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2017-12-17 21:04:07 UTC

Thanks @John O -#7072 I have that same style torque wrench; its a little less intuitive than the older ones

2017-12-17 21:05:58 UTC

My dad has one that's literally just a needle like your speedometer

2017-12-20 01:44:26 UTC

Mods, can we have a #crypto channel? I am well versed in crypto, engaged in the space since 2011 and would like to help. People have PM'd me questions and I'd like to answer questions in a public forum to help others.

2017-12-20 02:12:48 UTC

Plus nocoiners would finally stop crying

2017-12-20 02:32:31 UTC

the privacy coins are going to be the future along with more blockchain tech.

2017-12-20 03:08:18 UTC

I don't see the value in holding the privacy coins. I would put my savings in BCH and only convert my week's spending money into privacy coin. You get all the benefits of anon transactions, plus all the benefits of price rises due to user adoption of white market currency.

2017-12-22 01:28:32 UTC

If you guys want to know why I shill for Mullvad VPN just look for yourself at all the other possible VPN services https://thatoneprivacysite.net/vpn-comparison-chart/


2017-12-22 01:29:06 UTC

there arent allot that are better for a fair price

2017-12-23 03:52:17 UTC

Admin should probably pin this post. Behold the emergency no wine opener work around


2017-12-23 03:52:35 UTC


2017-12-23 03:52:50 UTC

Exhibit A and B

2017-12-23 05:27:12 UTC

Whereโ€™s your swiss army pocket knife with the cork opener?

2017-12-23 19:15:21 UTC

@Max White that is indeed pinnable

2017-12-23 22:42:04 UTC

Only if the bottle is fresh. Otherwise itโ€™ll crumble and youโ€™ll be pouring the wine through a coffee filter to get the chunks out haha

2017-12-23 22:42:26 UTC

Also can push the cork into the bottle. More effort exerted though

2017-12-24 03:27:03 UTC

I should get a Swiss army knife it seems to have a good deal of utility.

2017-12-24 03:27:23 UTC

Anyone know of a good deal on one? Recommendations?

2017-12-24 19:51:21 UTC

I was given a swiss army knife when I was around 5, used it ever since. I use the plastic toothpick more than anything. Browse here to pick the one with the tool assortment you want, then buy on Amazon.

2017-12-24 19:53:40 UTC

Scroll down to the bottom to see the oldest designs. Hereโ€™s mine:

2017-12-25 00:45:45 UTC

@Tanner - SC this would be perfect for <#390735997639589891>

2017-12-25 01:11:43 UTC
2017-12-29 02:11:31 UTC

Gonna be on this livestream soon with Byron de la Vandal and Blacke Lucca. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yWXUsAc8aM

2017-12-30 19:41:39 UTC

Ty for invite looking forward to meeting all of you

2017-12-30 19:57:19 UTC

@PavelCristovic#3971 of course! Welcome aboard.

2017-12-30 20:36:49 UTC
2017-12-31 00:59:48 UTC
2018-01-04 20:21:35 UTC

you can also use a shoe to open a wine bottle

2018-01-04 20:21:59 UTC


2018-01-04 20:22:28 UTC

i prefer multitools over swiss army knives

2018-01-04 21:00:44 UTC

That looks like a good way to take a cork to the face.

2018-01-05 20:25:17 UTC

Wine facial

2018-01-05 20:27:44 UTC

haha gross

2018-01-06 19:59:07 UTC

Do any of you guys have experience with e-commerce, dropshipping, using Shopify storefronts to sell items? Itโ€™s piqued my interest lately

2018-01-07 17:12:50 UTC

@celticflame I wanted to take this conversation out of tech, but my dad started a jewelry store after he retired. He cuts stones and makes custom jewelry, he also sells wholesale.
Where do you get your supplies?

2018-01-07 17:31:34 UTC

Oh wow,i bet he does quality work too. Generally off Ebay,but i have also bought stuff at small local stores or once a year at trade shows when they have them at fairgrounds. When your able to inspect them up close at these shows,thats when you can find a lot of quality items. But sometimes there's also cheap stuff so you have to know what your looking for.

2018-01-07 17:32:53 UTC

What state is he in? Does he also sell online?

2018-01-07 17:45:28 UTC

I've cut obsidian stone before in class long ago,i know doctors still use it in some surgeries too. I have alot of respect for your dad cutting his own stones not easy,nor saudering custom jewelry. Good for him!

2018-01-07 17:58:13 UTC

We're in KY. Yeah he sells online.
He actually goes out and mines stones across the US, he orders a lot of raw stones from ebay and other sellers in Asia and opal from Australia.
But he gets a lot of supplies from Rio Grande, and I'll have to get the names of the other places. They have loads of different materials for the type of jewelry you make.
He's a GIA gemologist/lapidary. He spends a lot of time fighting the Chinese selling glass and altered stones as authentic stones.

2018-01-07 18:08:11 UTC

Ok cool thanks. I've ordered from Rio Grande before too. I'm nowhere near your dad,lol
But just trying to start something eventually. Bookmarked his page thanks!

2018-01-07 18:30:33 UTC

Cool. Jewelry has some absurd markup too. What state are you in?

Quality Gold
Diamond Pacific Tool Corp
And there's some mirco tool company he buys some of the smaller tools for wire wrapping and what not.

2018-01-07 18:38:40 UTC

California, yes used to do too,been awhile And it all adds up.

2018-01-10 19:39:30 UTC

Hey lads & lassies, just letting you goys know that the WorldCoinIndex took off some Korean coin exchanges from their listings, and this is causing a very huge drop in cryptocurrency value. Just a heads up.

2018-01-11 14:30:53 UTC

@here you cryptogeeks โ˜๐Ÿป

2018-01-11 23:56:42 UTC

Thanks Anglo. Sold out btc on the high when you last mentioned that, then saw the news out of Korea the next day, bought btc low, hopefully a good strategy. Playing with peanuts anyway, but it's fun.

2018-01-12 17:23:15 UTC

@RevStench just got my man card, bro

2018-01-12 17:29:39 UTC

That's sweet, congratulations man!

2018-01-12 17:39:19 UTC

I'm driving to the county right now, yelling in the car

2018-01-21 17:50:01 UTC

Anyone have a good method to spot clean a jacket?

2018-01-24 02:12:30 UTC

@StrawberryArmada What kind of material?

2018-01-25 15:41:54 UTC

It's cotton

2018-01-26 16:08:43 UTC

Pulled up to this new job site today, this crew rolled up behind me.


2018-01-26 16:09:02 UTC


2018-01-26 16:10:11 UTC


2018-01-26 16:19:48 UTC

All white guys, it's so nice being able to talk to everyone you're working with.

2018-01-26 16:55:09 UTC

Yeah there's an i after the k instead of an a ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-01-26 18:00:10 UTC

Attn: Hello, I am the editor-in-chief of the new online publication The Identitarian. This is an IE Board sponsored project. The publication needs writers, so I am appealing to IE members for their writing talents. We are looking to publish 3 - 6 articles a day. The publication really needs dedicated writers who can commit to writing articles on a weekly basis. We are going to cover current events, culture, history, philosophy, etc. This publication is going to speak for the Identitarian movement in the USA, so we need high quality writing. If you would like to be involved, send me a DM. If you have previous writing experience, please send two or three pieces.

2018-01-26 18:03:16 UTC

@everyone ^

2018-01-26 19:52:18 UTC

>not โ€œHenloโ€

2018-01-28 05:10:53 UTC

Just got finished with building our activism workshop


2018-01-28 05:23:19 UTC

I miss read that as autism workshop the first time.

2018-01-28 05:35:51 UTC

I recognize those standing placards, are those the ones that say "ATL RIGHT"?

2018-01-28 18:21:33 UTC

Lol yeah, that was our branding a while back before the joining of our activism with IE

2018-01-28 18:36:43 UTC

Nice. I thought it was pretty clever.

2018-01-28 23:39:52 UTC

@Deleted User all of you supreemacists live in your moms basements!

2018-01-28 23:45:44 UTC

@JesseJames \*shrinks back\* I've been found out!

2018-01-28 23:48:56 UTC

lol @ThisIsChris I had to say something to @Deleted User because I'm jealous of his set up.

2018-01-28 23:50:50 UTC

@JesseJames I have to agree with you there!

2018-01-30 19:19:09 UTC

My favorite part of living and working in KY.

2018-01-30 19:19:19 UTC


2018-01-30 19:19:30 UTC

Backwoods bourbon

2018-01-30 19:21:30 UTC

So strong, puts hair on your chest!

2018-01-30 19:21:58 UTC

Not recommend for women. ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-01-30 19:26:48 UTC

@RevStench You made that or bought it?

2018-01-30 19:34:31 UTC

It was given to me from the guy I worked for today. I finished up my part of the job and stayed to help him move some timber and extra drywall. He said he has a buddy somewhere around Boston, KY who makes it.
I get homemade liquor often.

2018-01-30 19:34:34 UTC
2018-01-30 19:39:51 UTC


2018-01-30 19:41:07 UTC

If I could ship it across state lines I'd send this to you. It's really good, and I don't drink liquor straight often.

2018-01-30 19:57:52 UTC

I, myself, do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2018-01-30 19:58:07 UTC

Well, actually, I'm goin' dry from now to Saint Paddy's

2018-01-30 19:58:20 UTC

Well, from 2 Feb to Saint Paddy's

2018-01-30 21:59:09 UTC

If anyone wants to make a lot of money, open a wedding venue

2018-01-30 21:59:26 UTC

Swear by the gods you will be a millionaire.

2018-01-30 22:12:08 UTC

Or a funeral parlor ๐Ÿ˜

2018-01-31 03:47:24 UTC

Went to my uncle's wake recently, the funeral parlor was nice and has been owned by the same family for 4 generations

2018-01-31 13:34:48 UTC

We've hosted weddings here. 10/10

2018-01-31 20:40:07 UTC

I don't understand why anyone would pay for a venue for their wedding. The church I go to doesn't charge for member weddings. I don't know if that is common but it should be.

2018-01-31 20:45:36 UTC

Yeah and it doesn't really add to the moment. I would probably hire a professional photographer just because most people don't know how to get good pictures, but for the rest I would much rather have those services provided by my family or the other members of my church.

2018-01-31 22:13:40 UTC

@missliterallywho any luck on baby?

2018-01-31 22:13:54 UTC

Fingers are crossed for you

2018-01-31 22:27:38 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD if I could do it again I would hire a professional photographer

2018-01-31 22:28:13 UTC

Besides that my wedding was 4k plus the rings, about 80-100 guests

2018-01-31 22:38:13 UTC


2018-01-31 23:56:21 UTC

@missliterallywho CONGRATULATIONS!!!

2018-01-31 23:56:42 UTC

First one, it must be a big deal for you.

2018-02-01 00:26:45 UTC
2018-02-01 00:28:15 UTC

@missliterallywho congratulations!!

2018-02-01 00:29:30 UTC
2018-02-02 03:03:43 UTC

Hey guys I got a weird question...
I really enjoy collecting scrap to recycle, but recently I came across 2- 4' long railroad tracks.
Rather than sell them for scrap, I've seen people turn them into anvils and was wondering if anyone knew a way to "put them on the market" for a blacksmith.

2018-02-02 03:12:16 UTC

@Goose hmmm maybe <#338633794896527360> ?

2018-02-02 03:13:26 UTC

Posted. Thanks @ThisIsChris

2018-02-02 03:20:42 UTC

Maybe find a farrier or blacksmith school/shop that could send you in the right direction.

2018-02-04 17:19:38 UTC

Looking for a graphic designer to morph a couple of silouhettes for me. Please DM if you can help.

2018-02-04 17:33:24 UTC

@Daniel Turch ^ maybe you can help him.

2018-02-06 22:56:29 UTC

do we have any riggers in here?

2018-02-06 23:30:11 UTC

I'm not but I've worked with them. My uncle owns a machinery moving company. If there is anything I could help with let me know.

2018-02-11 22:30:36 UTC

Here's an invite to a podcast I'll be starting in the coming weeks. It's also a place to discuss shooting and shooting sports. https://discord.gg/4tNANAr

2018-02-27 18:39:53 UTC

any realtors in here?

2018-02-27 18:52:52 UTC

@Goose check <#352760194775777282> or just <@&322715617138311171>

2018-02-27 18:54:59 UTC

@ThisIsChris thanks man

2018-02-27 21:33:35 UTC

JBS might be a little out there, but here is a list of conservative-inclined companies.


2018-02-27 22:24:38 UTC

@Px4stormtrooper#3883 made me think. To any of you guys who are new in the trades, getting into the trades, or even if you are just getting a little too relaxed. It's dangerous out there. This is a hard story to tell over text, but it's very important. There was a guy recently on a construction site that my company was on who was killed. Fortunately, I wasn't there. A tilt-up wall, like the one pictured, fell when the cables for the crane snapped. One guy ran across it and made it to safety, while the other guy ran away from it, and was crushed before he could make it.

The trades are very lucrative, especially for people without a college education. I hope that I'm not discouraging anyone, but just be aware that it's easy to get into accidents. Looking at you specifically, @Rogue#0890 . Stay safe, bro


2018-02-27 22:25:25 UTC
2018-02-27 22:36:56 UTC

bro, I could tell stories all day about people getting killed or maimed on job sites and in factories.
It can be really dangerous out there even in the best conditions.

2018-02-27 22:43:18 UTC

@RevStench I heard construction has a higher mortality rate than police work. It's dangerous as hell, man.

2018-02-27 22:45:49 UTC

Thanks brother @John O -

2018-03-01 16:06:46 UTC

Remember your male privilege and cede safe high paying work to women.

2018-03-01 17:02:58 UTC

@Perihelion - CA safe =/= high paying. My brother is a diver, no debts in any form, is 22 and will be making 6 figures in a year or two. The higher the risk of dismemberment or death, the higher the wage

2018-03-01 17:03:09 UTC

I get what you're saying, though

2018-03-01 17:05:00 UTC

The other high paying work is distorting your mind with extreme autism and suffering social stigma

2018-03-01 17:15:59 UTC

Lel, yeah, my mom did that. 0/10, don't recommend

2018-03-04 02:17:19 UTC

@John O - Ironworkers dropped a staircase the other day (didn't secure it properly), my jman and I were on the other side of the wall. Very LOUD boom. Fun stuff. We get a bunch of safety briefings on my jobsite, for a reason.

2018-03-04 05:10:02 UTC

I told you, bro

2018-03-07 19:09:25 UTC

How strange is this, a casement window covering a double hung window.

2018-03-07 19:09:29 UTC


2018-03-07 19:10:05 UTC

They open just to open the double hung

2018-03-07 19:10:14 UTC


2018-03-07 19:17:13 UTC

@RevStench how old's the house?

2018-03-07 19:26:55 UTC

Probably just over 100 years old

2018-03-07 19:26:57 UTC
2018-03-07 19:29:17 UTC

Have you seen that before? We have Victorian mansions here in Louisville and a million Sears and Roebuck catalog homes.

2018-03-07 19:32:32 UTC

Not that set up, no. I've seen pocket doors abut to casement windows in some old houses, but it seems like people just added random things over generations.

2018-03-07 19:37:33 UTC

Yeah, I believe that's the case too. People do/did weird things. I see interior storm windows more than I would like. They don't protect the window when they are inside.

2018-03-07 19:38:10 UTC

They actually rot the window because of moisture.

2018-03-07 19:40:19 UTC

I see people put plexiglass over the exterior of windows without drilling weep holes, that accelerates the rot.

2018-03-07 19:41:24 UTC

So is that why you would see that setup? Just random building over time?

2018-03-07 19:42:05 UTC

Yes sir. The plexiglass is because people are cheap haha

2018-03-07 19:44:43 UTC

I see people wrap rotting wood in metal, just to sell the house, that's a nightmare. By the time I get to it there is usually hardly any good wood left, and a $400 project starts to turn to thousands.

2018-03-09 08:23:43 UTC

Sounds like the Winchester Mystery House...

2018-03-11 21:09:22 UTC

@everyone Any plumbers in here?

2018-03-11 21:09:43 UTC

Only basic. What's up?

2018-03-11 21:10:57 UTC

Electrical and HVAC here

2018-03-11 21:11:02 UTC

Sorry bro

2018-03-11 21:11:55 UTC

@Rick what's the question?

2018-03-11 21:16:06 UTC

Well, the pipe that drains from my washing machine basin to the sewer line is clogged - very clogged. Maybe only draining a cup a minute. I tried using this non-toxic Shaklee drain cleanser (that my mother gave me) a few times (It is a powder that you pour down the drain and activate with hot water), but it has not helped a bit. I bought a hand snake and could only get it about six feet into the pipe (about 12 feet from basin to sewer line) and I pulled up a bit of hair, but that didn't help either. My next next step is to use a heavy duty drain cleaner, but the directs warn not to use it if previous drain cleaners failed and to call a plumber. Do I really need to call a plumber or should I just try a more powerful drain cleaner?

2018-03-11 21:18:29 UTC

There maybe a bend, and a secondary access point outside the house. Go there, there may be a wad of lint, or a small garment trapped in there. Pray it isn't tree roots.

2018-03-11 21:20:29 UTC


2018-03-11 21:22:11 UTC

It will look like a cap wit a square nub.

2018-03-11 21:26:15 UTC


2018-03-11 21:26:23 UTC

Well, 12 feet from the basin and floor drain is where the sewer line access is. The cover is 3 & 1/2 metal cap with a 1 & 1/2 in square nub. It was a pain to open, but I could tell by looking inside that the clog is isolated to the laundry drain. There are no issues with back ups when the toilet is flush or someone takes a shower. Now, the floor drain directly below the basin does have a 1 & 1/2 cap with a 1/2 inch square nub. Is that another access point I should try to snake?

2018-03-11 21:29:49 UTC

If it's the line from the washer. Disconnect the washer and snake that.

2018-03-11 21:30:25 UTC

@Freiheit - CA That's kind of what my inside sewer line access looks like. I opened it and could see no back up from it and there issues with the shower and toilet causing back ups.

2018-03-11 21:30:35 UTC

This kind of what my floor drain is like

2018-03-11 21:30:39 UTC


2018-03-11 21:31:15 UTC

No, the issue is that it is backing up from the floor drain.

2018-03-11 21:32:05 UTC

I had a basin mine drained into and it was a big sink basically, some previous tenant had removed the drain filter and lost her panties in the fucking pipe. Months to get that out.

2018-03-11 21:33:50 UTC

I was able to get the snake under and past the cleaning plug, without removing the cleaning plug, but I could only get it in about 5 feet before it would not go any further. But maybe it would be easier if I removed the cleaning plug? Do you think it would be easier to force the snake through going straight through the cleaning plug rather than under it?

2018-03-11 21:34:34 UTC

Yeah, that's what the cleaning plug is for isn't it?

2018-03-11 21:35:15 UTC

Only removed for cleaning was my assumption.

2018-03-11 21:36:18 UTC

indeed. I just took it off with the pipe wrench I used to open the sewer drain. That is the only thing that has went easy so far. I will try pushing the snake through that way. Thanks!

2018-03-11 21:36:49 UTC

Oh, I am guessing you did not add those pipe panties to your collection? lol.

2018-03-11 21:40:02 UTC


2018-03-11 21:40:10 UTC


2018-03-11 22:06:27 UTC

got some tree roots and hair. still not clear though. snaking by hand is hard work.

2018-03-11 23:33:11 UTC


2018-03-11 23:51:10 UTC

I got the snake 12-15 feet in. Now all I am getting is clay.

2018-03-12 00:04:19 UTC


2018-03-12 00:04:42 UTC

Do some laundry?..

2018-03-12 00:29:00 UTC

It still drains very slow - a tiny bit faster. I am going to have a plumber come over tomorrow.

2018-03-12 00:41:46 UTC

Did your pipe break?

2018-03-12 00:41:59 UTC

Better call a plumber tbh

2018-03-12 00:42:16 UTC

Sounds like it

2018-03-12 00:42:50 UTC

That's not good. That could destroy the foundation of the house

2018-03-12 00:44:03 UTC

@Rick how deep where you when you started to hit clay?

2018-03-12 00:52:34 UTC

probably 12-15 feet.

2018-03-12 01:03:30 UTC

If the break is outside I believe they can dig that out and splice into the old pipe from outside. Don't quote me on that, code is different in some states. But let's get real most plumbing is common sense haha. If the pipe is still in good shape under the house.

2018-03-12 01:21:21 UTC

I have had roots before and they just grinded through. Hopefully, that's all that needs to be done.

2018-03-12 01:41:36 UTC

Oh ok, well hopefully that's all it is. I'd get rid of that tree. Haha

2018-03-13 02:39:16 UTC

I cucked and paid a plumber to clean it with a professional snake.

2018-03-13 02:51:02 UTC

Did he say you broke it?

2018-03-13 02:51:06 UTC
2018-03-13 02:54:37 UTC

no. he cleared it.

2018-03-13 02:54:55 UTC

didn't say it was broken, but that there was a lot of hard junk in it.

2018-03-13 02:55:06 UTC

cost me $100.

2018-03-13 03:30:03 UTC

That's not bad at all

2018-03-13 03:30:13 UTC

I'd pay that for peace of mind

2018-03-13 04:13:39 UTC

Yeah I think that was totally worth it

2018-03-13 04:36:31 UTC

I wonder how clay got in your pipe

2018-03-14 06:01:15 UTC

Pretty fair price. Maybe some hippies with an underground pottery class were there washing their hand for years before.

2018-03-22 21:04:12 UTC

Guten Tag alle.

2018-03-22 21:35:01 UTC

Wie gehts dir? Alles gut?

2018-03-22 21:35:09 UTC

Gutten tag comrade

2018-03-23 03:25:57 UTC

Alles geht ganz gut, wie immer. @โšกClarkโšก

2018-03-23 03:28:01 UTC

Wie ist es mit dir gegangen, @โšกClarkโšก?

2018-03-26 17:00:00 UTC

@everyone Is there anyone with experience as a military contractor?

2018-03-26 17:00:41 UTC

Worked for TC for a year.

2018-03-26 17:02:52 UTC
2018-03-26 17:13:56 UTC

@Deleted User Awesome! Do you have any advice as to how a startup might make industry connections? Thank you for your time.

2018-03-26 17:18:21 UTC

The way i met mine was through some guys i met who had done a lot of contracting already. What job did you have in mind? I just did PSD and static positions. My advice would be to apply on something low level, have to get your foot in the door. The recruiters usually reply back within a day or 2 if you meet the requirements.

2018-03-26 18:18:09 UTC

Ok, thank you. I'm asking for a prospect who's a tech startup looking for contracting work.

2018-03-26 23:00:12 UTC

@everyone This video is a great reference! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mTFQbaT3Zc

2018-03-26 23:17:36 UTC

Hey all, does anyone here work for a general construction contractor?

2018-03-26 23:18:13 UTC

@everyone ^^^

2018-03-26 23:20:59 UTC

@John O - I used to, heavy marine and highway work

2018-03-26 23:24:49 UTC

Damn, not quite what I'm looking for. Thanks anyway, brother

2018-03-26 23:26:39 UTC

I worked for a few home buliders and 1 commercial. What's your question? @John O -

2018-03-26 23:28:50 UTC

There we go. I'm working on getting a general contractor's license. Any tips? I know there's not much you can say that would be valuable to me, since every state has different requirements, etc

2018-03-26 23:47:06 UTC

@John O - shop around for insurance

2018-03-26 23:47:20 UTC

that was probably the biggest hurdle in louisiana

2018-03-26 23:49:35 UTC

Honestly no, I wish you the best๐Ÿ˜ƒ I've never taken that journey, only worked for them. KY only licenses electric, plumbing and HVAC. Not my area of expertise.
But like @Goose said insurance. I did cable as a contractor and that was the biggest bump around here as well to get over.

2018-03-26 23:49:51 UTC

Sorry brother @John O -

2018-03-26 23:50:25 UTC

@Deleted User might know something

2018-03-26 23:50:46 UTC

KY doesn't have a general contractor's license?

2018-03-26 23:56:32 UTC

Electrical, plumbing and HVAC licenses are required at state level, and general contractors are regulated by county. Like the guy I work for, we have a business license in each county we work in. So we pay a tax to work there. I'm sorry, I'm not familiar enough with it.

2018-03-26 23:58:08 UTC

Np dude. That's weird

2018-03-27 01:20:34 UTC

I got a GC license in TN @John O -#7072

2018-03-27 01:21:20 UTC
2018-03-27 16:06:15 UTC

@Deleted User I'm trying to get mine, too. I pretty much know what the deal is, as I already work construction. But if there's any huge insights you could give, I'd appreciate it

2018-03-27 18:03:50 UTC

We don't have a hunting channel but I wanted to show these off. I shot them last year. I didn't do the taxidermy though.


2018-03-27 19:07:56 UTC

A guy just severed an underground cable in his yard. @everyone if you're doing yard work, make sure to call 811 before you dig

2018-03-27 19:08:09 UTC


2018-03-27 19:08:29 UTC

Excuse me, 811

2018-03-27 20:22:33 UTC

@John O -#7072 yeah man what state are you in now OH?

2018-03-27 20:23:17 UTC

For some reason when I copy your handle with the mention option it doesnโ€™t work

2018-03-27 20:24:39 UTC

I can give you the breakdown on tests, books, LLC etc. donโ€™t buy books. You can use mine

2018-03-27 20:33:06 UTC
2018-03-27 20:33:27 UTC

Yeah, sometimes the tag feature flakes out for no apparent reason

2018-03-27 20:34:24 UTC

@Deleted User thanks, dude

2018-03-27 20:34:34 UTC


2018-03-27 21:23:13 UTC


2018-03-27 21:26:56 UTC

@RevStench I got it, bro, we in da DMs

2018-03-27 21:29:25 UTC

Ok, I didn't see a reply

2018-03-27 21:30:19 UTC

Trying to be diligent haha

2018-03-31 16:57:55 UTC

@everyone I will pay money to anyone who can make it appear like the dog in this picture is running alongside the horses in the next picture.


2018-03-31 16:57:58 UTC


2018-03-31 16:58:22 UTC

Just let me know how much

2018-03-31 17:00:29 UTC


2018-03-31 17:00:30 UTC


2018-03-31 17:00:41 UTC

These may be easier to do since they're head-on

2018-03-31 17:08:03 UTC

@Deleted User just a still image?

2018-03-31 17:12:22 UTC

@Px4 yezzir

2018-03-31 17:31:36 UTC


2018-03-31 17:33:52 UTC

the image of the dog is a little better quality than the highwaymen, so I can try to fuzz the dog a little bit if you want it to match a little more closely

2018-03-31 17:36:26 UTC

@Px4 hey thatโ€™s pretty good! Yeah if you can fuzz the dog to make it blend in better

2018-03-31 17:43:02 UTC



2018-03-31 17:53:02 UTC


2018-03-31 18:06:18 UTC


2018-03-31 19:14:36 UTC


2018-03-31 19:15:54 UTC

hopefully someone else here is a little more skilled at photoshop than I am and can blend the layers a little more smoothly

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