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finally here ... 😃

@SuperTomPerry -RI good good yourself? just managed to get back into the main discord lol

i'm re-watching *The Promise* (2011), it's a British miniseries about Israel, split between today and in 1948, it's woke af to the problems of Zionism and even sometimes the JQ in general--director is an antizionist Jew though--but's a fucking great film (or rather short series, 3episodes)...if you haven't seen it you should check it out, it's also a good tool to show people some of what went on during the foundation of Israel

_awaiting my twitter b&_

nice! simple, on target message. good work okcbros

some advice for everyone on Twitter at risk of getting purged --- archive your Tweets! a lot of people don't know this exists but it's right at the bottom of they will email you a ZIP file of everything you've ever tweeted

also consider making a pinned tweet like I have at with verified alternate ways of contacting you

Ok I suck at this trying to get a visual up but lol anyway you get the gist

Yeah you can only download your tweets at certain intervals you have to wait for some reason but I do it as much as possible. I also do this and think more people should. And pin something like pic related. But yes, *ARCHIVE TWEETS* mine is like 7 years worth of thoughts that I can look back on and if I lost it it'd be a damn shame

(if mods/regular people do not object I may post the Twitter tip from time to time so people see it. Maybe someone could pin it? I think it's important anyway.)

Unrelated but cyber related—I wrote an open letter to Peter Sunde (Pirate Bay guy) who opened what's supposed to be a free speech + privacy domain registrar. I was looking into it for my hosts but then I saw somewhere that he says basically you can do anything but be a right wing extremist done.good stuff. it's a great time to be a part of something that's growing!

wow they're killing it down there. excellent!

Austria-Hungary ftw <:chad:359013583469805568> @Deleted User

2017-12-28 16:10:38 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

what if we had a centralized site that listed & organized loosely by topic things that are censored or closed off/deplatformed on mainstream sites?

this is 100% something I could implement technologically quite quickly, although it wouldn't be pretty at least initially

(((hitching onto hitchens)))

*changing gears* the Pirate Bay guy (Peter Sunde) who opened up a domain registratar for 'free speech'/'privacy' for everyone........except us, hasn't responded to my open letter, it's been a week...can I ask for some RTs/comment? I want him to at least say it to our faces.

(not that it's representative or anything, but 1,853 upvotes is surely something!) <:teehee:381917632359563264> this isn't the right channel for it but if anyone sees this & knows I haven't seen **ANY** primary polling just polling of Ryan vs Bryce(D) etc...before or after he went full 1488

i haven't started yet or put my hands on it

but @DeusVolk intro post motivating af

Suggested book -- I correspond with the author on Twitter:

many excerpts on his twitter feed as well as indications he's /ourguy/ in Estonian academia

my possible reccomendation for next BoTM

Suggestion: “Signs of Identity” by Martin Ehala. Very solid guy I interact with on Twitter a decent bit. I wrote a little bit more about it on the “social science” sub channel

Ty for invite looking forward to meeting all of you

2017-12-30 22:21:19 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@NotVlast#6354 IIF you're redpilled on the problems of retaining common law structures in today's society …

interesting content #1

bearish content

just generally triggered content : *cryptocurrency (people using the term 'crypto' to mean that always confuse me, it's always meant "cryptography" or "cryptology") ... ) ✡ 😨

what it does have in common of course is trust

(*oh sorry,and sorry for spamming, in 'oy-vey.png' the lower right is gold)

i'm hugely bearish on BTC & coinalikes because of my general contrarian nature and that I think it is far, far, far too hyped and institutional shekels are meeting geek boners and the world-destroying force of techno-optimism, I think that there still maybe fun to had, but at the end of the day, the shekels aren't going to the ruggedly handsome libertarian with a musket, so to speak. as far as non-BTC coins, of course, there's too damn many of them ... basically, it's the dot com bubble, only instead of making computers spit out rainbows and unicorns and selling it to investors they're skipping the whole part about purporting to need rainbows and unicorns

@Deleted User used to be that you could just send some Russians cash in a vacuum sealed envelope.

but now mainstream bitshekels try to straddle a liminal between obviously illegal and legitimate investment, neither of which was exactly what the originators had in mind (but that's typical, look ath the Internet)

one expects such services still exist, but obviously aren't advertised and equally obviously are liable to be scams / this of course is all the fault of Silk Road, like most things (ask me my Ross Ulbricht story sometime)

@ThisIsChris (autistic screeching intensifies) I assume you mean cryptofinance and that this would be the preferred place for cryptography and COMSEC discussion? because the latter (which actually may or may not be channel-worthy) is something that I can offer some decent insights about that don't relate to the former at all

+1amusing and worthwhile reading - faux-oppositioning like so has a lulzy pasttime of the *chans for a long time and thoughts on weaponizing it are pretty interesting; and what he speaks of in both offensive and defensive terms seems solid

.......but my goodness is GamerGate still a thing even 2-3 months ago? I have to hand to it the fact that it did bring in a lot of people who were just interested in video game sperging into right-wing identity politics, but the whole concept is just way too cringey for me and I think it's a gateway drug we need to wean people off of more or less immediately) @Perihelion - CA

definitely agreed

it's a fucking ace propaganda technique and as he alludes too can be used to provide optical cover

not so much cover that would stand up to close inspection, but to algorithmic inspection

i.e., I tweet a lot. it is blatantly obvious that my political tweets are purposefully given less traction than my non-political ones. so careful crafting of key words and associations and threads and so on----down to even what i was browsing earlier in the same browser session---may very well make them spreaad better

i'm shocked to still have a twitter tbh

(but I have a lot of thoughts about that and in general; I think that basically a tactical retreat retreat from putting our eggs into one/few baskets in terms of social media networks is important and that while the impact will be quantitatively and qualitatively different, we should be putting more efforts in to more 'web1.0' type content and then using social media as a lure into that.if we invest everything in social media platforms then there could be an overnight decapitation atttack as such)

+1 and tip for that - buy a few domain names. if you can afford the Internet, you can afford a few domain names. then bunches of emails on them, then use each email to segreggate what you're doing there, from shopping to whatever else ('[email protected]' is for amazon and nothing else) and so on --this, if you have decent technique to prevent cross-contamination, also is convenient for pointing out who leaks to who

and yes, burning social media to the ground and forcing migration is something i can get behind by whatever legitimate means and the truth is it doesn't even have to be 'illegitimate'/illegal/straight up black hat means it just has to be well thought out; he has some good thoughts on doing it.

which makes me wonder, has this been done (idk) ... a "black female 30-35yo" generator

(or whatever)

for a social media account that not only has these listed stats but a reasonable reproduction of what activity looks like

(to fool machines, not humans)

(the humans would come in later to operate them)

spammers are, I think, using similar enough tech

but i'm not so up on that as to be able to say how much

could work with you on it

and, just get your own domain, the email problem is solved; better yet, instead of actually having so many email accounts, use a catch-all email forwarder

and then scripts that automatically recieve, react to, and sort the different recieved emails

CAPTCHAs, etc. will need to be dealt with by usual means which is either time consuming or costs money

seeing what links are trending is pretty easy, then deliberately go for a lot of clickbait articles

because they are all about demography

it's a few centws worth of civil disobedience at that 😃

just have to avoid looking like a totally retarded ad-monetizing bot

whichisn't hard because our goals are different

(instead of generating revenue for one guy's clickbaits, just click correlated clickbaits)

then you can extract the profile and the cookies and whatever and set it up and inject it into creating a facebook account or whatever, and shit, it might even fool google's "I'm human" box

(although i know exactly zero about how thatworks but i assume it means 'human like revenue generating patterns detected by algorithms' and again the algorithims are out to attack spam /revenue mongering whereas that isn't even our goal)

thought provoking

2018-01-04 17:51:48 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

who here is interested in writing/creative or journalism or etc?

myself i've been a scribbler for years but haven't gotten anything all that serious done, a few poems, 150 pages or so of a novel that i'm stuck on, and I'm trying to start writing more political stuff/propaganda (shit, i practically have written a book on Twitter about anti-Semitism)

@Anthony Sealy - MO all that you said about antifa sounds about right & they glory in it. except shittons of them come from bourgeois subcultures. there are the semiprofessional anarchists ones but then there are the oones that are just a step above the gutter-punk fourloko/glue/heroin/maingy dog crowd who pretty much consider that to be a grand statement about the degeneracy of western civilization by, idk, going full degen

@ThisIsChris my goodness "the warning signs ... the alt-right slogans"
>private high school for students with special needs
a/k/a a spergatory
how special
i think this is another casualty of autism not of right wing

also wtf on the chick that @Joe-MN linked calling herself a 'survivor of cville nazis' ffs these fuckin people

**+++ opsec detail +++ while I pray to god none of us winds up in the media for something like this, and if you plan to, GET FUCKED, please note this ---**

*While his Twitter account is under a pseudonym, Huffpost found that the email address associated with @doctorpepper35 is also linked to Giampa’s Facebook profile. In July, @doctorpepper35 wrote to a Twitter user with a name that matched the one Giampa’s girlfriend used on Instagram. The user @doctorpepper35 also referred to Virginia as “my state” in a tweet. *

> reminder that Peter Sunde of "The Pirate Bay" claims to operate a free-speech and privacy friendly domain registrar, but is an enormous hypocrite; see & if you are moved retweet me

pic unrelated but shows how Hollywood teaches French history better than American High Schools

2018-01-05 21:21:19 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@this_that5553 both, really

2018-01-05 21:21:30 UTC [Literature Club #general]  
2018-01-05 21:24:19 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

if anyone is interested in reading a rough draft of a short story I just wrote, it is at

here's some ridiculous antifa telling a very silly story (I was there)

they hoot and holler about confronting "nazis" when there was like 3 of them just staring at us and not speaking ... such cowards when out numbered but how big their balls are when they outnumber us

the funny thing is that right after the exchange they post on video some normal woman in her 50s or so I'd guess came around and was shouting at them for disrespecting the flag and stuff 😃 👍

^ @PicBoy the MAGAites many of them were voting with their hearts and minds and not knowing exactly what they were voting for but what made Trump go further than even he could imagine was that people were voting *against* cucky bourgeois liberalism and political correctness -- and people know that now -- the Overton window is opening. exciting indeed!!!

indeed good stuff. tells a lot in basic ways what we are and what we aren't @Reinhard Wolff did a fantastic job doing that

@JC17-OR I've actually been thinking about doing something along those lines, setting it up on my "" but only have a few things...if you want a place to host/mirror it...

.......a couple weeks back the optimists were saying?.......

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