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Iโ€™m finally in guys thank you

Thanks brother glad to be in!


Much appreciated @NateDahl76 thank you!

Time to hit the feathers thanks again and goodnight everyone<:deye:359010025223618570>

Proud to be in fellas thanks you!

I was just readin that๐Ÿคฃ what a bunch of crybabies. In the end he nabs the good lookin doe, leads the pack and saves Christmas


Sorry to backtrack but just curious on how Jews writing the Christmas songs is an attempt to erase Christianity from Christmas? If theyโ€™re writing about Christmas arenโ€™t they supporting Christianity?

Someone mentioned maybe they just wanted to be included ?

Thanks for the explanation guys itโ€™s complex but I think I understand!

Thanks @Lily Lee - NJ it makes sense

Hahaha๐Ÿคฃ I like it

I absolutely love these pictures

Absolutely ๐Ÿ‘†

That last picture is beautiful @Lily Lee - NJ so true

Itโ€™s been on local news a lot here lately, itโ€™s actually what led me here

This is new to meโ˜๐Ÿป

This lady reveals the 2 groups funding the caravan, how the hell is this legal? And George Soros of course is helping fund the groups

He does his own thing now apparently

Does anyone know about this Global Compact on Migration deal the UN is planning having a conference on?

Yeah this is absurd

I swear everything goin on is just one grand scheme to replace us

Whereโ€™s the Montana meeting at exactly?

Ok right on, soon!

I feel the same way with my kids, we live in some dark times

Those are some wise words @John Boniface keeping a positive attitude like this is crucial and powerful

Thank you

Definitely sounds like some good reads brother

So now that this has their attention, is it our time for one of our higher ranking members to contact them and asked them to debate us?

Correct me if Iโ€™m wrong, isnโ€™t one of the purposes of flyering to grab media attention? Then the next step is contacting a state representative for a debate ?

When debating with others Iโ€™m sure everyone here has had the Native American topic come up, they argue how we took their land, trying to justify issues with immigration etc. Iโ€™m just wondering everyoneโ€™s take on this?

Itโ€™s big topic in Montana considering we have a lot of reservations

Very true, there were savages among them that slaughtered theyโ€™re own people I feel like we did them a favor, but they have a deep hate for white people

Yeah I agree with both of you @ophiuchus and @Lily Lee - NJ.

Thatโ€™s always been my kind of argument when the topic come up which is all the time where I live

Has there ever been talks of some kind of insurance program for IE to help support member who have been unlawfully/wrongfully charge with a crime?


Yeah I wasnโ€™t sure if we had enough members to fund that kind of program or not

Right, I believe Gen ID has a program like that @netgearblackhawk

Ok I understand

Yeah I agree with you guys

Thereโ€™s also a lot that flow in the for the gas/oil business @Lawrence of Eurabia

Hello there @Isabella Locke-MT was pretty pumped to know there was a local group. And congratulations by the way

Yeah not a problem

@Reinhard Wolff couldnโ€™t possibly answer all these questions?

James Fields found guilty of 1st degree murder and nine other charges


Looks like a Piers Morgan clone

Arizona Border Trash: About


Yeah I saw a clip or two๐Ÿ˜

We have three oil refineries in the Billings area. All used to employ the locals around here for years, now only one employs the locals and the other two are Mexicans who I assume are illegals.

Thank you! Glad to be on board, And thanks to @Valaska being a great coordinator. Lookin forward to the future with IE.

Yeah that was the first idea I had @Papa Pizzagate. I wonder if there is any other way we could target that specific issue?

Thereโ€™s at least a 100 working at the one refinery

Iโ€™ve talked to some of the guys who work in the industry and said theyโ€™ve reported them many times and nothing was done. But that doesnโ€™t mean we should stop, Iโ€™ll get the ball rolling again

ICE came to one refinery in 2008 I believe to bust some illegals and rounded up quite a few, a lot ran towards the river

Yeah that was an idea valaska had I think it would be a great idea

Something the activism team handles?

It would be a good idea to have IE volunteers to do that

2018-12-20 02:22:47 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Triple Amputee Vet Raises $1,361,421 to Build Wall in Two Days โ€” $1 Billion Goal


Triple Amputee Vet Raises $1,361,421 to Build Wall in Two Days โ€” $1 Billion Goal

President Trump Sends GOP Scrambling, Vows To VETO Budget Deal If Congress Won't Fund The Wall | Daily Wire


Seems like a lot of sources saying he wonโ€™t sign the bill

Definitely need to add those

Why does it seem so difficult to find stats/facts on illegal immigration? Does anyone have any good sources?

Just the responses from all the liberals is insane and infuriating

Want me to knock on the door? Or come through that window???

I had a conspiracy theory phase and I donโ€™t get too deep into it as much but I noticed something while watching lion king, maybe itโ€™s old news?



Right, I usually donโ€™t get into those things. Just the scene caught my attention

I just completely deleted mine after it was made


Our people are the best, donating thier time to clean up after certain peoples of society that depend on goverment to pick up after them. โ€œPack it in, Pack it out.โ€

Watching the dems on cnn right now

@Gimlet they look extra weird as well

Dead almost

Found this at work today, it fits the โ€œanti-straight white maleโ€ agenda. ๐Ÿคข


Best wishes to you and your family @celticflame

BREAKING: FBI Foils Suspected Terror Plot On White House | Daily Wire


About the previous conversation on trades, I work with some union pipefitters/welders that make around a 100k+ a year. Of course a lot of them travel and hit the big jobs. Right now at a local refinery guys are making around 3k a week for the turnaround

Not just pipefitters but boilermakers, insulators, and electricians as well

Yeah i think oil refineries is a good bet, thereโ€™s always some plant offering a lot of money for shutdown maintenance. Iโ€™ve made a good living the past 11 years as a union Insulator

Welcome aboard! @whitekong-MT

I was watching a preview of a new movie on Netflix called IO, about a woman who is stranded alone on a toxic earth. Of course a black guy comes along and we all know what happens from there. The propaganda is getting to be way over the top

Lots of beautiful white snow on MLK day here in Montanaโ„

Iโ€™m sure this has been discussed before, but do we have flyers that have direct messages or statements regarding political views? Something that can help catch someoneโ€™s attention who may be thinking the same thing as us or conservatives in general?

Really? Why was it suspended??


Should we be reporting accounts of people on the left condoning violence against the Covington kids?

Iโ€™m really curious to get more info on the shooting in Florida

I donโ€™t want anymore gun control

Itโ€™s on

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