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2019-01-23 18:11:53 UTC

I bet the break down of country of origin would be telling too

2019-01-23 18:12:17 UTC

The silent majority is what I’m riding on

2019-01-23 18:12:58 UTC

If Trump doesn't do something big on immigration, the race is the dems' to lose

2019-01-23 18:18:10 UTC

Race among Hispanics is complicated. There's a difference between the European Mexicans and the mestizos, for instance.

2019-01-23 18:18:17 UTC

Trump can narrowly secure reelection if he finds a way to meaningfully restrict illegals voting in the general election.


2019-01-23 18:18:36 UTC

Very complicated. Many Latino/Mexicans despise, say, Hondurans for example.

2019-01-23 18:18:46 UTC

After all, the white Hispanics were the ones who elected Franco in Spain, or Pinochet in Chile. They have a very different voting pattern than the brown Mexicans.

2019-01-23 18:18:51 UTC

Couldn't find a higher res image but the green is Mexican population growth.

2019-01-23 18:19:21 UTC

Just visited my girlfriend in Midland, Texas this winter break. It is absolutely insane how much that city has transformed into Mexico.

2019-01-23 18:19:27 UTC

You hear Spanish everywhere you go.

2019-01-23 18:19:46 UTC


2019-01-23 18:20:05 UTC

Uh oh

2019-01-23 18:20:11 UTC

She's reluctant to leave Texas when we get married but I'm trying to convince her it's going to be no state for whites in short order.

2019-01-23 18:20:13 UTC

O shit.

2019-01-23 18:20:18 UTC


2019-01-23 18:20:20 UTC

Sound the alarm

2019-01-23 18:20:21 UTC


2019-01-23 18:20:25 UTC


2019-01-23 18:20:27 UTC

@StevePines -WA not dimaggio <:sad:366743316475281408>

2019-01-23 18:20:42 UTC

They posted one too many unfortunate truths about red hat boy.

2019-01-23 18:21:26 UTC


2019-01-23 18:21:26 UTC

@Goose he's trying to backpedal now and say "the lunatics are coming out"

2019-01-23 18:21:36 UTC

After literally endorsing death threats

2019-01-23 18:22:14 UTC

I wonder how many Twitter accounts that literally called for people to enact violence on teenagers will get suspended too.

2019-01-23 18:22:14 UTC

Looks like we're paying a visit to Twitter HQ

2019-01-23 18:22:20 UTC


2019-01-23 18:22:33 UTC


2019-01-23 18:23:05 UTC

At least Patrick isn't suspended

2019-01-23 18:23:09 UTC

knock on wood

2019-01-23 18:23:12 UTC

Don't jinx it.

2019-01-23 18:23:39 UTC

That's why I knocked on wood <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2019-01-23 18:24:11 UTC

Suspended for replacing u with v <:sad:366743316475281408>

2019-01-23 18:24:26 UTC

Latin Not Allowed

2019-01-23 18:24:36 UTC

Romanes Eunt Domus

2019-01-23 18:25:39 UTC

I have a really epic activism proposal

2019-01-23 18:25:39 UTC


2019-01-23 18:25:46 UTC

Sorry Rvp

2019-01-23 18:26:07 UTC

Spill the tea sis @NateDahl76

2019-01-23 18:26:26 UTC

We go in, mouths taped over, motioning as though we're chanting something but being as quiet as possible

2019-01-23 18:27:19 UTC

We reach the focal point of the area, unfurl a banner, bring out signs, and tear off the tape and begin the demo

2019-01-23 18:27:26 UTC

dunno if twitter has a campus

2019-01-23 18:27:40 UTC

Laura Loomer btfo

2019-01-23 18:27:44 UTC

Oh at Twitter

2019-01-23 18:27:52 UTC

Looks like we are going back to NYC

2019-01-23 18:28:18 UTC

@Brunswick WHAT DID YOU DO

2019-01-23 18:28:45 UTC

@StevePines -WA i was a big fan of his growing up too.
i hate brainlet celebs

2019-01-23 18:29:09 UTC


2019-01-23 18:29:15 UTC

Patrick the absolute madman.

2019-01-23 18:30:00 UTC

@Ryonne wait, people called romanes, they go to the house?

2019-01-23 18:30:12 UTC

It says, "Romans go home!"

2019-01-23 18:31:07 UTC

Really? Why was it suspended??

2019-01-23 18:31:12 UTC

*does entire bit*

2019-01-23 18:31:19 UTC

Like we're ever gonna get a reason from Twitter.

2019-01-23 18:31:21 UTC


2019-01-23 18:31:44 UTC

They didn't threaten minors like their moral superiors

2019-01-23 18:31:52 UTC


2019-01-23 18:31:52 UTC

Hello everyone! We are aware that the twitter has been suspended. Working with Patrick to send an appeal to get it back up ASAP

2019-01-23 18:31:53 UTC

I'm surprised we weren't suspended sooner, the bloody censors.

2019-01-23 18:32:02 UTC



2019-01-23 18:32:04 UTC

we will continue regular posting of IE content on our gab and our minds.com page

2019-01-23 18:32:31 UTC


2019-01-23 18:32:37 UTC

Never thought the purge would happen so quickly

2019-01-23 18:33:05 UTC

Look alive for the Discord.

2019-01-23 18:33:14 UTC

We know those tech companies collude with one another.

2019-01-23 18:33:18 UTC

Yall better be checking slack

2019-01-23 18:33:30 UTC

6000+ followers on Gab

2019-01-23 18:33:31 UTC

Shit Slack is having an IPO so hopefully nothing wild happens

2019-01-23 18:33:36 UTC

announcement when?

2019-01-23 18:34:16 UTC

How big is our organization at this point?

2019-01-23 18:34:17 UTC

Im gonna anger lift so hard today at the gym

2019-01-23 18:34:24 UTC

They can't just deplatform us like that.

2019-01-23 18:34:24 UTC

Ban everyone who didn’t threaten an entire high school

2019-01-23 18:34:31 UTC

we dindu nuttin

2019-01-23 18:34:33 UTC

we good bois

2019-01-23 18:34:46 UTC

Quick Patrick, threaten Covington so we can get our account restored.

2019-01-23 18:40:14 UTC

Remember to have a disposable Twitter account, if they're also giving the hammer to those who associate with IE.

2019-01-23 18:51:34 UTC

going after right-wing eco accounts too

2019-01-23 18:51:52 UTC

it's annuda purge

2019-01-23 18:52:02 UTC

So they really suspended the IE acct? Was just on there & saw Patricks tweet.

2019-01-23 18:52:21 UTC

Cant believe I lost my David Duke, BAP, and others follows

2019-01-23 18:52:28 UTC

At least my GPA will improve

2019-01-23 18:52:58 UTC

Was checking the other IE state accts,so far those are still there...for the time being...

2019-01-23 18:52:59 UTC

I'm guessing the recent Covington Catholic debacle lead to new cohort of people seeking out pro-white groups

2019-01-23 18:53:12 UTC

Most likely

2019-01-23 18:53:23 UTC

So they have to shut down the best one

2019-01-23 18:53:24 UTC

Yeah when they have no points they strike back hard

2019-01-23 18:53:30 UTC

Maybe others?

2019-01-23 18:53:38 UTC

Is Mike Enoch still up?

2019-01-23 18:53:45 UTC

Of coarse...typical blue check attack

2019-01-23 18:53:54 UTC

Let me see..

2019-01-23 18:53:55 UTC

Patrick Casey IE is still up

2019-01-23 18:54:06 UTC

As far I can tell yes @Valaska

2019-01-23 18:55:04 UTC

Red Ice is still up for now as well

2019-01-23 18:55:56 UTC

My god Twitter is such a cesspool of an echo chamber. It's a bunch of unhinged leftists preaching to the choir for upvotes. Trash fire of a website. Literally nothing of value would be lost if it went down forever

2019-01-23 18:57:29 UTC

twitter, FB, and all other soc media will eventually become nothing but bots with a few real brainlets

2019-01-23 18:57:58 UTC

We wuz good boys

2019-01-23 18:58:45 UTC

We didn't earn enough good boy points, obviously <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2019-01-23 19:00:08 UTC

>CovCat kids sue twitter and MSM
>trump enacts "public protection laws" and uses them to shut down all media, journos, and left platforms
>we get AmericanTelevision

2019-01-23 19:02:19 UTC

The only power we have is truth. We have to use our power to shit on twitter. If we’re silent about the injustice of censorship, they win.

2019-01-23 19:02:55 UTC

>mfw "AnericanTelevision" is just the Hallmark channel

2019-01-23 19:06:36 UTC

@⚑Clark⚑ I remember before red pills becoming a cultural phenomenon, they were extremely effective in shifting the overton window. I feel a lot of people on the right forgot how effective they were with the bold truth

2019-01-23 19:08:26 UTC

Several meetings with South African vendors today. It’s quite sad. They’re cyclists and all have gotten jumped and robbed. One had his baby pulled from their car but his wife was concealed carrying and the guy dropped it and ran.

2019-01-23 19:09:54 UTC

This site shows party registration based on first names http://www.claritycampaigns.com/names/

2019-01-23 19:10:18 UTC

It's funny looking up foreign names

2019-01-23 19:13:14 UTC

@TV that's great and interesting


2019-01-23 19:13:37 UTC


2019-01-23 19:14:37 UTC


2019-01-23 19:15:59 UTC

Those were the first names I looked up too. And the rest of my coworkers

2019-01-23 19:16:45 UTC

Jacob and George are the first majority republican names I have found

2019-01-23 19:17:29 UTC

Chad is 57%

2019-01-23 19:23:48 UTC

I expected Mortimer to be majority Republican, but it was actually majority Democrat

2019-01-23 19:24:00 UTC

Tyrone is 80%.

2019-01-23 19:24:10 UTC

*80% Democrat

2019-01-23 19:24:18 UTC

@ThisIsChris Try Mohammed as well

2019-01-23 19:26:46 UTC

Shaniqua is 90% Dem

2019-01-23 19:28:13 UTC

I'm 57% Rep but my girlfriend is 75% Dem. Should I be concerned?

2019-01-23 19:29:27 UTC

Should we be reporting accounts of people on the left condoning violence against the Covington kids?

2019-01-23 19:29:43 UTC

Absolutely. Shouldn't even ask.

2019-01-23 19:32:49 UTC

Jacob is 53% Republican

2019-01-23 19:36:24 UTC


2019-01-23 19:36:37 UTC

it's fun to look up really stereotypically black names

2019-01-23 19:36:58 UTC

I cannot believe Tyronisha is an actual real name.

2019-01-23 19:36:59 UTC

Ulyssess is 80 dem 20 rep

2019-01-23 19:38:07 UTC

I can't believe 14 percent of Tyronishas are Republican

2019-01-23 19:38:30 UTC

Jefferson is 50/50 and Lincoln is 60 dem 40 rep

2019-01-23 19:38:33 UTC


2019-01-23 19:38:51 UTC

@ThisIsChris lol same, I'm wondering who these based Tyronishas are

2019-01-23 19:40:27 UTC

there's a good resolution in North Dakota house, "The North Dakota House is urging Congress, and the President to fund and construct a wall on the southern border.
House resolution 3025 also urges enforcement of federal immigration laws."

https://www.kxnet.com/news/bismarck-news/north-dakota-house-urges-congress-and-the-president-to-build-a-wall/1717320783 (I am having trouble getting the archive thing to work, is it normal for it to take a long time?)

2019-01-23 19:43:05 UTC


2019-01-23 19:43:48 UTC


2019-01-23 19:46:57 UTC


2019-01-23 19:47:07 UTC

my dream in life is to meet a Republican Sharkisha

2019-01-23 19:49:29 UTC

I was disappointed to find there is no one registered as "Clamidia" (a la the Shirley Q Liquor bit)

2019-01-23 19:50:03 UTC

Lol @Jacob

2019-01-23 19:50:51 UTC


2019-01-23 19:54:45 UTC


2019-01-23 19:54:51 UTC

who would've thought?

2019-01-23 19:55:12 UTC

We got 19 voters named "Champane"

2019-01-23 19:56:01 UTC

What about Mercedes or Lexus?

2019-01-23 19:57:15 UTC

986 girls named Lexus

2019-01-23 19:57:26 UTC

74% Dem

2019-01-23 19:58:30 UTC

proof dems are the real racists


2019-01-23 19:58:41 UTC


2019-01-23 19:59:41 UTC

We must find the 100% names

2019-01-23 20:00:21 UTC

I'm on the hunt

2019-01-23 20:00:44 UTC

There are 2, 484 registered voters named Latrina, oof <:sad:366743316475281408>

2019-01-23 20:00:53 UTC

I've always ironically unironically liked the named Delquan

2019-01-23 20:01:36 UTC

My guess: 65%?

2019-01-23 20:02:30 UTC

Result: 86.6% Dem

2019-01-23 20:04:04 UTC

Looks like things are popping off in Venezuela...

2019-01-23 20:04:27 UTC

Zimbabwe, too

2019-01-23 20:04:54 UTC

Interesting times...

2019-01-23 20:07:11 UTC

so much cool stuff happens when the government shuts down

2019-01-23 20:07:19 UTC


2019-01-23 20:09:23 UTC

it's kinda like the Federal govt isn't very helpful

2019-01-23 20:09:54 UTC

At my local DMV office for a new license and I'd say its 10% white, at best. <:pepe:359012488920039424>

2019-01-23 20:10:44 UTC

@Goose I don't know about cool, though. If I were Venezuelan, particularly one of the fabled White Venezuelans, I'd surely hate Maduro, but from our perspective, the moment he's swept from power, some of the world's largest proven oil reserves, plus Russian military tech, goes straight into the hands of GloboHomo.

2019-01-23 20:11:02 UTC

Dude, I've lived in CA my whole life and just moved to MT...yesterday I went to the post office, and all the workers there were white! It's my first time seeing that.

2019-01-23 20:11:14 UTC

And none of them glared at me πŸ˜„

2019-01-23 20:11:34 UTC

leftists are really triggering me today! Someone please tell me we are winning!!!

2019-01-23 20:11:47 UTC

I'm liking MT more and more. I wonder when our govt will take care of that...

2019-01-23 20:12:58 UTC

@wolfwood now go to Cracker Barrel

2019-01-23 20:13:07 UTC

Volkmom, it will be a long and Neverending journey to secure a positive future for our people. πŸ˜•

2019-01-23 20:13:16 UTC

Is organisation citadel part of G.I?

2019-01-23 20:13:31 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Yes... I know this...<:sad:366743316475281408>

2019-01-23 20:14:16 UTC

It is the locals that are bothersome at the moment. I see something happening in even the tiny rural towns... They are getting in positions of power there too, and ostracizing the conservative locals from all sorts of things

2019-01-23 20:14:22 UTC

But things like this Covington Catholic bs will redpill plenty of whites.

2019-01-23 20:14:37 UTC

yes.. so true...looking at the good side

2019-01-23 20:14:56 UTC

@Bjorn - MD ah, i was strictly referring to the US

2019-01-23 20:15:09 UTC

We need to take power or they will, it's really that simple.

2019-01-23 20:15:40 UTC

The difference is, we just want to be left alone, they on the other hand will disenfranchise us at every chance.

2019-01-23 20:15:47 UTC


2019-01-23 20:15:55 UTC

@Goose Oh. Fair 'nuff 😎

2019-01-23 20:20:07 UTC

@Volkmom Id say, in the grand scheme of things, we are in a steady path to victory. The ball gets rolling very slow, then very fast.

2019-01-23 20:20:31 UTC

In that sense, complacency will be our greatest enemy.

2019-01-23 20:20:32 UTC

If you just want to be "left alone" you're kicking the can down the road.

2019-01-23 20:21:46 UTC


2019-01-23 20:22:21 UTC

Not endorsing violence, but we need long term political solutions that go beyond "let me live in peace."

2019-01-23 20:24:09 UTC


2019-01-23 20:24:11 UTC

Ultimately my goal is to be left alone, however, I do think we need to find a long term solution to make sure this doesn't happen again

2019-01-23 20:24:17 UTC

I can't beleive this is a real tweet

2019-01-23 20:24:29 UTC

Our own "democracy" will be our downfall. Especially as demographics shift against us.

2019-01-23 20:25:14 UTC

Hello fellow youth

2019-01-23 20:25:19 UTC
2019-01-23 20:25:45 UTC

careful with talk of "solutions", everyone

2019-01-23 20:26:21 UTC

I don't get the joke, what is AOC, talking about?

2019-01-23 20:26:44 UTC

She joined a twitch stream raising money for trannies

2019-01-23 20:26:57 UTC

@Deleted User @TIDE do you have a twin?

2019-01-23 20:27:02 UTC

And I guess some boomers didn't understand what that was

2019-01-23 20:27:11 UTC

@fgtveassassin Whos this agian ?

2019-01-23 20:27:19 UTC

Old acc broken

2019-01-23 20:27:23 UTC


2019-01-23 20:27:25 UTC

Just think, she's in Congress now... 🀑 🌎

2019-01-23 20:27:30 UTC

Oh, I thought Twitch was just for e gamer girls

2019-01-23 20:27:35 UTC
2019-01-23 20:27:55 UTC

imagine if we had smash tournaments instead of elections...

2019-01-23 20:27:57 UTC

Good news is the SPLC can’t track our activities anymore.

2019-01-23 20:28:05 UTC

@Goose I want a peaceful, legal, solution. I think inevitably we'll be asked about this by people and we should have an answer to the question. Though what that answer is might be outside the scope of this server.

2019-01-23 20:28:16 UTC


2019-01-23 20:28:30 UTC

"adapt to the neighborhood or you can't come in"

2019-01-23 20:28:45 UTC

I think one thing that's for sure is we can't simply "go back" to pre 1965

2019-01-23 20:28:51 UTC

or else we'll just end up in the same place

2019-01-23 20:29:59 UTC

seeing as how non-whites do not want to live alongside whites but instead rule over, i don't see this being a major optic concern in the future

2019-01-23 20:31:09 UTC

Rule over, while exploiting us. πŸ‘Œ

2019-01-23 20:31:30 UTC

For this topic, I recommend Samuel Francis' Essential Writings on Race. he thinks through lots of ideas and has good, respectable arguments.

2019-01-23 20:31:36 UTC

More like destroy us...

2019-01-23 20:31:59 UTC

Exploit until they've used us up, then that ^

2019-01-23 20:33:09 UTC

"Leave us alone" is a pretty weak position to start off on

2019-01-23 20:34:15 UTC

How's "gtfo of the country our ancestors built"? That better?

2019-01-23 20:35:02 UTC

Peacefully, of course...

2019-01-23 20:36:13 UTC

We should stop explaining ourselves to those who would see us "woodchipped".

2019-01-23 20:36:29 UTC


2019-01-23 20:36:37 UTC

Right, we don't need to justify our own existence

2019-01-23 20:37:07 UTC

It's not debatable

2019-01-23 20:37:28 UTC

"I'm not justifying sh*t to you. Get out of my face." Should be attitude of Whites

2019-01-23 20:38:21 UTC

y'all are correct, but we need mass events like the CovCat story to get the majority aware of this

2019-01-23 20:39:18 UTC

What initially redpilled me was that Chicago torture video from a while back.

2019-01-23 20:39:31 UTC

Things like this really do wake people up to the danger they face.

2019-01-23 20:41:53 UTC

that's why we keep seeing twitter purges

2019-01-23 20:42:09 UTC

every mass event will be followed by another round

2019-01-23 20:43:08 UTC

Narratives that contradict the agenda are not tolerated

2019-01-23 20:46:03 UTC

@NateDahl76 The Twitter HQ is in San Francisco

2019-01-23 20:47:53 UTC

San Francisco is Americas Mordor !

2019-01-23 20:51:15 UTC

@wolfwood the DMV is actually worse here. You should make your appointments online now.

2019-01-23 20:51:48 UTC

Really? It was pretty bad in CA...

2019-01-23 20:52:13 UTC

I think being softly confrontational is the best approach for most people. Don't be mean or rude, be polite but stand your ground.
Nick Sandmann is a pretty good example of this approach.

2019-01-23 20:53:08 UTC

I hope there are already remix videos with Enter Sandman playing

2019-01-23 20:53:09 UTC

firm confrontation needs to happen

2019-01-23 20:53:58 UTC

there is nothing to apologize for, and we must hold those who seek our erasure accountable (politely)

2019-01-23 20:54:52 UTC

@Logan Thanks for the heads up, I'll be talking to the DMV soon. My truck is not here yet but I want things to go as quickly as possible.

2019-01-23 21:00:28 UTC

Agreed we should never apologize and always stand our ground.

2019-01-23 21:00:54 UTC

What reason did Twitter have to ban the IE account?

2019-01-23 21:01:05 UTC

<:whitepill:439924104406106113> Finally spotted two deer in our backyard today! 🦌 😍

2019-01-23 21:01:13 UTC

btw "stand your ground" is now white supremacy talk

2019-01-23 21:02:51 UTC

As it is with home defense as well.

2019-01-23 21:04:01 UTC

"How dare you protect yourself!"

2019-01-23 21:04:45 UTC

β€œTrayvon and his buddies just wanted to borrow your blue ray player!”

2019-01-23 21:05:05 UTC

The Sandmann video proves that simply standing there and existing while white, or making a facial expression, is considered white supremacy

2019-01-23 21:07:17 UTC

Its kinda like the Left are White Supremacists who think that of Whites band together as a group they will kick everybodys ass. They may be right.

2019-01-23 21:08:41 UTC

They're live updating every development

2019-01-23 21:14:08 UTC

Possibly the media pulling something off the stack to talk about besides the blows to their establishment world order this week

2019-01-23 21:24:57 UTC

Have you guys spent any time on the China question?

2019-01-23 21:25:35 UTC

@Current Ronin I wish them well in their own country.

2019-01-23 21:29:32 UTC

Drink Mead !

2019-01-23 21:36:45 UTC

kellyanne conway just called out the press for being failed journalists and going after 15 year olds lmao

2019-01-23 21:39:57 UTC

America is going to look like Yugoslavia in ten years Only with less Based Slavs in track suits

2019-01-23 21:42:44 UTC


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