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Just caught up

Welcome to the electrical channel. To start this off i did a service change yesterday for a semi flush 100A panel. The panel was a zynsco (notorious fire hazards) for an eaton. The exterior was stucco and the interior is wood studs.

The autists will notice labels. Those are to signify opposite phasing

this is my newest apprentice


@Deleted User you get used to it. I did this live. The transmission lines were not turned off.

Come Monday i will be changing the condenser (outdoor) and the evaporate coil (inside attic). I guess ill be sharing that in here or another channel

If anyone has any questions about electrical or HVAC im here to help.

@Deleted User lmk if my initial post in electrical is what your looking for. Also i sold a HVAC install for monday that i would like to share

After its complete

I can also teach electrical theory, pratical use, codes, troubleshooting, safety as well as advanced techniques for seasoned tradesmen

So thats 1830 pst?

What type of water filter?

And do you boil?

Tampons for wounds too?

Asking for a friend


@Louis Loire - NY nice someone got the joke

I look forward to learning other branches techniques. The navy didn't go very in depth on these things with my rate

Roger that

In a few hours ill have new content

Bonus- blackberries grow like weeds. Very invasive, they love water

Just like passion fruit

Hell yeah

I carry turbo capacitors. You may find the versatility helpful in the field @Deleted User

Gregs right an $18-$60 part installed averages $400-$450 installed out here

Well heres half the install of today. The customer asked if we could come back tomorrow so they could have family time

Age and demand. When a compressor sits for 9 months without use the oil in the refrigerant sludges to the bottom. Then you hope to turn the system on. The mechanical side tries to move, but the electrical side doesnt know that the mechanical side is struggling so it tries hard and dies

@William Kenney – MD a capacitor stores static electric energy in a dialectric space... literally lighting in a bottle. When and electric motor is mechanically locked the electrical system will generate more, without ampacity monitors devices will literally overheat. See the by prodruct of electricity is heat. Our NEC is technically NFPA volume 70. The national electric code is written by the national fire protection agency

this is arc damage on a 100A main breaker.


Still carry scissors and a punch tool? @Infineon

@Infineon dressing racks is so tedious. BTW have they made a toner that reads thru mag shields yet? I had a hospital contract years ago where a guy cut the labels off in the server room on cat6a with mag shields.... fml that was ridiculous to ID

That will read thru mag shields?

Holy shit

Please shoot me the model info

Well i know the toner im buying next time someone wants a needle in a server room haystack found

My toner is for mostly tracing underground 120v-480v

But even then it can be difficult to trace underground work

Its funny that people freak about higher V

Voltage and current are inversely related

I hear that

Do you fusion splice also?

I feel like i wasted my time with fiber, certs but rarely get the work for it

Sc and st?

When i was in the military i worked with a system that was fiber for engineering spaces on an aircraft carrier. Got out and barely touched glass

Well anything you can learn that will let you eventually contract is good imho

I concur with greg 100%

@Izat - VA keep an eye out for broken tabs on outlets. They may be switched

As a rule of thumb on a 120v circuit a 100w is around 1a

And dimmer switches can only handle usually around 600w. So if you plan on dimming that area you may need to divide the load across two dimming switches

Rotor and stator

Keep in mind when building this that it will always take more energy to make energy than the energy produced. Heat and friction are energy losses

This is the equation that prevents perpetual motion

Ugh im at a negro house giving an estimate

Literally a chimp out on tv..... and the smell....

slave art?


Remove and replace a 225A single phase panel

Im on my 10th hour

Still not done

Tomorrow i have another one to do

Wednesday im installing a lighting control system

2.5 days work and ill clear $6k

Contractor life

@Deleted User east coast vs west coast. Out here we use all in one enclosures, i hate it. You guys have the better version

@Deleted User this building wanted a way to work on the panel without shutting down the substation also. With the meter socket they can monitor usage and have a means of disconnect for swapping main breaker

@R O M A N V S sterilization is key

At least he's alive. I've seen people die at work

Everything from arcs, people falling, and scissor lifts falling over


One time i had a scissor lift tip and i grabbed a fire protection water pipe and literally kept it from tilting over. I had to wait on some guys to help

I was about 20' in the air

@RevStench i refuse to move a scissor lift horizontally unless its fully lowered first, after that fire pipe save the company at the time i was working for when i wagecucked made it a rule that scissor lifts were not allowed to drive while lifted at all

Idgaf if it takes longer im going home to my kids after work

If i sell a contract that requires scaffolding i charge so much i just pay someone to climb it. I don't mess with that

He didnt see your tag? Wtf? Did he see his teeth come out?


And only you have the damn key

What i love about we all do is that we make a positive impact on society. Little bitches that have more calluses on their asses than their hands get little respect from me

@Deleted User my woman has a love hate relationship with my hands

So rough they practically sand down sugar walls

My ole lady used to be a professional but now she is very happy raising our son and tending to the house

It doesnt help that i ride motorcycles

Gloves screw us electricians

@Deleted User i thought lotion was for darkies?

Sissies too now lol

Damn i like this server

Beautiful pic. Love that whites are on the walls


Thise paintings are kikes?

Every jew i give estimates to get the jew tax

30% mark up then i show them a 10% discount....

Was it knob and tube?

Bx..... that shit is tough to cut. Mc is so much easier to work with now

@RevStench last year

Looks like screw in fuses for knob and tube

Or this that a switch?

If its a switch ive never seen one

That doesnt sound like muh freedom

I respect that

Still is for the most part

I only hire our people period

Lmao you're so right

We have to visualize everything

And understand it on an electrical "engineer" level

Nigs troubleshooting is like watching a trainwreck

They follow gibs law


The jumping of neutral to ground is to trick an inspectors plug tester. This is a hack job "electricians" work

The ground isnt even wrapped the right direction

Do a resistance check from neutral to ground. The grounds and neutrals typically are bonded at the panel. Sometimes you will find floating neutrals which means its isolated. However the xo bond coming from the secondary side of transformers creates ground aka your zero reference point

@Placidseven - MO and rebuild the ckt like greg sharded a pic of

This method also changes the ckt to parallel. In parallel ckts the device can fail and usually will not disable the whole ckt as it will in series


Nice saxon blade btw

No sir. During the summer i work non stop. Feast or famon and ive got plenty of mouths to feed brother

Installing a furnace today

out with the old


in with the new


I know its not electrical but my skills are diverse..... and diversity is our strength goys

Low voltage step down transformer

@REVNAT/PA i contract HVAC. Post your question in electrical discussion please

I recommend targeting residential service companies

Start as an installer. Move up to tech.

Move up to sales tech

Spend some time learning the business and start contracting

Yes sir

In cali they verify your ss records for hours. Plus 4-5 years of school

An Apprentice thats brand new makes half of jm wages. So if jm make 50 you make 25 and it goes up every year.

@dog0fwar just know that the goal should be electrical contractor

Tbh $10k won't be enough at all. And it wont help if you only have theory on paper, you have to know how to install to start a company.

Your best bet is to work for someone for a a few years. Learn residential, commercial and industrial. Once you learn the methods of each, you'll know how to manage a crew worth their salt

Also being good at sales is a bonus

This is another reason residential is more profitable. Osha shows up to commercial projects. Commercial projects honestly do not have profit margin to time/material ratios that i find worth my time. In residential im in and out loke the wind with average material cost being 10% of ticket value

Example a $5k job will take me 1 day with material being around $500

In commercial after your time and material matrix you're lucky for 10% profit margins and youve wasted months

You bill your customers on t&m? I do "flat rate" or "upfront" pricing..... this way they are clueless

Also i agree remodels have so many unknown variables that i tack on another 30% just to be safe

That padding usually hits my pockets nicely because unforseen issues i handle myself

And keep the helpers on task


No sir.

No. Igave the customer the option for an additional $2k. He chose in his words to find some lesser mexicans to dig it. I spray painted the run last week. However my apprentice and i back filled it

I use glow rods, magnets and fishing drill bits

Thats why you always need a non conductive fish tape also

The "chosen ones" do stick together and embrace identity. I would say that for of most of them thats where it ends. However the higher they go up in monetary gain i believe it directly correlates to subversive behavior against all competition. I believe that if we focused on embracing our identities and being a collective we can achieve real power levels

Electrical and HVAC here

Sorry bro

Yes the by product of electricity is amps, the by product of amps is heat. As a circuit is used it heats up (expansion) and when its not used it contracts. This is also a reason derating factors are used for counduit exposed to the sun

Thus is the main reason copper is used over aluminum these days

Aluminum is trash

Oh my



>choose one

I would say that the majority of electrical fires ive been to has had aluminum wires and zynscos

I would definitely advise scheduled harmonic checks. The aluminum conductors have a history of shifting

But i know most other contractors live by the it only has to last one year and my assets are safe rule

You would be amazed how often i find service conductors loose or the dreaded arcing from a loose neutral

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