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Howdy folks! Excited to share birdwatching stories and ornithological insights with y'all.

I have a suggestion. I think they're should be a national business thread as opposed to just local ones. For graphic designers, web designers, marketers, bookkeepers, entrepreneurs, mentors... Anyone who does business online

Peterson is a full blown establishment shill.

Hey everybody. Just wanted to notify everyone of my services, which consist of : proofreading /editing, social media marketing, and bookkeeping. I'm also potentially looking for a graphic designer.

Also, shouldn't it be McGOYver?

Okay, just looking through some of the recent posts, and I might be the only one here who does this, but you guys should try sautΓ©ing apples, dates, and /or pears with some coconut oil, curry powder and cinnamon. This is actually the basis of just about everything I cook, although with some things I will add acv, umeboshi plum paste, cayenne, salt and pepper. If I'm making soup, which I do regularly, I will cook vegetables this way and then throw them in the blender with hot water and coconut milk powder.

Aw, shucks.

Udemy has some great courses for cheap. I don't know if they still do $10 sales, the floor seems to have moved up to 12. Still cheaper than college.

First thing that comes to mind is CBD. Second is ginger.

By the way, my second choice for a handle was Nature Boy, if that tells you anything. If you're looking for alternative health info, tag me and chances are I'll know something about whatever it is. Traditional/alternative medicine is vastly superior to allopathic medicine when it comes to chronic conditions. Sorry if I'm hurting anyone's feelings by saying so, but that is the case. Of course there are nuances and special cases, but modern medicine does a great job at turning profits and a terrible job at keeping people healthy.

Use medium low heat

Takes about 5-7 minutes to cook apples out of the fridge, chopped into thirds 3x (27 pieces). I eat everything but the stem.

Not sure about pear seeds, but apple seeds are very good for cancer

Most phytonutrients are in the parts people throw away. For example, if you make a smoothie with an avocado, throw the pit in there. It's very nutritious and you will hardly notice it's there as long as you run the blender for a couple minutes.

Which reminds me : avoid cold foods and drinks as much as possible. They slow down digestion. If you make smoothies, it's a good idea to throw in some fresh ginger to aid digestion. I could go on for a while, but I'll stop there. If you want to know what foods are good for specific diseases or chronic conditions, tag me and I should be able to help.

By the way, unless you're totally destitute, I'd advise against buying anything in a can. Pretty much any other preservation method is better than canning.

We should not be buying food from the Beast if we can help it. Local farmers ftw

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but I just had an interesting experience. I've been noticing the term "rape survivors" a lot in the mainstream lately, and it struck me as a blatant attempt to increase the drama involved in rape /rape accusations. I decided to check out the keyword history on Google trends. To my surprise, I found that the frequency of this search phrase has gone down steadily since 2004 (although not much to begin with) , but 100% of the searches were from California. if anyone asks you for the proof that jews run the show, send them the links in the description

Regarding what you guys were talking about earlier. There's a few things I can recommend for stress and trauma (which are different degrees of the same thing). 1) TRE trauma release exercise, 2) Hanna somatics, 3) qigong, 4) stabilize your blood sugar, 5) vipassana (, 6) self oil massage (I use sesame oil). You can also release a lot of tension in the supine position with a couple heavy sandbags on your belly. Just don't do it after a meal.

I hope I wasn't too brash with my previous comment. Not sure if we're all on the same page, but I'm not a fan of chronic disease care in modern medicine. It's great for emergencies, but when people go through conventional channels for things like back pain, digestive issues and cancer, they get raked over the coals.

@Grossly Incandescent something else that might help : have him keep a thermos of hot filtered water and take a sip every 15 minutes. You can also try making some really strong ginger tea with a little bit of black pepper and have him drink a little bit of that about 15 minutes before each meal.

Hey everyone. I just want to start by sharing something that has done more for my mental health than anything else I've done. It's called vipassana meditation, and it's the technique Buddha taught. Everyone is a bundle of knots, and this technique eventually unties all those knots. is the website for finding courses, which are offered at a dozen centers in the US. The organization is financed completely by the donations of previous students. If you have the time, and you don't have severe unresolved trauma, I can't recommend it highly enough.

No rituals or blind acceptance involved. It's very rational, and you will be able to see for yourself how your mind and body influence each other and how you create your own suffering.

I'm thinking it would be good to brainstorm about little things we can do to ingratiate ourselves to the public. For instance, you might have seen a libertarian meme going around with a business card saying "this is a gift, not a tip, so you don't have to claim it on your taxes." What kind of small favors can we do for people, especially people who might be open to our views?

Or big favors

Any business owners in this group? Or do we know of sympathetic entrepreneurs who do things like screenprinting, web design, etc.? I'm trying to create a centralized referral network

@Steve - NJ how do we access it?

Has anyone else been thinking about staying a newspaper?


A normie - friendly paper

Then use the profits to do another paper without any advertising :)

Texas or the Midwest would be good places for something like this

Not a magazine, something with advertisers

Variable size

@NateDahl76 how can I get involved?

I'm not in college

I'm a hermit

@Steve - NJ the business network

Well there should be, by golly

Not sure if I'm the guy to handle sensitive information though, tbh. I'm kind of a space cadet

I was just thinking of doing a parody song about NPCs. If you have any suggestions for tunes I could change the lyrics to or want to collaborate, let me know

I'm looking to crowdsource a name for a moving service. I'm in hipsterville if that makes a difference.

Maybe you should dm me in case I actually use it

My brain seems to be well-suited to some things (like knowing when people are lying) but not to other things (like tact).

For anyone interested in habit change science, you should get this book

I have been looking at brick-making machines

Grand Junction is a good place to invest in real estate if you've got the money. Reasonably cheap now, but it'll be worth much more in ten years.

Do we have people in Bellingham? I'm up here for work with nothing to do, would like to put up stickers or something

Who's the Washington coordinator?


Just a reminder: if you're going to eat a big meal, it's a good idea to work out first. Speaking of which, it seems a lot of our guys are into lifting, which is great, but if you want the best benefits of exercise, your workout should include both strength and mobility training. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, they called us fashionable. Nice.

If anybody has moving water on their property, check out the Turbulent whirlpool generator. More efficient and more environmentally friendly than solar.

Jacob, you posted an essay about immigration a while back. I just read it recently and I have some feedback to help you improve your writing. I was thinking we could go through it via audio, or if you prefer, I can write it out.

It's a whirlpool generator that can harvest power from just about any moving water

How do I join the orientation?

Pledge hall I assume

If anybody needs help with digital marketing, hit me up.

Has anybody read No White Guilt's new book? It needs Amazon reviews

Any graphic designers here?

So I guess we don't have to pay income taxes anymore ^

Oh. I guess I should be more diligent.

Would be a great precedent if he wins

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