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Sweet, thanks for the invite

Hey everyone, nice to be here with you all. I've done some woodwork and have learned most of what I know from my dad. Here are some of the things I have made recently or am still working on. Once they are complete I will post a tutorial on the steps I took to make them.

The shelves were a project based around having a place to store my firearms. Once I'm finished with the small white shelf I will probably start with a step by step tutorial on that since it is an easier thing to make than the other pictures.

Let me know if anyone has any questions in the mean time, I'm always happy to help.

Any opinion on this http://www.zeltbahn.net/tent.htm or similar products

http://m.ebay.com/itm/221964379086?_mwBanner=1 I thought these looked pretty interesting, I just don't know if it's worth it over getting a normal tarp

Yeah, I love my poncho liner 💯

Thanks guys 😃 my dad has tried to teach me a lot over the years. Lucky for me he learned a lot from his dad growing up and passed some of his knowledge on to me.

Yeah, there are many things that could still be added, such as stonemasonry

Very nice 👍🏻

I've done a similar tile in my bathroom.

So many houses here in Minnesota are like the picture on the left. Outdated and disgusting IMO

Yeah, it's more the style of leaving the wood finish and not painting it that bothers me

Yeah I grew up in Northern California so maybe that influenced my taste a bit

Was working on this today and my dad accidentally hit it with his trailer 😦

Yeah the door will be easy to sand down. I'm debating making it a drawer instead of a door now. The only part that's really damaged is the top part that I stained

I don't have a good angle of it, but it's all pushed in and uneven now. Might just replace the top piece and restain a new one


Yeah you can't really see it. It's fixable though

The damage to the door is because it got pushed in and doesn't have a handle on it and is a pretty tight fit. So I pried it open with a flat head screwdriver lol. I used an extra board we had lying around for the top of it, so I've got plenty more. I haven't tried that before with sawdust. That's interesting. I'm thinking I will just sand the door down so it fits better and it shouldn't be an issue once I paint it like you said. Not sure what I will do with the top piece yet. I might just cut another piece of that board to size 😂

A future look into the day to day lives of white men in the ethnostate after societal collapse https://youtu.be/i9TdoO2OVaA

Finished this one, pretty basic but might be a good lesson to start with

Yeah go for it, should be interesting to see

Can confirm mint does make budgeting easy

Why hello my fellow (((Europeans))) I've worked for a (((bank))) and my dad has also worked for a bank since he was my age, so I know quite a bit about how they operate. Would be happy to answer any questions that come up that relate to that topic.

If you're looking at making bedframes and things you should get a Pinterest. You can find a design you like and it will usually have all the measurements @Whitelash

Chad IE vs Virgin Alexander @Punished Ajax



Yeah, I’ve been keeping up with it all day though. Pretty amazing

I was thinking something similar to that. How can they call us a hate group in the public square like that

2017-12-30 08:32:58 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-01-07 08:51:27 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Cool thanks

Gf has been spending a lot of time on pintrest, so I decided to make this blanket ladder for her that she saw on there. Just need to sand it when the wood glue dries and then paint it


I didn’t use any screws

I just drilled holes and glued in dowels

Yeah, I didn’t have much wood to work with for a while but now I’ve got quite a bit as you can see in the pic haha

I haven’t needed to yet for any of the stuff I’ve made, but I would if the opportunity arises

Done sanding the glue and then I used bondo to fill in the cracks, so once that is dried I can sand one last time and paint

Yeah I hope so. My dad had bondo already and let me use it, so I didn’t have to buy any. It was a fun little project. I got a bunch of culled lumber recently for 90% off, but none of it is hard wood, so I’m just gonna make some signs and random things with it and try to sell them and make some money

All three of my boots (hunting, hiking, and work) are redwing/Irish setter

Best brand

Gonna be making some signs and some tables this weekend for my sisters graduation so hopefully I’ll have something worth posting

Wish I could help, but I don’t know much about plumbing.

Going to finish these this weekend

Going to make the top and then sand and stain/paint

So far all the boards were 1xXxX that I cut down including the trim board at the bottom which I made myself

Almost done with it

Ty 👍🏻

Our garage stairs were built poorly and looked like trash, so my dad and I built in some more support and then put some timbertech composite deck boards on for the treads because I have a bunch of it just sitting around

We bought our house as a foreclosure and have flipped the entire house while living in it. We’ve done that a few times now with different homes we have lived in while moving across the country

I posted these on another discord already, but I figured I’d share them here too. This is some before/after of our house. It’s a bit of a mess in the new pics because I took them right after my sisters grad party was over lol

My dad and I had to make the cabinet for the double oven from scratch when we moved the fridge over

We also made all of the cabinet doors ourself as a temporary solution while we paint and repair the old ones so that the hinges can be the kind that are hidden from the outside. We also have to make two extra doors to match the old ones for the new cabinet before we can put them back in

The hard part is that all the woodwork in the house was custom and finding a router bit that matches is seemingly impossible for some of the things we need to do

Yeah he used to be a carpenter / stonemason but now him and I both work in technology

I could contribute, I’m pretty good at making music and production

2018-06-13 03:16:03 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #jail]  

That comment was in regards to an article someone posted saying that the trump administration wanted to put unaccompanied migrant children in tent cities on military compounds. It should have had a question mark at the end, but I wasn’t just asserting that as some sort of stance of mine. I was just responding to the article that was posted

2018-06-13 03:19:55 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #jail]  

And that wasn’t a pol tier comment, it was quite literally the implications behind the article that was posted

2018-06-13 03:34:03 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #jail]  

I suppose next time I’ll have to make sure to add a little more context into what I say rather than leaving it as such a general statement

Yeah I couldn’t agree more. It also has a lot to do with over population, and mass production to maintain a certain living standard for everyone I’m sure. Also most people don’t have the skills to do their own work these days :/

2018-06-14 04:41:46 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #jail]  

At what point do I get unjailed @Suomi Stronk

2018-06-14 04:49:53 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #jail]  


I just made another one of those console tables and a few hidden gun shelves with my dad. I’ve got a ton of people that want to buy these tables from me now that my gf posted them online and a few people that my dad works with wanted to buy some of these hidden gun cabinets we made for our house that you hang on the wall and it uses a magnetic latch to open

I have some pics from before we printed out some vinyl letters that go over it to make it look like modern wall art

I’ll post the finished pic with the words tomorrow but for now here is the general idea

I have a pic with it opened, but not sure if I should post given the fact that it might be against the rules

It looks like these kind of signs and nobody would know what’s inside, so it’s a safe option to have one close, but also away from the reach of children and intruders

All the ones I’ve been selling I let the people choose what they want and it’s been 100% bible verses lol

We made two of these about a year ago now that are the same concept. One of them is painted white and the one shown is stained, but nobody was interested when we tried to sell them so they have just been sitting around. I suppose they are just too bulky and don’t mesh well with modern minimalist style

Just remembered to take a pic of this after it was finished

Both this channel and <#453241577062662146> have loads of content now. It’s hard to say which is better

Spent this weekend pulling up our old rotting 20+ year old deck boards and replacing them with some composite boards

Need to get a few more 16ft boards before I can finish the middle of the deck

All in a days work 😂 building a new shed

Redwing is the shoe brand of the ethnostate

Like the ethnostate will 😂

Got to this point in a weekend, next weekend I’ll be putting up the siding/trim/painting and then finishing the roof off with some shingles

Pretty much done with it, just need to finish the shingles and then do the trim/paint

Oh and build a door

Yep 😂

And the first day was spent driving around buying all the stuff I needed

All done 😄


Lol. Perfectly square 👌🏻

Here’s a small business I just made and have already made a small profit on https://havamalheathens.com

It’s pretty hands off, but the same model could be done for other products and probably make even more money than what I’ve been making with the one above. All my sales have come from free Instagram traffic too so I haven’t invested much of anything.

Most the accessories I get from suppliers and sell, and most of the clothing are my own designs and then they are printed, quality tested, and shipped at the point of purchase, so there is no upfront cost on my end. It just depends which product it is. Some accessory items are using the same print method as the shirts.

I’d say both are equally important, but the latter is more pressing

Dewalt, but I’m not sure about chisels

2018-09-03 09:04:22 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I just got back into lifting and sparring with a friend from work last week. I was so sore afterwords I could hardly move lmao

That video in the announcement was perfect 👌🏻

I’ve been wanting to make videos with that aesthetic for as long as I’ve been involved in IE

I got bored...

and this shot was bad ass

Thanks 🙏🏻

They make a roof patch product that you can buy at Lowe’s

There’s a whole assortment of different products there


I’m sure Home Depot and Menards have the same stuff or something similar if they are closer to you as well

I sent you a response in the general channel, but I missed the part about the chimney. The sealant should still work though and then like rev said you should take a look at the metal flashing. @Rick

I remember some of my dreams. Usually if I’m extremely tired I won’t remember them. Also sometimes music will help me sleep, or just getting off any electronics for an hour or two before bed

They didn’t post in order 😓

Ooh that looks nice. What kind of finish do you like to use? I’ve been using a matte polyurethane. I plan to make two matching nightstands sometime soon as well as a chest that sits at the end of the bed. I want to give them a glossy finish, so I won’t be using the poly (don’t like the way glossy poly looks). Any suggestions?

If a white guy were to suddenly have to move to another state to be closer to family and is totally not white flighting his way out of a state with Muslim representatives, what state would his family be located in?

You don’t want to drown faster?

You know the Muslim Somali woman that won is in a district so small that it basically consists of the little town all the Somalis live in, which is why she had over 80% of the vote lol

A pretty large chest I made to sit at the bottom of my bed. Should look really nice when I stain /finish it



The hinges for the lid and the handles haven’t arrived yet either, but I found some really nice hinges hat allow the lid to over hang on the back

Nice they have some cool bail pulls on there. Wish I would have known before I bought the ones I did so I could have more choices. Either way the ones I got are fine though I guess.

Thank you.

That’s true. I’ll see how it looks before I install it and return it if I don’t like it

@Sonic thanks, 😄 will do!

Here’s my latest project. Just a simple stand for my desk

That’s cool. I haven’t run into a situation that requires any of my chisels yet.

tfw no music channel. Here's a song I just started working on. I have about 5 hours put into it at this point and all the sound design/synthesis as well as pretty much every single aspect of the song were made or recorded by myself. https://soundcloud.com/envian/song1-2018-2/s-TFhx5

Oh nice. I didn’t see those 😂

Haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but one trick I use when I make basses like that is to apply a multiband compressor to it so that I can apply certain affects such as distortion to the mids and highs without it killing the low end of the bass. This also allows me to keep the stereo width of the bass at 0 while also being able to add width to the mids/highs. If you use ableton I actually made a rack for it that you can just drop into the audio affect rack @Deleted User

Ableton has a multiband compressor that splits the frequencies up into the lows/mids/highs on one track and then allows you to add your affects to each frequency range which would reduce the need for multiple tracks with multiple affects on each track which just helps with cpu and also gives you better control over the frequency range of each category (lows mids and highs) without having to basically make three separate midi/audio tracks and then group them together to apply affects over all three. Basically it’s like splitting them into the three tracks and then grouping all tree together to give you the ability to add certain affects to the entire sound but with the control of keeping the bass in mono. You could do it manually, but why go through the trouble when you can just throw on the multiband compressor and be done with it. There are many other uses for multiband compression that you can use at that point as well but I don’t tend to use it for much more than that myself except for when I’m doing sound design.

I’ll upload the ableton rack I made so you can use it if you want

here are the main 3 songs Ive got right now.

make that 4 actually

I started this one like 5 years ago though and im still not really too happy with it

Thanks 😃 Most of my music background comes from playing rhythm/lead guitar growing up

So I don’t know where the drum stuff came from. Just a natural thing I guess lol

I get pretty autistic with the drums though. I like to layer foley sounds over the drum hits to add texture. Most of my snare drums have recordings of bacon cooking in a pan layered over them for instance lol

This is the type of music that inspires the music I make https://youtu.be/MdqxQRy_dNI

Can’t help but notice that the producers are all white men 😂

sounds a bit better now 😃

I’m still working on my chest... with the cold weather and my unheated garage it’s pretty much still at the same point it was when I last posted 😂

I got some hard wood flooring for 1$ a box from my work and I plan to just square it off and use the hard wood for some nightstands too but not until it heats up a bit.

Does anyone know a good place to get 2x2 lumber that is furniture grade? I am making a dresser for my gf and for now my only idea is to take 2x4s and rip them down, but if possible to get really good lumber I’d be willing to just buy it.

It’s so cold in my garage that I’m not trying to spend time out there ripping down 2x4s 😂

It looks like maybe Home Depot has square edge white wood 2x2s so nvm I’ll go check that out

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