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@Scrummy The pictures posted to the twitter for UoA are from ASU you can even see the asu logo in the background for one of them.

Our state prety uncreative with the names dont forget about the Northen Arizona Univesity

@Scrummy Yeah no problem didnt want IE to look bad.

2017-12-08 03:53:37 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

got em

2017-12-28 02:41:30 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2017-12-30 06:00:16 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  

A young person's only problem is to grow into an adult. The rest is nonsense, and those concered with serious matters ought to focus on the problem of taking a stance vis a vis our society and civilisation as a whole, in the name of a true, radical, reconstructive revolution.

-Julius Evola *A Handbook For Right-Wing Youth*

2017-12-30 06:08:30 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  

@Jacob It is rather dense but overall it is rather great. A lot of great insight into various topics. The one he spends the most time on his talking about the mind of the antifa of his day.

@givemetheafd That server is pure cancer

Traps and brownies yuck


Irish parade route in Phoenix. Done by me @JohnWestgate and @Patriot McFreedom

When appealingly to grandmas becomes reality.

Arizona State University West Campus flyers by me.


I'll laugh if they start marking their own IE banners to do this with

You right

Have a banner on the plane

Douy Rheims

@Reinhard Wolff Hell yeah gf redistribution when.

@Reinhard Wolff We Slavs love you and IE too 😘

Tfw Patrick’s would ban all Slavs and Meds from entering the US

Me and @Andreas Cincinnatus at Ault Park for a hike then an impromptu trash clean up

Short term pessimists long term optimists

I believe that she can win

@Patient Zero Who can win?

Everyone wins by everyone winning

Patrick is a the finial tier of MK ultra

Because we shipped all factory jobs overseas duh

Downtown Cincinnati

From last Sunday

@Reinhard Wolff Cut the grass with scissors

@The Soy Goy Hey Bro, I Saw Your Post, Very Based, and Red Pilled as Well, Keep It Up Bro.

@Nemets Hey Bro, I Saw Your Post, Very Based, and Red Pilled as Well, Keep It Up Bro.

We must be better for our people.

Yes he was


@V.Balboa - PA Hey Bro, I Saw Your Post, Very Based, and Red Pilled as Well, Keep It Up Bro.

@Virgil Hey Bro, I Saw Your Post, Very Based, and Red Pilled as Well, Keep It Up Bro.

Kosovo is Serbian

AZ will annex TX

@Lawrence - TX I was already in your state

@Reinhard Wolff Hows your lawnmower?

Gamers rise up

Me and @Conatus flyered University of Arizona Tempe Campus

RS doesn’t have friends

Spencer will probably drop off the face of the earth if he’s smart

bad content

Its bad content he should feel ashamed for furposting

@V.Balboa - PA There is one race the human race


Every one they tear down we put up two of @Reinhard Wolff dabing

Novo Terracotta Army when?

Ignore them


Age of Empires 2 is better than Age of Mythology


Age of Mythology should be banned tbh

My answer would break rule 3



Sorry sir but this is a gamer server

University of Arizona with me @Conatus <@!475842284739493888> and @edl

Tucson Banner drop at W Speedway Blvd and N Van Alstine St with me @Conatus @edl <@!475842284739493888> @Paragram Slide - AZ

West Coast best coast

Halloween is for gaming frens

Hey my fellow identitarians I enjoy gardening. We should start communal gardens.


Bunnies are everything else

Yeah just gotta plant it before it hits 110

Cactus forests

That’s the Res

West Valley is all farms

@Freiheit - CA We were to lazy to conquer them just turned their land into the res

just escape out here. We got tons of refugees from Cali

@Freiheit - CA tactical retreat brother

Happy afternoon my fellow identitarians. Feeling whitepilled

Good morning my fellow identitarians. Go have a productive and whitepilled day fighting for our people!

Fill out an order form and send it to @Deleted User

tfw no identitarian gf


Good evening my fellow Identitarians. Have a great whitepilled evening.

Good Morning my fellow Identitarians. Have a great productive day for our people. Also stay whitepilled.

@Clarion -FL Matin Luther Kang Jr

The modern woman just wears different clothes

Idk if you eat Popeyes at least twice a day it'll do that to you

@Ben Rainsford - OH Talk to your boys @Andreas Cincinnatus and @Lucas Anglocius they can help get you into shape

@Andreas Cincinnatus Stop slacking bro

*Sculpting intensifies*

Good evening my fellow identitarians I hope you are having a wonderful whitepilled evening

Bread is a mineral. Guy, soak it in water for extra nutrients!

Concrete if you want a strong jawline

siracha helps with dry eyes

@Deleted User Anti-bread = anti-white

If you dont eat a loaf of bread a day are you a real Identitarian

This but unironically

Are they adding based minorities to the Alamo to make it a symbol of a multicultural Texas?

@AltRightMick Good job man. Glad you are taking over antifas space in LS!

Hell yeah!

@Freiheit - CA He is a desert boy now

Had a great conversation with the security guard that worked there at the building

He was very surprised about the material that we were putting up and he was glad to see that we weren't Antifa.

Good evening my fellow identitarians I hope you are having a wonderful whitepilled evening

Gibs cold weather

The high is 106 today

Boomers are 60

At least Florida has rich boomers

That clock is pretty motivating to watch. Makes you more inspired to protect our people.

The only book I need is Why we fight

Why read when you can be putting up posters

@John O - you are beautiful

How to lose half of IE in ten easy steps

@Jacob never brother

Patrick Casey killed Reinhard Wolff

Happy national gamer day. Don’t forget to thank a gamer for his service.

@NITRODUBS Get more ladies in IE and make it happen

@ThisIsChris What about short cargo shorts

@ThisIsChris You are thinking about the Daily Wire

@Reinhard Wolff When does Koba start as Executive Director?

Thank Gamers for their service

>NEETsoc LARPing

@ChippedStones this an identitarian server bud. You should be studying why we fight instead of tweeting.

Just so you boys know that the pics with Evan or the Action Leadership Identity we arent posting to twitter. You can still put them up but dont bother posting pictures of them.

Its fine. Awesome work boys are these different locations in Chicago?

@Deleted User and mow the lawn

Me and @Conatus at ASU Tempe campus

4 is to few

6 minimum

If identitarians have 4 to 6 minimum kids. Conservatives have 2 to 3 and liberals maybe 1 or 2

Nonwhites stop having as many kids when they get infected with liberalism

Hey Moby your pretty cool dont come to the ocean tomorrow

@Andreas Cincinnatus Good Work brother

Is he /our guy/ ?

@The Eternal Anglo only the high iq Chinese are allowed to take iq tests

@Paul - MI Good work bois looks great

@Wotan Klan-GA would you really want ie being on South Park though


@fgtveassassin Craft with us brother

The obviously havent played bioshock infinite

Yeah 1 and 2 are what happens when individualism runs rampant and kills the city more so 1 then 2

Operation Homeland?

English is a fallen language we should all speak latin

What if we rebranded to Identity Europa and drop the V

GI is like half civnats half our guys

@Kingfish This tbh when I end up having to explain to a security guard what IE is I dont really use the term Identarian I always refer to it as Pro-American/ Patriotic group and they understand that and support it at that level.

@John Riggs Is it Identitarian boy bands?

I tried to get a couple of our AZ guys to do that. We failed to get it off the ground

@Reinhard Wolff Dont forget to mention this activism

@DeusVolk Liked my minecraft banner?

Didnt take long. It was a lot easier then making an actual banner

Anything to get patrick to craft with the boys

Zoomers RISE UP

@Procella Eques Ah my fellow Pole welcome to the family


Today Arizonans came out for a wonderful hike through scenic Tucson, Arizona. Afterwards we visited a monument in Downtown Tucson celebrating the Mormon battalion who captured Sonora (Tucson) from Mexican forces.

With me @Conatus @willsaxon <@!426431458656387072>

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