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2018-11-27 21:28:34 UTC

Same, my views were a little less...woke...even just a few years ago. Basically just a race realist lolbertarian until a couple years ago.

2018-11-27 21:28:36 UTC

public policy class semester was whack. literally me versus the whole class except I slowly won over like 3 White guys in the class over the course of the semester. it's fun as hell being a nationalist identitarian because you can pushback and win most arguments except for the fact that 99% of people vehemently dislike your talking points and ideology lol

2018-11-27 21:28:43 UTC

"i'm morally superior" doesn't work when you maintain a center position to point out hypocrisy

2018-11-27 21:29:09 UTC

yeah, its easy to point out leftist hypocrisy

2018-11-27 21:29:20 UTC

no need to go full alt-right sperg

2018-11-27 21:29:40 UTC

Need a multi-culturalism class to graduate <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2018-11-27 21:29:52 UTC

@fgtveassassin take a foreign language or something?

2018-11-27 21:30:03 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN I honestly don't expect to convert anyone I just want to know that I put up a fight

2018-11-27 21:30:30 UTC

@fgtveassassin Just remember "diversity is our strength" and you'll ace the class.

2018-11-27 21:30:39 UTC

not even the White males? they're begging for someone to stand up for them in my experience as long as they aren't the ones that are begging for brown coochie (there are a lot of those at vandy)

2018-11-27 21:30:42 UTC

I was thinking that if I could but tbh I'd rather sit through a multip culturalism class, pushback all the time and possibly win over some white kids than take 1 semester of a language to barely get the basics

2018-11-27 21:30:42 UTC

White dispossession class

2018-11-27 21:30:48 UTC

College has made me really good at lying and bullshitting

2018-11-27 21:30:48 UTC

*How To Own Your Multi-Culturalism Professor:*
"Why doesn't Baskin Robbins mix their flavors?"

2018-11-27 21:31:02 UTC

My next immigration speech is going to be good content. I'd like for someone to change their view but I feel like it'll go in one ear and out the other.

2018-11-27 21:31:19 UTC

orange man bad, race isn't real (neither is gender), open borders and you are up to current year standards. 👌🏻

2018-11-27 21:31:34 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN Possibly, if they're already open to the ideas

2018-11-27 21:32:11 UTC

Worst part of college hands down is group projects

2018-11-27 21:32:24 UTC

most people are cowards and will follow whoever is more confident in their points instead of whoever is correct

2018-11-27 21:32:42 UTC

Women can get away with being so much more openly radical, but only if they're willing to be hated by all the other women

2018-11-27 21:32:53 UTC

@ophiuchus I'm a group project with 3 women <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-11-27 21:32:55 UTC

Group project aka do 3 other people’s work for them

2018-11-27 21:33:08 UTC

black chicks can be open communists but besides that i've yet to see a radical wamen on campus

2018-11-27 21:33:09 UTC

be unapologetic when making points

2018-11-27 21:33:23 UTC

I’m in a group with an international student from Burkina Faso

2018-11-27 21:33:26 UTC

@missliterallywho i thought all wamin hated eachother already?

2018-11-27 21:33:28 UTC

Help me

2018-11-27 21:33:41 UTC

@Goose alliances are strategic

2018-11-27 21:34:06 UTC

@Goose unapologetic is key

2018-11-27 21:34:16 UTC

Just got an ad begging black people to donate blood and marrow

2018-11-27 21:34:30 UTC

dabbing on the blacks bc we have ample blood and marrow supplies

2018-11-27 21:34:30 UTC

I have one irl female friend because we both are hated by almost all other women. They think we gon' steal they mans

2018-11-27 21:35:00 UTC

Bone marrow donation is pretty much impossible interracially

2018-11-27 21:35:02 UTC

lmao just looked and we offer a "Diversity in Aviation" class

2018-11-27 21:35:19 UTC

I’m on the bone marrow donor list lmao

2018-11-27 21:35:20 UTC

There's black pilots, class over

2018-11-27 21:35:24 UTC

Everyone should be

2018-11-27 21:35:54 UTC

@missliterallywho that deserves a "Stacey" emoji

2018-11-27 21:35:57 UTC

Donating my bone marrow to own the libs

2018-11-27 21:35:57 UTC

Women are seriously mean to each other

2018-11-27 21:36:18 UTC

A class about Tuskegee airmen basically @fgtveassassin

2018-11-27 21:36:23 UTC

Men might have literally fistfights but it still doesn’t match the vitriol women can have for each other

2018-11-27 21:36:26 UTC

That’s so gay

2018-11-27 21:36:39 UTC

Ever been to Tuskegee

2018-11-27 21:36:43 UTC

It’s bad

2018-11-27 21:36:56 UTC

Selma? Bad. Birmingham? Bad.

2018-11-27 21:37:04 UTC

Be a thin, well dressed, and confident woman and all other women will despise you, even if you're married but especially if you're single

2018-11-27 21:37:05 UTC

men can physically fight and have a beer an hour after.
women are like the internet; they never forget

2018-11-27 21:37:06 UTC

I think blacks only made up .17% of American deaths in WW2

2018-11-27 21:37:16 UTC

I can post my speech if anyone wants to tell me if it'll convert anyone

2018-11-27 21:37:21 UTC

Some of these classes that focus on race/ethnicity do admit the US demographics are changing at least

2018-11-27 21:37:35 UTC

@Jacob feel free to send my way

2018-11-27 21:37:38 UTC

Any town where governance has been handed to blacks? Bad

2018-11-27 21:37:40 UTC

bored af at work rn

2018-11-27 21:37:57 UTC

Reminder the Tuskegee airmen were remarkably average

2018-11-27 21:38:05 UTC

Go all out and be openly anti white to see how others react lol. See if they tolerate it. Then you redpill the other whites in the class

2018-11-27 21:42:17 UTC

Was talking to a lolbert friend who wants to marry a Korean about race and how he is dead set on a korean no matter what, he said I shouldn't worry about race mixing because its inevitable that we'll all look the same, yet he wants to abolish taxes, like my dude if we're talking about things that are inevitable taxes have pretty much always been a part of every society

2018-11-27 21:42:37 UTC

2018-11-27 21:42:42 UTC

2018-11-27 21:42:43 UTC

I don't get how these people can't see basic counter arguments

2018-11-27 21:42:50 UTC

Based and redpilled, or cringe and bluepilled?

2018-11-27 21:43:04 UTC

>it's inevitable we'll all look the same

goddamn bro, your fetish doesn't determine reality fuck @ your broke friend

2018-11-27 21:43:09 UTC

It's not inevitable if we take steps to stop it

2018-11-27 21:43:32 UTC

Bro needs a dictionary

2018-11-27 21:43:50 UTC

I tell him that but he just doesn't care, he realizes everything I do but wants a waifu korean gf

2018-11-27 21:43:57 UTC

25% income tax has never been inevitable and it’s a historical anomaly

2018-11-27 21:44:57 UTC

I think its funny too he wants specifically Koreans because they're americanized, get surgery to make their eyes look western and using lighting cream to look white, like bro just get with a white girl

2018-11-27 21:45:21 UTC

yeah weren't taxes like in the single digits in the beginning? before all the gibs to non whites and corporate handouts...

2018-11-27 21:45:24 UTC

he's going to force some korean wamen to get surgery to fix their eyes and use daily cream to have white skin? tf?

2018-11-27 21:45:53 UTC

dude's got issues

2018-11-27 21:46:07 UTC

All the perks of white gf and none of the work

2018-11-27 21:46:33 UTC

He’s pathetic

2018-11-27 21:47:00 UTC

sounds like a fetish more than anything

2018-11-27 21:47:08 UTC

Go the other way and convince a white girl to get her eyes stretched

2018-11-27 21:47:27 UTC

I don't think he's gonna force them, he's not evil, but he 'likes the culture' ie listens to k-pop

2018-11-27 21:47:48 UTC

stretch her eyes, shrink her limbs, inject melanin into her skin, boom whiteasiangf

2018-11-27 21:48:02 UTC

Can’t do much about people with a fetish he didn’t reason himself into

2018-11-27 21:48:10 UTC

>liking k-pop <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-11-27 21:48:20 UTC

@Jacob What's that second highest city with highest neighbor trust?

2018-11-27 21:49:19 UTC

@Jacob I also think it'd help to show some demographics stats about both the highest trust and lowest trust cities

2018-11-27 21:50:01 UTC

@fgtveassassin tell him his desired wife's family will never accept him

2018-11-27 21:50:48 UTC

I try, but he either says A) he doesn't care what others think B) that's not true because korea is so westernized

2018-11-27 21:50:58 UTC

@Andreas Cincinnatus I like whitepills like this. Big news for one member is encouraging to all of us.

2018-11-27 21:51:06 UTC

tell him his offspring will be miserable, have no heritage that belongs to them, and that he's being a selfish lil bitch to his future children

2018-11-27 21:51:08 UTC

South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world

2018-11-27 21:51:30 UTC

Cute k girls are all cut up, guaranteed

2018-11-27 21:52:30 UTC

I try lads, he doesn't think his kids will have an identity crisis because they'll bee mentally strong, says if he raises them with american culture they won't feel a connection to korea

2018-11-27 21:52:47 UTC

Lol show him r/hapas

2018-11-27 21:52:47 UTC

He’ll have to have a bad experience with a Korean

2018-11-27 21:53:17 UTC

had an IE meetup this past weekend at a local tavern and the amount of plastic boomer women was disturbing

2018-11-27 21:53:19 UTC

That subreddit is all about hapa self hatred and identity crisis

2018-11-27 21:54:30 UTC

I asked him to get a hapa if nothing else and he said that'll most likely be what happens because of the amount of hapas in the US already

2018-11-27 21:54:53 UTC

There we go

2018-11-27 21:55:54 UTC

Hapas are disgusting. They're all over LA too.

2018-11-27 21:56:15 UTC

They're very confused and unstable in most cases.

2018-11-27 21:56:52 UTC

@Jacob quality stuff, my guy

2018-11-27 21:57:03 UTC

The LA Japanese-American museum had a Hapa exhibit recently.

2018-11-27 21:57:14 UTC

personally i was never able to read my pre-written speeches and always spoke off-the-cuff

2018-11-27 21:57:34 UTC

@Goose Thanks
@fgtveassassin I'll check in that in a bit. On my phone now.

2018-11-27 21:58:28 UTC

being a euromutt is difficult enough, i can't imagine what it's like to be multi-raced

2018-11-27 21:59:19 UTC

of course as an individual one can rationalize it and take pride in their varying origins, but there's no need to make it difficult on one's children

2018-11-27 21:59:44 UTC

especially when it means sacrifcing a personal fetish that someone is most likely to grow out of

2018-11-27 21:59:44 UTC

@fgtveassassin Mixed race youth are more likely to be depressed or consider suicide

2018-11-27 22:00:29 UTC

Not surprising. They are literally stuck between two "worlds".

2018-11-27 22:01:33 UTC

This study is better than one of the other ones, because it compares all mixed race youth to all monoracial youth. With one of the other studies there was a problem since it just compared half Asians to Asians, and one could argue that the difference is due to the half Asians being the average of both races.

2018-11-27 22:01:45 UTC

Thank you @Logan I hope to see more of the same realty activitiy occur in the Great Lakes area

2018-11-27 22:02:11 UTC

But this study is pretty solid because it finds that if you compare all mixes to all regular races, the results are consistently worse for the mixes

2018-11-27 22:03:52 UTC

@fgtveassassin Bismarck, North Dakota I think

2018-11-27 22:07:40 UTC

I still might change some stuff up in my speech. It's supposed to be around 8 minutes and it took me 10 last time I rehearsed it. So I can't really add anything without taking something else out.

2018-11-27 22:09:10 UTC

@Jacob don't forget people tend to rush through speeches, especially when nervous in front on an audience

2018-11-27 22:11:50 UTC

@Jacob Miscegenation is child abuse.

2018-11-27 22:11:55 UTC

That's true

2018-11-27 22:12:15 UTC

It's a great argument for its eventual illegality.

2018-11-27 22:12:39 UTC

I'm going to try not to rush through it nervously, though. Fun fact, I actually rehearsed it in front of Patrick. @Goose

2018-11-27 22:12:52 UTC

@Rabbidsith Ya it's absolutely child abuse

2018-11-27 22:14:31 UTC

The replies to the stefan tweet are e 🅱 ic, there are people who unironically think the media cares about trump supporters instead of seeing those pieces about trump voters to to show how horrible blormpf is

2018-11-27 22:15:29 UTC

Great job to @Asatru Artist - MD for making those awesome playing cards

2018-11-27 22:18:10 UTC

Hay does anyone like Frank Sinatra ?

2018-11-27 22:19:53 UTC

T_D link bc still off twitter

2018-11-27 22:20:22 UTC

Let’s see what AllTalkDonald/DoNothingDonald ends up actually doing

2018-11-27 22:21:06 UTC

@fgtveassassin we've got too many stupid people speaking these days

2018-11-27 22:24:31 UTC

I do indeed like Sinatra @V.Balboa - PA

2018-11-27 22:29:29 UTC
2018-11-27 22:29:41 UTC

literally going after plaques dedicated to children now

2018-11-27 22:31:56 UTC

i hate these people that destroy our Southern heritage and history

2018-11-27 22:33:45 UTC

Great song

2018-11-27 22:35:44 UTC

my pro-black woman mayor just made a snapchat...

2018-11-27 22:36:15 UTC

Oh look, a non-white and a globalist anti-white wanting to destroy even more southern heritage. Imagine my shock. <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-11-27 22:36:17 UTC

the same one who changed our city seal

2018-11-27 22:36:36 UTC

what did she change? #blacked it?

2018-11-27 22:36:39 UTC

2018-11-27 22:36:49 UTC

nailed it!

2018-11-27 22:36:57 UTC

funny thing is those are supposed to be natives lol

2018-11-27 22:37:01 UTC

they were not too happy

2018-11-27 22:37:07 UTC


2018-11-27 22:37:38 UTC


2018-11-27 22:37:43 UTC

>tfw the minorities are now fighting with each other 😂

2018-11-27 22:37:55 UTC

@V.Balboa - PA that’s a favorite of mine. I love Sinatra.

2018-11-27 22:39:05 UTC

@Goose *we've got too many ~~stupid~~ people ~~speaking~~ these days

2018-11-27 22:39:52 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD best part is recently more millenial hipsters have moved here and now the old hipsters who moved here after katrina are all butt-hurt

2018-11-27 22:40:22 UTC

the transplant menace affects us all

2018-11-27 22:40:55 UTC

Those people are why i question freedom of movement :-p

2018-11-27 22:41:25 UTC

they move somewhere, vote for crap that screws it up, then move somewhere else, rinse/repeat

2018-11-27 22:42:24 UTC

@Goose did you add her on sc

2018-11-27 22:42:38 UTC

if so, i'm definitely going to. send her some tactical IE flag pics

2018-11-27 22:42:48 UTC

oh and obviously some CFlag pics

2018-11-27 22:43:04 UTC
2018-11-27 22:46:04 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN i didn't only because my snap is old af and tied to my real name

2018-11-27 22:46:23 UTC

>having snapchat as an adult

2018-11-27 22:46:47 UTC

Mine is tied to a doctor figure related to bad optics nationalism from the 80’s who wrote a diary

2018-11-27 22:46:59 UTC

She’ll love it I’m sure

2018-11-27 22:48:30 UTC

she needs to hear from "the people"

2018-11-27 22:49:27 UTC

i implore any of you dealing with crappy politicians to lmk.
i love calling them on my lunch break

2018-11-27 22:50:43 UTC

speaking of which, i wonder how andrea lutz is doing? lol

2018-11-27 22:54:36 UTC

Not to be autistic, but is the logo an actual equilateral triangle, i.e. does it just appear oblong?

2018-11-27 22:55:17 UTC

Does she need pics?

2018-11-27 22:55:54 UTC

in other local news...

2018-11-27 22:56:43 UTC

funny thing is tulane is predominantly jewish and female, yet the girls are always complaining about racism at the school

2018-11-27 22:57:34 UTC

the issue of zionism at the school is a whole other barrel of laughs

2018-11-27 22:57:38 UTC

@TravisHale Its isosceles

2018-11-27 22:58:49 UTC

regarding flyering, can i get a further explanation as to why we don't sticker private schools even if they receive large amounts of federal and local tax dollars?

2018-11-27 22:59:13 UTC

not rocking the boat, just genuinely curious

2018-11-27 23:02:34 UTC

@Goose Good question, it's because they are a private instead of a public space, and therefore you would be trespassing which could open you up to legal action, to include fines and a dox. Public Universities have to honor the first amendment even though if they catch you and ask you to leave you should still comply. Even if they get you on camera, public schools cant try to dox you even if they say something ominous like 'were investigating and we urge students to contact us if they have information'.

2018-11-27 23:04:30 UTC

@Goose However, it is still unwise to flier your own campus because they can create a flimsy excuse to dismiss you such as 'creating a hostile learning environment' or low level administrative harassment, and bypass the 1A that way.

2018-11-27 23:06:21 UTC

legality I would guess. "private property"

2018-11-27 23:06:25 UTC


2018-11-27 23:09:11 UTC

Yep. And we are proud law raspacters

2018-11-27 23:20:19 UTC

Anyone listen to Jim Goad? Or read his books? Hilarious podcast

2018-11-27 23:20:39 UTC

Glad is cool

2018-11-27 23:25:42 UTC

Goad* I guess @Freiheit - CA

2018-11-27 23:28:16 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD nice job with the cards!

2018-11-27 23:30:43 UTC


2018-11-27 23:30:50 UTC

Polls closing in Mississippi in 30 minutes. 😬

2018-11-27 23:31:50 UTC

Will be interesting to see

2018-11-27 23:34:22 UTC

111% black turnout

2018-11-27 23:36:02 UTC

Blacks are already something like 40% of the Mississippi state population

2018-11-27 23:36:23 UTC

Which is kinda fun to point out when people make fun of Mississippi for being last in almost all metrics

2018-11-27 23:58:22 UTC

@TravisHale I think it's supposed to be equalateral. It really bothered me too when I first joined

2018-11-28 00:04:28 UTC

Hey so what up with Tara McCarthy? Looks like a Twitter dispute but I can't see the reason.

2018-11-28 00:06:24 UTC
2018-11-28 00:09:26 UTC

@ophiuchus 40%? That's sad, I didn't know that.

2018-11-28 00:16:52 UTC

I thought Tara McCarthy quit the internet months ago? Not so? @MrBland - VA

2018-11-28 00:19:11 UTC

@MrBland - VA Just more E-drama

2018-11-28 00:19:38 UTC

Different Tara. It’s mostly a joke.

2018-11-28 00:24:31 UTC

VERY different Tara.

2018-11-28 00:24:33 UTC


2018-11-28 00:26:33 UTC

What do we think about the whole Assange-Manafort-Wikileaks story?

2018-11-28 00:33:26 UTC

boomer facebook bait

2018-11-28 00:34:00 UTC

they love this stuff because it makes them think they're in house of cards

2018-11-28 00:36:21 UTC

Not /our guy/ yet, obviously, but PJW's apparently callin' out the anti-White stuff now:

2018-11-28 00:36:58 UTC


2018-11-28 00:40:16 UTC

@Patrick I don’t even understand what’s illegal about doing opposition research.

2018-11-28 00:40:31 UTC

If they talked to Assange who cares?

2018-11-28 00:41:29 UTC

Am I the only person who noticed that all the 2016 and older edgy Right-wing internet E-celebs and thought "Leaders" .Whether they were Alt , Civic or just Based Magapeda have all fell into shallow self promoting E-drama. Which only undermined there own credibility and placed doubt of the nature of there personal character among he or she's Fans...............But Identity Evropa is still trucking along like the little Identitarian that could 😃

2018-11-28 00:46:23 UTC

@Patrick So you don't think this story puts Trump in jeopardy in any way?

2018-11-28 00:47:57 UTC

Not really any more than he already would be

2018-11-28 00:48:09 UTC

The same people will get angry about it, the same people will ignore or deflect it

2018-11-28 00:48:15 UTC

A few RINOs might "express sincere concerns"

2018-11-28 00:48:58 UTC

@V.Balboa - PA IE isn't about the leadership or even the individual members. We are successful because we have a higher ideal.

2018-11-28 00:49:26 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD I totally agree

2018-11-28 00:49:39 UTC

I personally don't believe anything Roger Stone says, he is a professional BS artist and self promoter who claims he was poisoned, he's a very funny guy but everything from guccifer 2.0 until now is him just trying to get himself back into notoriety

2018-11-28 00:50:01 UTC

He probably desperately wants Mueller to indict him

2018-11-28 00:50:23 UTC

Who would trust this dude with nationally sensitive info lol

2018-11-28 00:50:35 UTC

Haha yea he said he was poisoned with polonium.

2018-11-28 00:52:18 UTC

Didn’t Corsi start the Birther thing?

2018-11-28 00:55:37 UTC

I can't believe I used to listen to Alex Jones back in the Day

2018-11-28 00:56:45 UTC

I still listen to infowars. AJ is always entertaining and sometimes right.

2018-11-28 00:57:03 UTC


2018-11-28 01:00:35 UTC

Well, we have a higher ideal but we do have great leaders—and activists, patrons, etc. as well!

2018-11-28 01:01:17 UTC

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, as the saying goes.

2018-11-28 01:05:24 UTC

Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.

2018-11-28 01:11:13 UTC

i know i'm a negative nancy with my monument posts, but i do want to let everyone know that recently there are more veterans' memorials going up on public grounds along with SCV erecting new monuments on private plots across the country.

2018-11-28 01:12:50 UTC

for example, this was just erected on the Texas capitol grounds

2018-11-28 01:13:16 UTC

@NateDahl76 i saw that and like the way you think

2018-11-28 01:13:39 UTC

We should strike at this opportunity

2018-11-28 01:14:07 UTC

And lol thanks, not sure if you mean me deleting and reposting or what

2018-11-28 01:14:19 UTC

anti-white classes seem mandatory at every uni today

2018-11-28 01:14:55 UTC

@NateDahl76 yea, keeping my separate posts intact

2018-11-28 01:15:32 UTC

2018-11-28 01:16:28 UTC

@Valaska wow, she finally admitted she got jackson wrong

2018-11-28 01:18:50 UTC

and she never hung up on me; i told her "have a wonderful evening" and she said "you too".
i guess she's trying to sound like a badass #resister <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-11-28 01:19:51 UTC

journos really are the enemy of the people

2018-11-28 01:23:17 UTC

Journos are the same people that would be Inquisitors in 1500 or Commissars in 1920. Priests and police of the state-religion (Culturally left corporate globalism)

2018-11-28 01:24:18 UTC

They would not allow Jews to be inquisitors.

2018-11-28 01:24:40 UTC

Just kidding I know what you meant

2018-11-28 01:24:40 UTC

wait a sec, that's her tweet before she edited it 🤔

2018-11-28 01:24:40 UTC


2018-11-28 01:25:52 UTC

journalists today have ZERO principles. SAD!

2018-11-28 01:26:59 UTC

Not all liars are journalists but all journalists are liars.

2018-11-28 01:28:00 UTC

@NateDahl76 So sickening for that to happen in such a white state.

2018-11-28 01:29:11 UTC

when did this "giving tuesday" nonsense start?

2018-11-28 01:29:52 UTC

i keep seeing lefty orgs begging for donations today with #givingtuesday

2018-11-28 01:30:20 UTC

i wonder if the SPLC would accept a donation from IE?

2018-11-28 01:31:56 UTC

that'd would cause quite the stir among their ranks

2018-11-28 01:36:29 UTC

@Valaska lol we postered KHQ in Spokane and they also freaked out

2018-11-28 01:37:28 UTC

Watching the results in Mississippi come in, thinking, why is their Western border so squiggly? I'm like, oh yeah, the Mississippi River.

2018-11-28 01:37:50 UTC

@Hakujin - CA how's it looking?

2018-11-28 01:38:51 UTC

@Goose Cindy's ahead by only one point, but less than 1% of votes have been counted.

2018-11-28 01:39:10 UTC

@Goose It's looking squiggly

2018-11-28 01:41:39 UTC
2018-11-28 01:41:45 UTC

Don't look too much into it. At least wait until 10%. I just like the suspense.

2018-11-28 01:44:51 UTC

One year ago Nathan made the best decision for IE. You've done a wonderful job and we are proud to follow you. @Reinhard Wolff

2018-11-28 01:44:59 UTC

Thanks, @CarletonJ. I appreciate that!

2018-11-28 01:45:44 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Congratulations on a year of success; you are truly a blessing to our people!

2018-11-28 01:46:48 UTC

@CarletonJ Couldn't agree more.

2018-11-28 01:46:57 UTC

I look forward to continuing the fight by your side @Reinhard Wolff

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