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2017-08-10 01:17:04 UTC

Gimme a moment

2017-08-10 01:23:24 UTC

Add a bit of MSG to your dry

2017-08-10 01:23:31 UTC

You *will not* be disappointed

2017-08-10 01:23:51 UTC

It can be purchased at most asian markets in its raw form

2017-08-10 01:26:53 UTC
2017-08-10 02:23:21 UTC

It's sold as Accent in some American markets too.

2017-08-14 10:05:19 UTC

@Erika#9709 I'm glad someone else here likes gook food as much as me

2017-08-14 10:05:28 UTC

Do y'all white individuals like Thai food

2017-08-14 10:05:36 UTC

It's so good...

2017-08-14 10:06:10 UTC

I know right?

2017-08-15 01:41:50 UTC

Vietnamese street food might be the greatest of all time

2017-08-15 01:42:03 UTC

Plz no bully

2017-08-15 23:25:49 UTC


2017-08-15 23:26:09 UTC

Food for the week πŸ™Œ

2017-08-15 23:33:04 UTC

Now I'm hungry lol

2017-08-16 00:11:42 UTC


2017-08-16 00:41:51 UTC

@Joseph McCarthy - NJ excellent work

2017-08-17 23:40:43 UTC

Pork tenderloin


2017-08-17 23:58:26 UTC

Pork pot roast with roasted vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes.


2017-08-18 00:39:52 UTC

Fuck. Now I'm hungry again

2017-08-18 00:40:29 UTC

Not sorry

2017-08-18 01:07:12 UTC

What's yalls favorite marinades?

2017-08-18 01:08:13 UTC

Depends what's being marinated tbh

2017-08-18 01:11:10 UTC

The important thing is salt content and the amount of time you marinate for. Most other flavor compounds don't permeate meat much more than half an inch or so.

2017-08-26 01:39:39 UTC


2017-08-26 01:39:42 UTC

Gook food time

2017-08-27 23:20:27 UTC

Any favorite ways for marinating skewers/kebabs?

2017-08-28 00:40:26 UTC


2017-08-29 16:28:18 UTC

Baked asparagus is the best


2017-08-29 16:45:17 UTC

My wife bakes it with olive oil sea salt and fresh parmesan cheese and it's excellent

2017-09-04 20:54:22 UTC

Quick question. I'm cooking some chilli and the recipe says sliced carrots. What type of slices would be best?

2017-09-04 21:01:29 UTC

@here ☝🏻

2017-09-04 21:14:20 UTC

Bite sized

2017-09-04 21:14:41 UTC

Take a carrot, cut long way 2 times then slice

2017-09-04 21:15:16 UTC

I was a cook for 3 years btw haha

2017-09-04 21:15:45 UTC

Great thanks

2017-09-04 21:17:10 UTC

Yeah, with any soup you want everything to be Bite sized

2017-09-13 18:51:15 UTC

I'm going to be going back on the ketogenic diet soon and need some ideas for ways I can eat enough vegetables while on it, I've always had a hard time eating enough greens. Anyone have any easy and delicious recipes so I can make sure to get more veggies in my diet?

2017-09-13 23:33:12 UTC

The Nutri Bullet is an easy way to get a lot of greens in you.

2017-09-13 23:33:38 UTC

Good luck on keto. I almost killed people while I tried it from lack of carbs lol

2017-09-17 03:51:58 UTC

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola Kale or spinach mixed with rice is always great. But that might be a problem for the ketogenic approach.

2017-09-17 03:52:15 UTC

Alternatively, you can just sautee them and skip the rice altogether.

2017-09-17 03:53:15 UTC

Spinach and artichoke dip is a great post-workout snack. The problem there, once again, is that it's usually eaten with some carb like crackers or pita chips

2017-09-22 21:57:43 UTC

^ sugar snap peas

2017-09-22 21:57:56 UTC

Sugar snaps and hummus is my go to snack

2017-09-22 21:58:12 UTC

Hummus is the only good thing to ever come from the Middle East

2017-09-23 22:19:30 UTC


2017-09-23 22:19:42 UTC

Putting some cheese on it for kosher

2017-09-23 23:48:41 UTC

@CJames - TN#6244 is that a tenderloin?

2017-09-24 02:24:16 UTC

@Deleted User yeah man

2017-09-24 02:24:59 UTC

Threw it on the grill. First time making a tenderloin like that.

2017-09-24 21:15:04 UTC

Shits lit fam


2017-09-24 21:15:31 UTC

Home made sauce. Simmered for 6 hours

2017-10-01 00:00:02 UTC

^get in touch with your inner chinaman with probably the best way to cook rice known to (white) man

2017-10-02 12:48:37 UTC

To cook the best rice, all you need it do it rinse it very well, and let it sit in water for 2 hours before turning the rice cooker on.

2017-10-02 12:48:43 UTC

Best sticky white rice ever

2017-10-02 23:30:22 UTC

^ can confirm.
I like making this type of rice with the Thai jasmine basmati rice

2017-10-03 22:44:44 UTC

Filet cooked in mead and lambic with red wine shallot sauce πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ‡«πŸ‡·


2017-10-04 01:12:51 UTC


2017-10-04 01:13:12 UTC


2017-10-04 01:14:36 UTC

Skirt steak, tomato, borate salad with roasted Brussel sprouts.

2017-10-04 11:51:35 UTC

That's like perfect weight lifting food right there

2017-10-04 15:18:08 UTC

Yeah I just started lifting. Eating high protien is a bonus!

2017-10-06 14:17:28 UTC

Anyone else in here Vegan that has any good recipes?

2017-10-06 14:18:40 UTC

What kinda of foods do you like?

2017-10-06 14:24:12 UTC

I would say I mainly stick to a whole foods diet. I am a huge veggie eater for sure, beans, potatos, broccoli, corn, peas, all the greens, and hummus. I also love to cook rice, cook different forms of tofu dishes, make smoothies, have fruit with some peanut butter, and have pasta dishes and such. I also have a huge appetite for PBJs lol, those are my weakness.

2017-10-06 14:24:47 UTC

But the certain foods I love is a tofu or veggie burger sandwich with lettuce tomato and onions, rice, and a side of either broccoli or cauliflower!

2017-10-06 14:29:25 UTC

Have you ever made homemade veggie burgers out of chickpeas, veggies, and flax egg? You can make a ton of those and freeze them for later. Also, curries are always good and super easy. Just roast some spices and add onion, garlic, lentils or chickpeas, potatoes, some tomato paste and no salt added veggie broth and whatever veggies you like. And stuffed sweet potatoes are always good as well.

2017-10-06 14:30:44 UTC

And if you like pasta, you know the possibilities are endless there

2017-10-06 14:33:17 UTC

It's so true that the possibilities are endless. People think vegans just eat lettuce and kale lol. I really want to try that homemade veggie burgers, sounds delicious. Do you have a link to any credible recipe I could follow?

2017-10-06 14:37:45 UTC

Tbh, I just kinda of throw things that I need to use up together. The base is always chickpeas or black beans and sweet potato and a flax egg (sometimes a little oatmeal if it feels like it needs it) and then shred some zucchini and carrots, if you have some mushrooms leftover from anything chose those up and throw them in. And of course dice up some onion and garlic as well. Do you have a pressure cooker?

2017-10-06 14:42:41 UTC


But how do you make the burgers have a little consistancy so it sticks together and wont call apart?

2017-10-06 14:47:13 UTC

Flax egg helps w that. And using sweet potatoes helps it as well. You have to kinda mash it all up to make it that consistency that why I asked if you have a pressure cooker. If you use dry beans, it’s a quick way to cook them and the potatoes and make them really soft and easy to mash. You’ll have to get your hands dirty on this one but if you make a lot, it’ll last a long time. Once you make them, the right consistency and it’s nice and mashed up (leave a little lumps for texture) then form it into patties and pan fry those puppies up!

2017-10-06 14:54:44 UTC

Oh and I almost forgot the piΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance! Cook up some red quinoa and it’ll give it a kinda reddish tint making it look more like a meat burger

2017-10-06 14:58:38 UTC

Perfect! I'm going to have to try them later this weekend! Hopefully they turn out life the beyond burgers, those burgers taste absolutely amazing, have the best consistency, and have that greate smokey taste and red tint

2017-10-06 15:12:51 UTC

I’m gonna look around for the original base recipe that I started with and I’ll let you know if I find it

2017-10-20 02:33:10 UTC


2017-10-20 02:33:33 UTC

Irish soda bread. Only four ingredients.

2017-10-26 13:47:19 UTC

Nice. Give us that recipe

2017-10-26 15:52:46 UTC

Pork tenderloin bitches


2017-10-26 16:18:17 UTC


2017-10-26 18:37:07 UTC

@Havamal looks delicious

2017-10-26 19:01:45 UTC
2017-10-26 19:02:14 UTC

We ate it in the Heathen Hike. @Deleted User Kept feeding it to the doggos on the trail /sarc

2017-10-26 19:03:16 UTC

But he was #supercutepuppy

2017-10-29 01:05:50 UTC


2017-10-29 01:06:04 UTC

Irish Potato Leek Soup

2017-10-29 07:27:07 UTC

@Havamal How'd it turn out brother? It looks really good.

2017-10-29 16:27:09 UTC

It said it was supposed to serve 4-6. By the time I got up to do dishes Sarah and I finished it.

2017-10-29 16:56:33 UTC

Haha nice

2017-10-30 02:30:32 UTC


2017-10-30 02:30:55 UTC

Minestrone, mit squash

2017-10-30 21:35:13 UTC

In my ongoing quest to master the potato in all its forms, I just made tater tot casserole. Tot/10, would potato again.

2017-10-30 22:34:32 UTC

@Havamal I made some potato soup yesterday, the first day it got below 70 this season. Hit the spot, great suggestion

2017-10-30 22:35:17 UTC


2017-10-30 22:35:22 UTC

What state are you @John O -#7072 ?

2017-10-30 22:35:42 UTC

Florida, the land of eternal swamp ass

2017-10-30 22:35:47 UTC


2017-10-31 09:54:55 UTC

@Grenadier tater tot casserole is one of my favorite meals. my favorite meal from childhood that my mom made. so glad i learned to makeit myself.

2017-11-01 02:20:38 UTC



2017-11-01 02:20:58 UTC

i don't really know how to cook, but i made some chicken parmesan tonight

2017-11-01 02:21:09 UTC

Was exceptionally decent

2017-11-01 05:19:25 UTC

im glad people are starting to post pics in this channel.

2017-11-04 05:24:54 UTC


2017-11-04 05:24:56 UTC


2017-11-04 05:25:03 UTC

Veggie beef stew. All the veggies are from a local organic farm, some I picked myself. Beef from a local ranch.

2017-11-04 12:37:06 UTC


2017-11-05 06:59:25 UTC

That soup turned out so so good.

2017-11-05 14:38:41 UTC


2017-11-05 14:38:49 UTC

This counts as cooking right?

2017-11-05 14:49:46 UTC

Is that wine?

2017-11-05 14:50:03 UTC


2017-11-05 14:50:30 UTC

Oatmeal stout

2017-11-05 14:50:34 UTC

10 gallons

2017-11-05 14:51:01 UTC


2017-11-05 16:03:27 UTC

Oatmeal stouts πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2017-11-05 16:06:48 UTC

Stouts and porters are great, but it's not a great 75Β°+ beverage

2017-11-05 16:13:09 UTC


2017-11-05 16:13:37 UTC

Ich liebe schwarzbeir! Dunkel :)

2017-11-05 16:16:24 UTC

@John O -#7072 agree. We store ours at 34 degrees

2017-11-05 16:28:37 UTC

No, I mean you can't drink it in the summer.

2017-11-05 16:29:03 UTC

There aren't too many opportunities for me to enjoy it in FL

2017-11-05 22:31:16 UTC


2017-11-10 16:35:57 UTC


2017-11-13 13:54:24 UTC


2017-11-13 13:54:38 UTC

First go at smoking a turkey today, here we go!

2017-11-13 14:29:39 UTC

Let us know how it goes!

2017-11-13 14:33:08 UTC

I'll make sure to! It'll have about 7/12 to 12 more hours at 275F over coal and hickory before it's done.

2017-11-13 14:38:12 UTC

The rub is rosemary, thyme, sage, black pepper, garlic and salt.

2017-11-13 14:41:46 UTC

I heart the hell out of salt

2017-11-13 14:44:59 UTC

Same here, especially on fried potatoes. If something doesn't have salt in it, I'll make sure it ends up on there.

2017-11-13 17:35:52 UTC


2017-11-13 19:25:19 UTC


2017-11-18 10:31:48 UTC

Nice looking

2017-11-18 11:33:24 UTC


2017-11-18 11:34:20 UTC

Made my stomach growl

2017-11-18 12:43:33 UTC

never understood how someone could be a vegan

2017-11-18 14:33:43 UTC

It takes a ton of discipline, and most people don't have it. My aunt and uncle are vegan, and their kids are vegetarian. They wind up eating Oreos and drinking soda for lunch. @Zyzz

2017-11-18 14:34:20 UTC

sounds like it defeats the purpose of being vegan/vegetarian

2017-11-18 14:34:28 UTC

Yeah, no shit

2017-11-18 14:34:56 UTC

The worst part of having a huge family is a few of them are dipshits

2017-11-18 21:33:51 UTC

I’ll just honestly say that I don’t have the Self control to be vegan.

2017-11-23 03:57:49 UTC


2017-11-23 03:58:39 UTC

Pineapple kraut. Organic pineapple, kraut, black pepper, sea salt, Caraway seeds, touch of garlic powder.

2017-11-23 03:58:51 UTC

Great with pork.

2017-11-23 04:36:17 UTC

@Havamal That looks delicious!!!

2017-11-23 04:36:43 UTC

Tis the bees knees, bruder

2017-11-23 04:36:50 UTC


2017-11-23 04:43:19 UTC

Btw if you also buy a can of pineapples you can put a bit of the juice in it to counter the sourness of the kraut and the spicyness of the pepper.

2017-11-23 23:48:06 UTC


2017-11-23 23:48:27 UTC

Brined and rubbed

2017-11-24 01:19:38 UTC


2017-11-26 00:00:18 UTC

Wow,that looks delicious!

2017-11-27 11:25:38 UTC
2017-12-05 22:28:02 UTC

These look so good. love this account too

2017-12-06 19:27:08 UTC

Looks good

2017-12-06 19:36:32 UTC

Over hard or nothing. @missliterallywho

2017-12-06 19:46:17 UTC


2017-12-06 20:25:37 UTC

@Courtney#9076 if you can make cauliflower edible you’ve got it going on

2017-12-06 20:28:46 UTC

Over easy eggs all day.

2017-12-06 20:33:52 UTC

Just eat some eggs over easyπŸ˜‰

2017-12-06 21:20:31 UTC


2017-12-06 21:20:43 UTC

But fat?

2017-12-06 21:20:46 UTC


2017-12-06 21:22:34 UTC

How can you not like cauliflower?

2017-12-06 21:22:56 UTC
2017-12-06 21:23:24 UTC


2017-12-06 21:23:57 UTC

Tfw IE girls make you eat your veggies

2017-12-06 21:24:05 UTC


2017-12-06 21:25:13 UTC

Exactly. It absorbs beautifully. What's not to like?

2017-12-07 17:27:58 UTC

@Deleted User hahaha you got veggies

2017-12-07 17:33:24 UTC


2017-12-07 17:39:08 UTC

Does anyone here use any cooking oil besides olive or coconut?

2017-12-07 18:06:48 UTC

My mom uses peanut oil for stir fry and a couple of other things.

2017-12-07 18:08:04 UTC

You can use it in a deep fryer as well.

2017-12-07 19:40:58 UTC

Looks awesome @missliterallywho

2017-12-07 19:43:14 UTC

@Rayder The restaurant "J Alexander's" has amazing veggie burgers. I think this is a pretty accurate recipe:


2017-12-07 21:23:31 UTC


2017-12-07 21:27:31 UTC

Anybody here interested in BBQ?

2017-12-07 21:27:55 UTC

BBQ is always good

2017-12-07 21:31:09 UTC

@celticflame I've always been into it, but I ran a BBQ kitchen for a living for a couple years ( well, a few different ones ). Anyone wants pointers I'll be happy to provide my perspective.

2017-12-07 21:36:09 UTC

Oh wow,very cool! There's actually quite a variety sometimes in it,it can surprise you. I think its good to enjoy the various perspectives & enjoyment it has to offer that most don't realize. Then again i enjoy a variety of foods. Also got spoiled when we visited my aunt & uncle's,they had a restaurant in France many years ago,so in occasion got to sample the goodies. Also got lucky since they helped do our small backyard wedding many years ago too.

2017-12-07 21:38:38 UTC

The French pretty much created and perfected several cooking techniques. Some of the best food out there. Not to mention the wealth of information to and soil available there. Experts.

2017-12-07 21:40:12 UTC

And yes the variety of philosphies about BBQ is insane. Probably the most contentious cooking community out there.

2017-12-07 21:41:23 UTC

Yes quite true. My Aunt Monique makes the best dishes! They are lucky to have their own garden where they live up north now,so also enjoy those when we visit. Soooo true about the BBQ,insane variety alright.

2017-12-07 21:42:12 UTC

Even inside the home states of each variety there is always argument about techniques, temperature, etc

2017-12-07 21:42:48 UTC

You should just share some of your favorites at least. Oh yes,I've seen the videos,lol!

2017-12-07 21:43:28 UTC

Being from Texas ,Brisket would be my #1. I enjoy all of them, though

2017-12-07 21:44:38 UTC

Lol,well hey Texas,of coarse ya gotta share now! Some of Hubby's family from there too,gotta love em

2017-12-07 21:45:26 UTC

Must share a few now,got my curiousity goinh

2017-12-07 21:46:59 UTC

Ok, gotta step on to a conference call in a few minutes, but I'll post something in a bit

2017-12-07 21:47:18 UTC

Awesome looking forward to it😊

2017-12-07 21:47:30 UTC


2017-12-07 23:45:12 UTC

@celticflame , so firstly what type of equipment will you be using?

2017-12-07 23:51:27 UTC

Homemade ingredients,spices. Sorry cant think right now. Thinking of others going through hard times right now & trying to figure out way i can help them

2017-12-07 23:52:34 UTC

Kids grew up close with me,like more daughters to me

2017-12-07 23:52:50 UTC

No worries. When you get around to it, i was referring more to charcoal grill/smoker, etc. recipe will vary depending on that.

2017-12-07 23:53:02 UTC


2017-12-10 19:13:13 UTC

If I use a rice cooker to make rice, can I just crack raw eggs in this with the rice to add eggs to it? Or should I scramble the eggs in a pan separately and add after the rice is cooked?

2017-12-10 19:13:52 UTC

Oh I guess I have to add the eggs later. Because the water would make the eggs weird when it cooks up

2017-12-10 19:33:05 UTC

idk how to do asian food guys

2017-12-11 03:29:10 UTC
2017-12-13 06:05:16 UTC

I was going to make 4 over hard eggs but one broke.

2017-12-13 06:05:18 UTC


2017-12-13 15:29:47 UTC

Make 6 over easy!!!

2017-12-13 22:09:08 UTC


2017-12-13 22:09:31 UTC


2017-12-14 04:02:06 UTC

Nice. Not a lot of cooks in this thing, are there?

2017-12-14 04:02:17 UTC

This chat is pretty quiet

2017-12-16 00:21:35 UTC


2017-12-16 00:22:08 UTC

What I meant to send: Ribeyes overba strictly wood fire.

2017-12-16 01:39:44 UTC


2017-12-16 01:40:26 UTC


2017-12-16 01:43:12 UTC

@Jbieszczat1031 Nice. What kind of wood? My favorite cooking medium

2017-12-16 01:51:03 UTC

Hickory this time, next time I might try mesquite. @Deleted User

2017-12-16 01:54:32 UTC

This is the first time I've cooked strictly with wood. Normally it's a combination of charcoal and wood. I do have to say, the taste is superior to the combination and just charcoal!

2017-12-16 01:56:46 UTC

My normal marinade is a combination of spices, worcestershire sauce and a splash of Guinness Extra Stout.

2017-12-16 02:00:57 UTC

Damn that sounds great, Goy. Mesquite is my favorite ( grew up in Texas where it's everywhere ) but you may want to mix it with Hickory or Oak - that's how I usually do it for smoking. Mesquite tends to give off an acrid flavor, which doesn't bother me but it does some.

2017-12-16 02:01:19 UTC

I especially like the Guinness in the marinade

2017-12-16 02:01:36 UTC

Cooking outdoors is so much fun

2017-12-16 02:22:38 UTC

Ironically, that's where I learned how to smoke/use a smoker. I've had things cooked with mesquite but I normally roll with hickory and oak for beef and salmon and apple or cherry for chicken and pork. I used to use whiskey in my marinade and then one day had a Guinness I was about to drink and decided to use it! We need to have an IE BBQ one day!

2017-12-16 02:28:22 UTC

@Jbieszczat1031 yes sir! Do it the way ol cucky LBJ used to....massive quantities of smoked beef and ribs. Mopping with an actual mop ( not that I buy into that whole mop business )...
What part of Texas?

2017-12-16 02:57:15 UTC

Coldspring, it's a lake town about half an hour from Hunstville and about two hours from Houston. @Deleted User I've never bought into the mop thing, either. And personally I don't soak my wood chunks, either.

2017-12-16 03:01:33 UTC

@Jbieszczat1031 hell no, it creates the wrong kind of smoke in my experience. I did it once and wasn't happy with the results.

2017-12-16 03:08:59 UTC

That's what I always figured, it just didn't sound right to me. Did it create steam or the thick, white smoke? @Deleted User

2017-12-16 03:13:07 UTC

Both. Steam first

2017-12-16 04:06:41 UTC

White smoke is bad optics

2017-12-24 20:38:13 UTC

Anyone notice the difference between the tuna salad you get at the deli and the kind you make at home? I like the deli style better. The consistency is, err, more purΓ©ed? Anyone know how to make it like that?

2017-12-25 12:22:26 UTC

Good question. Not exactly sure but I always thought they put in more mayo than what I would at home

2017-12-27 05:42:48 UTC

An old friend once showed me a different way for tuna. She used to smash the heck out of it constantly with fork so there was no bulk left to it,add lots of mayo and if i remember correctly pissibly some hard boiled eggs to it? Not sure of last part,but she definitely mushed the crap out of tuna so it was super light amd fluffy like. Lots of extra lil work to it

2017-12-27 11:08:16 UTC

@celticflame#6291 that sounds about right. Deli tuna seems less, err, chunky. I’m gonna give it a shot thanks

2017-12-27 23:23:38 UTC

Sure,also just remembered actually she used the hardboiled Eggs Whites only,not the yoke

2017-12-29 19:13:34 UTC






2017-12-29 19:13:45 UTC

Smoker build in process

2017-12-29 19:14:18 UTC

Oops didn't mean to upload the black prince there

2017-12-29 19:15:03 UTC

Total cost $90

2017-12-29 19:59:27 UTC

Nice. Send pics once you have her together!

2017-12-29 22:33:22 UTC


2017-12-29 23:07:27 UTC

@Deleted User nice bro, I know you're a hillbilly tooπŸ˜‚ so coon and opossum for the first run? Smoke then barbeque.

2017-12-29 23:08:04 UTC

So....I smoked a raccoon about 3 years ago. He was delicious

2017-12-29 23:08:30 UTC

It's pretty good, I've had both.

2017-12-29 23:09:02 UTC

Only country animals, not ones that wonder into cities

2017-12-29 23:09:14 UTC

Racoon tasted like gamy prime rib

2017-12-29 23:09:47 UTC

Yeah mine came out of my country back yard in GA. My son trapped him

2017-12-29 23:16:31 UTC

Right on, that one didn't come backπŸ˜‚
I ate coon and opossum at a GM retirement party in Shreveport, LA. One of the guys brought it in. It was actually a pretty awesome party they had a variety of different meats, whitetail, coon, opossum, different ducks, cow, pig, chicken and turkey of course. It was nice.

2017-12-29 23:19:51 UTC

Man duck is awesome

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