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Is it a Ruger 10/22?

Just started my Bavarian beer and sauerkraut roast.


That thing on top is actually a Bay Leaf

There's also a layer of Pearl Onions under all the kraut. I wonder if I should have mixed them, but I don't think it will make any difference.


Is that butter I see in the unpopped kernel picture? Also the only single-use appliance I will advocate for is an Egg Cooker. Huge timesaver and conveniance and it's tiny.

Oh I see it now. It was the three test kernels that had already popped.

@Why Tea I like my idea better.

Keeps them off your crops and free meat!

And you get to shoot something!

Haha, poor Strasser.

Ah, right.

"Branding itself as a β€œfraternal organization for people of European heritage,” the group does not allow members to wear facial hair"

As far as I know, no, that article is full of shit about that.

Don't be a neckbeard.

Yeah, I do a pretty long beard, but it's defined.

They're trying so fucking hard to shut the AFD down.

Changing rules and such,.

Establish the Stasi, obviously.

Have you tried not crashing it?

Why bother, who cares what it thinks.

In my ongoing quest to master the potato in all its forms, I just made tater tot casserole. Tot/10, would potato again.

This is a good one to hit.

We're winning so far.

I wonder (((who))) could be behind that.

The sub's literally run by you know who, they're just pushing the magatards into the kosher sandwhich.

2017-12-08 01:17:34 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I'm not a big fan of the "We are the alt right" video, it features some pretty shit optics tbh.

Although I'm actually in that video.

There was a lot of muh nazi circlejerking, but yeah, I could definitely feel people taking baby steps.

2017-12-28 02:34:06 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Cornish Hens stuffed with green peppers, onions, celery and rosemary. Picture taken with a potato.

It came out good. Two was way too much meat for one person though.

It's important to remember that these things can easily be twisted and used against us too, even though we are nonviolent.

From reading the bill quickly, this is not an enhancement but a new charge.

Easiest to think of it as a separate crime in this case.

I always view new laws like this as playing with fire. It might look and sound good on the surface, but it'll burn you just the same.

Particularly since we all know that the law is not applied equally.

Hopefully it's isolated to that platform, and we're not getting Alex Jones'd in the next couple of days.

404 lie not detected

I am morbidly curious about how much he charges.

I wonder if he does birthdays.

@Gibson Make me, normie.

Armenians not white rt

Italian Potato alliance


I'm not particularly worried. No IE guys that were present committed any crimes, to my knowledge.

Well, the advisory posted above says it's connected to both, but still, I wouldn't be too concerned. There really wasn't much that happened at the march, and as for the clusterfuck that was the rally, well, IE membership, as always, acted professionally and within the law. If anyone else on "our side" got picked up, it was because they likely took short-sighted and ill-advised actions. It would still be unfortunate, but this is why we have our activism rules in place, to protect us from this kind of thing.

Hadn't thought of that, but it's very interesting. I feel like that would have come out by now though.

Luckily we will not be waiting long.

It would be absolutely incredible if your guess is correct.


It's kinda like that saying, and I'm sure I'm fucking it up, "There are decades when weeks happen, and weeks where decades happen."


This part just came out, they likely edited the article to reflect it.

Still means someone leaked though.

> feds
> pozzed
> my shock

Anyone who has ever had to jump through the ATF's bullshit has had that figured out for a *long* time.

@Deleted User They have Facebook chat logs from before and after with admissions of violence.

Yeah, they have some video evidence too for at least one guy.



While sad, the reality is that these guys probably fucked up. Follow IE rules, don't be stupid on outside platforms, and this won't happen to you.

@Deleted User Basically doing everything possible wrong.

We absolutely have the ability to be a political party in the future, it's just going to take intelligent picking of battles and subterfuge to get there. A goodly amount of IE members, myself included, are in political positions.

Granted, we may not use the same name, but that's not super important.

I get what you're saying. That goes into branch-off territory, which we are not even remotely close to yet.

But everyone who is able should be looking to get themselves involved in a political position, no matter how small.

Not at all.

Go to your town councilor, mayor, whatever you have. Tell him you're looking to volunteer for a board.


Patrick vs Sven guitar battle, lets go.

Wait I thought we were pro cocaine.


Sperging out and ruining a holiday for everyone and becoming the weird family member is what Thanksgiving is for, you'll have to wait till next year.

Buy everyone a copy of Culture of Critique for their Christmas present.

"To be among the top 1 percent of U.S. earners, a family needs an income of $421,926, a new report from the Economic Policy Institute finds. However, the threshold varies significantly among states."

The address was pointless. He cried about muh nonwhites losing jobs, blamed muh dems for not working with him even though he had two years to get it done with total republican control, and took no concrete action.

That's all it was. Pointless, pathetic appeasement.

If this is our figurehead, we are pitiful indeed.

All of that is *talk*, we don't need blatant pandering to his base, we need him to find his goddamn spine and actually do something.

He has done little but talk and pander for two years.

They hated Chimpo because he spoke the truth.

Jail chat is best chat.

Fuck compromise.

It's the same as gun rights, "compromise" just means we lose a little less each time than we were going to.

We'll just "compromise" away anything gained this time during the next shitshow.

But they *win* every time we compromise.

We never actually *gain*, we just don't lose *AS HARD*.

Continuing the shutdown in perpetuity was the better plan.

We gained nothing, this is just a cope to feed to his caved in head fanbase so he can say he did something while accomplishing literally nothing.

As to what I expected, I expected literally this, he has been ineffective since day 1, if funny to watch.

230 miles of worthless fence, more border agents that will be removed next admin, drug detection is a laughable issue to call a partisan win. All worthless.

I didn't, I expected him to be useless.

At this point, I'm hoping for impeachment. It will alienate and deeply anger his voting base, and they are far more useful in that state than they are cheering for him.

He prefers people that don't get captured, I prefer presidents that don't get cucked.

Yeah, acceleration gang now.

I'm not blackpilled, I'm realistic. Our demographics are too far gone for even a simple border wall to work when the next democrat in office will just make it easier to come in anyways.

Democracy is never going to be our winning game.

No, it's realism.

Our country is already so flooded that short of the President declaring that everyone gtfo's, which is not going to happen, we're just going to lose on birthrates.

Foregoing electricity to own the libs.

In case the Treasury is monitoring our discord for the high crime of stamping bills


Way ahead of you in my office.

It's certainly possible, it's also more than likely that it would simply be immediately banned as well.

Yeah, they were gifts from some of the truckers that work for my clients.

Probably a 8/10 on the BOOM scale.

Actually, ironically, right below the Obama ones is this relevant one.

Pretty decent pun on their part.

Trump got massively outfunded and outspent by Clinton in 2016. Dems have the money advantage, not us.

Probably Romney again, god help us.

Yeah, I could see it being closer. I think it might be outweighed by just how frantic they are going to be.

@DixieBoy76 - KY His preceding comment got deleted so the one you're referencing is now without context.

@all of CA

Get boned

He's definitely the problem. His message unfiltered is still baseless platitudes to try to assuage his base. He is, and has been for his entire term, useless. His election, however, and the response it caused and is still causing, is what made him worth it.

That's one of those talking points that they'll use concerning whites and drop like a hot coal when talking about minorities.

State issued waifus

They do definitely use it, but only when it's about whites in certain circumstances.

Dirty commies are allergic to consistent arguements.

There's a lot of areas where muh bootstraps is still applicable, and some where it's far less so.

Fitness, self education, maintaining your surroundings, ect... are all solely within your control and your own responsibility.

Of which it is worth noting, IE offers plenty of resources for.

Yeah definitely.

We don't want the autism meme to become *too* real.

Purgatory Chasm in MA is nifty, if not particularly unusual or exotic.

Nah, there's a different one up here.

I went once when I was a kid, it's pretty impressive if you're into that kind of thing. Lots of nooks and crannies to explore. You can even climb there by permit.

Battleship Cove would make a good IE outing too, peak American dominance enshrined forever.

Yeah, it's definitely more of an educational/rule of cool kinda thing. I threw up in the submarine when I went as a kid.

Ohhh yeah I've heard of that place. Yeah that's a cool one.

Coal mining fuckup or something if I recall.

Something unpleasant and flammable at least.


There is a similar place in the middle east that's natural gas. I think it's called the Gate to Hell or something.

Yeah here it is, it's in Turkey.

Also yeah you're not wrong though.


> tfw when no flaming hellpit in MA


Unless the entire state counts.

Thinking about it, I remember reading about some really esoteric rock that you can hike to, let me see if I can find it.

> heights
Nah I'm good.

The first white man in Cumberland Gap,
Was a Doctor Walker, an English chap.

I dunno, my last couple trips to virginia have been..... complicated.



> for muay thai


I will be expecting a full report when you get back on the subject of "Are Ladyboys Gay".

What an ice cold tweet by Fuentes. Trump passed a bumpstock ban, has done nothing on abortion, constantly signals for muh gays, *literally signed criminal justice reform*, and has offered to grant amnesty several times.

His Trump dickriding is pathetic.

I'm not arguing for Gabbard, that whole meme is stupid, but implying that based god emperor is really making a positive impact on any of those things is not accurate.

Trumps strength is the response he provokes. He himself has been weak and ineffectual his entire term.

A shit load of people did and do think he is, in cult like fashion.

Neither of those were necessary. They are weak spineless actions designed to pander to those who hate him and us anyways. It's just continuing the slow decline. It is a binary issue. Either we lose, whether it be quickly or slowly, or start actually winning.

I'm not an accelerationist, but neither am I willing to cope with what has been frankly a shit sandwich on the feeble hope that buying us two to six more years of slow failure that saps the morale of our base will have a positive effect.

I don't know what to do. I just think people are better off looking at our situation in its totality so we can better anticipate and adjust to what comes. I'm hoping we see an actually effective populist candidate rise out of the cesspool that is the current Republican party.

> letting people vote at all


I'm not quite sure where you figured me to be a monarchist.

Nothing in particular. There's merits and problems with every system.

I mean, it was our laughably easily subverted system that pretty much did this.

I would say our political system is pretty well dumpstered at this point.

I can make a boat that's not supposed to sink, but I can still fuck it up and have it sink.

They were good men, changing times require changing systems and precautions they could not have forseen.

There was stuff in place to prevent that.

It was stripped away.

I think Weimar had America pretty well beat in the subversion game for some time.

Literally and figuratively.


Things may get a little.... spicier again during 2020.

I'm not sure I'd call the movement of 2016 directionless. It had a very focused direction in Trump. It was scattered and disorganized, but it certainly knew what it wanted.

Sam has a program called Hyde Wars that's like 5 bucks a month you can buy into to support him for content.


I'd probably vote Cruz over Trump this time around tbh.

That's what his base wanted. He's gone defensive, lost his momentum, and lost a lot of power and credibility.

Well since we're going to get fucked anyways it may as well be entertaining.

Oh hell no, the leaf's stay up there.

Except for all the Canadians.


We had a few QuΓ©bΓ©cois come party at one of the IE houses at NPI... 2017? They were pretty cool. Course one of them ran off with my vape for most of the night.

He did make sure he returned it. He wasn't the only one that ran off with it either.

Well it probably had more to do with the 12 inch churchwarden stem on it which is slightly... unusual.

Yeah I was trying to think of one I could get away with but came up snake eyes.


You have no way to get it now?

Surprised you could event rent a closet in SD with 33k.

Strange how hard it is to find his anti-commie song.

Donald, start the liberation Donald.

@VinceChaos The historical term would be along the lines of Castizo. I see white hispanic used fairly regularly. Spaniard gets used too depending.

Well, I'm sure some are taken that way. Zambo, for example, is prooobably not considered a particularly.... favorable denominator.

I think the term has been americanized to mean people from South America generally, mostly regardless of ancestry.

If you ask a boomer what a hispanic is you'll probably get something along those lines.


The term seems to be fairly flexible, "Castizo (Spanish: [kasˈtiθo] or [kasˈtiso]) is a Spanish word with a general meaning of "pure", "genuine" or representative of its race (from the Spanish: "casta").", they likely considered this to be the case given Spains policy of forced mixing with the local population.

But yes, Criollo is definitely the more accurate term for "pure" Spaniard.

From the limited reading I've done, the impression I get is they didn't really purity spiral much about the differentiation between Castizo and Criollo. They essentially considered Castizos to be spanish, which makes sense given the history and policy of the conquest of South America.

TLDR; conquistadors weren't wignats

Which is really the same pattern that was repeated in pretty much all colonial territories.


Oh boy here we go.

:really: is biological hardcoded contmpt

I understand you're trying to come from a good place, but I think you're taking a emoji far too seriously, in the same way that the OK one was memed into driving leftists crazy.

Is this really who we are now, calling an emoji biological hard coded contempt with a straight face. Are we going to ask if our emojis are not inclusive enough next. Does the snowflake emoji offend those that live in warmer states. This is the kind of thing that reminds me of college age leftists rather than IE.

As Dugin once wrote, emojis have the ability to alter ones perception of their own being in a very Hegelian sense.

The react we really need.

Wait I'm confused, why are we censoring tweets of the people that hate us in our own discord when the information is public?

I think a reasonable reading of Rule 11 would indicate it does not apply to the public twitter names of people who want us dead.

FTN's takes have been kind of.... copey, lately, but I still find value in it. And I mean it's pretty entertaining.

Yeah I'm behind the paywall too. Before IE I used to donate to shows, particularly the Fatherland.

> white
> not owning a car


The wall, which is not even going to happen, would be made irrelevant by the bill anyways.

I am tired of winning.

> ploy
The 4d chess shit was always a cope meme.


Press those F's for America boys.


The US will probably just decriminalize DUI's at that point.

He has literally done more to fuck the county than Obama. Voting for him after this....

You can save 200$ on your car insurance by switching to Geico.

How long do you think Hungary or Poland can hold out if a cucked brown US turns it's wrath on them?

Also, while many things currently can be automated, and really many things are, the tech is not yet widespread enough to bring the costs and availability down to a level where it's worth investing in. That floodgate will break though, and break quickly.

The desire of the "elites" to bring in immigrants isn't really economically based. Automation will have no effect on the calls for increased immigration.

The pawnstars guy? What?


The reality is that we have plenty for the workforce, the financial incentive that big business uses for immigration is about driving costs down, not necessity. That also won't change with automation, there will always be labor costs to cut.

Eh, there will always be some kind of need for laborers. And there will always be a desire to make them work cheaply.

And even if the immigrants aren't needed to reduce labor cost, they then become consumers.

Which is where the UBI comes in.

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