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2017-05-16 18:28:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  

<@&278459485687644161> Hey, could I get a vetting?

2017-05-16 18:29:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@James_Coney - LA πŸ‘πŸΌ @Requiem would you mind vetting me, sir?

Resident chef reporting

Confirming for 9:30 EST?

I don't see an announcement channel.

Got it πŸ‘πŸ»

Hello, budding culinarians, my name is Alexander and this is where I'll be helping all of you explore the joys of cooking. A bit about myself, I've been a chef in some form or fashion for about 7 years now and have worked with ingredients of the highest and lowest caliber. I've performed almost every fundamental cooking technique from pickling, fermenting, drying, and curing to searing, braising, grilling, broiling, roasting, baking, and poaching. Currently I'm working in a farm-to-table restaurant that specializes in ingredient focused food, and uses international influence. I'm going to be doing periodic blurbs that will begin from the most fundamental and basic techniques of cooking, all the way to the more advanced forms of the craft. At any point in time please come forward and share anything food related. These things can be stories about an unforgettable dining experience, questions about why your fish skin won't sear correctly, cook books that you'd like to read, to chefs you admire. I'll also be teaching you guys the importance of quality ingredients as well as things like knife skills and the fundamentals of taste and flavor. Remember lads, you are what you eat. And the brick and mortar of a healthy mind, body, and soul are all made of food at one point. So, with that said, let's get cooking!

Average day in the life:

Tartine bread in San Francisco is nationally renowned for their modern approach to old world techniques with baking.

For all of you home bakers I highly recommend their book

Everything I know about bread is here.

Are you looking to grow indoors or out?

Thomas has hit the nail on the head as far as indoor growing is concerned. Spores are injected into mason jars full of nutrient pellets in order to create the mycellium (spelling?) which is the "heart" of your mushroom growth. The contents are then removed from the jars and placed in a sanitized container, in ambient light, and then spritzed with water periodically.

When it comes to heartier mushrooms, you can easily grow them outside given the right conditions.

^ this is a great resource for ordering "log plugs" which are exactly what they sound like. Simply drill holes in logs, insert plugs, boom - shiitakes. The conditions have to be fair, but shiitakes are pretty resiliant. I imagine you have to spray the logs with water once every now and again *maybe*. But I can't imagine it taking any more effort than that.

What kind of flavor profile are you going for, my dude?

Have you ever used fish sauce?

= parts "three crabs" brand fish sauce and sugar. Then add minced ginger/garlic/shallot/scallion/mint/basil makes for an amazing marinade if you enjoy Asian flavors

Whisk the sugar around in the sauce, and as it sits it'll slowly dissolve in.

@Erika you gotta tell me what's going on with that dish

It looks refreshing af

And, yeah, can confirm. Not to be too graphic, but many a line cooks have fallen victim to the fatal error of processing peppers and then taking a bathroom break. Sad!

@Deleted User could you describe the flavor/texture of the pears?

My reading is telling me it's comparable to swordfish, which would make it perfect for searing/grilling. @Louis Loire - NY

A nice medium/medium well should be a good cook

Don't forget to hit it with lemon juice and butter afterwards πŸ˜‹

@Jhawk nc You should definitely join this mead discussion and tell us about your experience

Today was a fun day for seafood

Royal Red shrimp from Charleston

Alas, poor Yorick!

Aaaaaand Virginia oysters, to top it all off.

Also, @Jhawk nc, were parasites the main contirbutor to your CCD?

Great British baking show was a guilty pleasure of mine for so long

*tuna salad jello bowl?????*

That's somehow worse than aspic

Gimme a moment

Add a bit of MSG to your dry

You *will not* be disappointed

It can be purchased at most asian markets in its raw form

Vietnamese street food might be the greatest of all time

Plz no bully

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