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Thanks for the invite @Deleted User

Awesome server!


Thank you!

Pregnant with #3!!!!!!!!


Thank you!!


Thank you @RevStench

I sew a bit

So good guys!!!!!!

@everyone hello! Totally new to crypto

I am in the middle of setting up a coin base account

And it is not accepting my bank account

So I thought I'd try to just link my debit card for now?

But THAT is requiring me to upload my ID???

It's actually being set up for normie trading so I'm not necessarily concerned about opsec in that regard

Hmm. Ok what Wallet should I do?

I need to convert SBD

My main need rn is to convert sbd

@Deleted User GUI? Sorry I'm such a damn boomer. What is that?

I need to convert SBD, and I think I would rather buy lite coin or eth

Or ripple

Dont make fun lol

Good idea!

Ok I am a user on steemit

I have sbd

I'm a total newbie here and just got a chunk of sbd

@Deleted User must an account be created on Github in order to DL the ether wallet?

Ok I'm trying to find that

Discord is on my tablet, I'm making the wallet on my laptop

@ArtairRose what do you think of CEX. io?

Would people here be interested in leading a voice chat on crypto sometime?

What offline btc wallet should I use?

Thank you.

@Grandeur inset up an account at coinbase but it's not letting me connect my bank account

I've tried many times

So on localbitcoins what option would one select to sell btc and have the money transferred to your bank account?

That makes sense

Which was too small an amount to deal with unless I do cash by mail

Ok ty. I think my biggest issue at hand is getting coinbase to work for me

So today I am going to setup a mainstream bank account

I am hoping that is the only holdup

Can't wait to get on coinbase!!!!, you're welcome, localbitcoins!!!!!!!

Ugh, indeed

Ty very much!

@everyone going to make my first IE donation (albeit small) pretty soon, thanks to #cryptocurrency help I've finally started cashing out some of my currency earnings...

Woohoo! Coinbase is working fine now that I made a new bank acct

2018-01-26 01:07:11 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@everyone can you recommend high quality fighting gloves? I'd like to gift my husband some and Amazons' selection is not looking too hot. He does MMA & Kyokoshin karate

2018-01-26 01:21:19 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Tyler0317 mainly for the bag

2018-01-26 01:21:36 UTC [Fitness #general]  

He doesn't want much padding

2018-01-26 01:24:52 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Tyler0317 btw winter fat burning, try a sauna?

2018-01-26 01:25:31 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Very trad

2018-01-26 01:26:56 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Hmm ok ty. I think maybe something in between wraps and boxing gloves, checking out the fairtex now

2018-01-26 01:28:55 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Oh I see

2018-01-26 01:32:10 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Lol. Ty

2018-01-26 01:32:52 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Having a few pair eventually would be ideal for unique purposes...

Wtf with Binance???

I had to get binance bc poloniex stopped trading steem

And it's not allowing me to withdraw my LTC to Coinbase without enabling two factor id,

But the only options they offer don't work with a brand new Apple laptop????

Not sure if anyone has posted this guy's videos before, even as an urban farmer in Canada he does quite well and has some great tips. My husband and I have been enjoying them.... https://youtu.be/neqT2bruHwI

What do you all think about LTC right now???

What coin is predicted to gain atm??

@Justice - WI why xmr? I'm out of the loop. Guys I have litecoin and that's it right now, what do you think?

I hate seeing it go down but I thought it was predicted to sail this year, I suppose all in all it is going up still though

I'm interested in holding, but I don't mind being able to take some gains out here and there to help pay bills, as strange as they may sound.

So maybe keeping some $ in something that's likely going to gain longer term and also using some to trade for quick gains is what I'm looking for

Well for a while there LTC was doing both for me

Idk I still have a lot to learn

Wonderful guys!

halp, whats up with Litecoin?? I've been sitting patiently on my LTC, what to do??

Nice to see this new channel as I haven't visited this server in a while! We have been enjoying this new addition to our family!


Is there another alt coin you'd recommend right now?

I love that page! Very inspiring. Very similar to what we have going on here too. I love that they are a part of a volkish/ agrarian movement in Germany! I want to see more of this in the US as well!


ideal outfits for women?go!!

what do you think about the tunic and leggings style vs. trad dresses vs pants etc?

good points everyone. Lovely girlfriend @Der Seeteufel - SD

I love wearing dresses, obviosly not short ones. I also love wearing tunic and leggings tbh bc it is so conducive to working and caring for the three kids etc

I typically wear long skirts a lot in the winter though

@missliterallywho that is a great looking shop. I will check that out some more. i love vintage too!

Children's books are a great idea, I have also thought about this for quite some time. Currently at least one wonderful gal is undertaking a project in the folklore genre . She has a fundraiser, it was posted above by Grossly Incandescent. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/launch-kinder-tales-european-culture-for-kids-books#/

Carolyn Emerick's project, I believe...

I homeschool, so I have had a lot of experience so far with sifting thru poz and finding good books.

especially this year as we are starting History. I am going to reference March of the Titans by Arthur Kemp ( history of the White race) alongside the more mainstream 'Story of the World'

for our childrens' history lessons

Ostara publications also has some great non-PC history books

oh yeah it is a commie myth that homeschooling makes kids socially awkward

It is not easy, and yes it tries my patience at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else atm

It is pretty amazing to teach and learn with your kids. It is mind blowing how much potential is in a homeschool education vs. public school, which as we know- teaches to the lowest common denominator

in many areas homeschool kids *can* take some classes at their local public school as well, if one shoudl choose to do that for their child

normie FB has tons of resources and homeschool groups for networking

yes, I mean, when I look back at my elementary education of ancient Egypt, for instance- it's just mummies and King Tut and some pyramids... LOL ... SO much important and fascinating history and science, etc, just gets skimmed over . It is disappointing. Homeschooling is such an adventure and you have the freedom to make education fun, meaningful, and thorough...

i regret not reading the books with our oldest before letting him see a couple of the movies... 😦

I no longer recommend Jien Liedloff's book, "Continuum Concept" @@missliterallywho I read it about 10 years ago. I think its bs tbh. I totally agree with living by the rhythms of nature but that book is very questionable imo

Birth control pills are definitely awful. Using natural fertility awareness is ideal. It has always worked for us. Intentionally conceived 3x with no accidents and our children are spaced by 3.5 years+

So plenty of time for extended breastfeeding and allowing me time to recover and revitalize before conceiving again. I love that you're on this track!

What I dislike about Continuum Concept is that i feel like it is in some ways anti-White, and also her observations of childbearing within the primitive South American tribes are put on a pedestal, disregarding European tradition, and I feel like for us we need to find a balance when seeking nature/rhythmic lifestyles, bc we generally lack resources for our own historical info- many aspiring Whites tend to internalize what literature and research that does exist- being that of "indigenous" tribes of the globe. While some of it can be of use, I find that deep down, much of it doesn't resonate as it once did, simply bc it it doesn't represent our folk ways.

If you do decide to read the book I will look forward to seeing what you think of it πŸ˜€

Tbh it's been a long time since I read that book, but I think some of her accounts are extreme and unrealistic. Such as relaxing and trusting your crawling baby near a cliff edge. Lol. There is some questionable stuff in there about interacting with babies and if I remember correctly-sexuality stuff that was a major red flag. Regarding the continuum concept, i do think there is a balance to be struck. Hovering parents can be detrimental. We have always tried to allow as much physical freedom as safely possible with our developing children such as tree climbing, exploring water, etc. and it has benefited them in their agility and confidence and mental faculties. But I don't think her book contributed to our patenting style whatsoever, it was more of just observing our children, intuiting and bri g present to immediately step in and help and guide and teach when needed. It is bizarre sometimes to see some parents at the park, for instance. It's like, here they are at the playground and they are instructing the child's every last move. Let's do the slide now, let's swing now, climb on that, do this, no that's too big for you, that's scary, etc. The child is not getting to experience anything for themselves.

i agree! well said!

i look forward to your fresh take on the book after you read it.

since its been awhile for me πŸ˜ƒ

We are pro co-sleeping @Prestor John its quite trad. great for breastfeeding and bonding. at around 2 yo or so the transition to toddler bed is definitely difficult, but better imo thanl etting an infant "cry it out". i agree with Px4 about plenty of physical activity to help with kids' behavior. Also strictly limiting sugar can have huge effects. a little one on one goes a long way. perhaps just mom snuggling and reading books to your toddler while she nurses the nb could be helpful. implementing one small daily thing with the older child that is special just for them can be good too, such as giving them a constructive way to "help" cook dinner

we haven't ever let ours cry it out, but no dis to you whatsoever @Px4 . im glad you guys found what works for you. i dont coddle mine, i try not to. they're all boys and they're still tough as nails even though i gave them a full two years each of nursing and co-sleeping. imo the first one is the most difficult. after that, the younger ones strive to be like big brother or big sis so its easier to wean them from the various milestones...

as for parents having their bed back, alone together--- i say we just have to acknowledge that there are different seasons of our lives/ relationships and its not always going to be like the honeymoon... couples can still find ways to be together in another space of the house. afterall, the point of marriage is to have children...

@Prestor John Very nice! Glad to hear it! I totally agree. I have also seen some weirdo, typical liberal, parents take these ideas way too far. Definitely have to strike a balance. I think extended breastfeeding is great and the American Academy of Pediatrics now backs it up, which is great. But IMO weaning should be complete before the third birthday.

@Px4 Spanking has happened occasionally, usually if it was a quick dangerous situation. Such as the time my son was being rotten and attempting to run away from me in a parking lot. he was 2 and he ran away from me as I was helping him into the car. That was a sharp, quick, mama bear nip, as I think of it. Times like that make sense... As for a spank as a punishment, it can work for some children who respond to just the first spank, never needing to receive another one. I was that type of child. I was only spanked once or twice, and was quite well behaved. But a lot of children just don't respond to spanking and it can turn sour when your last attempt at solving the issue is spanking, and spanking no longer works.

@Prestor John I have been thinking this very same thing!

been busy with homeschool, sorryguys

Interesting history


@Reinhard Wolff is on fire tonight. well spoken brother!!

Tan that hide!

Idk where this goes bc "farmer" is on a *spectrum* lol. But here's a couple of my sheep.



@Deleted User thank you Brother! I'm sorry I missed part of your talk on this!!

GSD or get out

Video games are degenerate

@The Huwhyte Ulf - VA we have three boys. all uncut. all fine. never once had any issue with it! they may not" look like dad', but who cares! Dad will talk to them about it if he ever needs to, and let them know why we didn't have that terrible thing done to them!

is there a video of *just* the interview Patrick did? I can't seem to find it.

the NBC one

oh ok that makes sense

so it's just this one video with excerpts of the full interview?

ok, well from what I've seen so far it's πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

what a success!

@The MorrΓ­gan I am going to finally meet a couple of lovely ladies this weekend!

My MIL just left. She has been fully converted from Christian, conservative leaning to full on libtard fam. ...F... I attempted to discuss some things with her including the 1965 immigration act, but I realize that it's time to update and brush up on my talking points...

yep, her points consisted of quoting CNN...

@The MorrΓ­gan can we head up the girls' auxillary???

The trouble is, my MIL has become so convinced to hate Trump, that she feels spiteful of the entire republican party. She says she'll be "voting democrat now bc all republicans are liars just like Trump"

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN indeed it is. thank you!!!

yes, hit the nail on the head about boomer women... @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

whew I can only imagine what challenges lay before you with your tasks @The MorrΓ­gan


that's nice


@Deleted User hello brother! likewise!

ahhh, my dad was also based

speaking of boomers fam tbh i actually had to google the NPC meme last night πŸ˜‚

is TRE normie friendly?

I need some content to send to my MIL

good MIL material then

-@Grossly Incandescent CONGRATS!!!!!

Perhaps perfect for the comments on Spencer to be in this impossible robot voice lol



Darn, I really would've liked to hear those comments on Richard lol

@Der Seeteufel - SD awesome I heard that and actually wondered if it was you. Nice!

Breastfeeding and learning to nurse baby while sidelying is πŸ‘Œ very helpful. A supervised co sleep nap can be really great for a mom first thing postpartum. I requested supervision bc I felt so weak and deranged after birth


I believe there is also evidence that Europeans were working with copper as early as 7000 BCE

@Nemets are you familiar with Arthur Kemp?

I am not sure of that claim, but his book "March of the Titans" is πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

@Nemets Red Ice interviewed him a couple of years ago

@Selma Welcome to IE!

Oh I thought you were a new member! Am I confusing you with another Stephanie?

@Selma You're welcome! I like to try to reach out to the new gals! What brought you to IE?

fantastic! glad to meet you!

@Selma IE has the best people. ❀ I'm sure you will find a very wonderful community here, I know I have!

@Freiheit - CA maximum aesthetic!!! Great job NorCal!

wow thats so pretty!

I just want to chime in briefly to say how much I love IE!!!!!

Omg @Deleted User !!!! Way to go! Proud to know you sister!

So glad you are talking abt this rn @Reinhard Wolff

HUGE contrast between IE and the TRS/pool party crowds

@Sam Anderson not me bro


@Bjorn - MD the handmaidens tale?

Identity Evropa is the only organization of the dissident right in the US that actually treats women in a traditional euro-centric way.

I know a woman who is single who is a great and very decent person. She was being rejected and excluded from the TRS circles and I am so glad she found IE.

I really appreciate Patrick's words tonight about association

and the promotion of dating, building relationships, and ultimately marriage and family

@Selma cant have one without the other


the chat just grew?

I thought we were going to bed

I see LOL

so @Selma you've got some snow there where you're at?


@SuperTomPerry -RI so lovely. our baby loves leaves too!!!

LOL boy, 6months @SuperTomPerry -RI

I hate to say it but it does go too fast @SuperTomPerry -RI

@SuperTomPerry -RI having more would be nice. a large family is a blessing. we have three. we are Heathen. ty. ❀

Germanic/ Norse/ Celt by lineage @SuperTomPerry -RI

Asatru/ Runes @SuperTomPerry -RI

me too ❀ <:deye:359010025223618570>

Thanks feminism! LOL



what is a good livestream for the results rn???

ok is that on trs.biz?


frozen screen?


I am only trying to watch this TRS thing bc of Jazzhands and Allsup tbh

@Flint golden gif

checked out for a while, how's it looking? Is IN in yet?

IE nanny services when? πŸ˜‚

@The MorrΓ­gan not so sure!

thats right! @The MorrΓ­gan

@JohnAtlas Hello welcome.

@GingerRose99 Welcome.

Nice, where were you before @JohnAtlas ?

@JohnAtlas Very nice. How was it there?

@Selma Great! How so?

@StevePines -WA GSD are the Best

That is wonderful!

Do you have Greek or Romanian heritage? @JohnAtlas

@GingerRose99 Always good to see nice women joining! Looking forward to checking out your YouTube channel you posted earlier, and chatting more later!

@The MorrΓ­gan the question is... were they ever even there???? πŸ‘€

having a group of two or more women leading in their social circle is ideal.@YourFundamentalTheorum @missliterallywho

@missliterallywho When one woman is speaking out in her social circle she will be ostracized.

need at least 2 or 3

but it depends

They would have to be apolitical in the first place, or libertarian leaning at least.

😫 As for lefties I'd say only about 1% miraculously red pill

And I was one of them!

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