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2017-06-10 11:58:48 UTC

2017-06-11 07:29:59 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Okay, so hereโ€™s what I envision for this. We advertise on the main server that weโ€™re looking for โ€œhostsโ€ or subject matter experts in each of the main skill areas. These people will be moderators on this server. Preferably, the hosts will be committed to posting a short blurb a couple times a week in their host channel (For example, how a fuel pump works, how to plant a crop, how to build a fire, etc.). Will try to keep the channels clutter-free so guys can ask questions (Like when Kobaโ€™s alternator died on him).
The reason for the idea is that Iโ€™ve noticed, especially with the younger guys, most of them seem to lack practical skills. I feel like good nationalists should be able to handle themselves in the real world and not just in theory and abstraction.

2017-06-12 07:09:03 UTC

Sounds good. I'll let you take the lead on this. Let me know what I can do to help. @Deleted User

2017-06-12 10:18:41 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff If I type up a sort of ad, can you or one of the admins in the main server post it for me so everyone can see it?

2017-06-20 22:16:53 UTC

Yeah, sure thing.

2017-06-21 11:21:49 UTC

Lemme work up an ad

2017-06-21 11:22:22 UTC

I did one but it was too long. Will abbreviate it

2017-06-22 09:46:29 UTC

The ad would look something like this. Iโ€™d like it posted to @everyone in the #helpwanted channel of the main server. Please feel free to tweak it as you like.
*Itโ€™s time to start reequipping our people with the manly, applied skills that the baby boomers abandoned in favor of paying other people to do their work for them.
To that end, we are starting an IE-exclusive practical skills server.
The purpose is to provide IE members with a medium to (1) learn about practical skills and (2) ask questions and get quick answers.
To that end, we are looking for subject-matter โ€œexpertsโ€ in the fields listed below to act as moderators (โ€œhostsโ€) on the new server.
Hosts will be expected to (1) guide conversations in their respective fields, (2) provide quick answers to questions posed by IE members, and (3) post a weekly blurb or two in their field of expertise.
Currently, the fields we are looking for are: carpentry, electrical, farming/gardening, mechanics, first aid/first responder, and outdoorsmanship.
If you have experience in these fields, and are interested in being a moderator on the new server, please DM @Uilliam Cionnaoith โ€“ MD.*

2017-07-23 00:00:17 UTC

Let me know what you want me to do with this server.

2017-07-23 00:03:28 UTC

Can you post the ad @everyone help wanted on main server? Good way to get subject matter experts and gauge interest at the same time

2017-07-23 00:03:59 UTC

I can just do an announcement.

2017-07-23 00:04:01 UTC

Your call.

2017-07-23 00:04:06 UTC

Yeah that's perfecr

2017-07-23 00:04:15 UTC


2017-07-23 00:05:00 UTC

If you do announcement maybe add cooking. Guys should learn how to cook. That's one thing I definitely can't do

2017-07-23 00:05:38 UTC

Awesome. Thanks much.

2017-07-23 00:05:50 UTC

Curious to see how many hits we get back.

2017-07-23 00:22:52 UTC

2017-07-23 00:23:17 UTC

Hawk in the.... Server

2017-07-23 00:23:29 UTC

Hey brother. Can you see the conversations above?

2017-07-23 00:23:35 UTC


2017-07-23 00:23:46 UTC

Back to June 10

2017-07-23 00:24:30 UTC

Great. Have a look and hang out. May take a while to get our SMEs (subject matter experts) all together

2017-07-23 00:24:43 UTC

It's all good brother.

2017-07-23 00:24:47 UTC

Then I'll give you all mod permissions

2017-07-23 00:24:59 UTC

No problem.

2017-07-23 00:30:13 UTC

2017-07-23 00:30:42 UTC

Welcome @Lebens and thanks. Scroll up in this channel to get up to speed.

2017-07-23 00:32:28 UTC

Just caught up

2017-07-23 00:33:24 UTC

2017-07-23 00:33:41 UTC

Show me where it hurts

2017-07-23 00:34:16 UTC

Well met Doc and thanks. Please review up in this channel to catch up.

2017-07-23 00:35:18 UTC

Yup already done

2017-07-23 00:51:10 UTC

@Deleted User lmk if my initial post in electrical is what your looking for. Also i sold a HVAC install for monday that i would like to share

2017-07-23 00:51:28 UTC

After its complete

2017-07-23 00:52:26 UTC

It's good to go. I'm looking for basics for the weekly blurbs. Introducing guys to electrical work, circuits, safety, etc

2017-07-23 00:52:57 UTC

We don't need guys swapping out transformers just yet lol

2017-07-23 00:54:37 UTC

I can also teach electrical theory, pratical use, codes, troubleshooting, safety as well as advanced techniques for seasoned tradesmen

2017-07-23 00:54:55 UTC


2017-07-23 11:00:36 UTC

2017-07-23 12:42:49 UTC

2017-07-23 12:43:22 UTC

Welcome our mechanic @Yuma County. Please scroll up in this channel to get up to speed.

2017-07-23 12:46:28 UTC

@everyone Let's have a voicechat tonight at 9:00 EST. Shouldn't be but fifteen minutes but I want to make sure we're all on the same page before we launch.

2017-07-23 12:47:39 UTC

Also, it may be good to have a couple of hosts in certain subjects to cover for each other and increase the speed of responses to questions.

2017-07-23 12:48:05 UTC

But we'll be able to start at least as long as we have one in each area

2017-07-23 13:39:03 UTC

Unfortunately not going to be able to make that, wife sick and that's bedtime for

2017-07-23 14:01:07 UTC

@Deleted User wanna do a wee bit earlier? 8 or 830?

2017-07-23 14:15:30 UTC

1830-2100 kind of tough with dinner, family time, bed time routine for kid. More likely I can hop.on a little.late 2120-2130

2017-07-23 15:01:27 UTC

I have to do an alignment on the motorcycle so I will take that time to take some interdictory photos and put something up on the Mechanics text channel later this morning. I should be available for our quick voice chat.

2017-07-23 16:12:09 UTC

Ok. We can do 9:30 chat tonight @everyone

2017-07-23 16:12:52 UTC

2017-07-23 16:13:40 UTC

That *should* work for me.

2017-07-23 16:23:55 UTC

2017-07-23 16:29:03 UTC

Yes, i will be able to make it to the chat

2017-07-23 16:36:16 UTC

I'm up for it.

2017-07-23 18:11:31 UTC

So thats 1830 pst?

2017-07-23 18:45:13 UTC


2017-07-23 19:02:23 UTC

Gonna change the extensions on server nicknames to match your SME areas.

2017-07-23 19:20:33 UTC

I like this.

2017-07-23 19:22:10 UTC

When are we allowed to post our blurbs? I have an indertuctory post ready to go in Word to just copy/paste.

2017-07-23 19:22:39 UTC

You can post at anytime I think because guys can read channels from before when they join

2017-07-23 19:23:00 UTC

Okay. I'll post around 2pm my time. I need a power nap.

2017-07-23 19:28:01 UTC

@everyone Unless there's objection, I'm gonna aim to have two SME's per area as we go along so we increase coverage and speed up response time to questions. We can launch the server with one each though.

2017-07-23 19:32:42 UTC

2017-07-23 19:33:03 UTC

Well met @Louis Loire - NY. Please read above to catch up.

2017-07-23 19:33:11 UTC

And thanks for pitching in

2017-07-23 19:34:52 UTC

2017-07-23 19:35:32 UTC

Welcome @Mark Vandal. Please read above

2017-07-23 19:35:45 UTC

@Deleted User I get off work around 9. Should be home by 9:30 or 9:45

2017-07-23 19:36:07 UTC

soudns good thanks

2017-07-23 19:41:03 UTC

I also may need some help with the finer points of discord server management

2017-07-23 19:42:26 UTC

2017-07-23 19:43:07 UTC

2017-07-23 19:45:41 UTC

Resident chef reporting

2017-07-23 19:46:53 UTC
2017-07-23 19:48:03 UTC

Confirming for 9:30 EST?

2017-07-23 19:48:14 UTC

Can someone go to the announcement channel and see if it lets you post in there.

2017-07-23 19:48:20 UTC

9:30 EST yes

2017-07-23 19:48:26 UTC

The Cheif chef

2017-07-23 19:49:26 UTC

I don't see an announcement channel.

2017-07-23 19:49:40 UTC


2017-07-23 20:04:42 UTC

okay how about now?

2017-07-23 20:04:46 UTC

Channel is up. No announcement

2017-07-23 20:05:23 UTC

How about now? You should see "test" in there but it should say read only

2017-07-23 20:05:57 UTC

Got it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

2017-07-23 20:06:05 UTC

great thanks

2017-07-23 20:16:00 UTC

Saw it

2017-07-23 20:17:25 UTC


2017-07-23 22:39:54 UTC

@everyone Off to a great start in the channels boys. Again, thanks to everyone for doing this.

2017-07-24 01:10:39 UTC

We still doing a chat tonight

2017-07-24 01:11:39 UTC

Yes @everyone 9:30 EST voicechat. Should only tel about 10 minutes

2017-07-24 01:28:36 UTC

Dealing with sick wife and baby, unable to make it tonight sorry.

2017-07-24 01:57:39 UTC

2017-07-24 01:58:44 UTC

Welcome aboard @Envian ; thanks for helping out with woodworking, along with @Jhawk nc. Please read up in this channel to get up to speed.

2017-07-24 01:59:12 UTC

Sweet, thanks for the invite

2017-07-24 02:02:30 UTC

So we have:

2 x Carpenter
1 x Cook
1 x Mechanic
2 x Medic
2 x Electrician
2 x Outdoorsman
1 x Gardner
1 x Machinist

2017-07-24 02:02:41 UTC

We should be good to go!

2017-07-24 04:22:02 UTC

Tomorrow I'll probably put up a text post explaining the differences in motor oils.

2017-07-24 04:22:14 UTC

Gotta start this off autistically. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

2017-07-24 12:19:56 UTC

Awesome. There'll soon be no need to use google because we'll provide a more Identitarian angle on things. Google: "Leaving a car battery on concrete will cause it to drain." Our Server: "Leaving a car batter on concrete will cause it to drain cuz Jews."

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