

It's easy to say that as an anon.

She's using her real name.

Gentlemen, some good news. Today I was invited to sit on the board of directors of a very important academic organization where I’ll be able to have a good deal of influence. Unfortunately I cannot say what it is now, but they are big, and I was very surprised to learn that they share many of our concerns about the cultural direction of the country. There are several university presidents on the board now, which was also very surprising given the subject matter and their work.

Off topic: Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and I’m curious if any of you have any good references for donating to whites in need?

I bought kids books for years but most drives disproportionately benefit non Europeans.

Currently we give quite a bit to the police foundation, but helping families directly seems more productive

@Jacob is there a good list?

I’d be happy to buy gifts, books, clothes, summer camp, etc

We can use the IE mailing address for that, correct? And earmark it for him?


A baby registry list would still be great too.

It is certainly not decline after 26 at all.

Men who take care of their health get more attractive into their 40s and 50s

I’ve recently started the process of joining SAR. Director ancestor fought in revolution then settled in Tennessee

Should check out some of the original stuff. Rise and Fall of the Confederacy by Jefferson Davis is very interesting

Dropped out during my Sophomore year. The best decision I ever made professionally.

I don’t agree.

Jared Taylor’s article on the founders and race is a good one for that.

Once you are over 100 employees, there are a lot of problems you run into with government regulations, diversity measures, labor board, etc.

They might not be able to take your business but they can sue you into bankruptcy for tiny things

And the labor board always sides against business owners unless you provide incontrovertible proof of innocence.

@Jacob thank you! I am very grateful to the work everyone is doing.

Open invitation to anyone: if you have funding needs for anything — businesses, activism, etc, please send me a message.

I do a bit of both. Mostly Southern, but I’m north often.

Right now I split time between CA and TN @Henrik

I hope to be there. Do fiancés require additional registration?

I can confirm that Rodd and Gunn is the whitest men’s store.

Excellent. That’s no problem. Thank you.

She’s a rare woman who was already red pilled when we got together.

My father used to read Amren articles occasionally to me as a kid. It was only when I got older I realized it was Taylor.

Amren and Michael Savage. Interesting combination.

And he’s a class act, not a larp.

@William Russell wonderful. We’ll hope to see you two there.

My fiancé replaced all of our shower heads with vitamin c filters. She claims she wants a “Jew free home.”

Unfortunately it can be difficult to get a good white woman until you’re a bit more established.

Priorities change

Generally yes. I enjoyed having mine around as I built my career though. She was a great partner and sounding board.

@Jacob we met in college. I dropped out and she stayed for two more years to finish.

@Jacob freshman year. I left my second year

@Jacob I agree. It’s difficult to have a relationship in college. It was made easier because I wasn’t there anymore.

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