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Homogeneous class..... learning robotics

So, i'll just gently place this vid here for those who want to watch/listen. Ignore the thumb nail that calls for 1 leader or whatever. Listen to the content. Its what we know we need to do but at times we just dont feel/think we have the numbers yet. Maybe we do have the numbers and they are waiting for a voice and presence to lead them in our direction. Each person becoming active and doing what they can helps ensure our future survival.

^^ needs to go to the top of the cultural appropriation meme bin. This would stop almost all POC in the comments section. The ultimate shaming with humor. Politics aside, that is funny and those guys have their finger on the pulse of current culture.

@Francisco Nuñez - CA This meeting was in Cali? Interesting.

Thats a solid baby making platform

Excellent Work

I just wanna let you guys know that I am not bitter that i did not buy bitcoin in 2012 for 15 dollars a coin. No matter how many times I post on this thread every other day for the next 5 years. Trust me, I am not bitter!

Product: "What do you MEME!" This product on Amazon must have made a million just based on the review count. Only maybe 5% of purchasers leave a review. Just an FYI for those wanting to work from home.

OMG... and the other one on Amazon: "Cards Against Humanity" 37000 reviews. Anyway, something to think about for those wanting to work from home. Riding the way of internet/meme culture can be a way to earn income.

Admin should probably pin this post. Behold the emergency no wine opener work around

Exhibit A and B

2017-12-28 02:33:08 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Crypto is like the internet in 1995. There will be many more coins and tech that will make money. So, if you did not invst in bitcoin in 2012 you still have a chace to make a lot of money now and in the future. You do need to educate youself. I hate Ripple and what it stands for but if it gets on coinbase it will be big.


Im a little nauseous with the sudden and spectacular loss of wealth. lol

I would wait a couple days until all the newbees have sold and stop screaming into their pillows.

There are some good values now but I look at the chart over the last 3 months and, well, we are now in correction mode. You can even see where the whales are interveining to stop the freefall of prices.

@ThisIsChris Right now.. yes.. big players want crypto to stay, and old money wants it dead.

I look at it like this..if Bitcoin really open source.. its now expensive to transact.. new platforms will rise. The only thing keeping Bitcoin alive is that so many poeiple have invested in it, mined it, have many coins, and so on. For me, I would never invest in bitcoin now, The new platforms are around the corner. This is like 1995. I remember it well as an old fag

BTW, did u hear, George Soros invested into blockchain tech this month.

Blockchain is legit. Now its about who contols it

Its the wild west right now

Anything goes

I am looking at backbone techs. Ethereum, NEO ext. That is the year long bet

Tech that people have to build upon

smart contracts ect

Good Work

Kinda funny

How about a trailer compound

2018-08-23 01:40:03 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #general]  

Drops the ice cream sandwich on the plate

Dont take it personal Max, you are fat.

Afrikaner Boar Posting. Do you guys know this guy / girl? Willem Petzer and René Krüger, Orania Documentary Production? I see they have a discord.

I kinda keep up with Nordic countries via various websites/news sites. One of them is Ive noticed a tinge of ((Progressive)) news articles over the last year. Today I came across a picture of the founder/owner with his gay indian friend. Remember, they are everywhere promoting their agenda. Even in the smallest of counties.

Notice the necklace


Why must you torment me @Nemets

Rule# 12 is really putting a cramp in my prose style

Admin, @Nemets is assaulting my eyes

If you google the Estonian politician, Abdul Turay, you click on his family photo it takes you straight to /pol/

IE Amway

Rule 14: No fat Shaming

I like to throw back a few before I save the white race

Hi, fireside in a few minutes or when i decide to arrive. Topic," The importance of being punctual!"

lol, thats terrible

100 miles

Thats rule 43, no elevator music


Hello my fellow white people, for only 20k 50k or 100 k you too can join the elite membership program.

Breaking News: California Becomes First State to Mandate Female Board Directors

LOL.. ya, its real.

Im so glad I moved away from Cali a few years ago

Happened 4 hours ago. Its all over the news

The law will be challenged. I cant help but think many businesses will leave the state.

Not so fast, she is a member

Keep posting on discord. You have nothing to worry about. - Patrick Casey.

Hi, do you have assets? Get off your asteroid and put them in trusts, corps, ect. You are just being lazy if you dont. It takes 1 day to complete it.

GF- Marriage- Divorce- judge he's a white supreemist- judge grants custody to ex wife- life long spousal support and child support. End

There are others ways to get what we want without committing to the SYSTEM. - from an ex divorce court bailiff.

@Papa Pizzagate I love it. Do it. The system doesnt care about feelings. everyone will learn the hard way. Plus, there are IE members who are going through this situation right now.

@Papa Pizzagate Cant you have all of that without signing a government contract?

Home based nationalism.

Admin: Ageism Hate in chat.


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